How Many Things Can you Teach your Puppy at Once?

How Many Things Can you Teach your Puppy at Once?

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

Sit Down up:
Roll over Play dead:
Come when called:
Leave it:
Look at me:
Tug and let go:

Today’s video is sponsored by barkbox How many things can you teach your dog At one time and how much is too much That’s exactly what we’re going to Explore today click thumbs up for Louie Make sure you’re subscribed to my Channel pick up a copy of my book dog Training revolution and if you liked Today’s video join our crowdfunding Campaign on patreon I’ll have a link in The description now let’s learn a little Bit more about Louie from his mama Alison Engel I’m Alison this is Louie He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and He’s 12 weeks old zach has worked with Our other dogs Miss May and she’s doing Great Louie here is our new addition Louie’s Personality I was described as his Sweetheart it’s for a bit of a fire Crackers we haven’t done a whole lot of Training with him he’s still little and I don’t want to overwhelm it Zach please Help me teach Louie as much as possible Without overwhelming all right Louie it Looks like we’ve got a lot to cover Today let’s see what’s in our new bark Box look at this that’s a good squeaky Toy he’s right into it look at this Little dumplings even out little faces Oh and they squeak to get that Chinese Dumpling there’s some ones everywhere See that’s that’s a little higher pitch That one’s got a different sound you

Just can’t make up his mind so I’m going To need some good treats for today’s Lesson New York City jerky bites No-brainers look how easily they break Up It’s a crunchy Buffalo too good Chi toys Are really important fish skin they have A lovely scent to them that I think your Dog is absolutely going to love it’s Nice to have that alternative treat for Your dogs so fun – to surprise your Puppy with all this new exciting stuff And if there’s anything in your bark box That your dog doesn’t love they’ll send You something your dog does love free You can get your free bark box by going To bark box calm flashes act George when You sign up for a 6 or 12 month Subscription we’ll have all the details In the description so how many things Can you teach your dog at one time well Of course this is going to vary from dog To dog however it’s really important to Get to know your individual dogs to Understand their individual attention Span so let’s get this puppy trainers on Underway and see how far we can get with Him in a single training session first Let’s go to the classic like sick you Know how to sit yet let’s see Oh hey not bad how about lie down nice Work so he went right into it so he’s Super receptive to that lure we’ve got To sit we’ve got it down and now I’m

Going to see if I’m getting back into an Up how about that I love teaching dogs lots of things in a Single session like this just kind of Covering rough draft versions of them Because it keeps things interesting it Keeps them really engaged as long as You’re keeping it peppy and fun for them Of course let’s try something a little Bit more fun and put that puppy brain to The test spin is such a fun trick I mean One of the reasons we teach things like This is just to stimulate our dog’s Brain keep them thinking show them how To interact with us and really build Communication together good I’m going to Reward him there that was awesome Lou You’re such a spinning machine let’s see If we can get shaped many dogs have a Habit of pawing at the tree look at that Right there he did it on his own so I Want to reward that shake he’s moving so Quick and so hard to let him know yeah Like that because he’s moving a million Miles an hour All right pace yourself buddy we got a Lot to cover today so it’s a really good Idea that when you’re training a Specific thing focus on acknowledging The thing you’re trying to teach us that Exact moment so in this case I’ll ignore The other stuff he’s doing and really Acknowledge when he lifts up his paw Yeah look at that right there that was a

Little shake I’ll take that by the way I’m going to have links in the Description of most of the things that We’re covering in today’s video in more Details I actually like to teach roll Over and play dead simultaneously but That’s because they’re a bit related let Me show you what I mean and now let’s See if we can just get them to look at That guys look at that there’s there’s Play dead you look like a little Cockroach come on now let’s think we can Give it a roll over the whole way there It is we’re a good job he’s funny So let’s try a play dead and the bigger Story here is that he’s so eager to Follow those lures and so eager to Interact with me because that’s going to Make future training sessions a whole Lot more productive that’s one of the Great things about positive training is That in order for it to be really Effective your dog has to be enjoying it And when they’re enjoying something You’ll find that their attention span is Going to be way longer and you can teach Them so much but what about something a Little bit more practical I mean all of Our dogs have to be able to come to us When we call them so let’s do a come win Call game really quick Big job and calling your dog in that Enthusiastic hyper voice is much more Likely to get my dogs that come to you

Very eagerly if they come to you from Just a few inches away that’s totally Fun we just want to acknowledge any Steps in the right direction at first Teaching your dog to leave a treat alone When you put it right in front of them That’s going to take some brainpower so Let’s see if we can teach Louie how to Leave the treat alone when I put it Right in front of him okay right there He’s naturally going for it as you would Expect up and giving them treats this Whole training session so when he goes For it I’m just going to close my hand And when he backs off needs a bit more Polite I’m going to give him the treat To be like hey you’re on the right track And we’re working up to being able to Put that treat right in front of him Without closing my hand and having him Resist taking the treat out of my hand Yes good job and right now you could see He was going through all the things Trying to see what what’s it going to Take to get that treat if I go for it Does that work no that’s not working you Believe in that yes I don’t want to push It too much that was amazing right there And you might notice I’m not saying Leave it leave it leave it I don’t want To overwhelm him with a whole bunch of Words right now since we’re covering so Many different things it’s more Important that I just kind of introduce

The concept yeah get hit good dog Wow Leave it looks great but one of the Single most important things that every Dog has to know is how to look at you When you ask if we don’t have our dog’s Eyes on us it’s much more challenging to Have meaningful communication what’s That what do you think is going to Happen if I put the treat up here yes Good and when I have to I contact for You no good second or two I’m going to Promptly reward him to let him know that I like that he’s looking at the treat so Let me see if I can get him to kind of Look at the hand signal like this yes So that time I kind of introduced the Hand signal of look at me and I’m not Insisting that you look at me for many Seconds on end nor am i withholding Rewards or being cheap right now about Rewarding him I’m rewarding very Generously because these are new Concepts to him so that’s how we really Kind of seal those behaviors in like With this kind of energy it would be Nice to be able to have a regular outlet For him to get all of that energy out Because the dog that’s regularly Exercise is far easier to teach in the Long run and far easier to manage so Let’s see if we can get them playing Tug-of-war with something other than his Leash here I got a toy in here hit Statue of Liberty so I’m try

Get him just tugging on it right now Because the power of play can be really Amazing we see if I can get him bringing It back to me it would let’s go yes That counts as a fetch right there even Though we just from a foot away it’s That the fact is he put it in his mouth And he came towards me and he brought it Back that’s how all fetch begins and Being down like this with a puppy is so Helpful it’s like it when he looks up at Me and right there to try to draw them In with my eyes and be fun and exciting So many people make the mistake of Tossing a toy really far and just hoping Their dog figures out that they’re Supposed to bring it back but the closer You are in the beginning to teaching Fetch the better Hey yeah good job how The war is also a really valuable skill And could be one of the most powerful Training tools out there keeping it a Plane hug here here I’m just going to Stick with him through this because you Might pick it up and if he does and want To encourage him to bring it back bring Me the Statue of Liberty head one yeah Wow look at that Well we go puppy fetch that’s impressive Guys good job I’m not just going to take that away From him when he brings it back I’m Going to let him play with it a little Bit to let him know yeah you bring that

To me we’re going to play with it Together we’re going to let go of it let Him kind of do his own thing with it for Just a second now as I would move on With teaching this I would probably be a Little bit more strict about let go but Not in the beginning the beginning keep It as fun as possible Louie you might just be a genius yes Leave that of course there’s a fine line Between overwhelming your dog and Keeping the training sessions super Engaging so really try to do your best To balance those things get your free Bark box when you sign up for a 6 or 12 Month subscription by going to bark box Comm slash Zack George I’ll have a link In the description and thank you so much To our crowdfunders on patreon give a Thumbs up to Louie because he’s so smart And subscribe to my channel and pick up A copy of my book all the links are in The description but these guys in the Next video Jim Carrey [Music]

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