How to Clean your Dog’s Ears!

How to Clean your Dog’s Ears!

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There are lots of things you can do to minimize your dog’s anxiety when you must do things that they might not love immediately. I’ll show you how!

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Today’s video is sponsored by pet host In this episode I’m going to show you How to teach your dog to enjoy things That they probably naturally won’t like Click thumbs up for Sky Blu make sure You’re subscribed to my channel and pick Up a copy of my book so that you can Show your dog how to become a success in Life for things like cleaning your dog’s Ears or brushing your dog’s teeth don’t Wait until it’s time to get the job done Instead commit to several training Sessions to get them comfortable with it That way when the time does come both You and your dog will be prepared I know You hunt ducks but you can’t fight me I’m not a duck savage dog you’re on YouTube thousands of people are watching Our challenge today will be to see how Far we can get with getting sky blue Comfortable with having your ears clean It is so super common for dogs to get Things like ear infections or hematomas And the best way to guard against that Is to keep their ears clean so if you Just rush into cleaning your dog’s ears It’s probably not going to go that well And it’s going to make things difficult In the future because dogs remember Experiences like that these dog your Wipes and dog ear cleaner from pet posts Are really fantastic because they don’t Have so many of those harsh ingredients That you see in other products and

They’re alcohol-free which means they’re Not going to burn or dry out your dog’s Ears in fact there’s only 7 ingredients In the entire product things like Coconut oil and aloe which will keep Microbes and bacteria at bay that’s Always good news Pet post has tons of great products for Cats and dogs Enter code Zak George when you check out And they’re going to give you 15% off of Your entire purchase not just these ear Cleaners I’m going to have the link in The details in the description the first Thing I want to do is make sure that Sky-blue is comfortable with having her Ears touched I’m going to flip your ear Flap up I’m going to touch it like that I can touch the inside of her ears here You can even touch them over here a Little bit more I’m being a little firm Here just to make sure that she’s not Super sensitive when the texture from Behind the ears make sure she’s super Comfortable there good job If your dog wasn’t quite this tolerant That would be your cue to take a step Back and get them used to being touched Firmly over the next few weeks or so This is a great start I’m going to start With it your wife see how she’s smelling Them I like that I’m going to go ahead And treat her for that the reason I’m Doing that is I want to do everything I

Can to have her associate getting her Ears clean With getting great treats I want her to Think of them as one in the same so Rather than just taking an ear wipe out And start cleaning your ear I’m just Going to open the cap and then I’m going To set it down I’m just going to give Her a treat just like that if you’ve Ever opened a bag of treats for your dog You’ll know how they react they get Excited they associate that plastic Sound of the treats opening with getting Treats I’m trying to accomplish a Similar thing with these ear wipes so Open it yeah and treats see that she Looked at the your wipes and then she Looked at the treat little better Smelling these have a really pleasant Smell to them just like with people we Often tend to associate certain smells With certain experiences now I’m going To take an ear wipe out here they’re Supersaturated with ear cleaner what Does these work on people that is Pleasure it can hear everything so much Better now go get your own ear cleaner I’m not just going to go straight into Our year number one she can’t really see Over there and that’s very likely to Throw a wall so I’m going to touch her Paw and look you saw how she pulled away Just when I touched her paw with it so I Want to make sure that I let her know

It’s okay you can nibble a little bit Less turkey I’m gonna come underneath Your chin here a little bit good girl Just to touch her with it most dogs are Comfortable being touched under their Chin so that allows her to really see What’s going on it’s okay Good girl nice work come on come in sit Nice work touch her yeah touch her head And see wow I’m going to let her nibble On it here while I just touch her all Over with it just let her know hey when You get touched with it it means you’re Getting a turkey yeah see how that works Now when we see if I can touch the Outside of her ear before touching the Inside over here because that’s the less Sensitive see that well I’ve got some Good momentum I’m gonna try and get Inside the flap over here on the outside Look at her twitch in there oh you’re Being so good I’m not really trying to Thoroughly clean or ears right now as Much as I am trying to get her Comfortable with having these wipes Touching her ears using great treats When doing this is pretty essential Because look how cooperative she’s being She’s noticing it but she’s not so Stressed out that she’s like oh no I Can’t tolerate this what are you doing I’m actually able to kind of get in There look at that if you find it too Awkward to kind of touch your dog’s ears

And give them Treats at the same time you could always Enlist the help of a friend or a partner To be your wipes are particularly good For small dogs but if you have a bigger Dog you might need to use a little bit More solution this would be a really Good place to stop for your first Training session but sky blue is doing a Pretty good job I think it’s time to Give the liquid ear cleaner a shot which It could be a little more challenging The best way to use this cleaner is to Get this liquid inside their ear now Obviously that can be a little Unsettling for many dogs so rather than Just squirting this in her ear I’m going To saturate this cotton ball and then Get it inner ears like squeezing the Cotton ball since I’ve changed it up a Little bit I’m going to touch her a Little bit here gonna touch her right There gonna touch her there girl by the Way there’s an art here to letting your Dog nibble the turkey if you have a big Old chunk of Turkey like that you can Just kind of feed it through a little by Little and just wanna get tiny amounts I’m squirting it in there now I’m going To massage it a little bit over here oh You’re so good I think she likes it She’s having a great time and again Letting her nibble Turkey the entire Time and I suspect she’s probably going

To shake off here in a second there it Is it gets in there it does its job and Then a lot of that stuff yucky stuff It’s dislodged when they shade so it’s Super important get in there and dry Your dog’s ears out as long as your dog Is taking treats while you do this That’s a sign that they’re not too Overly stressed to what seems to be Enjoying it now what we want to do is See if we can get her comfortable where We scored it this nozzle here is Optimized to really be able to get into Your dog’s ear that’s going to be the Most efficient way to get our ears clean In the future another variable change Here so I’m going to just like hey I Think I’m on to you is it good yeah good I’m just gonna touch her here it’s okay Honey it’ll be fine And you’re being so good look at a while That’s excellent what a whole bunch in There you’re supposed to be pretty Liberal with it I mean go ahead and look Beside that year all week is sad you’re Being great can’t believe how good you Are at this check this out I’m not even Using trees for her first training Session ever having liquid poured into Her ears she’s done really well pep host Guarantees that you and your dog will Love this cleaner and if you don’t They’ll give you your money back no Questions asked

Enter code that George when you check Out And you’ll get 15% off of your entire Purchase from the store not just these Cleaners I’ll have all the details in The description and the link click Thumbs up for sky blue she did an Exceptional job today And of course make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel see you guys Next time

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