How to Correct your Dog’s BAD Behavior!

How to Correct your Dog's BAD Behavior!

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I’ll tackle a number of your dog training questions in this video!

Videos I refer to in this video:

An introduction to clicker training:
Playlist- How to teach your dog tricks:
How to teach your dog to STOP BARKING:
The ”Leave it/ look at me combo”:
How to teach the perfect game of fetch:

[Music] Today’s video was sponsored by pet flow Comm / Zack George a few days ago I made A post on Facebook asking you for Questions for this video and you guys Didn’t disappoint we got lots of Fantastic questions today I’m gonna be Addressing reactive dogs introducing Dogs for the first time what to do to Get your dog to behave better when You’re not there I’ll talk about how to Correct your dog when they’re not doing What you want I’ll also do a little bit On clicker training too and also Remember if I don’t get you a question In this video I am so pleased to be able To have an option for you to be able to Get your question answered by me Directly if you so require that and Starting at $10 a month I can answer Your dog training questions I’ll have All those details in the description if That’s for you but remember for the rest Of you if that’s not your thing I’ve got Tons of videos I’m virtually every topic Imaginable really determined to keep all Of our content completely free I also Like these Q&A videos because it gives Me a chance to connect with you guys a Little bit better Of course I’m commonly asked where do I Get my dog food from the answer to that Question is pet flow comm / Zack George Now I love pet flow because they make

Sure that my dog food is there when I Need it so I don’t have to be bothered By going out to the store and getting it When I run out now sure first world Problems I get it it’s not that big a Deal to go to the store and get your Food right but if I can have it shipped To my house for the same price and I Don’t have to do it and it’s always There well I’m gonna select that option I found it to be an amazing service I’ve Been with pet Flo for some time I know a Lot of you have as well and their Customer service is second to none one Of the reasons I’m so enthusiastic about Having peplos a sponsor on these videos And actually giving my business to them As a customer is that they don’t sell Choke chains prawn collars and electric Collars I can feel a lot more Comfortable about giving my money to a Company like that if you’re interested In setting up automatic pet food Delivery all you have to do is select The food you want and how often you want It delivered and enter code Zak 20 when You check out that way you’ll get 20% Off of your first order I’ll have all The information in the description below This question comes from Heather she Asks I and somebody use do you use the Clicker to train and in other training Sessions you don’t isn’t a preferable

Thing or do some dogs react better or Worse to clicker training it seems like A waste of time if it’s not necessary Wow that is a good question Heather for Those of you that have no idea what Clicker training is I’ll have a video in The description that will give you an Introduction we have cows what do we Have thirty plus thousand people per day Viewing these videos that’s a huge Assortment of different situations Different people different dogs so I try And kind of cover my bases there and Make sure that I have a method that is Really comfortable for a lot of Different people you know my big thing With clicker training that I love is That it helps people get better at Timing so it may be necessary to use it At first for you if you’re really Serious about getting fast results Because if you’re new to dog training Chances are you haven’t gotten really Good at identifying the moment your dog Does what you like so I wouldn’t say It’s a waste of time the only things That I would require my students and and All of you when working with your dogs Is that you keep training superfund for Your dog and that you always have their Best interest at heart but really good Question either this next question comes From Germany from someone named yet be Eate

Hi Zach I’m from Germany I love your Videos they’re a great help with my 11 Week old Labrador named Carla that’s Cute I like that I’ve got one question Here in Germany you often hear the rule Never let dogs who are unknown to one Another or meet each other for the first Time while on leash in one of your Videos about socializing all the feature Dogs are on leash though they seem to Interact just fine so is this a rule or Just a myth I would be delighted if you Address my question in a video in the Video you’re talking about I had them on Leash mainly because we were in a public Park and there were cars around so I Just wanted to be extra safe in that Situation otherwise I may have had them Off leash but the answer to your Question is it totally depends I mean This is a vast wide spectrum and every Single dog is different some dogs are Thrilled interact with another dog Whether they’re on leash or not other Dogs are like look I’ll interact with You but I don’t want to feel restrained By the leash because that makes me Frustrated it makes me act all crazy now For you and your specific situation you Have a very young dog and I think on or Off leashes it’s fine for a young Dog it’s adult dogs that typically have Undesirable behavior when on leash but The real question here isn’t about

Whether or not dogs act favorably with One another while on leash versus off Leash it’s whether or not the dogs Should be exercised prior to meeting Each other for the first time that’s the Big one because even when two dogs go at It for when they meet for the first time That’s usually due to a lack of an Outlet for their energy just before Meeting and so you get all this crazy Behavior that is just a symptom of not Being exercised enough so that actually Is the most important point if possible I like to see dogs introduced off leash Together in a in a safe area but I would Want to make sure that their energy is Thoroughly out of them and of course That they don’t have a history of Fighting with dogs if they do we would Approach that a bit differently this Question comes from Hannah hi Zach I am Wondering if I can get advice from my Border collie spikey he’s two years old He’s very reactive on lead constantly Lunges as he’s been attacked by a few Dogs while we have been on walks He becomes nervous on lead but he’s fine Off the lead so you can see that some Dogs are just fine when they’re off the Leash but like we were just talking About in the last question you have some Dogs who are you put a leash on me I’m Not gonna act civilized when he is on Lead I try to keep his focus on me and I

Keep rewarding him with treats and Saying that he’s a good boy am I on the Right track And what else can I do to help him I Think you are on the right track based On what you said but you didn’t mention One very important thing and that is Exercise prior to leash training Especially when you know you’re going to Be around other dogs it’s unreasonable To expect a high energy highly reactive Dog to absorb new concepts at any rapid Rate unless they’ve been exercised so While you say you’ve been trying to get His attention on you with the food and All that reactivity typically takes a Lot of time and you will make very Little progress if you are trying to Bypass exercising them prior to this Type of training so that’s that’s a Required step in order to make Reasonable progress though when we’re Talking about reactive dogs I mean they Come up in all varieties so you never Know how long it’s going to take some Dogs typically get over this Behavior pretty quick other dogs have a Lifetime of this behavior chances are if You’re working with a reactive dog Though you have noticed that when you Get too close to another dog that that’s When the behavior really accelerates and Goes crazy so what do we do we create Distance until we have compliance the

Way I test for compliance typically when Engaging a another dog with a reactive Dog on leash is to ask them to sit if They don’t sit that generally tells me I’m too close to that distraction and I May even need to go out of sight in Order to get the dog to listen to me so Be very patient with that exercise Beforehand and I think you see these Instances go way down until eventually It becomes a habit the logic is Basically that if you can have enough Training sessions in a row where you Have exercised your dog and gotten them To behave appropriately as you can Usually do substantially easier if They’re exercised that even if you don’t Exercise them down the road they will be So accustomed to listening to you in That type of situation so it’s not as Though you have to do this forever Before a walk but if your dog is really Bad on leash whether the reactive or They just pull and they’re really hyper Playing fetch with them in the backyard Or at a local park before doing serious Training is strongly advised if you Can’t do that even some indoor fetch is Fine this next question comes from Megan I would like to know whether or not it Would be beneficial for my one-year-old Maltese poodle To have a canine opinion a canine Companion for when I’m not around I’m

Gone between five to seven hours a day Three times a week for work and if he Would benefit from a companion should it Be another male or female so generally I Don’t recommend that you get a second Dog for the purpose of keeping your First dog company but you do need to Understand usually when this question is Presented to me it’s from someone who’s Having behavior issues out of their dog I’ll say something like hey your dog Needs exercise so maybe they’ll reason Well if I get another dog you know That’ll get them exercised I haven’t Noticed a real strong correlation though Between exercise with people versus Exercise with other dogs in terms of Reduction of undesired behaviors Exercise with a person things like fetch Dog sports even hiking are luck More fulfilling to a dog than simply Running around with one another it also Depends on the dog if you have a super High-energy dog They probably need a little bit more Than just another doggie playmate in Your situation you sound really Passionate about your dogs and and Really want them to be happy and I Appreciate that so it’s really a Personal decision if you feel like You’re ready for another dog and you’re Ready to put in the time to teach Another dog one important note you can’t

Reasonably teach two dogs simultaneously So if you do get two dogs a lot of People will get two dogs from the same Litter for example you need to be Prepared to put that time in with each Dog individually while the other dog is Up so it’s twice as much time another Option for many of you out there is to Put your current dog in doggie daycare a Few times a week when you are working And that will give them the satisfaction Of playing with other dogs and keep you From having to raise another dog for the Next 10 to 15 years and there was one More part to your question if you do get Another dog should it be male or female Broadly speaking you’re gonna have less Instances of aggression with male and Female dogs versus same-sex dogs so you Know that might be something to think About however remember most dogs are Probably gonna get along just fine even If they are the same sex this question Comes from Tandy Tandy says your current Videos have been more focused on Obedience behavior and house manners Which is great will you have more trick Training or frisbee videos in the future I do have a playlist for teaching your Dog some tricks I’ll have those in the Description below I love that you asked About that tricks are a great way to Build communication with a dog and to Really take your training to the next

Level it’s a hard sell to the public I Have to admit though most people don’t See the virtue of teaching tricks to Their dogs it’s where I started out my Career I started off my career doing Competitive freestyle frisbee which was A lot of elaborate tricks combined with Grisby’s my last two television shows Who let the dogs out on the BBC and Super fetch on the animal planet center Around teaching dogs tricks so tricks Are a wonderful thing to do but your Question is am I gonna make more videos About them well of course I will I’m in This for the long haul I intend to make Videos on all sorts of topics when I Can’t tell you but in the meantime I Don’t encourage you to check out the Playlist I’ll have in The description this next question comes From for read what is awesome was act Georgia-style is his motivational Techniques but what is less emphasized Than I’m eager to learn is how to tell The dog hey I don’t like this how do you Communicate what you don’t like because You’ll hear me all the time say you know Find reasons to reward your dog let them Know what you do like instead of what You don’t like now that’s not to be Confused or shouldn’t be confused with Hey never communicate to your dog what You don’t like to be a positive trainer Or teacher doesn’t mean that you never

Communicate your dog hey I don’t like That I don’t want you to do that and That’s a common misconception out there Let’s take the classic example of a dog Chewing up a couch cushion if there was A dog chewing up my couch right now what Would I do Well I would stop I would clap my hands Get their attention off of the couch if Possible you know assuming they hadn’t Done too much damage and get their eyes On me and of course call them over take The treats from here reward them because I’m gonna have treats all over my house At room temperature dog treats you Should have this scattered throughout Your house if you’ve got a new dog see That you can promptly reward them that Is a form of correction I got them to Stop and got their eyes on me and then Was able to reward the fact that they Paid attention to me but I still Corrected the behavior now that even Would have been unnecessary had I been Doing a better job of controlling the Environment something people really Struggle with especially if you’re new What I’m saying is the need to correct Undesired behavior is far less necessary When you just do a good job of Controlling your dog’s environment for That first six to twelve months of Training so if your dog isn’t in a Position to do property damage they

Likely don’t get in the habit of doing The property damage plus when you have Your dog with you virtually at all times Or in a controlled environment you’re in A better position to communicate with Them what you do like and of course what You don’t like because even when they’re Tied to you on leash they can still get Into trouble they can still start Gnawing on the desk or something like That but you’re right there to correct It get their attention off of the desk Onto you whereby your reward and you do That with overwhelming consistency and The more consistent you are the faster If you get the results you want that Really is all there is to it it’s not Hard it’s easy Be consistent there are things in dog Training that take more time like timing For example and like getting to read Dogs and understanding body language and All that stuff but being consistent is Not difficult but it does take your Commitment I think so really good Question if I didn’t get your question Remember on slash two Zac George I have a system in place where You can get a guaranteed answer from me Starting at $10 a month I’ll have all That information in the description also Don’t forget to set up automatic pet Food delivery with Peplow comm slashes Act George remember every time you go to

That link pet flow comm slashes at George and you end up buying something a Portion of those proceeds go to this Channel and allow us to grow the dog Training revolution so if you’ve got to Get it anyway get it from pet flow comm And support positive training in the Process make sure you’re subscribed to My channel and click thumbs up – I can’t Wait to see you guys in the next video I Really enjoy these Q&A videos because It’s a way to connect with all of you a Little bit more personally so we’ll see You guys next time I had several questions on unwanted Barking so I’m including a video here That will help you with that I talked a Lot about the importance of exercising Your dog namely fetch in order to begin Resolving unwanted behaviors in this Video however I understand that many of You have difficulties with teaching your Dog to let go bringing the toy back or Staying interested my video on teaching Your dog the perfect fetch should help You out if you generally struggle with Getting your dog’s attention you need to See the leave it look at me combo video This will give you the traction you need To break through now of course if you Have a dog make sure you’re subscribed To my channel thank you so much to my Supporters on patreon and I’ll see you Guys next time

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