How To EASILY Train Your Dog To SPEAK in SECONDS!

How To EASILY Train Your Dog To SPEAK in SECONDS!

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In today’s episode i’m finally going to Teach inertia a brand new trick that She’s never learned before i’ll teach Her about boundaries so she knows where She can go and where she can’t and i’ll Also continue to work with inertia on Being more brave around scary things i’m Zach george i train dogs this is my new Dog and i’m going to show you how i Train her from day one things definitely Won’t always go smoothly you can start From the beginning or you can pick up Anywhere subscribe and hit the bell Notification so you never miss an Episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever remain in motion This is inertia welcome to the dog Training experience Hey nurse what are you trying to tell me Right now I think she wants to see what’s in her Pup box this month this is the 11 month Old box they send you items and supplies And things you need based on your dog’s Specific age they give you guidance here On what you should be working on Throughout the month the motivation Level is so high when you get your pup Box because you get all kinds of ideas Let’s see what we’ve got in here this is Going to be a really valuable toy for Her so i like to keep toys like this out Of reach when they really like them and

Just use them for training and currency Let’s see what’s next while this is a Plush toy inertia also likes other Textures too and i think that’s really Important this is yet another thing that You can use to play with your dog or use It for training too here’s a high Quality chew i like to give these to Inertia when i’m just having her check Out for a second but she doesn’t just Like to play she loves treats too and Obviously you need good treats when You’re going to train your dog you want To have something to incentivize them to Learn new things let’s see how she feels About the duck treats safe to say she Likes the duck treats these are really Good to give your dog like an extra Treat or if they’re a picky eater you Can put them on top of their food Between the advice and the products you Get with a pup box it’s a great way to Keep you extremely proactive and on Offense when it comes to your training So if you’re a new puppy parent pup Boxes will genuinely help you putbox is Going to give you 50 Off of your first box when you sign up For a 3-6 or 12-month subscription go to and enter discount code zach I’ll have that linking code in the Description below it is springtime here In atlanta and we have a deck out here And we have a pair of doors that we like

To open out now i’ve recently Encountered something that’s been a Little bit challenging with inertia we Love letting her hang out out here she Likes the outdoors as much as we do but Sometimes she’ll get really distracted The park over here has a lot of dogs and People walking by she might see a Squirrel or any other number of things i Really want her to recognize the Threshold here and the boundary so that I can easily call her back and have her Remain inside another example is why you Might want to do this maybe we have the Doors open it’s raining outside and i Don’t want her tracking water in and out Of the house right now she’s under the Impression that when these doors are Open back here she’s free to walk around And i need to change that perception This is a good opportunity to practice Her spontaneous stay or emergency stay So let’s test her spontaneous stay i Want to confirm that she’ll stay with Very minimal notice here let’s go come On Stay Oh She thought about it let me just get her A little warmed up there come on let’s Go Stay So right there i had to pause tell her To stay and really explain it good job

Girl okay Give her a toss of the ball all right Come on let’s go stay That wasn’t too bad but again she’s on The deck there so i do want her inside i Really want her to understand that Inside means inside back up Good stay back up looking good there Like that Okay good The pup box toy is awesome i mean look How focused she is on me it’s important Whatever currency you’re using that your Dog really be focused on you for it Let’s go Stay Okay good so she’s pretty good when i Ask her to stay and my thinking is if i Do that several times in a row she’ll Start to get in the habit of looking to Me before she goes out there onto the Deck come here let’s go Stay Okay come Stay the idea here is to get her to Anticipate the stay ahead of time and Just really get her in the habit of Doing that it’ll take some practice and Lots of consistency to make sure that She gets in the habit of checking in With me before crossing this threshold These kinds of things are trained 30 Seconds at a time so just taking a Little bit of time to be very consistent

About this will get you to where you Want to be i’m now going to make the Exercise a little bit more challenging To her just to really burn it into her Brain look you stay here no matter how Much you want to get something she Really loves the toy i throw it out the Door there’s clearly no hesitation to Just run out there and get it so this Toy is going to be an awesome Distraction you might notice i do a lot Of training at door thresholds i think They’re very important it’s important For your dog to understand where the House is and what their limits are and Where they’re allowed to go and where They’re not and some areas are okay to Go to sometimes and not at other times Let go Stay I verbally intervene like this sparingly With inertia but if you find yourself Saying ah too much to your dog then They’re probably not yet prepared for The training exercise you’re doing so Take a step back and make it easier for Them Okay good girl that was tough for did You see her she really flinched and Thought about going after it so i’m Confident that she’ll hold her stay when I tell her to but i’d like to go on to The next phase of training this which is Just having her hold an extended stay in

Here so let’s go for a 60 second stay Hey siri set a timer for 60 seconds She’s starting to understand context Because we’ve done these extended down Stay lessons in so many different Contexts right now i really feel like It’s starting to pay off I threw my shoes just to give her a Unexpected distraction All right Okay good job go get it so that was good I mean a nice 60 second stay that’s a Good start that’s something i’ll Continue to do with her and then focus On working up to five minutes and longer Over time the bottom line is teach your Dog to respect boundaries especially Those leading from inside to outside There’s something that i have been Meaning to teach inertia and i have Never waited this long to teach a dog This particular thing and that thing is Speak the reason it’s taken me so long To train speak is in my experience in The past with an immature dog it can get A little out of control in the same way That she offers sit pretty or offers lie Down in order to get a treat she’ll also Start to offer speak a lot and that can Get kind of obnoxious i think she’s old Enough now at 11 months our relationship Has advanced enough where i can more Easily and fluidly communicate with her On things like i don’t want you to bark

Over and over again without permission Inevitably it’s going to be a phase that She goes through after we teach this i’m Sure but if it does happen i’ll show you How i work through it the way that i Like to teach speak is just hold up a Treat for your dog and let them Brainstorm most dogs will start to make Some kind of subtle noise while they’re Trying to figure out what you want Yes good i had a vocalization there That’s why i’m rewarding it as soon as They make any sound at all even if it’s Not a bark reward them it’s important to Let your dog know when they’re on the Right track you might find that when you First hold up the treat that your dog Starts to offer you a variety of other Behaviors that they’ve learned i mean Who could blame them it worked in the Past right at first it’s like the noises They make are almost an accident and you Just need to be there yes really subtle Vocalization And you just have to be there to Acknowledge it so she may think it means Play dead and bark but when you’re Trying to get a new trick you just take It any way you can get it and then you Refine it from there i do want to Discourage the play dead so let me get a Little pickier here and see if i can Encourage her to just hold a regular Position and let her know it’s the bark

I’m going for i’m going to withhold on That vocalization because i want to Really try and get her back onto the Just sit or stand and speak or even lie Down Look at her eyes too you could just see Her eyes brainstorming trying to figure It out Yes what that was a good one that’s Called speak yes good you can see she’s Starting to get the hang of this so why Don’t i try adding the word now i’m Going to say it as she does it because She’s getting somewhat predictable When you first start to teach your dog a Word Speak Say the word as they do the thing you Want not before they do it Speak inertia is picking this up really Fast and since she’s barking Consistently now i think i can start to Say the word speak just before she barks Speak Yes Let me try and get three speaks Yes I’m curious to see if she’s really Generalizing speak right here let me ask Her to do it while in another position Speak asking your dog to do things while You’re in a different position or Location is a great way to help them Start to generalize the behavior in

Different contexts that way they’ll Speak anywhere and not just in your Living room when you’re standing right In front of them for example will she do It while i look at her from a distance Speak yes Will she do it from a lie down I don’t know lie down Speak Not quite she gets someone confused lie Down stay Look at me Speak Yes See before she could go into the play Dead right there i wanted to acknowledge The vocalization she’s really starting To generalize speak i mean in one Training session so that went faster Than i thought it would and she’s doing Really well now here is the issue i was Talking about at the front of our Segment is once your dog realizes that Speed gets them a treat they tend to get Carried away so we’re gonna work on Quiet now speak Yes Quiet Yes so i’m just finding moments of quiet There to reward now let me see if i can Get her to be quiet after barking a few Times speak Quiet yes if you’re looking into where Eiser you could see she was about to go

Into the pattern of barking again so i Wanted it quiet Interrupt her just as i did there and Let’s see if we can get another speak When she looks up hey Speak And quiet Okay good job Jackpot reward i’m sure she’ll still try To offer speak when she gets excited but I’m going to continue to work with her On that Off to a great start on speak whenever You’re trying to teach this or anything Else with your dog just be really Consistent with them and be very clear In your communication that takes Practice on your part as well as a Person and i’m far from perfect on it But all we can do is continue to try our Best and dogs are pretty smart they’re Pretty good at reading between the lines So recently i was vacuuming the house And i noticed that inertia started to Get a little nervous of this new vacuum Cleaner we have How is she reacting to it she just Barked i didn’t even think about it She’s a little she’s a little unsure In the past i’ve gone through the effort To introduce her to the vacuum and even Our roomba that we have back in our new Orleans house but you know like every Single vacuum cleaner is different the

Context is different we’re in a Different place whatever the reason Inertia took a step back and started Becoming very nervous of the vacuum once It gets turned on today is a good Opportunity to go over our protocol when Our dog is nervous of something whether That be a vacuum a lawn mower a loud Sound outside or any other number of Things the steps we’re going to cover Today should be helpful to you inertia Right now is being really good she’s Holding her stay she’s just relaxing i’m Going to go ahead and give her a little Treat here just because this is a Primary training session i tend to treat Very liberally when i’m very focused on Training something specific rather than Just turn it on watch what i do here She got a little nervous there but i Promptly turned it off even if she Wouldn’t have gotten nervous i would Have probably turned it off there but That caught her off guard and you can See why so i want to promptly give her Something to let her know look Everything’s okay we’re trying to Counter condition her in other words we Want her equating the sound of the Vacuum with getting something great all Right i’m going to turn it on ready Much better you see that just did it for One quick sec good work just doing that A couple of times so let’s move on here

Let’s see if i can leave it on for a Little bit longer now Nice word so she’s quickly getting that This isn’t really any threat to her There’s nothing to be scared of but it’s When it starts moving that i think we Might have an issue so let’s ease her Into that hey ready my goal here isn’t To freak her out and then try to fix it My goal is to prevent her from being Nervous of the vacuum in the first place Like clockwork the second i started to Pull the handle back she got nervous Yes i moved it like a half an inch there Inertia come Good can you sit good so she’s compliant Yes Stay As the handle goes back and it starts to Move she’s no dummy she’s like hey i see What that thing’s about to do let’s stop There also notice she’s not on leash Here she’s free to go at any time she’s Choosing to stay in the general area and I want her to work with the distance That she’s comfortable with when this Vacuum is on and remember when you’re Working with your dog on anything that Makes them nervous go at their pace Don’t ask for too much at once give them Freedom to retreat and get space if They’re feeling uncomfortable Kind of moving it very slowly not too Erratically giving her treats at the

Same time letting her evaluate from a Distance where she’s comfortable and i Should stress my goal isn’t to actually Vacuum my house right now my goal is Just to get her more comfortable let me Try switching up currencies here and see How she does when i use the toy let’s See if this gets her in a less nervous Frame of mind look at her body language Her eyes are bright she’s not like Punched over looking at the vacuum Cleaner but look how she’s focused on The toy you can see she’s like Okay i can deal with that sound right There if you’ve got a toy ready okay Nice job girl getting your dog to play Around things that throw them off is a Really powerful way to help them Overcome their doubts and concerns i Mean think about it it’s pretty tough to Be nervous and have fun at the same time So if they’re having fun they’re Probably not that nervous lie down Stay Yes and so look she’s really holding That stay now that i’m using the ball to Good girl so good okay She got a little nervous but she still Held her stay so i want to give her a Toy there let her run around with it do What she wants overall i’d say she’s Doing a pretty good job i mean the goal Here again is just to get her Comfortable with the vacuum when it’s on

And not just Totally go and hide in a corner Somewhere so when you notice your dog Getting nervous of something just take Your time dedicate a couple of training Sessions to it like we did today break Things down into small steps and go Really slow to help your dog understand So in this case with the vacuum we Started by turning it on for a brief Moment then rewarding with some treats Eventually working up to having it be on Longer while moving even rewarding with The toy something she values and so i’m Going to continue to work on this but i Think this was a good way to remind her Look i know this is a new vacuum it Probably sounds a little bit different Than the vacuums you’ve heard in the Past but there’s no reason to be nervous Of this one any more than there was to Be of the other one at our other house In the next episode we’re going to Continue to work on two of the most Important life-saving skills you can Teach to a dog and we’ll do more frisbee Too if you have a new puppy you need to Sign up for a pup box get fifty percent Off of your first box when you sign up For a three six or twelve month Subscription at Zack use discount code zac i’ll have a Link below subscribe to this channel and You won’t believe the progress that

Inertia has made since this episode was Filmed follow us on instagram and tick Tock to see her in real time get a copy Of both of my books too all of the links Will be in the description of this video See you guys next time [Music] You

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