How to Get Your Dog to Listen to YOU Around ANYTHING – Even Vacuum Cleaners!

How to Get Your Dog to Listen to YOU Around ANYTHING - Even Vacuum Cleaners!

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If your dog acts crazy or scared around loud things, this video will show you how to resolve this!

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Today’s episode of the dog training Revolution is sponsored by Peplow comm / Zack George you might have noticed that Jacob has been the star of my last two Videos and he’s doing terrific now Jacob Is currently in foster care and I’ve had The pleasure of working with him quite a Bit however he does have an issue that’s Affecting many of your dogs as well if Your dog doesn’t behave ideally around Certain situations today’s video is for You give Jacob a big thumbs up for being An awesome shelter dog make sure you’re Subscribed you may have heard me say Change the way you buy dog food and help Change the way people teach dogs but I’m Not sure if you know exactly what I mean By that I’m thrilled that companies like Pet flow comm put their marketing Budgets behind positive training and Endorse the cutting edge and what we Know about dog behavior by now you know That pet flow calm / – Zac George allows You to set up automatic pet food Delivery you just select the food you Want from hundreds of different foods And how often you want to deliver it it Really is that simple but here’s the Thing you’re doing much more than just Adding convenience to your life when you Choose to get your food from pet flow Calm over the more traditional chains in Fact you’re sending a message that You’re supporting companies that don’t

Sell choke chains that don’t sell prawn Collars and that don’t sell electric Colors because we recognize that those Do nothing to promote a bond between a Person and a dog and that should always Be the first consideration when teaching A dog enter codes act 20 when you check Out you’ll get 20% off of your first Order I’ve got all the information in The description now I’m ready to go and Teach Jacob some cold stuff let’s go Jacob has been doing awesome on his General training but he has developed This issue where he tends to bark and Matically at things with motors in fact It’s not just barking you might think he Wanted to destroy these items oh wow all Right okay hi Hi oh it’s going crazy over the leaf Blower right now but all right I’m gonna Pull him away for that cuz I don’t want Him to be so distracted by that but I Can see it we’ve got a lot of our cheese Alright enough enough when I pick him up He tends to relax his body goes limp He’s not barking quite as much so you Know I mean that’s that’s why I’m Picking him up right now some people Might say why would you reward him for That behavior by picking him up and I Think that’s a big leap because really What we’re trying to do here is just get Him out of that frame of mind of picking Him up does that and I’m all for it

Because now he’s behaving better so yeah We obviously have a lot of work to do to Get him to behave appropriately around Motorized objects now these reactions Are quite normal if a dog hasn’t been Exposed to things like this before or if They’ve had a bad experience in the past It’s important that we try and do our Best to see things from their Perspective if you have something loud Like a vacuum cleaner and it’s making Crazy noise imagine what a dog must Think about that at the very least They’re certainly wondering what these Things are and are trying to make sense Of them now in Jacobs case he tends to Really want to get at these items and Bark and investigate them your dog might Be actually scared of these items either Way the method we’re going to go over in Today’s video will show you how to Overcome these issues so I’m gonna go Get Jacob I’m gonna show you how to Either introduce items like this or more Likely reintroduce items like this to Your dog our goal today is going to be To get Jacob to behave in a civilized Manner when we turn on the coffee Grinder and the vacuum cleaner but since I know he’s likely to start barking like Crazy when I push this button I don’t Want to do that immediately I want to Take a step back because remember it’s Much better to teach a dog how you want

Them to behave rather than react To behavior you don’t like and then Correcting them this will be a good Example of that so I’ve got the coffee Grinder here I’m gonna put it on the Ground and let him sniff it yes good I Like that he sniffed it he didn’t bite It he acted acceptable because since Dogs are highly intelligent usually very Curious animals it’s important to let Them satisfy their curiosity to an Acceptable degree my goal right now is Just simply to be able to set it on the Ground yes hey Jacob Look at me yes good you remember they Leave it look at me combo that we shot With him not too long ago this is one of The reasons you teach that teaching your Dog to look at you especially when They’re distracted will put you in a Better position to guide them so that You can ask them to do what you want Instead in this case I want to encourage Restraint by rewarding moments of Restraint see when your dog looks at you You’re in a better position to encourage Them to behave in a certain way and also To acknowledge their progress – but we Haven’t yet addressed the very Challenging part of this which is Actually turning on the motor I’m gonna Reward for that the motor didn’t even Come on yet the more you can break it Down the faster your progress will

Usually be yes good now of course that Startled him a little bit but I like That he didn’t go and attack it and Chances are if I would have kept Pressing it he would have started Barking that’s where I don’t want him to Be so that’s why we want to work up to It watch I’m gonna press this ready yes Good boy Really good and so even if your dog Weren’t very interested and very curious Bite say your dog was really scared of The coffee grinder the fact that you’re Now creating a positive association with That noise will put you on the Trajectory you need to be in order to Get rid of this issue also if your dog Were scared you would want to have the Loud noise from much farther distance Whoa yeah nice work so I did it for a Little bit longer that time no good Look at me yes good good boy very good Yeah really good yes excellent job as You can see he’s doing absolutely Terrific we could let this thing run all Day long I think we’re ready to move on To the vacuum cleaner that’s likely to Be a bit more challenging okay you can See right here I’m just bringing it here Onto the floor and he’s already trying To bite it right now I’m gonna have to I’m gonna have to restrain him and bring Him back a little bit because I don’t Want him doing that and I need some time

To build some communication with him This is safe So right now my best guess has the Reason he is barking is because he’s Curious about this I don’t I don’t think He’s scared of it but as you can see We’re gonna let him see me play If it goes unchecked this is what you’ll Get he starts biting it and jumping on It we don’t want that by any means So Jacob you’re so funny they’re gonna Be three levels of training we need to Accomplish to get traction first we need To get him to behave while it’s still Then we need to be able to move it Around a little bit without him barking And biting at it and then we need to uh Then we want to be able to turn it all Which I’m not gonna try right now this Goes really Oh since Jacob knows his Basics he knows how to sit good yes I’m Gonna try and get him into a sit first Just to happen at nice surround the Vacuum cleaner I’m gonna walk him around To come on yes good come on look at that We made a whole circle around it and he Didn’t attack it Hey look at me good I Love that I can get his eyes on me in The presence of something that’s very Distracting now my goal is to be able to Introduce a little bit of movement Remember when things move Dogs are generally more attractive to Those types of things yes good you see

What we did there moved in just a little Bit yes good boy woody yes you’re doing Good getting their eyes on you whether They do it initially on their own or Whether you ask for it Will always get you to the next step Faster forgive me yes You’ll also notice I’m pretty close to Them right now dogs are more likely to Listen to you at first when you’re close We’re moving it farther and making it More dramatic and so you can see before We even turn it on we have to get him Used to seeing this motion yes he’s see How he’s glancing up at me I love it When he does that next time he does it I’m gonna reward yes you rock buddy all Right so now comes the big moment will Jacob behave appropriately when we turn It on hey Jacob ready and see right There I made the mistake of putting it On too long that of course was too much For him to handle so I need to avoid Making that mistake again Jacob look at Me yes right there I got him looking at Me while the motor was on that was Exciting I’m now I’m gonna try and Combine the sound with the mood Ah haha Oh interesting when I tilted it Back there was a slight change in the Frequency of the sound I guess the Brushes started turning so that was a Change in a variable – I want to Acknowledge that no sit yes so that was

A really good moment right there I was Really I was really testing it but I was Really pushing it hard and that was a Little much for him to take in but what Did I do rather than get angry at him we Showed him what we do want which is to Sit and stay nicely yes good boy Yes sit up yes Yes I want to thank all of you on patreon Really support our videos by making your Small monthly contributions of two or Five or ten dollars a month I’ll have a Link in the description if you’re Interested in making a contribution to Our dog training series here on YouTube Also make sure you click thumbs up Subscribe another way you can support The dog training revolution is to change The way you buy dog food I’ll have a Link in the description for pet flow Comm slash of Zack George all you have To do is choose your food how often you Want it delivered it’s that simple Don’t forget to like me on Facebook and Check out these other videos as well I Hope you guys found this video helpful Tell me what you thought and what you Need help with in the comments below if Your dog barks too much see my video on Resolving unwanted barking or check out My last two videos with Jacob to see how Far his thumb watch him learn to classic Tricks play dead and roll over now if

Your dog completely Tunes you out when He or she is distracted the next video You need to see is the leave it look at Me combo have you become part of the dog Training revolution yet subscribe it’s Completely free if you like what you saw Here or go check out my fundraising page On patreon – over there I can answer More of your questions and send you Special rewards for helping us fund These videos okay see you guys next time You

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