How to Get Your Reactive Dog Under Control While on a Walk

How to Get Your Reactive Dog Under Control While on a Walk

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If you can’t get your dog to pay Attention on a walk today I’m going to Show you what to do This episode of the dog training Revolution is sponsored by pet flow Click thumbs up for Molly the rescue Dogs like subscribe to learn how to Teach your dog all sorts of cool things And pick up a copy of my new best Selling book dog training revolution it Combined with my videos will give you Everything you need to know to raise the Perfect dog Elizabeth and her husband Daniel will have four rescue dogs with Multiple pets it’s extra convenient to Have your dog food automatically shipped To your front door especially if you Have to get different brands or even Prescription foods the solution to this Is setting up automatic pet food Delivery at pet flow calm slashes at George just choose your favorite brand Of dog food and how often you want it Delivered and then those heavy bags of Dog food well they’re already gonna be There whenever you need them what I’m Saying is you don’t have to remember to Go to the pet supply store waiting Traffic ever again I’m gonna have a Special link and a coupon code that will Give you 20% off of your first auto-ship Order in the description give it a shot And let me know what you think looks Like Izzy’s pretty comfortable right now

And she’s just the perfect dog isn’t she She sure is I was training been going With Molly though cuz she’s got a few More issues we have to kind of work on Training has been going okay with Molly Although a little inconsistent just to Do some scheduling issues has Molly had Her exercise today as she played fetch Yes we play fetch this morning with all The pups you want to make sure you get Your dog’s excess energy out before Expecting them to retain new and Intricate concepts like walking properly On a leash how does Molly do on a walk Typically she good about paying Attention to you or not not so much She’s very distractible whether it be Another animal especially dogs and cats And she’s even more difficult to control When we’re with our other dogs Especially Chloe last time I was here With Molly I noticed she was very Interested in the cats next door and in The street so she definitely has that Interest in other animals regarding her And Chloe walking nicely together on a Leash it’ll be really important to get Them super solid individually first Before we can expect them to walk nicely Together so we’ll work with Molly today And in a future lesson we can work with Chloe and then Chloe and Molly together When we take a walk with Molly in a Little bit she’s gonna be wearing her

Muzzle because she’s not always Accepting of strange animals coming up To her if we hope to make progress on Molly’s outbursts towards other animals We have to begin to desensitize her and Have her experience what it’s like to be A Other animals by having a muzzle on her We can safely do this last time I was Here we worked with Molly on getting her Comfortable wearing a muzzle I’ll have a Link to that video in the description Molly looks really enthusiastic about The walk today so we’re gonna get her All suited up and ready to go let’s see How she does with her muzzle no no you Can’t just drag your leash honey yes Nice work you’re doing so great she’s Going right into that that’s exactly What we want she’s wearing her muzzle Happily now I think we’re ready to get Into some leash training what do you say There are two major types of walks walks Where you just go on a normal stroll in The neighborhood to give your dog some Exercise and training walks today we’re Gonna be working on a training walk so You can’t effectively hope to teach dogs Much of anything unless you’re prepared To shift gears at any given moment when Necessary your dog needs your full Attention during training sessions like This there’s nothing passive about Teaching your dog to walk on a leash

Nicely Molly right now thinks we’re Going on a normal walk she’s really Excited she’s already kind of pulling me Forward but before I even proceed with That I want to verify that I can get her Eyes on me in a familiar setting like Right in front of her house first so I’m Going to assess for that look at me nice Work I’m very happy that I can get Molly To do a basic sit and a look at me like This right here in front of the house But can I get her to do it while moving On a leash yes up here good work come Here nice work see this is how I like to Get traction on leash training Molly up Here look at me great job so you can’t Hope to proceed down the block if your Dog isn’t very reliable right here in Front of your house first and here we’ve Gotten a bit of a training gift cat has Just come over here and she’s doing Really well so I’m gonna go ahead and Take advantage of that and really reward Her right now For doing a great job around the cat Let’s go take a walk down the block now When you’re on a training walk like this Try and get rid of this mindset that you Have to stay on one linear path by going Random like this and changing directions Rapidly on your dog it kind of Encourages them to keep their attention On you to see where the walk is headed Molly

Come here yes yes that’s it that’s the Glance I’m looking for and it’s not just Necessarily back and forth I’m going Across the street now and I might go Back this way now let’s do a figure Eight that’s hidden nice work and see She’s doing a much better job right now Kind of focusing on me seeing where Everything is And that’s what you want at this point In your training sometimes if you pick Your energy up a little bit your dog is More likely to be more interested in you So try not to be too boring with them Either reach deep and find a way to be a Little peppy with them to keep them Focused on you if that makes sense dogs Are social animals and they love it when Their people are extra fun All right chubbs you doing a great job Rather than waiting for your dog to have An outburst to then correct them focus On giving them a reward when they behave The way you do like even though she Didn’t start barking and lunging towards Those bikes right now I’m not gonna wait For her to do that to tell her no I’m Gonna take advantage of that and reward Her to let her know that I like how she Behaved right now that’s where the Emphasis of your training really needs To be as you’re reasonably confident That your dog is starting to do well and Pay attention to you under moderately

Distracting situations like simply being Outside then you want to routinely test For willing compliance what do I mean by That well you want to ask your dog to Sit notice she didn’t sit right then Right now something’s got our attention You can see her sniff in the air even When you’re using something really good Like real chicken some dogs will be so Distracted that they’re not even Interested in the chicken because the Outdoors or dog or a cat or any number Of other things really can distract them So you have to work with them through This desensitizing them getting them Used to being around a variety of Situations is the only valid path that I’m aware of to teach your dog how to Behave ideally in these circumstances I’ve got to get her attention back on me Even if it means I’ve got to go all the Way back home that’s why this is a Training walk so rather than proceed I’m Going to take a step back over here Because I suspect she’s more likely to Listen to me back here just because it’s Closer to the house sit Molly come here Over here sit No and I’m just gonna keep going back Til I get a sit out of her sit and I’m Letting her know I have this currency And see she’s still not interested in it Got to keep going back come on Syd yes Good girl all right so I had to back up

A few feet about 15 feet or so just to Get her back into a sit I appreciate She’s working it’s not just about the Treats let your dog feel that authentic Positive energy from you too that’s not To say that you should never tolerate Tension on the leash when you’re walking Your dog under normal Walks you may have to because sometimes They just need to get out there and Sniff around and just be outside not Your dogs will encounter varying levels Of distraction and you’ll need to get Good about assessing whether or not a Particular distraction is too much for Your dog or whether you can work through That distraction and there are a lot of Variables that go into that like how Much exercise your dog has received that Day how young they are how socialize They are their genetics and overall life Experience if you cannot get your dog to Do a basic sit and look at me while Around a distraction then you’re too Close to the excitement and you need to Promptly get away from the distraction Until your dog is compliance again this Requires you to test often once your dog Sits and looks at you again then you’ll Know that you’re at your working Distance when you succeed at getting Your dog’s attention on you at will That’s when your communication with them Becomes so powerful and that’s so much

Better than any special collar or tool You could ever hope to buy sit yes over Here look at me Alright see that this is interesting she Did do a sit but she didn’t look at me I’ve got to get those eyes on me doesn’t Quite count till I can get her eyes Coming over here up here yes that’s it There’s those eyes look at this loose Leash I love it it’s amazing now the Real question is will we have a loose Leash like that when we encounter a dog Right now she’s pulling towards two Other dogs over here what I’m gonna do Is I’m gonna come back over here come on No ma’am let’s go come on over here sit See this do you see how she won’t take The treats right here that’s because she Is so focused on these dogs that are Walking right now I can’t even push the Chicken in her mouth because she wants To get to those dogs over there I need To get her attention on me so my goal is To create distance away from the Distraction so I’m gonna go that way Right now and get away from those other Dogs that’s the thing come on come on Over here come on it’s okay and she’s Got freely high-pitched squeal er come On yes yes almost almost got to go Farther so I’m still not far enough away From the distraction I got to keep going Now I’m gonna test for compliance over Here sit no still don’t have it

Well you said yes that’s it this is my Working distance and right now those two Dogs are probably a half mile down the Street I had to get so far away that’s Completely normal when you’re having to Work through reactive issues with some Dogs so good job now I’m gonna try and Get back on our normal route and if we Encounter another dog I’ll do the same Thing if necessary well I hear a dog Over here I think and she keeps pulling Me towards that fence I don’t want to go Past that fence at least for this Training walk until I feel that she’s Compliant because the closer a dog is to Something they find very distracting the Less likely they are to listen to you in The presence of that distraction if I Could get her to sit just in this General area I’d feel great with that but this is Where her attention starts to fade in And out so it may take several training Sessions to work with your dog in the Situation like this point of compliance Is right here at this point let me see If I need to sit a little bit closer sit Yes now our point of compliance is a bit Closer I got her to sit and acknowledge Me just a few feet from the fence here Really work with your dog through these Types of distractions I’m super Passionate about making sure that the Public has access to quality dog

Training information absolutely free and We can’t do it without you consider Making a contribution of any amount You’d like to our efforts on patreon I’ll have a link in the description if You guys think Molly did a great job Today I certainly do click thumbs up make sure You’re subscribed and set up automatic Pet food delivery through pet flow I’ll Have all the details and links in the Description Molly you did a great job Luck remember to pick up a copy of my New book for the most thorough training Experience possible if your dog is Likely to get into altercations with Other dogs while in public or you want To prepare them for the possibility of Wearing a muzzle at the vet for say an Emergency situation check out my video On teaching your dog to love wearing a Muzzle if you want your dog to respect Certain boundaries in the house see my Video with Luca the lab on that topic And teaching your dog to bark and/or Stop barking is tons of fun see Jacob The rescue dog in that video and we’ll See you guys in the next video thank you So much to all of our subscribers into All of our supporters on patreon we Couldn’t do it with You

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