How To Increase Your Puppy’s Focus!

How To Increase Your Puppy's Focus!

Training a puppy is fun! I’ll show you how to get your puppy to focus and listen to you! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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Today’s episode is sponsored by pet flow Dogs require lots of time and attention And I know that a lot of you have busy Lifestyles and one way to get some of That time back is to have your pets food Automatically shipped to your front door With pet flow pet flow has made it super Easy for you to give it a shot just Enter code Zac 30 when you check out and You’ll get $10 off your first three Automatic shipments all you have to do Is choose your dog’s food and tell Peploe how often you want it delivered I’ll have the link and coupon code in The description below if you’re not Already follow us on Instagram we have Lots of cool extra content over there And pick up a copy of my book if you’re New to training dogs Bitsy Bella the tiny three-month-old dog Is coming over and we’re just gonna get To know we’re together and see how she Is you weigh as much as air let’s top it See Bella Hey look at this so bitsy Three months old right into the toy Oftentimes when the dog has this much Energy it means they’re capable of doing So much I mean look at all that Curiosity look at that focus you just Have to kind of harness it and turn it Into something beautiful let’s see how Our fetch looks but I’m just you notice Right there I just threw it just a few Inches because I don’t want to throw it

Across the room and then have her get Distracted that’s pretty good focus Right there yes oh look at that little Fetch three months old that’s wonderful Come on but see it’s much more important With fetch at this age to get these tiny Short reps in right here not throw it Across the room or the yard because you Really want them to get the mechanics of Fetch down chasing the ball picking it Up bringing it back in the straight line Promptly let him go and eagerly awaiting The next throw that is the workflow We’re trying to accomplish with fetch Yes good right there I love that she just turned around and That was good enough for me with her Temperament my guess is she’s probably The type of dog who’s going to really Get into fetch Where this little stuck kind of stuff Isn’t gonna distract her if you’re Consistent about it for about 12 weeks Or so this is a period you have to go Through weather or like I’m gonna jeddak I don’t want to listen I want to do this I want to do that that’s just part of Having a puppy just teach her a good Game of fetch and with dogs this small I mean you can get them fetching inside The house pretty easy and they can Actually get a workout inside the house It’s a year of training but before you Should even think about trying to phase

Out treats and it doesn’t just happen Naturally you have to really purposely Face out treats and be like look you Listen to me here in this context in That context you know when when people Are coming over for dinner when we’re Out on a walk and when there’s a Squirrel there She doesn’t even know your language yeah Treats are what keep it going keep the Communication with you believe it or not At three months old bitsy is not yet Potty-trained the biggest mistake people Make with dogs it’s not keeping them on Leash with new dogs or puppies in Particular like almost all the time you Know the thing with potty training those That you really have to just show her The right place to go often for many Many months she’s a dog with dogs this Young – it’s important to give them Exposure to lots of different dogs of All sizes but remember when you’re Socializing your dog you want to go out Of your way to screen dogs to make sure They’re likely to behave very tolerantly Of your dog so you know in Bitsy’s case You wouldn’t just want to let her go up To any dog in the world because she’s so Little and fragile let’s see how she Does on her basics let’s see if she Knows how to sit yet and see right here I’m trying to get her to sit but do you See how she’s like all over the place

That’s really normal for dogs see this Is what I mean let’s see how to be Patient with dogs you can see I mean Look how fast she’s going so as soon as You get her and do a sit you want to go Reward her look how she’s just hopping Up and everything this is really common With dogs of all sizes they don’t really Know to wait to get rewarded so that’s Something we kind of have to teach them So whoops another reason this is Important good so right there I noticed That she’ll sit when you just hold up The tree yes yes yes good I’m trying to Get her to hold that sit a little bit Longer but you see I’m quickly coming Back if your dog has a temperament like This and they’re real excited and They’re jumping around all over the Place don’t be frustrated by that that’s A really good sign that you’ve got a Highly highly teachable dog all this is Just curiosity this is a dog just trying To interact with their world and just Just trying to see what it’s all about And when you have a dog that has that Kind of curiosity they’re really easy to If you put the time in if you don’t put The time in with them then they can be a Lot to manage it’s important to give Them a lot of different things to do oh Look at that look at those eyes I’m just Letting her nibble on it right now good Let me see if we can do it down and see

This is what I mean with little dogs I’ve made this point in the past but When you kind of push back with your Lure you’re likely to let them encourage Them to go into it down T traditionally When you lure a dog into it down all Those work with her we kind of come at This angle you know straight down but With you can see by pushing back a Little Seems like little dogs are more likely To go into that down give me a sip will Give me good got a sit and a look at me I’ll take that that’s good what I’ve Learned about bitsy is that she’s Willing to work for both food and play So she has to really effective Currencies and now we have the tools to Move forward and teach her things so It’s training just comes down to Providing positive outcomes to desired Behaviors so when she’s behaving well if There’s a really good treat there at the End to let her know hey that yielded Something good for you or a few seconds Of tug-of-war or even a toss of the toy Then she’s more likely to repeat those Behaviors and we just have to be there As people and really let them know hey I Like that I’m gonna make sure I Acknowledge that I like that by paying You and letting you know that I Appreciate it and then over time as These things become second nature to

Your dog you don’t have to pay him so Much she’s really Wiggly she’s just Wiggly in general and so wouldn’t it be Nice to be able to hold turn just have Her relaxed well a lot of this comes Down to a course exercise making sure They’re getting an outlet for all this Energy but also you know you want to Encourage them to be calm I may be Letting them nibble on a good treat here And desensitizing them as I cover often With puppies by massaging their little Feet and massaging their ears and just Getting them used to kind of being Touched and held but really letting her Just nibble on something like that I Mean she’s barely getting and she’s Pretty much only able to lick it right There I’m not really restraining her at All she’s sitting here voluntarily We’re just petting or softly encouraging Columnist you’ll get the most bang for Your buck out of this type of training Post exercise so right after she’s worn Out a little bit I would really place a strong emphasis On working with her on the basics that You’re familiar with my playlists on YouTube okay cool Get everything looking really good Inside then throw it all out the window And start training outside and no I got To reteach all this stuff outside now It’s really important to be real

Sensitive to the context in which you’re Asking a dog to do something and and That’s something that’s not really Intuitive to us as people tell yourself Look it’s a year of this it’s six months Of really hardcore focusing and managing Her and taking 20 minutes to an hour day Spreads throughout the day to really Focus on primary training and keep her On leash otherwise or in environments Where she can’t get away with bad Behavior like not coming to you so you Don’t make progress all at one time just Keep chipping away and and working on Some of the basic things like sit stay Leash walking teaching them the right Things to bite on and and siwon and Stuff like that click thumbs up for Bitsy Bella make sure you’re subscribed To my channel are you following us on Facebook and Instagram yet we produce Lots of extra content over there also Pick up a copy of my book dog training Revolution it’ll show you everything you Need to know to train your dog You

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