How to Indoor Potty Train your Dog with the Potty Training Puppy Apartment

How to Indoor Potty Train your Dog with the Potty Training Puppy Apartment

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Have you wondered about how to potty train a puppy or dog before? Potty training a puppy takes time and there are different ways to go about house training your dog. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment is an innovative way to help your dog understand where it’s acceptable to go and where it’s not! Rosie, the Golden Retriver and I will do some fun puppy training in this video! Enjoy!

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Today’s episode is sponsored by modern Puppies I’ll have a link and a coupon Code in the description that’ll give you A fantastic discount on any order click Thumbs up for Rosie the ten week old Golden retriever and subscribe to my Channel to crate training can be a Fantastic way to potty train a dog so Today I want to talk to you guys about This really cool innovation the potty Training puppy apartment which puts a Completely new spin on crate training Let’s look at what makes the potty Training puppy apartment different it’s A special crate that’s designed with two Rooms a bedroom for your dog to curl up In and a separate area where you can put Potty pads so that they can relieve Themselves see dogs seem to naturally Avoid sleeping in the same exact space Where they poop in pee so the idea is They can sleep over here and when they Have to go potty they can go over there Over the first few days most dogs seem To instinctively figure this out you can Use this for traditional potty training Where your end goal is for your dog to Go outside or as a permanent or Semi-permanent place for your dog to Relieve themselves indoors so this can Be really helpful for people who live in High-rises or apartments and can’t Easily get their dog out quickly or as An occasional indoor option during bad

Weather for example when you can’t be There to directly supervise your dog and Guide them to the place that you want Them to go they’ll still have access to Their potty pad but unlike traditional Crates they’ll also have a very separate Space to return to once they’ve done Their business this is a much better Option than having a potty in their Sleeping area when they can’t hold it The potty training puppy apartment also Gives you all the benefits of crate Training outside of potty training too Like keeping your puppies safe and out Of trouble when they can’t be supervised And preventing destructive chewing and Other unwanted habits from developing While you’re gone all right Rosie let’s Familiarize you with the potty training Puppy apartment the bedroom area over Here needs to be big enough for your dog To stand up turn around and be very Comfortable in at first this is gonna Make it a lot easier for your dog to Understand that one side is for sleeping And the other side is for going body and This adjustable room divider here is Very easy to move around so you can put It exactly where you want as your dog Grows as your dog starts to get the hang Of things making the sleeping area Larger is a good idea too but this right Here is what makes the potty training Puppy apartment different the ability to

Go from one side of the crate to the Other to really give your dog that Understanding that this is their Sleeping area and this is where they Need to go potty now the last thing you Want to do is just throw your dog in and Hope for the best So we’re gonna go out of our way to Trying to make this a really fun Experience for I’m gonna give her a Little bit of Turkey here just using Small pieces just to get it comfortable With being in here so in other words I’m Communicating hate in here wonderful Things happen as you can see she’s been Very comfortable over here in the Bedroom side of the potty training puppy Apartment but one of the really dynamic Features of this is that they can Actually go through here and so they Have all this room if they want to go And do their business just luring her Over there encouraging her to explore The entire apartment and enjoy it and I Want to get a really comfortable walking Through this room divider right here Rosie this is the first product I’ve Ever seen like this that has three Different doors and when I’m introducing Any type of crate like this to a dog I Like to open it up and make it super Roomy just to really ease them into the Idea there’s no real signs of stress With her she looks very content very

Comfortable when you leave your dog Alone in the potty training puppy Apartment you’ll need to take off their Harness leash make sure they don’t get Caught on things but since I’m Supervising or here right now I think We’re okay modern puppies actually makes These cool bowls too which you see are Drinking out of right now that attached To the sides to keep them from spilling So that’s a really nice innovation too You really want them going in on their Own terms to get ultra comfortable I Really want to encourage her to pass Through this divider panel right here Multiple times so she’s very comfortable With both sides the bedroom and the Bathroom As your dog is getting really Comfortable with being inside of here Only then would you start to close the Doors and we’ll just do one at a time Here we’ll feed her right here just to Let her know things are still great and As I close it I’m gonna let her take a Treat here from the outside just so I Can continue to give her that that Wonderful association with being inside Of here and now let’s see if we can get Her to go through the entryway over here While all the doors are closed and look At that good job girl These potty pads – they’re great because They’re custom made by modern puppies

And they fit nicely in the bathroom side They also have larger oversized pads That run up the sidewalls so even if Your puppy lifts his leg this should Still prevent a mess these potty pads Also have a special attractant and an Odor neutralizer to You’re trying to use potty pads and you Just put them in a room hoping your dogs Gonna figure out how to use them there’s Nothing to really encourage them to go In the center so they might have their Front feet on but their back feet are Off and they still make a bit of a mess The walls of the crate will help Center Your puppy and keep them from missing The mark which is a common problem with Regular puppy potty pads yes good girl You did it nice work the good thing About these pads is they’re super Absorbent there’s an odor neutralizer in There too and so you can see she just Went potty over here but if you look Underneath look how dry that is there’s No moisture for all types of potty Training management is critical I mean Dogs develop habits very quickly so Showing them where you want them to go Frequently is the fastest path to Success this isn’t just for puppies Either this is a great option for adult Dogs or even older dogs you can’t really Hold it for a long period of time this Is a cool feature – so once your puppy

Is fully accustomed to using the potty Training puppy apartment you can Actually remove their sleeping area Completely and even take these doors off And use it as an alternative area for Them to use the bathroom some people Will even use this as a permanent indoor Bathroom for their dogs and others will Use it as an alternative bathroom for Situations when they’re not able to let Their dog outside it comes in many sizes To fit all types of dogs even dogs up to 140 pounds I love these rubber floor protectors They also act as wheels too to make it Easy to move around your house so how do You actually go about potty training Your dog well when you’re managing your Dog one of the best things you can do is Have them on a leash even when you’re Inside but there are times when that’s Impractical so that’s why things like Crates can come in really handy for Short periods of time or even overnight For your dog your dog can learn to Understand that it’s okay to potty in The grass outside and in the potty Training puppy apartment when they Really have to go and they’re inside It’s most important for you to spend Lots of time with your puppy and no Crate as a babysitter for your dog but Rather a place for you to manage them For short periods of time when you can’t

Immediately tend to them your dog can Spend the night in here but be mindful How much time they’re spending in the Great a common mistake that a lot of People make is expecting their puppy to Let them know when their puppy has to go Potty that’s a little too much Responsibility to put on your dog in the Potty training stage take them outside Or to the indoor potty area where you Want them to go very often it Least once an hour or even more if your Dog is having a lot of accidents by Giving them so many opportunities you’re Increasing the odds of faster progress And success if your dog ever does have An accident in the house do not scold Them that’s far from an effective Training strategy just do a better job Of managing your dog’s surroundings and Giving them ample opportunities to go Where you want them to go anytime your Dog does go where you want them to go Offer them genuine sincere praise and Even give them a treat just to let them Know I like that the bottom line with Potty training is it comes down to Managing your dog’s environment giving Them tons of opportunities to go where You want them to go and I think the Potty training puppy apartment is a Great tool to help make that happen you Can check out the potty training puppy Apartment and lots of their different

Accessories at modern puppies dot-com I’m gonna have a link and a special Coupon code in the description that’ll Give you a nice discount off any order Click thumbs up for Rosie she did a Spectacular job today make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel too we’ll see You guys in the next video I love you Too [Music]

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