How To NOT Totally Screw Up Your Puppy’s First Bath! (EP 15)

How To NOT Totally Screw Up Your Puppy’s First Bath! (EP 15)

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I think we can practice some really Basic training now She doesn’t think so i suppose oh okay No How does she know she doesn’t want to be In the bathtub how do dogs know this I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project kona I’ve got just three weeks to train her And set her up for the most well-behaved Life possible That means i need to work on the most Common puppy issues like potty training How to actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her everything a Good dog needs to know Real dog training doesn’t always go Smoothly and that’s why i’m going to Show you every success And mistake and how i work through all The most challenging parts of raising a New puppy welcome to your new puppy Survival guide Today hopefully we are going to achieve The impossible Teaching a puppy to love getting a bath As if that wasn’t Enough pressure we’re also going to take Kona out into the real world and see how That goes While kona is getting a bath you are

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With super chewer too All of you can get a free barkbox super Chewer box or both by going to my Special link And signing up for a six or 12 month Plan i’ll have those links in the Description So today we’re at our local hardware Store we are going to do Some training with kona in a new type of Place that she’s likely never been to Before This is in the spirit of just continuing To give her more and more exposure To new places i think we’ll start over Here kind of in the garden Section which is this hybrid indoor Outdoor Place just in the interest of phasing in A new environment to the best of our Ability You can smell all of the different Scents out here And so you can only imagine it must be Much more intense for kona Maybe we could stay away from the manure That might be a good idea You can see i mean it really has her Attention there that smell but that was Pretty good i like how she Took a minor interest and then she’s Moving on Really good and i just want to be really Clear the point

Of this session is to show her a new Place Not to insist that she act perfectly not To ask her how to do everything in the World But just to make sure that she knows Places like this exist We’re going in off-peak hours right now So she’s not going to get overwhelmed by People Come on girl she’s real responsive to That Gentle encouragement like sometimes i’ll Catch myself encouraging her to move Along and There’s some minor tension on the leash But she takes to that pretty well which Is Always nice i’m gonna go real cautiously Here because this can be daunting I mean look can you see that look at her She’s already a little nervous But not too nervous that was good very Nice Let’s go this way here’s a nice aisle to Go down how about the pink tile what do You think I should say too if you’re gonna bring a Young dog to a place like this really or Any dog Make sure you’re equipped and ready to Pick up any body accidents should they Occur Let’s go around this way come on girl

Excuse me thanks You got it oh there she goes that’s nice Work So far here really healthy energy she’s Doing really well typically when i come To a place like this to Work with a dog i like to stay around The edge where it’s a little less Populated to just Ease them in because see if i went Straight down here you can already see This Moderate group of people here in the Carts and everything i don’t know how She’s likely to react so Remember in the interest of just slowly Building up To something that’s more and more Potentially overwhelming to a dog You’re likely to have more success that Way anytime you’re doing anything new With your dog Go slow wherever possible because in the End you’re going to find that you’re Really going to achieve faster progress You’re much more likely to stall out In any number of areas with training Your dog if you try to rush things And so i love how she’s reacting to These shopping carts she’s Consistently looking at them not barking At them a lot of dogs might do that and That’s okay if they do that i mean that Is also within the range of normal

You’ve seen me deal with that with my Own dog inertia as we were Doing videos like this in my other Series the dog training experience When you compare this aisle compared to The center aisle a lot less Daunting potentially at least that’s the Plan but every once in a while Your plans backfire so always be Prepared to be flexible No tension on the leash here you can see How she’s just being guarded i haven’t Given her any treats or anything like That at this point i’m just trying to Let her take things in now if she Appeared to be like a little Apprehensive a little nervous i might Offer her a treat to try and create that Association with this environment but She looks content to just kind of look Around smell the air Oh okay i guess it’s a break time but Really I love how she does this granted she Does kind of bring her walk to a Complete stop but this body position And the relaxation just suggests to me That she’s really comfortable here so i Think that’s so cool I don’t know what she’s saying by lying Down with this i don’t know if she’s Bored tired Or if she just wants to have a moment to Explore

Her surroundings she’s peeking at a Shopping cart over here I’m pretty satisfied that she’s being Pretty well adjusted here i mean she’s Acting normal I think we can practice some really Basic training now She doesn’t think so i suppose no you Need to learn We’ve got to give you school sit look at That Right away this is not the time to phase Out treats right now Stan yes stay Okay come love how she responded to stay Right there And i asked her to come from what a foot Or two away that’s all we’re trying to Do Here she’s starting to get ahead this Will be a nice little test Kona come love it Yes good give her an extra big reward There Break that treat up into three or four Pieces that way she thinks she’s getting More That’s a nice little dog training hack It takes him a second to figure out that It’s the same amount of treat let’s Verify that we can do the leave it look At me combo In this new environment leave it look at Me

Yes good girl Very good nice work Oops look at me Yes let a gentleman walk by there Was able to get her attention okay how About shake let’s see does she even know Shake she was doing it a little when we Were teaching her how to ring the bells Sit move my hand around yes a lot of Dogs will just try and grab you like That What’s this yes shake here Shake no not bite ouch Yes nice looking good girl Very nice kona come yeah Good now one of the things i’d like to Practice here and again this is all Provided that she continues To do well leave it alone No what is that leave it real life leave It opportunity there’s a candy bar Wrapper Look at me yes come on okay Good girl All those things happening in the Background are experiences for your dog You can hear that that loud sound really Threw her off so Important moment right here to be extra Cautious i’m going to abandon the leave It training session i’m actually Going to see how she reacts she still Wants the candy bar wrapper Okay we’ll just get rid of that for

Right now And she was thrown off but i think she’s Okay so i’m gonna try to continue on With the walk here Kona kona come Kona come this way let’s go this way and See What we can do Leave it yes good girl she was sniffing This plastic over here and she left it Alone So i want to acknowledge that i like That Stay yes And okay come on good girl Yeah paws up looking good so i’m gonna Kind of do a little bit of a leash Walking session here with her to see how She does here In this new place kona come Good and by leash walking i want her Attention generally on me i want to know That she’s going to turn directions when I turn around Kona this way good Like that and kona this way yes Go ahead and give her a treat for that One really what i’m rewarding there is The turn That she’s not just walking aimlessly And she’s paying attention to me so that I can Lead this walk kona Really well done here

Hey look what happens if we do this come Here i’m gonna come back around here Kona look at her see how she’s looking At me Following me along for the walk i really Like that come on girl Yes sit stay leave it Look at me okay yes Good girl i mean you know it’s What do you do with a dog like this you Got to give her at least an a plus don’t You Look at that you’re a pro how about that I mean there’s a lot of dogs who would Get nervous of that later in life or Even as puppies but this is why when you Show them these big carts and all these Loud noises at a young age like this They’re so much more likely To behave well as they get older these Experiences are even more Impactful when they’re young than when They’re older Isn’t she i wish i could take credit she Really is just a good dog She’s like thank you She’s an irish doodle i’d never heard of One until her just even as i sit here And have the random conversation the Fact that she’s staying and being good These are all things that happen that You don’t necessarily plan on when You’re training a dog i mean some dogs Might get really insistent that you pay

Attention to them Instead of talking to someone else so a Good real world rehearsal for when We do find ourselves with our dog years Down the road At a fair in public taking a walk you’ll Want to know that your dog can just Chill while you talk to someone and say Hi they’re not all this low maintenance Though So whether you have to work for it and Really get your dog to be this way or They’re like this naturally either way You want to Acknowledge that you like it so this One’s interesting here look at this I’m gonna i’m happy to let her back away There that’s a good example Even though we saw what three or four Big carts go by that were making loud Sounds this one for some reason Really tended to throw her off a little Bit and i’m happy to let her get her own Space you don’t want to just hold your Dog down there so we’re gonna Try to go down this more busy center Aisle in the interest of taking steps That aren’t too big Good girl nice work This is what threw off there you can see She’s looking at it But better reaction that time even Though it wasn’t moving still pretty Good

Got a nice little shake off there good Girl Hello come on keep moving Looks like she thought about jumping on Someone there but did pretty well and While we’re here she’s getting good Exposure to people And good interactions with people which Are very beneficial for dogs long term Obviously Oh look there’s a forklift i love how It’s driving away from her so that she Can take it in without any Increasing stress she’s getting a lot of Social time with other people which is Extremely beneficial to a dog like this So i want to teach her something new Right now I was thinking we could just introduce This concept of Stay while i’m out of sight sit Yes do you want to Lie down good Stay yes Look at me stay Yes okay good girl Let’s see if we can do this a little bit Better stay Yes Okay good work i think i’ll quit while I’m ahead that was a great success That is how you introduce stay while You’re out of sight Very slowly half a second to a second at

A time don’t push them to failure you Know that was the first time she’s done That Teaching your dog to stay when you’re Not in sight is challenging to teach Especially if you try to take steps that Are huge but if you introduce it slowly Like this you’re more likely to have Success it’s just a great way to build a Reliable stay Under yet another unique situation the More you work on things like stay when Your dog can’t see you the better Because You just never know when you’re going to Need that skill and it’s better to Practice it Before you need it kona just continues To impress Doesn’t she i wanted to go over how to Get your dog used to being Cleaned i mean you might remember we’ve Already talked about brushing we’ve Already talked about trimming nails and Getting your dog comfortable with being Touched all over so that you can get Them used to being Eventually bathed so i want to go over With you my process That i go through to get it all Comfortable with being bathed for Probably Most dogs it’s not their favorite thing Some dogs will go

Crazy and flip out and try and jump out Of the tub others might tolerate it but Might not enjoy it i want to start Really easy and make things super simple For her She’s really into this right now our Goal when we’re cleaning a dog Is to try and make it as enjoyable as Possible for them in other words i Prefer that they don’t just tolerate it I prefer that they actually enjoy it And by pairing something that your dog Really likes With getting cleaned or bathed we’re More likely to increase the odds that They Enjoy the process now she obviously Enjoys playing but it might be hard to Clean her if she’s All over the place like this and super Active right so why don’t we try Something else This is a toy here that has peanut Butter we got this in a Super chewer box recently and i think This is going to be Helpful for today’s lesson so we’re Going to let her lick that And while you guys are being entertained By that i’m going to do this This i’m just going to touch her with a Cloth here nice and soft In other words i like that she’s not Freaking out right now

And that she’s not running away this is Good she’s pretty infatuated with that So i’m gonna go get the Washcloth wet now now it’s wet i’m gonna Let her see that it’s different Good gonna touch her here Right going really delicate i mean you Can see she’s enjoying her peanut butter And this this is great because look how Stable she’s being so the hope is that When we do eventually give her a bath She’ll be like i love when this happens Because i get something really awesome Because super chewy toy with peanut Butter on it She’s starting to get a little wet here This is good She looks a little like what are you Doing so i want to show it to her and Just be On the super up and up i don’t mind so Much getting the carpet a little wet Here with water in the interest of Getting her comfortable Oh she was like that’s weird but she’s Not necessarily nervous of it So i’m just going to go ahead and pet Her and rub it in just as though i would If she were getting an actual bath right Now As long as kona does well here we’re Going to actually go take a real bath in A second this would be my very first Time giving her one and doing this is so

Delicate you don’t want it to go wrong And then cause your dog to dislike bats In the future So we’ll do everything we can to avoid That it’s on a side note Great toy for keeping your dog engaged The puckle toy Is a winner now look at this what Happens if we get our tail Good job a little sensitivity but not Enough to Cause her to just abandon The lesson i’m hoping that this extra Step here of doing this little sponge Bath here in the living room Is likely to prep her for the real thing Now if she seemed really nervous at this Step i might want to consider Holding off on giving her a full-on bath And just try to do my best because Honestly once your dog becomes fearful Of something like a bath it’s not that You can never get them back and get them Comfortable you certainly can but it Takes a lot more effort and time Probably to get them Back to being comfortable with the bath So i’d rather just start off the process By going Extra slow and keeping her pretty Enthused about the whole process so now Look at this i’m Being a bit more rough here i’m really Going back and forth look how stable she

Is right now Staying in her spot gonna get those Hind legs good girl see that Nice job we even got her whole head There Good job good work all right shake off Good we got a proper shake off in Everything there all right so let’s take Off her collar here And let’s go take a real bath okay so Here we are In the bathroom hey kona oh very good This can be a little nerve-wracking As a dog trainer because you understand How much anxiety you can produce here With a dog if you’re not extremely Careful She’s proven to be a pretty resilient Puppy so i think she’s gonna be okay Kona Come yes paws up Look at that we’re starting to combine Many of her skills so i’m gonna lift her Up gently here i’m Letting her know i’ve got the treats There we go And so that’s a little weird here you go What’s that Oh okay no how does she know How does she know she doesn’t want to be In the bathtub how do dogs know this Good girl here what’s this so You know just like with the crate we Want to get her comfortable with being

Here i’m going to break up these Little treats and just kind of throw Them in there so you can see she’s happy To stay in there when treats Are happening and this is actually Counter conditioning her changing her Association with the bathtub hopefully That’s what we’re trying to do here Look at this see how she’s not jumping Out that’s huge that’s really good In other words we really want her Staying in there voluntarily Good job i’m gonna do this for a little Bit more so i really don’t want to rush This process With your own dog you can consider Giving them one of their meals like this So let’s go ahead and just do that I just turned it on and off once again Let her know look there’s that thing Here you go Of course the sound of the water going Down the drain is likely to be Interesting Good off and on Maybe we’ll try to graduate to a Steady stream there yes There’s a treat over there you can see How well she’s doing So it’s well worth taking plenty of time To go slow like this In the beginning look at those muddy Paws look how dirty this tub already is You need a bath so bad

[Music] Not only is she not scared of it she Feels comfortable going right up to the Stream of water there that’s Wonderful it’s really good and turn it On a little more to make sure it doesn’t Get Too warm i’m going to turn on some cold Water over here Good girl yes so now i think we’re ready To move on here a little bit and get her Nice and wet I’m going to break out the peanut butter Toy over here let’s try that for a Minute and see how it goes Doing anything with your puppy for the First time can feel pretty daunting but It doesn’t have to be I’ll walk you through all of the Important firsts with your puppy in both Of my books i’ll have links in the Description where you can check them out I do want to be very sensitive overhead That’s often where Many dogs are like i am out Squeezing some water on not even pouring It with the pitcher yet Good girl you’re really doing great you Can see she Stops to check in every once in a while We’re gonna put puppy shampoo on you now I’m just gonna put a little bit of Shampoo on her I don’t know how far i’m gonna get in

The rinsing process so i don’t wanna put Too much on her just a really minimal Amount right now What’s that Good girl so big moment here Good girl that’s that feels nice good Girl Yes what’s this let’s go ahead and What this what’s this Yes That’s got to be a new sensation having Warm water pulled all over her there Good girl notice she’s voluntarily Staying here i’m not having to hold her I’m doing my best to use as little Restraint as possible here Yeah so i mean the other alternative Here is you could just hold them down And Force them to be okay with the bath but That would definitely have side effects And make both of you dread bath time in The future It’s really important that you try to Aim for a place of enjoying bath time Together Because you’ll likely give them a better More thorough bath if they enjoy it Notice how her head’s nice and poofy and Dry and notice how her Body is really skinny and funny oh my Gosh i didn’t realize how small you were Until this moment I’m gonna get a little rougher with her

There because she’s doing great just so I can be More vigorous getting her used to this Motion Look at this she’s doing great i think We’re about done I think we’re all about done i’m going To quit while i’m ahead i think that was A stellar first bath but we still have To dry her Here we go look at you whoa you got to Stay here I’m i’m also going to be really gentle About drying her i’m not going to let Her jump out of the tub as that’s not as Safe So the same logic here i’m going to let Her nibble out of my hand while i Get her dry and again we don’t need to Be Too thorough on drying her right now It’s more important that we just make This a wonderful association we wouldn’t Want to blow all this progress by being Too aggressive on drying her and causing Her to freak out so She’s doing great that was an amazing First bath get a free bark box or super Chewer or Both check out the links in the Description Dog training and dog Training subscribe to my channel follow Us on instagram facebook and tick tock

And get a copy of both Of my books again all those links will Be below She might be stuck here forever kona Let’s go Come on are you ready to go home You

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