How to Solve Dog Aggression

How to Solve Dog Aggression Dog Nation   Cesar Millan

How to Solve Dog Aggression Dog Nation Cesar Millan

And a dog who was rescued from a Korean Meat market Pretty much had a terrible life he’s now Turning his new neighborhood into a Dangerous zone for other dogs. Right now We have another urgent case A young couple with a dog that wants to Attack any dog that comes near him. Who are you? My name is Olga Diaz my name is oscar Stewart Our dog’s name is sho Nuff he’s an Akita Shepard mix he’s about a year and 10 Months now. We adopted shondu from San Francisco SPCA about three months Ago The humane society rescued showed up Along with some number of other dogs From a Korean meat farm is a farm, where they grow dogs for slaughter to eat Pretty much, had a terrible life then but We don’t know for how long before he was Rescued. My favorite thing about shonoff is his Affection for sure he cuddles with you All day. He’s very calm inside and Listens to commands but shonoff’s major Issue is that he’s extremely dog Aggressive No He’s unpredictable and we can’t bring Him to your dogs because we don’t know

If he’s going to attack also he’s just Very anxious whenever we go on walks He’s just always stressed out and alert All the time it’s as if he’s hunting 24 7. he doesn’t relax he’s not having fun He’s just alert waiting for something. Whatever it is and showing up and sees Another dog he’ll growl might bark at The dog and then he does complete flips Then the second the dog’s gone he’s back To normal But the worst thing that’s happened with Shownup is that he’s attacked Nala a Neighborhood dog he chased her down Jumped on top of her wouldn’t let her Move and he kept trying to attack her And he wouldn’t stop even after we Pulled him off and that was really scary I think he would attack a dog regardless Of if it’s a 15-pound puppy Or if it’s a 115-pound mastiff I don’t think he understands or cares he wants At all dogs nope No The worst case scenario is that shonoff Is going to injure a dog or shown up is Not the baddest dude on the block he Could get hurt too by another dog Caesar we need your help because we Really want show enough to have a Happier life giving a terrible life He’s had in the past It’s horrible the way certain countries Treat dogs so people try to compensate

What they didn’t have and then the human End up becoming sad about it so the dog Becomes strong they don’t rationalize Yeah they just know that you’re sad so a Human has that creativity and creates a Story You just have to go from story to Reality and so that way you become Confident because when you’re not Confident then you’re unsure i always Say calm and assertive so right now You’re not assertive you might have 50 Percent sure So that i’m sure becomes weakness you Have to change the way you think and Then that changes your energy okay You’re ready to start yeah okay let’s go Definitely I’m going to begin by walking shone off Past the neighborhood dog he recently Attacked Oscar and olga need to see the Difference between how i walk the dog With confidence and how their insecurity Creates a negative reaction Olga and oscar rescued their dog from a Meat market overseas But their sympathy for shonaf is Affecting his behavior Turning him aggressive around other dogs Even attacking the neighbor’s dog nala Okay bring him to miaga One you need the right energy and being Calm you can also come across passive so

You have to be assertive and confident Okay yeah make sense okay now let me Show you the first thing caesar had us Do was to introduce shonoff to his arch Nemesis nala a big white samoa dog who’s Got high energy and my initial thought Was there’s going to be some trouble Here [Music] So now i touch that look so now before It gets engaged Now you can practice Avoidance So now you start controlling when you Smell when you hear when you see that Dog this is what i want you to do got it Right there as soon as he pays attention I touch a different area so he doesn’t Focus too long come on So voluntarily moving now we come just Hold it right there Now we’re passing by Wow Caesar walked showing off right by nala And he was really comfortable doing so It’s really hard to believe that’s Amazing So different yeah absolutely shown off Was really calm i’ve never seen that i Thought that caesar was gonna fail Honestly I was wrong I’m going back to work on shonaf Rescue from a south korean mid-market

His owners are stuck in a state of Sympathy thus making the dog act Aggressively To all the neighborhood dogs It’s time to learn how to walk shauna Pass other dogs properly It’s all about the energy you also have To learn to assess and evaluate the Situation long line right so the dog is Excited You bring it to the other side so you Create a barrier so in order for you to Minimize the projection that that dog Will share you go in between So Hey Yeah so that no matter how they react You can control how they perceive so Then eventually that bark means relax Now we’re going to pass by that Yeah So we’re passing by watch what Happens when we pass by the energy Okay wow he’s not even looking back Yeah wow look at his ear That’s done yeah wow yeah And of course the more you do this [Laughter] That’s beautiful come on you do it here Now if you pull you pull Up feel it Right there you go That’s amazing it’s amazing Your body language is like this so you

Think we’re worrying about him of course Blind people can’t look at the dog when They still control the dog so you don’t Have to look at the dog you have to feel The dog The light bulb moment for me came on When caesar talked to me about my body Language i’m just sort of passive with The dog so i can’t be so passive that That energy doesn’t i’m not taking Control of the dog okay olga now it’s Your turn Yes When you pass by here it was two it’s More like a reminder okay okay did okay But she’s still too nervous and that’s Why she pulled so hard on the leash when She tried to correct the dog Nervous intense you’re tense she’s Nervous [Laughter] Okay got it here you go try again I definitely learned to be more Confident and more empowered but at the Same time still maintaining a level of Calmness and i have more confidence and Faith that he’s going to do better Around dogs this is the most relaxed I’ve seen the dog outside ever so i’m Really encouraged Excited to go practice so the first day Is more for you to see what’s possible Okay it’s to understand how technique Can work but the most important part is

The energy I think yeah the most important part is not to live in the past of the Future okay to be present nice I think Olga and oscar are beginning to see what they need to change but shona Needs much more exposure to other dogs Before he’s going to be safe around them I need to bring shauna from san Francisco to my dog psychology center in Los Angeles So we can take the next step safely by Working with my dogs off leash and a Controlled atmosphere Guys I hope you enjoyed the video make sure you like subscribe and comment and Join me in my mission of better humans Better planet

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