How to Solve YOUR Most Common Dog Training Problems Barking, Stealing, Potty Training, Anxiety

How to Solve YOUR Most Common Dog Training Problems Barking, Stealing, Potty Training, Anxiety

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Today’s episode is sponsored by pet flow Click thumbs up for a new video make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel and If you’re thinking about getting a dog Or you’ve recently gotten a dog pick up A copy of my book dog training Revolution – I’ll have a link in the Description today I’ll be taking some of Your questions from Facebook so be sure You’re following me on Facebook and Instagram – in order to make these Questions clear and concise I’ve Shortened many of them this question is From Haley Haley says please help me Teach my 4 month old puppy not to pee Whenever and wherever the urge strikes Him you know it’s really easy to Underestimate the amount of work and Consistency involved with potty training There’s really nothing intuitive to a 4 Month old puppy about holding their pee Until they go outside this is why I Really try to make it clear that potty Training is a months-long process every Single time I talk about this topic why You can expect significant improvement On potty training if you’re very Consistent about taking your dog out Regularly and by controlling their Environment by keeping them in a Contained area when you cannot directly Supervise them then you ought to see Steady progress for now keep your Expectations realistic and understand

That it does take weeks to months to Really get traction on potty training This is completely normal of course Check out the many videos I’ve made on House training for more details question Number two comes from Tina Tina says Please help me with mayhem ensuing Whenever someone comes to the door I Cannot get the dogs calm enough to Listen to their commands I totally Understand what this is like and you Know one of the great things about dogs Is that most of them anyway are Fantastic about alerting us when Someone’s on our property but if you Don’t put this in check it can get out Of control quickly Now some people are ok with some barking Others don’t want any barking at all That will be a personal call on your Part it’s a novice mistake to assume That you can train your dog when an Outburst occurs as in this case of Someone knocking at the door ringing the Doorbell for example and think about it That’s because you know you’re focused On getting to the door or accepting a Package and your attention is divided Add to that your dog is genuinely Excited now if you genuinely want to Teach your dog how to listen while in This excited state of mind whether it’s Barking at another dog on a walk when They see a squirrel or when someone

Comes to the front door you will To devote setting up those surprise Primary training sessions remember those Are training sessions that actually Mimic real life so for example you could Have a friend help you out by conduction Once at the door and rewarding your dog For being compliant I’m gonna actually Have a video in the description that Will give you a vivid lesson on this to Show you how to teach your dog to stop Barking when someone knocks at the door A really good question oh one other Thing I noticed that you have multiple Dogs as well very likely you’re going to Need to teach each dogs individually how To be quiet when someone knocks so you Do have a lot of work ahead of you but You can get it done this question comes From Hellena please help me with my dog Separation anxiety he howls and cries For ten to thirty minutes after being Left alone it’s really common for dogs To experience anxiety when they’re away From us I mean after all dogs are very Social animals and if left to them most Dogs would choose to be with us instead Of without us separation anxiety is Particularly common with younger dogs And puppies because they’re still Learning how to be alone for the first Time and Hellena in this case your dog Seems to settle down within a half hour

Or less that is fantastic So your general goal should be to build Upon this success over time and Gradually reduce that period of time and As your dog gets more comfortable you’ll Be in good shape now the best life hack I know of when it comes to getting your Dog to feel more comfortable when you’re Away is to thoroughly exercise them just Before leaving them alone for Significant periods of time this really Seems to satisfy a dog like nothing else I’m gonna have a video in the Description that will give you some more Specific exercises you can do if your Dog in order to get them to feel more Comfortable when you’re away but look Separation anxiety is a tough issue and It can take awhile to resolve depending On the severity of it this question Comes from Katherine Katherine says my One-year-old dog steals everything he Can and runs out of the back door to Play chase please help Actually Katherine goes on to say that She’s good about exercising your dog and Everything which usually helps Tremendously however it sounds like You’re making probably the most common Mistake that we all make when we have a New dog or at least most of us and That’s giving them too much freedom too Early on I mean I get it you want your Dog to happen

And be happy and enjoy the family but There are some strict control of the Environment required before granting Your dog that much freedom in other Words your dog really can’t be in a Position to get away from you much less Get out of the back door at all at this Point in their training what that means Is your dog needs to be back on leash Yes even while inside the house so that They are never in a position to get away From you until you’ve done the Appropriate training when you do Exercise your dog make sure that you’re Exercising your dog early in the day so That you can get some benefit see if you Wait till later on the day to exercise Your dog your dog will go to sleep and They’ll wake up all charged up so when You exercise your dog really matters That will likely help you know also I Noticed you said that you have a big Family as well sometimes that can help Sometimes that can complicate matters But I would suggest that you have the Whole family check out my youtube Channel and the videos so that everybody Is on the same page when training the Dogs so bottom line you really need to Start from square one and build that Communication and teach the basics to Your dog I’m gonna have a link to my Playlist on how to teach your dog the Basics and beyond in order but the first

Thing you can do right now is regain Control of the environment by making Sure that your dog is not in a position To get away from you for those of you Who are new to my channel did you know You can stop lugging heavy bags of dog Food across town and make way better use Of your time get your dog’s food Automatically shipped to you from pet Flow they almost certainly have the Brand of dog food that you’re looking For you can choose how often you want Your food delivered and you can edit or Cancel that delivery schedule at any Time for any reason at all to make it Extra easy for you to try out pet flow Is going to give you $10 off your first Three automatic shipments just enter Code Zach 30 when you check out I’m Gonna have the link and coupon code in The description below be sure you’re Following us on Instagram to upload a Picture of your dog tag at sack George And use hashtag dog training I’m gonna Share some of my favorites subscribe to This channel too and join us on Facebook We’ll see you guys in the next video Great questions today guys click thumbs Over Indy she did a great job You

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