How To Start Teaching Your Dog Boundaries

How To Start Teaching Your Dog Boundaries

How to teach your dog boundaries. This is how to start!
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Little young for this but I think we can Make a lot of progress The thing about boundary training is Sometimes it means a room is always off Limits or sometimes it can mean a room Is sometimes off limits and dogs are Perfectly capable of understanding the Difference don’t feel like you’re gonna Confuse them if sometimes you don’t want Them in the kitchen while you’re cooking But other times it’s okay so you might Notice I’ve got this piece of tape right Here in the middle of the floor now my Goal is to show ro show how to stay on One side of the tape while I’m on the Other side ro show doesn’t like the idea Of boundary training and he’s literally Breaking the boundaries ro show Understands a basic stay for duration Stay yes they’re just gonna get him a Little warmed up and we’re gonna work on Stay with distance so stay yes I just Took a step away I love that he hasn’t Crossed this line that’s great that has Stay with distance is working well but You know this isn’t really how you deal With boundary training in real life this Is a prerequisite to training your dog How to stay in the specific area so Let’s do something a bit more realistic I’m now walking suddenly putting him two Into a stay and then continuing on That’s unusual See how he has a tendency to do that

When he was listening to stay so well Under other circumstances so let’s work On that we’re gonna walk up to the line I’m gonna say sits Oh no you crossed the line now if your Dog were to cross the line like that Just simply redirect them put them back Into a sit stay I’m gonna break it down And make it a little bit easier so we’ll Walk up sit stay you see here what I did I took a half a step like I was gonna Continue on you have to really spell it Out for your dog when they’re young stay Going past the line good good steak yes So right there that’s our first moment Of success I was able to walk up to the Line drop the leash say stay and walk Past the line the reason this is Significant is because normally when You’re teaching stay to your dog you’re In this real setup training sessions That’s not real life that’s a good way To introduce the concept of stay because They’re gonna be times I’m telling you In real life were you just for whatever Reason want your dog to stay while you Walk ahead you know maybe you’re in Public and you want to go greet someone And shake their hands stay Hello I’m Zach it’s nice to meet you Very good teaching them how to stay at a Boundary is really important now this Tape here isn’t so much for him it’s for Me just to give you a visual of what

We’re trying to accomplish and so you Don’t have to limit yourself to these Basic exercises do things like this in Public often once again the motion is Over here sit stay walking away look at That see I was able to walk away turn my Back and that’s much different than your Basic training exercise so it’s Wonderful once your dog starts to Understand this basic concept of stay And they’re starting to stay in a Variety of different circumstances then You’re ready to probably teach a more Advanced stay something like settle now Settle basically is where you say okay Lie down chill out and await further Direction whereas stay is more Short-term where you indicate your dog Okay I’m about to release you from that And you can come over here or we can get Back to interacting with one another you Might be wondering well what does settle Have to do with teaching your dog Boundaries it’s a lot easier to teach Your dog boundaries when you can give Them something else to do like go lay in Your bed and just relax for a bit now The concept of teaching your dog how to Relax on cue certainly takes some Maturity on your dog’s part and it does Take some time to teach but it’s never Too soon to get started Usually takes you know several weeks to A couple of months to really instill a

Basic settle with your dog but let me Show you what to do you might notice I Put him into it down here so a Prerequisite is that your dog knows how To lie down when you ask down and stay That’s up stay I don’t know he knows the Down state appears that he doesn’t since He’s struggling with holding that down Stay I’m gonna spend some time over here With him at a closer distance that’s Likely to encourage him to hold the down Stay a bit longer Oh it looks like he’s about to relax Those hips over there which I which Would indicate a more relaxed down stay I’m actually going to reward the hip Shift over there I’m even using a Quieter tone of voice because I’m just Trying to encourage him to be relaxed And I’m trying to reward less frequently Over here just to get him to relax and Check out while he assumes that down Relaxed stay position a good time to Teach your dog this settle is maybe You’ve got friends or family over you’re Having coffee and your dogs kind of Relax naturally this is a good time Maybe every thirty seconds every minute Go up to them and say good job I like That you’re settling you can give them a Treat or you can just give them some Reassurance and say hey settle I’m only Gonna reward on the relaxed hips this Time rather than that sphinx-like lie

Down you can see they’re lying on his Side there a good bit more relaxed the Boundary line alone see this is what a Settle looks like you can see how this Is different than a more formal stay Where they’re sitting and looking at you He’s slowly becoming more and more Relaxed as long as he’s not getting up I’m gonna continue to reward every Several seconds here and you still don’t Just want to assume they’re gonna hold It forever you need to get in there and Reward them from time to time this is The power of settled I mean look at him He’s practically falling asleep right Now and by really taking the time to Communicate to your dog this is what Down and relax means then you can Eventually get them to do it on cue Wouldn’t that be amazing but it is worth Mentioning that if you do have a higher Energy dog it’s not reasonable to insist That they settle unless you give them Regular exercise usually in the fore Mode fetch ultimately you’ll be able to Tell your dog look go settle down I’m Gonna go enjoy my company over here or I’m gonna watch my football game Whatever it is that you want to do you Are after all entitled to some me time Here and there click For more peaceful life with your dog Remember there are much easier ways to Get your dog’s food change the way you

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