How to Stop 3 Annoying Puppy Habits! PLUS Crate Training, Nail Trimming and MORE (Ep12)

How to Stop 3 Annoying Puppy Habits! PLUS Crate Training, Nail Trimming and MORE (Ep12)

Stop puppy biting, jumping, resource guarding! Also, Crate training, grooming training, nail trimming, and teeth brushing! Thanks PupBox for sponsoring this episode! Go to and enter discount code ”ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!


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So right now we’re obviously having a Play biting episode she’s really ouch What is it with you puppies always Trying to get my shoes i’m zach george I’m a dog trainer Meet my new project kona i’ve got just Three weeks to train her and set her up For the most well-behaved life Possible that means i need to work on The most common puppy issues like potty Training how to actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her everything a Good dog needs to know Real dog training doesn’t always go Smoothly and that’s why i’m going to Show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide Today i’m hoping to make some progress On fetch maybe with the frisbee with This beautiful Young lady let’s see what we’ve got in Our pup box here for those of you that Don’t know pupbox is a monthly box that You get where they send you Toys and supplies based on your dog’s Specific age so that you know what you Should be working on with your dog You get this really detailed training

Guide both front and back You’ll find that they immediately get Interested in these toys i mean look at This And so you can see how she went from Relatively subdued to oh my gosh That’s amazing right there and it Matches you too i love that You don’t just get toys with pup box you Also get really useful things like this Water bottle right here Check this out you can actually pour Water into it by squeezing it so you Always have water with you on the go Really useful thing to have with you and You get really good quality chews i mean You can see that’s Some part of an animal but dogs Definitely love it so that’s something She can gnaw on while she’s going Through the teething phase here what i Love about this toy right here You have this kind of jelly rubbery type Texture which a lot of dogs really like To sink their teeth into and then you Have this classic Nylon rope texture it’s a really great Way to keep a toy multi-dimensional and Keep a dog interested Pup box puts a ton of thought into the Type of toys that they include in their Boxes they’re toys that are really Designed to keep a dog interested and Engaged

We also have some great treats so i’ll Be using these to train kona as well You can’t have too many treats around The house all of you can get 50 Off of your first pup box when you sign Up for a multi-month subscription just Go to or discount code zack I’ll have the details in the description Remember kona is going to be a big dog So i want to make it a huge priority to Keep any unwanted jumping at bay Right now this is pretty good by the way This is the tie out we have her on with Her potty pads over here if she needs to Go But we’re being as proactive as possible Whenever kona shows non-jumping behavior At meal Time i want her to know that i like that So what happens if we walk over here Yes oh so right there she jumped Still a lot better but nonetheless we Want to make sure that we give her some Obvious communication in that case it Was oh the food Goes away i go away you don’t get what You want but you can kind of see in her Eyes right here She’s starting to really understand okay I guess i better be good if i want to Get that food I’m just giving her one or two kills at A time here for this But it’s when i go into motion that she

Tends to get excited as you saw a moment Ago so let me continue to walk back and Forth here Yes i’m going to continue to reward her When she’s being compliant When i say yes i’m following it up with Something good Yes very good i’ll give her a little Extra for the sit I like that coda come Nice job sit Yes good girl what’s up Hey kona hey what’s going on yes The logic here is if she’ll behave while I get even more exciting then that tells Me we’re really making progress I mean you can see this is night and Dame kona come here sweetheart Wow she’s really learning isn’t she What a brilliant young lady yes another Thing we’ve been continuing to work on Is preventing resource guarding With kona you’ll uh oh wait wait you Were just doing so well Give her a second to think yes Sometimes you just gotta let your dog Think it through ah Good girl yes she’s like i want the bowl Resource guarding is where dogs tend to Protect things especially food bones Toys things that they really value I really want her to be comfortable and At ease when human hands are near her Bowl

So here just letting her eat out of the Bowl good girl Yes here you go Being able to put my hand in the bowl Like that And then give her something we’re just Trying to show her that hey just because Hands are over here doesn’t mean you’re Not gonna get fed sometimes human hands Feed you This is a way that we’ve been using meal Time to try and get some extra benefit She’s obviously highly motivated at meal Time so it’s a good time to work on Basic behaviors like not Jumping all over people and so we’ll Want to build on this as she encounters Guests or Other exciting situations we’ll want her To tap into these past experiences she’s Had When she’s had to hold her sit or her Down when In an excited state of mind hey good Girl that’s your whole meal Kona and inertia have actually been Sharing their water bowl and Everything which is really good it’s Been nice to see that So far she’s shown a complete Willingness to be tolerant And to share stuff that she really Values with other dogs and people That’s what we want by the way if you

Are struggling with resource guarding Jumping or any other number of Problems check out my books this one’s Very detailed on training And then dog training revolution is Really detailed On overall dog raising advice including A lot of training too I’ll have links to both of these in the Description below so i talked about a Little while ago how we have the tether Here as A way to control her yet still give her Some level of freedom out here in the Main part of the house Over the crate for example this is Another way that we contain her she’s Been sleeping here overnight Obviously this is all going towards a Specific goal of being able to have her Just be good And exist within the house without being Controlled at all at some Point here but i do want to give you an Update on crate training because you Might remember in early episodes i told You how it was important to get your dog To be accepting And to really enjoy being in the crate So i want to show you where we are on That All right oh i bet you’re gonna like These little duckies You give me a sit thank you yes

Okay good job so at no point am i Forcing kona to go in the crate at all i Mean Every time i come up to the crate so far I’ve been throwing treats in there To get her to voluntarily go in and out Kona come on Good job and then go back in so you can See she’s very willingly Going in there and then if i wanted to Close the gate i could do so like this And i could say kona can you sit good Job You’re seeing no real obvious signs of Stress or Hating the fact that she’s in there she Seems to enjoy it pretty well Can you lie down Yes just let him think about it in those Instances Good girl i don’t want her rushing out Of that gate that’s because we don’t Want her rushing out you never know What’s going on out here maybe it’s not Appropriate To rush out of the crate okay good job So you can see she’s really showing the Willingness to stay in the crate until i Give her Permission to come out and when i tell You i’ve never forced her in here i’m Talking about zero percent of the time Once you do that it’s not that your dog Won’t be able to recover you’ll be able

To eventually get them to go Involuntarily if you’ve already made That mistake it’s a common one But if you can just have the discipline To have treats available so that every Time it’s time to go in the crate You’re prepared to take a second to Encourage them to go in You know you can even use their food or Their kibble of course whatever it takes To get them To go in there go Close make sure she’s comfortable And wait How about that stay huh looking really Good Okay come on girl kona What’s this hey i got a treat right here You know Good job girl nice so that’s an update On crate training all this is going Really well Today’s day 12 of having her and you can See she’s really starting to come around On a ton of her basics It’s amazing what a dog can learn in Such a short period of time isn’t it so I just got a question Actually right as we’re shooting that i Think is worthy of addressing right now Someone asked me if i was against board In trains that’s where a dog trainer Takes on a dog Tries to get them trained for their new

Family and so on kind of what we’re Doing here With kona i’m definitely not against Boarding trains what i am against though Is people dropping their dog off to a Dog trainer and hoping that that’s going To fix the dog and now the dog is Programmed and will be Robotic and well-behaved for eternity i Mean i think that’s the impression a lot Of people have When they drop their dog off for a few Weeks with the dog trainer you’re still Going to have to put in the work with Your dog maybe the trainer Got you started and got things going but There’s still a lot of work to do and That’s true with kona too i mean she’ll Learn this stuff But if for some reason her family Started just shoving her in the crate When they were frustrated which they Wouldn’t do I know them well she would very likely Start to have a relapse and be like i Don’t know about that If they weren’t consistent about working With her on her basics like Sit down and stay and being very Consistent about taking her out with Potty training we could expect relapses Completely on Everything so no magic answer board and Trains can be good but just have

Realistic expectations should you ever Decide to do that really good question From Instagram make sure you guys are Following us over there now Tooth brushing that can be the nemesis Of many dogs I don’t think kona is too used to tooth Brushing right now she’s obviously in a Good mood i want to keep it that way But i think she thinks this is a toy Which it is not this is not a toy This is to keep your teeth clean it’s a Good idea to brush your dog’s teeth as Often as you reasonably can Once a day is ideal so she seems pretty Comfortable with it that’s that much i’m Happy of now We have to get her happy with me Touching her gums there we’ve been Working a little bit on that Because we want to be able to expose Those teeth so that we can brush them at Some point And again for this training lesson i’m Not even focused on actually brushing Her teeth As much as i am just getting her Comfortable with the brush but we’ll see How far we get Yes good right there she let me lift up That gum i like that a lot So see that yes Good i like that not pushing her i’m

Going really slow here Oops little yes back it away a little But let’s keep it upbeat there Yes good girl I mean this is good the way she’s Reacting right now Yes she’s reacting so well you guys Notice i’m not pushing her to failure I’m not just like going and going i’m Just really trying to get in a couple Here a couple there Yes good if you notice your dog is Pulling away a lot that probably means You’re moving too fast For this exercise let’s try the rear Teeth and see what happens Yeah wow did you hear that it was like Stroke stroke stroke Pretty awesome stick with the back here This is the kind of thing you build on You spend 30 seconds a minute at a time Doing this Over the first few weeks you have a dog Really ease them into it it is well Worth taking your time to get them Used to tooth brushing and we want them To enjoy it As kona seems to be doing so right now We’re obviously having a play biting Episode she’s really Ouch feeling eager look at that i mean Ouch she’s into it um But we want to discourage that i Definitely young lady and

I mean she just wants to play she Doesn’t understand that This can be painful what is it with you Puppies always trying to get my shoes So remember with play biting we have a Couple of choices so in this Case i’m going to ask her to do Something incompatible With biting doing a down stay Because really when your dog is biting You like that they’re really just saying I want to play i want to interact let’s Do something you’re being Boring that’s why it’s important to try To engage them now you can’t always do That and when you can’t engage them You’re like look you got too much energy It’s time to put you up you can go right In there goodbye Of course you don’t want to do that as Your default method because It’ll just get worse over time if your Dog isn’t getting lots of attention and Training wait Okay good girl and sit lie down Good stay And stay Leave it look at me yes Good job that’s just a mini example of Dealing with play biting another thing You could do is you could say all right You want to bite i’ll give you something To bite on and break out that toy And use that to keep them engaged maybe

Use that to refine your tug and let go But i should say You know it’s okay for dogs to mouth and Be a little bitey The main thing we want to teach them at This age is not to break our skin and Not to bite so hard That it hurts i mean they have to know The proper pressure with which to bite So You may even want to consider while They’re being a puppy when they are Biting soft or when they’re licking be Tolerant of that and in fact maybe Encourage it just a little bit So that they understand that okay you Can use your mouth like that but you Can’t use it to chomp down you Definitely have to be consistent on this One For many weeks your idea is to slowly Reduce it over time Not eliminate it all at once in short Though you have three ways to deal with Puppy biting you can Transition into a training session by Breaking out the treats asking them to Do something incompatible with biting You can break out a toy Encourage them to bite but bite on the Correct thing and make a game of it Perhaps get them extra stimulated Mentally and physically Or if you just don’t have time at that

Particular moment you can put them up in Their crate or other area where they’re Comfortable And just have them take a timeout for About a minute or two then bring them Back out and resume So that’s all there is to it okay you’re Not gonna bite me anymore right kona Ow The last time we introduced the brush to Her we were really methodical we Do a gentle stroke like that give her a Treat Let her smell it know what it’s about so We can also Maybe let her nibble on these look at That look at this Yes so here i’ve got a treat in my hand And that’s keeping her kind of Stationary and she’s reacting Really well to the brushing here look at That look at that Beautiful hair of hers let’s get that Head she’s even doing well with her head And her ears look at that So she’s adjusting very well Let’s get those paws love these paws Get those tail feathers look at that Skinny little tail There’s no hair on that tail there’s Nothing to brush so she’s doing really Well and brushing and that’s an update On that I mean kona is doing so well today so i

Don’t know why we shouldn’t keep going This is a dremel right here this is to Trim her nails And this can freak a lot of dogs out so We want to do our best to be careful So i’m going to hold it at a distance And then turn it off it was only on for Just a quick second We don’t want her to have time to be Like oh my gosh that thing’s crazy we Wanted to hear Oh that went on i got a treat cool Look at that yes good girl What is that Girl nice job and now we don’t just want To turn it on and Trim her nails remember we want to make Sure she’s comfortable with her feet Being touched we’ve been working on that A little bit so she’s quite comfortable With that So then we want her comfortable with us Touching it to her feet and there’s a Nail so we’re just trying to work up to It And we would just touch it right there Good girl yes Gonna put it on low now So she doesn’t appear scared of it or Anything that’s good Can you lie down kona Sit lie down Yes she’s got a little weird there so Let me go ahead and

Keep things locating and hey come here Can you sit Lie down yes Weird oh that thing is weird huh Come here then turn it off it’s getting A little apprehensive It’s normal so when your dog acts like That we’ll just take a step back Sit Lie down yes reward for something easy Like lie down Do that here you go Yes so that time she didn’t back away so We’re Regaining that trust a little yes I want to try something a little bit Different since she’s getting a little A little apprehensive she likes a chew That came with her pup box here so let Me see something sit Stay Yes good girl Yes good girl so that’s a good place to Stop right there but I thought that by giving her something That was really likely to keep her Attention there it might make the Process a little smoother i’m happy to Get a really good example of Trimming one or two nails there and with Your own dog don’t be in a hurry at all There’s no rush to get their Nails done immediately or anything it’s Important to really get them comfortable

With it because if you just go out of Your way to get your dog comfortable With something they’re a lot more likely To be tolerant of it lifelong Try to keep your mind focused on the big Picture when you’re raising a puppy well It’s been a minute since we have done a Check-in On kona’s fetch abilities so i think we Should check in and see how she’s doing On that and see if we can troubleshoot See if we’re encountering any issues And hopefully improve her overall fetch Game remember the first step of teaching Fetch is tug of war we talked about that Before with her so ideally you want to Teach this whole game of fetch in Reverse so it starts with tug of war Really getting them into it then let go The way we teach let go is by simply Making the toy boring Yes good and then we get all excited Again And then throw it and then run from them To get them to chase us come on girl There we go and then once they get back To you repeat the process Let them know hey this is fun Good tug all right let go Yes go perfect Good girl so you can see how wild she is I mean fetch is a great way to Curb a lot of hyperactive behaviors and Her tug is looking good

Can you let go Still struggling a bit with let go Yes good ready go get it I’m gonna toss the toy good girl come on Good girl and see how she’s running back To me dogs really like Tug i mean you can use it as a reward And to keep the game very exciting Don’t think of tug of war as your dog Trying to keep something from you this Is a gratifying game They’re happy to let go as long as you Go through the effort of teaching them To let go so over time you’re really Teaching your dog that when they let go During a game of tug of war that the fun Game continues on i mean think about it A lot of people just assume you should Throw the toy first And then hope your dog just kind of Figures out that they’re supposed to Pick it up and bring it back As you can see that doesn’t go so well All the time so that’s why it’s Important to teach your dog to play tug Of war and let go And then maybe fetch at really short Distances fetch is a really good way to Satisfy your dog mentally and physically So that’s why you see us doing it so Often In these videos and take your time Understand a perfect fluid game of fetch Can take a little while to perfect

Anywhere between a few weeks and a few Months depending on how serious you are About training it how often you can get To training so at first she was a little Reluctant Now she’s really coming around nice work That’s just looking great look at that Run Our pup box came in very handy today get 50 Off of your first putt box when you sign Up for a 360 or 12 month subscription At zack use my special code Zack too I’ll have a link below follow us on Instagram facebook and tick tock and get Both of my books All of those links will be in the Description and we can’t wait to see you In the next episode where kona Is definitely not gonna bite me one time And she’s gonna be perfect from here on Out Guaranteed You

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