How to STOP Leash Pulling: TEACH Your DOG To WALK PERFECT on a Leash

How to STOP Leash Pulling: TEACH Your DOG To WALK PERFECT on a Leash

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This week’s video is a special one! My latest addition to the subject of humane, pleasant, leash walking will show you what to do when your dog stops paying attention due to distraction on a walk. Eva and her labradoodle puppy Boudreaux are youtube subscribers of mine who live in San Diego and wanted to get together for a video while she was visiting New Orleans! Boudreaux is doing exceptional for her age and it’s clear that Eva spends a lot of time with her, BUT when he’s distracted he doesn’t listen as well as she’d like.

Does your dog respond to you when distracted?

How to teach your dog to leave something alone:

How to Teach Your Dog to Look at You:

Does your dog pull and/or bite and jump when you attempt to take a walk? Watch this video:

This video is sponsored by How many of you have the issue of your Dog barking pulling sniffing picking Things up chasing cars and just acting Well relatively ridiculous on a walk in Today’s video i’m gonna give you some Tips on everything you need to know to Make progress with this issue i should Stress that if you have a puppy or an Unsocialized dog or dog that’s not used To going on walks in new places that you Should be very tolerant of them Exploring their environment at first Before you insist that they pay Attention to you what specific issues do You guys have when you go to take your Dog on a walk tell me in the comments Below click thumbs up if you understand That teaching your dog isn’t about the Tools you’re using but the connection You’re growing also like me on facebook Link below and make sure you’re Subscribed as well as your friends now Let’s go meet the brilliant six month Old boudreau and her person and trainer Ava what brings you to new orleans Because you you don’t live here Full-time right i actually live in san Diego but i’m from new orleans i was Born and raised here moved out to san Diego for school and just to visit and i Fell in love with the place how long Have you been with me on youtube Probably about three months we found you

Just by searching for some good dog Training tricks and obedience how much Time do you spend working with her every Day um probably an hour a day at least One that’s a lot of time right that Really is that’s what it takes those First few months those first few weeks You really have to give your attention To your dog what does a typical walk Usually look like for you guys normally Without a head collar she likes to jump Around all over the sidewalk while She’ll jet into the street the good Thing about head collars is they’re a Humane alternative to something like a Choke chain or a prong collar for Example but they also have the same Issue with those collars the fact that They don’t really actually teach your Dog i’ll tell you what why don’t we take A short walk and see how boudreau is Doing then we’ll come up with a game Plan as to how to improve that’ll be Great we’re doing this without the head Collar absolutely yeah yeah we’re going To do this just straight up because real Teaching isn’t about the tool you’re Using So far so good there’s a barking dog Over here oh she likely to react to These dogs Come on We want to prepare our dogs for when Something catches them off guard make

Sense there are two major types of Distractions that you encounter when Teaching your dog distractions that you Have noticed for ones that you see Coming for example a dog behind a fence Or a cat down the block and ones that Catch you completely off guard in this Lesson i’m actually going to cover How to deal with both types of Distractions it was clear to me at this Point exactly what we needed to do in Order to take boudreau to the next level On how to behave in the face of such Excitement so i think what we’ll do is We’ll do some exercises that might tempt Her to not want to pay attention to you Because waiting for real world instances To arise in order to then teach our dogs Is not really a good game plan we should Not rely on a wait and see strategy when Teaching our dog most people have Trouble with this because they don’t Take the smaller steps that we’re about To take in this lesson the prerequisite For teaching most dogs how to walk Nicely on a leash is to have taught two Things two easy things that i think You’ve already taught which are look at Me and leave something alone however They need to do these in a distracting Environment because dogs don’t Generalize well from the house to Outside so you’ve taught look at me and You feel like that’s going to be pretty

Reliable out here you’ve practiced it a Bunch inside of the house but almost Never outside look at me Look at that can you get more sustained Eye contact than that boudreau can you Look at me looking okay okay girl are You able to get look at me while Standing completely up Look at that nice work dog’s one of the Only animals that will look to people For direction and when we can get their Eyes on us we can direct them and teach Them so well you’ve got look at me in a Fairly moderately distracting Environment what about leave it alone i Have some turkey here and i was thinking That maybe you could drop the turkey in Front of boudreau because i know you’ve Worked on this i have inside inside okay Let her know you’ve got that turkey tell Her to leave it alone and drop it right In front of her leave it Good leave it ah no don’t pull her away It doesn’t teach her to think right okay There’s no there’s nothing mean about it It’s just not right she’s not teaching Her we actually haven’t worked together So you’re seeing this for the first time Here okay It’s right here leave it alone No this is how we do it see that so here We go leave it alone Excellent look at me this exercise that We just did right here will change your

World it will change your life as far as Building communication with your dog why Because this is distracting to a dog It’s a moderate distraction it’s our dog Leaving something alone that they want And getting the attention on to us that Is where we build we start there i’d Like to see if you can kind of combine Leave it alone and look at me okay great Leave it Look at me Look at me good girl good girl that’s Amazing girl that’s what you want to be If you can’t do this exercise you’re not Ready to do serious distraction training This is the first step to asking your Dog to listen to you when they’re Otherwise distracted leaving the turkey Loan is good and that’s not an easy Thing to do for a lot of dogs but you’ve Clearly gotten there i’d like to Simulate something that’s a little bit More challenging for a lot of dogs i’m Going to go ahead and squeak it and see How she reacts just to see what her Initial response is Oh boy alright so she goes right after The toy to investigate it squeaky toys Are good for rewards for your dog and They’re excellent for distraction Training like we’re doing today i’ll Have a link in the description but you Can visit zach george it’s a Little bit easier to teach a dog to lay

Off a toy than it is a barking dog when You’re walking down the street or a car That’s driving by or a piece of garbage On the ground try and get her to look at You okay Look at me look at me look okay all Right so obviously right there that’s Too much for her right now we have to Work up to that that’ll be our goal Pretend this is another dog right now do You know what i’m saying So start with look at me look at me good Let her know you like that by giving her The food and communicating to her that You like it good girl good girl see Right there it was a brief moment that Boudreaux looked at mom she said okay i Like that you looked at me right then And you communicated to her sincerely And also gave her a treat look at me Good look at me would you leave it oh Boy all right so So far we’ve got some work to do you Distract i’ll show you all right over Here Yes that’s great perfect leave this Alone Hey Over here boot drop yes yes good Good all right so oh excellent job good Girl very good so girl Leave this alone Yes good nice work so now i want to see You do that and if she so much as

Glances at you rewarding good Leave it Leave it good now try and get the Attention on you and if you need to take A step back and hold the treat up to Your eyes in order to get her to focus On you that’s fine right now good girl Look at me Right there that was the magic moment She looked at you for an additional half A second those are the little moments That you can really reach in there and Get traction on to propel your training Good girl yes reward that big give her a Big jackpot i’ll give her all my turkey As well okay because that was That was fantastic we’ve gotten some Basic communication here with Distractions in the outdoor environments Your challenge is to try and get her to Glance at you from time to time part of Being a young dog or getting socialized Is experiencing the world so we want to Be fair to them in that that regard so To sum up so far when you know a Distraction is likely to present itself Take that opportunity to put your dog Into a sit stay get their attention on You and reward generously but what do You do when a distraction catches you Completely off guard what we don’t do is Insist that our dogs look at us when They are so excited and so Overstimulated create distance between

The distraction and our dog we just walk We don’t worry about trying to get their Attention if they’re so excited now i’ve Noticed that when a lot of people do This they tend to do it still too close They might take a couple of steps back Rather than taking 10 20 even 30 feet Back in order to regain their dog’s Attention and get them focused on you Say this was a barking dog right here Now We want to be one step ahead of her if She lunges protocol is not to do look at Me protocol is to go the other way okay Because once she’s lunged you’ve lost Her okay so this may still be too close You may need to say you know what no We’re going back here Pay attention to me Focus on communicating through the guys Not the leash it’s a matter of getting Away from the distraction Find that last known place of compliance And go from there girl Look at this And so right now she’s looking at it but You’re still now you’re far enough away Where you can get her attention on you If you were right on top of a Distraction with your dog and there was A barking dog or cars driving by or kids Playing soccer or something like that it Would be so challenging to get their Attention and the beginning stages

Understand that distance is your friend With distraction training she’s doing Great walking nicely good girl leave it Can you look at me good girl good luck Look at this Little tougher that time look at me So far she’s she’s doing really well She’s no longer acknowledging the squeak So her weak point Tends to be when i throw it three two One Good yes Right there that’s the home run that i’m Looking for i mean we threw it right There boudreaux was like i see it but I’m listening to you mom i think i’m Starting to understand that was Wonderful Boudreaux look at me Perfect I mean in a single training session We’ve gotten to this point now as your Dog continues to get better and better At exercises like this you then want to Apply the same logic to the barking dog Behind the fence to the all the Distractions that you encounter okay in A neighborhood make your life easier get Your dog food your treats your toys from you’ve actually gotten some Stuff from peplo haven’t you you were Telling me this i did it may have been About two months ago i tried a bunch of Bully sticks just to see which kind she

Would like i mean the products are good You should check it out if you haven’t Seen them and they’re inexpensive and They’re quality and they have a massive Selection of not only dog food but Treats toys accessories and more you can Get 15 off when you enter promo code Zack george 15 did you get the discount I did get the discount tell me what you Need assistance with in the comments Below if you enjoyed this video and you Want to see more like this click thumbs Up tell your friends to subscribe you Subscribe like me on facebook as well Link will be in the description as well Some other videos that are relevant to This one and we’ll see you guys in the Next video You

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