How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing!

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing!

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Wow you’re a big puppy or something this Video is sponsored by the sport company Click thumbs up for Winston the Giant Rescue dog make sure you’re subscribed To my channel and pick up a copy of my Best-selling book dog training Revolution lots of your dogs love to Chew but based on the pictures you guys Sent me you may not love it so much when All of your possessions are even your House itself gets destroyed for many Dogs it’s super important for them to Have lots of appropriate things to chew On wait wait I’ve got to show this to People at home these durable marichoube Owns when the spawn company are Particularly innovative they have a Really strong flavour that releases as Your dog chews to keep the toy Interesting Sporn has a lot of different Varieties of these but you can see in This bone right here for example your Dog can really smell that jerky flavor Inside you can see the flavor in here on This maro pretzel and on the other side You’ve got these bumps which can be very Gratifying for lots of dogs they can Easily smell right here so there’s a lot Going on with these toys See it seems that dogs are in the mood For different textures at different Times that’s why sometimes they might Chew up a couch cushion while other Times they might chew up wooden

Furniture Check out this maro chew gummy this One’s a little softer it’s kind of Squishy feeling you can see that jerky Flavor it’s got these holes if the dog Can really smell that flavor inside you Can see these bite marks this rough Texture will mechanically remove plaque And tartar from your dog’s teeth they Have so many different varieties and These come in multiple sizes as well for All sized dogs I’m gonna have a great Offer from the spawn company on all of These in the description do you like Your head scratch don’t you tell me in The comments below does your dog like Their head scratched try to understand Why your dog is chewing I mean there’s Really two main types of Cheers You’ve got teething puppies and then There’s everyone else your everyone else First Puppies while puppies are teething which Can take about six months it’s Understandable that their desire to sync Their sore teeth into things really Intensifies during this time be extra Tolerant and understanding with teething Dogs I mean puppies must be able to chew You’re just a puppy at heart aren’t you Most older dogs who are chewing or doing So because they’re bored or under Exercise or usually a combination of the Two whoa chewing really seems to pass

The time and it’s just enjoyable for a Lot of dogs however regardless of your Dog’s age there are some things you can Do to get this under control step one is To bring a stop to the babe So that the habit doesn’t continue to be Reinforced if your dog is chewing stuff Up you’ll need to control the Environment better so when you’re at Home they need to be tied to you and Your house has to be dog proved it might Be easier if your dog weighs less than You though when you’re not supervising Them they should be in an area where They cannot choose stuff up what do you Do when you catch your dog chewing Something that they’re not supposed to Well this is actually a good example You’ll notice right now that Winston is Chewing on his leash now rather than Just pull him away or pull the leash out Of his mouth I want him to go through The motions voluntarily and I want to See if I can get him to stop chewing That but I kind of get his attention on Me so I’m gonna initiate a secondary Training session remember those are Those unplanned in the moment training Sessions I’m going to try and get his Attention on me Winston come here wait Come on over here okay good job yes now I’m gonna run over here and grab a treat Because I wasn’t training but remember If you’ve got a dog that chews you have

To be prepared to reward promptly which Is why you’ll have treats that keep well At room temperature scattered throughout The house that was really good and then Of course you could give them something Acceptable to chew on oh I don’t know Like a maro chew so right now he’s Chewing his harness he’s not supposed to Do that so let me get his attention off Of that Parnas over here good job how About a lie down you’re down looks Stellar Winston resist the urge to pull Your dog away because that’s not really Gonna teach them anything it’s not that There’s any harm and physically removing Your dog from chewing something up and In fact sometimes you’ll have to do that For their own safety or to protect your Property It’s just that dogs respond much better When they are shown how to do something Rather than made to do something get Their attention off the contraband and Interrupt them by making a sound or Calling their name or getting them to Come towards you with a really Persistent Scheuer you’ll have to Redirect them like this time and time Again especially if the habits well Established I mean it takes time for a Dog to understand that oh I can chew on These things like this but I can’t chew On these other things so keep your Expectations realistic but it’s not good

Enough to just simply correct your dog In the moment when they start chewing Things so you’ve got to be proactive That means you’ve got to do lots and Lots of leaveit training sessions with Them leave this alone this is my wallet Leave it Leave it alone here yes many dogs love Socks leave it alone Good see by doing lots of training Exercises like this with lots of random Household objects your dog really starts To get the picture of that okay I get it I can’t just pick up anything I want and This will also make those secondary Training sessions way easier This is an iPhone 10 I don’t want you to Chew this leave it good leave it good Job nice work do this as often as Possible with as many random objects as Possible your dog will get the picture That by default things should be left Alone unless you give them permission Avoid shortcuts like spraying your Furniture or things with bitter spray at Best products like this simply teach Your dog do it avoid things that taste Bad they don’t really address the Chewing and work long-term It’s worth noting that many dogs might Chew due to anxiety particularly Separation anxiety when you leave them Alone so the best thing to do with these Dogs in the meantime while you’re

Working through these issues is to give Them plenty of age-appropriate exercise Just before leaving them alone for any Period of time as a matter of fact Exercise is likely to reduce unwanted Chewing and virtually all circumstances Give Winston a thumbs up he did great Today Get your dog Samara choose from the Sporn company I’ll have a link in the Description with a great offer Subscribe to my channel get a copy of my Book if you like our videos join our Patreon community too I’ll have all Those links below we’ll see you guys Next time [Music] You

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