How to STOP Your Dog From Running Out of the Front Door! Stay while Distracted

How to STOP Your Dog From Running Out of the Front Door!  Stay while Distracted

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In this new episode of the Dog Training rEvolution Logan and his girlfriend Beverly asked for some help with their dog, Mona Lisa. She has dangerous habit of running out of the front door when it’s open. Mona Lisa and I were put to the test when cats, dogs and pedestrians attempted to derail our training session. This is honestly a life saving skill that EVERY dog needs to know. Please take the time to watch this video to make sure that you know how to teach your dog to stay when the door is open. There is nothing more important than keeping your dog out of harm’s way.

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This episode of the dog training Revolution is crowdfunded by you and Sponsored by pet flow comm if you have a Dog that sees an open door as an Invitation to bolt out into the road Then you’re really going to enjoy Today’s lesson I’m going to show you how To teach your dog not to run out of the Door and to stay in your house I’m also Going to be covering the principle of Preemption and why we have to know how To do this in order to have a Well-behaved dog click thumbs up if you Love dogs also like me on Facebook I’ll Have a link in the description and I’m So excited right now because the dog Training revolution is over 200,000 Subscribers strong make sure you Subscribe so you see all of our future Videos if you haven’t heard Peplow comm Is revolutionizing the way to buy dog Food I think we can all agree that we Have better things to do than to run to The store and buy dog food every time we Run out the benefits getting your food From pet flow calm Zac George is that You can choose a completely customizable Schedule so you can have your dog food Shipped to you as often as you want all You have to do is pick your food and how Often you want it sent to you as most of You likely already know all Establishments that sell dog food well They’re not exactly equal there’s no way

I’m gonna find the brands of dog food I Feed my dog at my local grocery store But Peplow has hundreds of brands even The harder to find organic and holistic Foods for those of you that are Interested in having your dog food Auto-ship to you make sure you enter Code Zach 20 when you check out that Will give you 20% off of your first Auto-ship order now let’s go meet the Beautiful Mona Lisa and her family Logan Beverly I had the honor of coming over Here and meeting Mona Lisa the other day She is such a beautiful dog full of Energy really cool dog but I’m curious How did you come up with a name on Lisa Lemon artists and my biggest Inspirations Leonardo Vinci You know most beautiful painting by hand Mona Lisa I often will use the analogy Of painting a portrait when showing People how to teach dogs when you go to Create a new work of art your mindset Isn’t such that it’s let me hurry up and Get through this it’s taking your time And doing a nice wouldn’t you agree with That oh yeah I mean you know you have to Have your foundations and basics before You can even do anything otherwise it Looks like Abstract Expressionism which Is a bit you know all of us are not an Abstract fan is that what you say um Not really what is it about Mona Lisa That you were drawn to what initially

Didn’t have too much say in the fact That we were going to have Mona I’d Already have a dog of my own I kind of Like the idea now that we have a dog That’s a little different set than when I’m normally used to I like that she’s a Little more active and she kind of Challenges us surprisingly you know she Got down some of the bit more I guess Technically advanced tricks you know Such as roll over shake and things like That but the basics really kind of Struggled on one of them being stay and Come one called If we are getting groceries and the Doors cracked open she’ll go ahead and Show just bolt in we’ll spend an hour Trying to chase her down a busy street It’s definitely very unsettling what That happens running out of the door is A completely natural thing for a dog to Do it’s a completely new environment I Noticed you have a couple of dogs across The street as well which we publicly Complicate matters as well I’d like to Kind of see what her skill set is now What you’ve taught her cuz there are a Few things you have to have in place Before teaching a dog not to run out of The door why don’t you go get Mona Lisa And let’s take a look at what she can do Sure oh my gosh oh man okay all right She’s a lot of the first yes okay yes She’s just not allowed to like some

Other gate I just don’t want her to jump Got you I understand why didn’t you show Me what happens when you open the door Keeper on leash though because we want To make sure we take precautions Obviously there we go now stand up walk Them and what is her default her default Is just to go right out the door yeah Just to go right out the door okay run Slam oh there’s a cat okay alright so Here I mean this is exactly what we have To deal with Mona Lisa sees a cat right Now across the street and of course That’s tempting or this is why outside Is so exciting for our dogs call her try And get her to come inside uh without Pulling her let me see what outcome see Come on inside Come on and she’s saying absolutely no Way look at that she’s saying I’m not Gonna come in so many people make the Mistake of thinking that getting your Dog to come to you after they run out of The door is where you should start to Address this the point of failure though Isn’t when they won’t come back to you The point of failure is when they run Out in the first place that’s why we Have to prioritize stay we want our dogs Holding a sit in front of an open door Until we tell them it’s okay to go Outside teaching your dog not surrounded The front door requires us to do a few Things the three ingredients as I like

To think of them are a basic stay Leaving a piece of meat alone when we Drop it and look at me now I like to Combine those three things in order to Teach a dog not to run out into the Street seems a little weird but I’ll Explain to you what I mean would you Mind demonstrating with me with Mona Lisa how she’s doing on I like the look On his face already on leave it alone Look at me and a basic stay let’s start With stay sure Mona Sit stay okay really good work really Nice work so come back and reward her For that love it really good the other Important thing our dogs need to know is How to leave something alone when we Drop it the reason for that is we have To note that our dog can back off with a Minor distraction like a piece of meat Being dropped in front of them before we Can expect them to not run into the road Something that’s very exciting for them Let’s see if she doesn’t leave it leave It Good job now pick that up and reward her She did really good in her I notice how When you threw it down she was staring Right at the tree now she didn’t go for It Which is great right but ideally we want To be able to get her attention off of That treat and on to our eyes this time When you throw the treat down try and

Get her attention up here on to your Eyes okay in other words we want her to Know yeah there’s a piece of meat right There but I still want you looking at me Even though I know you want that cuz That’s what we’re gonna build on we want To start small leave it we hey well Yes good right there now get I’m sorry I Got excited there but it’s those Critical small moments like the moment They start listening to you want to Acknowledge that very quickly not just With a tree but with some genuine love And energy too which are very good at as People we tend to try and do our really Main training at the wrong time so I’ll Give you a couple of examples when you Go to take your dog for a walk if you Have a dog that’s ever pulled on the Leash you might have made the mistake of Trying to teach your dog to walk nicely On the leash without pulling while on Your normal walk but the problem with That is oftentimes you have something to Get done you’re on a schedule and you Can’t really focus on your dog 100% That’s why we want to make sure we set Up drills another good example is when You have company coming over and your Dog jumps all over them and you Passively try and teach them not to jump Rather than giving Them 100% of your attention in order to Teach your dog anything that’s fairly

Sophisticated like staying when there’s A cat outside of your front door you’ll Need to make sure that you prepare them For that thoroughly ahead of time so I’m Going to work with Mona Lisa for a Little bit kind of give you guys an idea Of how to train this you guys at home as Well so first thing I’m gonna do is I’m Gonna give her a treat for almost no Reason at all just to let her know look I pay very well I want you to be Cooperative and I want to keep her Motivated I want to keep her into the Training now I’m gonna ask her to leave This piece alone we know that she Already knows leave it leave it alone Good up here yes very good I didn’t even Say look at me right there getting her Eyes on me was the most important thing So I got her eyes on me while she was Distracted now I think we’re ready to Kind of make it a little bit more Challenging instead of dropping the meat This time though I’m gonna give her a Different distraction it’s called an Open door I also want you to see that we Have a safety net on here we want to Make sure that we have control of our Dogs we don’t want to leave anything to Chance so if she does bolt out the front Door I’m in a position to make sure that I’ve got her we also have her on a Harness as well it’s much more Challenging for a dog to get out of a

Harness than a loose collar for example Stay now watch this go small the second I opened the door she kind of walked Towards your goal is to make sure your Dog doesn’t fail twice in a row if they Go out that door the first time make Sure you immediately set them up for Success the next time even if it means You’ve got to make it super easy for Them keep the pattern in your favor Stay now look at this yes since she kind Of broke on that last one when I opened The door I did a smaller version of it I Just touched the doorknob yes I like That she didn’t break state when I Touched the doorknob does that make Sense here we go stay go in slow motion The slower you go when introducing new Concepts the better watch this look at Me very good I love that that was a Really important moment it may not look Like much but what just happened there I Open the door I then got her attention On me in the presence of an open door That’s awesome You notice I’m using a lot of hand Signals Got stay look at me up here up here now She her attentions waning a little bit So we’re challenging or yes very good Nice work Mona Lisa hey up here yes good I had to get a little bit closer to her Because she’s a little bit more Distracted that’s all very normal I

Don’t want to push her to failure so I’m Going to close the door let her know That I like that we’re trying to build Small steps have the discipline to do This and you’ll get much quicker much More reliable results stay We took a big step there but I was Feeling good very good she’s really Starting to get this concept we still Have a lot of work to do in order to Make her understand that she needs to Stay no matter how exciting the outside Is so we’re gonna do another drill right Now I’m gonna see how she does what stay While I throw a real meat out of the Front door and maybe even some toys stay Leave it alone Very good leave it alone Wow look at you Leave it alone yes look at me very good I’ll take that all day long So if you can’t tell there’s a bit of a Pattern here we’re gradually increasing The level of difficulty we’re next going To try toys stay ready look at me yes Look at the tail you hear what the Moment I said yes did you see the tail Wagging look at me it’s me really Smashing a pier from I don’t know if you Can hear the barking dog’ or not but There’s a dog barking there she’s Someone just walked by over here as well Very good but I still want to get those Eyes on me her eyes aren’t on me I don’t Have her come on Hey look at me yes good

Just getting a little extra puppy Sometimes like that will help the best Part about this exercise is that you’re Teaching your dog to think and reason on Their own now next steps for you guys Are going to be to put her into a sit Stay every single time you open this Door I’d say for the next year of her Life make her hold a 5 to 10 second stay Before allowing her to go through any Door that leads to the outdoors so in Her mind she needs to think okay I sit When the door opens I don’t run out when The door opens but this takes lots of Consistency but it’s not hard as you can See she knows it she knows stay she Knows leave it she knows look at me By the way I have videos on all those Topics on my playlist I’ll have that in The description give a big thumbs up to Mona Lisa she did awesome today To become a bigger part of our community By liking me on Facebook and also Checking out our patreon campaign Remember these videos are completely Free I love doing them more than Anything in the world and your Contributions on patreon really allow us To go to the next level with them slash Zach George that link Will be in the description subscribe to My videos as well so that you see all of My future videos I think you guys just Awesome today really good job on

Training and little Lisa you’re a rock Star baby good job see you guys next Time Mona lisa was such a sharp young lady Seriously guys don’t take chances and Always prioritize stay above everything Else in your obedience training now if You need help with polishing up come When called and stay check out teddy the Chow are you confused about how to teach Your dog to leave a treat alone when you Drop it check out how to teach your dog To leave something alone and I’ll bet That’ll answer all of your questions Don’t underestimate the power of eye Contact with your dog as most people do Teach your dog how to look at you when You ask in minutes Hey thanks to all of you who continue to Support these videos on patreon – and Thanks again for subscribing we’ll see You guys next time

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