How to Teach ANY Dog to Leave something alone

How to Teach ANY Dog to Leave something alone

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While on the surface this video is about how to teach your dog to leave something alone, what I really think is important is that this is one of the first exercises you can do to build communication with your dog.

One of the fastest ways to teach your dog the difference between ”Yes” and ”No” is to teach them to leave something alone. Not to mention the cutest corgi puppy you have ever seen in your life is in this video!

I can think of a multitude of reasons to Teach our dogs to leave it command but From a dog training perspective it’s one Of the most practical and fastest ways To teach our dogs the difference between Yes and no it’s very important that Whenever we say the word no to our dog That it never come from a place of anger Or frustration it’s the fastest way to Hinder or slow your training is to Possess the emotion of frustration first Of all i just want to see what happens Right here if i drop this turkey here Okay yeah that’s what’s gonna happen so I’m gonna put the turkey in my hand what We’re not gonna do is pull crews away We’re teaching from the inside out we’re Teaching our dogs how to think now see How he’s trying to get that turkey right Now i’m gonna wait for him to look away And when he looks away what do you think I’m gonna do Yes very good That’s what i’m gonna do i’m gonna click Because i like the fact that he looked Away because remember i’m teaching leave It to him but he doesn’t know what i’m Teaching just yet but i’m about to Communicate that now i’m also going to Do something else When he looks away i’m going to tell What he does because he did it Leave it At what point did i say leave it before

Or after he left it After he left it i know it’s a bit Counter-intuitive initially leave it That was very good i’m satisfied with This so now i’m going to go on to step Two Normally we wouldn’t move this quick but I’m feeling good here we go So jackson i’m now going to drop it in Front of them however i want you to Notice me people get a little too Trusting of their dogs Every time i say or no there’s a Consequence can anyone tell me what the Consequence is here in this case a Consequence is no reward Yes Yes very good i’m going to pick up the Tree off of the ground i’m not going to Say go and eat it the reason for that is Rewards come from me establishing those Communication lines eye to eye here Takes a moment no No you’re not getting this until i tell You it’s okay no Yes Very good here you go Leave it very good excellent job Yes there it is that was it right there Let’s see if we can get it again Good don’t touch this Yes see right there if you just stick With them Yes

You’re a genius that was a big giant Treat for you More time Yes That’s called leave it alone you’re very Smart your control is wonderful Very good mojo Brilliant No that’s not how we teach I saw that coming from a mile away if we Pull back on them that doesn’t teach and Right here your training bubble way too Big okay Oh wow you’re very good that was leave It alone good Oh she got it Yes very good you see that Very good wait just don’t say anything Click reward so in other words good job Very nice so what we want the reason for That is we want to be able to say leave It one time Yes Awesome job that’s what you got to do It’s always refreshing to see natural Ears on the doberman yeah that’s fine oh Brilliant great job great job Leave it on Yes very good I think you have better communication With lily than you think you do and and Be prepared to communicate i’m going to Check in with jax jackson now see how He’s doing with leave it and i think

He’s doing pretty well dogs are born Knowing how to communicate with us if we Just teach them they’re predisposed to Understand people and this is a really Good example of that Yes I mean much much better well i’ll tell You what let’s make it a bit easier by Saying hey don’t touch this leave this Alone Just like that You see what i’m saying i mean a lot of It’s just when it’s heartfelt Communication It seems it seems to come off a bit more Authentic Authenticity is something we don’t hear A lot about in dog training and it’s Really underestimated that’s excellent Very nice There you go and see how she looked at You Right there very good very good Yep So i’m curious to know how many of your Dogs can leave something alone when you Ask them to let me know below also if You like this video and you want more Like this click thumbs up and make sure You’re subscribed also like me on Facebook at The zac george And we’ll see you in the next video All right you’ve been very patient i’ll

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