How to Teach Your Dog Not to Bark, Humanely and Effectively: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now

How to Teach Your Dog Not to Bark,  Humanely and Effectively: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] This episode of the dog training Revolution is crowdfunded by you and Sponsored by peplum top if your dog is An over-the-top Barker then this episode And the dog training revolution is for You Calliope is a mini Australian Shepherd And she’s as vocal as she is smart which Means she must be a genius Unwanted to man barking can get out of Control in a hurry many of you already Understand this firsthand and I Understand completely how overwhelming And frustrating it can be when Everything you do doesn’t seem to work Don’t worry though today I’m gonna show You exactly what to do share this video Because people rehome their dogs every Day due to this issue click thumbs up to Let me know you’re enjoying the videos Also click Subscribe if you’re new That way you’ll see all of my future Videos and remember all of my dog Training content is completely free Worldwide for those of you that are Already subscribed tell me why you join The dog training revolution and what the

Most valuable thing you’ve learned is in The comments below now I want you to Know I’m really particular about the Sponsors that I like to work with and One of my top considerations is that They offer a way to make your life Better peploe calm does this wonderfully Peplos innovative pet food delivery Service allows you to choose your brand Of dog food from hundreds and how often You want to delivered literally just Choose a brand of food you like and how Often you want to deliver two steps That’s all you have to do now of course You can cancel or modify this at any Time since you have to get your dog food Anyway get it from pet flow calm slashes Zac George and save a lot of time and Hassle when you do sign up for the auto Shipping of your dog food make sure you Enter code Zach 20 when you check out That way you’ll get 20% off of your First order now let’s go meet Calliope And her family [Music] Stephanie tell me why you decided to get A dog at this point in your life we’ve Been married for about three years and It was just something that we felt that We could manage right now we were both Kind of settled in our job had a normal Routine and felt that we could we were Ready to you know make that commitment And you got one of the higher

Maintenance breeds and that you have an Australian Shepherd they have been bred For a long time to be really high-energy Dogs have lots of stamina what have you Done to kind of substitute for that Because I’m assuming you don’t have any Cattle for her to further know no cattle We take her on lots of walks we do a lot Of fetch training so why do you think She’s barking right now I think she Really wants our attention I think she’s Gotten bored with her treat and she’s All ready to to move on to something Else oh that’s true we were actually Using this treat a moment ago to kind of Keep her attention focused on it so we Could focus on having a conversation Here but she happened okay okay I guess She wants me to hold it I’ll just do That under what circumstances does she Typically bark she typically marks when She wants something she also barks when She wants our attention especially for Doing something cooking dinner putting Up the dishes it sounds like she barks Under all possible circumstances pretty Much Brent now how involved have you Been with the training and tell me about What your experience has been with Calliope so far primarily I think I’m More of the giver what she wants type of Fair I can’t look at her and not give Her what she wants the bark and stuff Like that you know just want to figure

Out what it is and fix it for and Stephanie’s definitely more of the Hands-on trainer and let’s figure out Why she’s parking and things every Family needs one of those when I came Over here the other night she was really Really chatty so I understand what You’re going through right now I totally Get this this is a very overwhelming Thing because even though you might be Able to get your dog to stop for a Second they just go right back into it And you wonder what am I doing wrong I’m Trying so hopefully we can clear up some Of that confusion today it’s really Important that you understand why your Individual dog is barking in calliope x’ Case she’s just simply barking because She wants to do stuff she’s young she’s Energetic she wants to interact with the World and interact with people this is What being a dog is all about look at This she brings a ball She wants in Iraq I’ll bet if I keep her Together she’ll start barking because She’s saying I really want to play with That ball what are you waiting on but we Want to let our own are only gonna get This ball we not why so we want to make Sure that our time our rewards during Moments of barrier yes good there was a Brief moment of silence there so I I Gave her the ball I’m gonna elaborate More on that a second the reason that

Most dogs bark incessantly is because They’re bored and not getting enough Mental and physical exercise so that’s Something you can do right off the bat To make things way easier with your dog But you can still communicate to them That you don’t want them to bark even When they’re not exercise it’ll just be A little bit tougher to do but there are No real ways to guarantee that your dog Is not going to bark when you’re not Present therefore it’s very important it Is vital to make sure that you set up Training scenarios when you are at home So that you can communicate to your dog How you want them to behave today we’re Going to do three different exercises I Hope that will communicate to her that We prefer the quieter version of her Now correct me if I’m wrong but when you Initiate training like basic obedience Training does she immediately start Going into barking mode she’ll bark if We don’t give her the reward immediately Hey you forgot my reward let’s be here a Little bit she’s very good at Remembering this she deserves a treat After she does a trick I see we’ll start To get a handle on that the next thing We’ll do is we’ll teach her how to not Bark when someone knocks at the door at Least had enough mark excessively when Someone arms at the door and finally We’ll teach her how to be quiet while

She relaxes in her crate because she Also has the habit of barking in her Crate sometimes that’s right [Music] The best time to correct unwanted Barking is before it occurs dogs are Really good about foreshadowing when They’re about to bark so if you can if You see that they’re thinking about Barking and if you know you’re doing Really well you’ll know what I’m talking About get their attention on you and Reward for compliance understanding why Your dog barks is key but with most Types of unwanted barking you’ll need to Be able to get their attention on you First in order to get them quiet once You’ve done that then you’ll be able to Reassure them if they’re nervous or Guide them if they’re just excited Stephanie said that she tends to bark Pretty much immediately if you don’t Give her a treat right after so what We’re gonna try and do right now is Teach her that we’re not always gonna Give her the treat instantly but Something that could be quiet yes I mean Right there you could see it in her eyes She was really thinking about barking She used some minor restraint we need to Acknowledge those those small bits of Progress notice I’m being very careful To not reward during the bargaining Every time I say no I’m gonna make sure

I don’t give her a reward letting her Know that that thing is what kept the Reward from being given to her yes Yes good right there I pushed it a Little bit but she’s starting to get Quite did you see that it is worth Noting that if you were teaching your Dogs something new say like roll over or Shake hands and they started to bark That you would want to ignore the Barking and focus on the new behavior or Focus on making it a how to not bark Training session don’t want to make sure That I can get her eyes on me this is Not optional will have to be able to do This later on for when order to not bark In more distracting situations like our Next exercise so I want to make sure That I’ve got good eye contact with her By doing this here we go yes good I had A good look at me right there but I Don’t want her ultimately looking at a Treat I want her looking into my eyes so I think she might follow my hand if I do This clappy look at me yes good letting Her know I love it when she looks at me That’s so important now that we built Some preliminary communication let’s see If we can gradually get Calliope to be Quiet for all a little bit longer 1 2 3 4 5 I’m gonna reward after 5 Seconds now I’m gonna see if I can get Another 7 seconds look at me why it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Yes very good that was 7 seconds of Silence now I’m gonna try and get 10 Seconds of silence 6 take a step back Look at me bye 1 2 3 yes okay now we’re Gonna try and get we’re gonna under try 10 seconds again 8 9 Okay yes good I’m gonna give her a Really extra big reward they’re letting Her know look silence Got you an amazing reward barking didn’t Really get you much you have to be Overwhelmingly consistent when teaching This great restraint they’re really good Restraints oh I love that you’re doing Terrific don’t be stingy on your rewards When it’s clear that your dog is on the Right track Have a bowl of treats like this these Are really tiny pieces they can be kept At room temperature and most dogs really Like treats like this and just make sure They’re soft and your dog really loves Them whoa right now we’re not focused on Really fine-tuning the communication but Rather establishing basic communication In other words I’ll reward you I’ll give You what you want as long as you do Something for me and you’re quiet when I Ask you to do it I’m ready to move on to Our next step which is teaching Calliope How to be quiet when someone knocks at The door this one’s gonna be a lot more Challenging though First I’d like to see where we are you

Go out and you just start knocking on The door I want to see if I can get Control almost right there she looked at The treat and she’s like no Carla I Gotta go check that out that gave me an Idea of what we could expect if someone Was really naughty she have to work up To that she’s not quite ready for that Because she was barely responsive I Think our next step needs to be knocking Wednesday and then really solidifying That we like that she was quiet Start small gradually increase the Difficulty acknowledge small victories And be prepared to be consistent for Several weeks on this set up training Scenarios remember if you wait for Someone to come to your door to then Focus on training your dog your dog is Likely not going to be focused on you Dogs don’t respond well to an unfocused Teacher our goal now is to get success Without overwhelming Calliope our game Plan is to start with one knock and work Our way up Sit look at me what’s good hold on look At me okay Yes yes good look at me I’m really want Those I know stay nice work go ahead Yes so you can see by easing her into it She’s a lot more responsible really Awesome you can’t ask for much better Than that for the first training session When teaching your dog to behave quietly

You’ll want to practice in a number of Scenarios let’s see if we can encourage Calliope to not be so vocal while in her Crate [Music] When you’re dealing with dogs this hour They can tell when that person is Divided you might notice that when I go To address camera she’s saying hey what About me and so here I’m gonna look at The camera my tensions divided as far as She thinks right now but it’s not really Yes good job hey I like that one a lot She’s doing really really well here I’m So proud of her for those of you that Have dogs at home that tend to bark when You go to work 20 minutes to an hour of Fetch before work will substantially Decrease the barking and almost all Circumstances if you have a super High-energy dog that barks when you’re Away you’ll need to exercise them first Thing in the morning and possibly at Lunch for the next several months High-energy dogs are much more high Maintenance that require a lot more and They’re not easily satisfied fetch is The path of least resistance when it Comes to satisfying a dog physically and Mentally now I’ll have an amazing video In the description of this video that Will show you everything you need to Know to teach your dog a perfect fetch If your dog barks while you’re not at

Home but they’re not really super high Energy you might be able to get by with Taking a 20-minute walk around the block With some dogs having two toys that your Dog really likes while you’re gone will Also discourage barking but it’s no Substitute for exercise before you eat When you go to set up training scenarios Like we did today and your dog starts Barking if you notice that they’re not Very responsive to the treats and that They keep barking no matter how much you Try and get their attention on to you That means you’re asking them to do Something that they’re not yet prepared For you need to take a step back on your Training and make those drills a little Bit easier for your dog in the mean time And then slowly work up to those Separation anxiety is another reason That dogs bark when you leave the house If you feel like this is your dog I’ll Have a video in the description that Will give you tips on separation anxiety Dogs like calliope are the most Teachable dogs in the world but they’re Also the dogs that people give up on the Quickest and the most because they do Have so much energy if your dog is Energetic they’re brilliant but you do Need to put in time with them and teach Them how to listen to you lastly avoid Gimmicks like bark collars or sprays Designed to teach your dog not to bark

Remember these address the symptom and Not the cause if you want long-lasting Real results you To learn how to prioritize communication With your dog what questions you guys Have specifically on today’s lessons Well you talked about that we needed to Have dedicated training sessions every Day in addition to doing it as needed How long do you think we need to have Those dedicated training sessions every Day it varies from dog to dog but I Would say with Calliope since the habit Is so ingrained with her several weeks Three or four weeks of training you know Five-minute training sessions should do The trick but you also want to be really Really consistent in day to day life I Think you guys did totally awesome today I really really enjoyed it so much and Thank you thank you thank you very much If you guys like this video click thumbs Up also make sure you’re subscribed I Have lots of new fun videos plan don’t Forget to set up automatic pet food Delivery today with pet flow comm / – George I’ll have that link in the Description I want to give a special Thank you to our patrons on patreon comm Slashes Act George thanks to you we’re Able to do a lot more with our videos if You guys want to help out and contribute That’s completely voluntary I’ll have That link in the description and don’t

Forget to like me on facebook at slash these act george and We’ll see you guys in the next video Thanks for watching this video guys I Really hope you enjoyed it my last video Can really be a matter of life or death For some dogs every dog has to know how To stay at the front door when it’s open If your dog doesn’t that is the next Video you need to watch a number of your Dogs suffer from separation anxiety Check out that video if you’re Struggling with this and if you find That you’re having a number of behavior Problems with your dog you’re very Likely not exercising them right I’ll Show you how to get through some of the Most common problems of teaching Fetching everything you need to know to Teach a perfect fetch thanks again for Subscribing and thanks to our patrons on Patreon comm slash Zac doors you guys Rock [Music]

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