How to Teach your Dog to Be Good around ANYTHING!

How to Teach your Dog to Be Good around ANYTHING!

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Today I’m going to show you how to get Your dog to be accepting of some of the Most common things that freak out lots Of dog click thumbs up and subscribe to My channel if you love dogs and if you Like our videos help us make more of Them by making a contribution to our Crowdfunding community on patreon I’ll Have a link in the description and if You want to be extra thorough pick up a Copy of my book Dog training revolution now let’s hear More about Louie from Alison Hi I’m Alison this is Louie he’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he’s 12 weeks old we live with my husband my Two kids and our other dog miss may life With Louie for the first few weeks has Been busy we want Louise to be a very Socialized confident dog it can get Pretty loud around here I know that dogs Can be fearful of loud noises I want to Do our best to make sure he doesn’t get Scared back please show me how to teach Louie to be brave sure thing Alison with Puppies like Louie feeding them a great Food is absolutely essential you know You’re a boy you look like a girl though Hey I didn’t make you so make sure it’s Always there whenever you need it just Choose your dog spoon decide how often You want it to be delivered and to make Sure you love this service Peplow is Going to give you $10 off your first 3

Orders I’ll have a link and a coupon Code in the description thank you to Peplow for being an amazing sponsor of This video I’m so much bigger than you Look at you you’re going to try and play With me when you get a new puppy or dog If you take the time to introduce them To many things before they have a chance To be afraid of them you might save Yourself a lot of trouble by avoiding Potential issues later you need to watch My puppy biting video but you look like A cockroach you can’t even get up what’s Your problem now you tangled yourself up In a leash look at you you’re such a Mess let’s get to training Louie to be Fearless you can imagine right now I Just turned on this vacuum how much that Might totally freak Louie out that’s Exactly what we want to avoid doing this Thing is weird think about things from Your dog’s perspective it’s loud it Moves around and we can’t just expect Our dogs to tune out the vacuum like we Do heck if it was 10 years ago this Thing would freak me out too the first Thing I want to do is have Louie get Familiar with the vacuum cleaner before I even turn it on hey baby what’s this Over here See that and interesting I’m going to Give them a little piece of Turkey over Here and let him know great things come Out when the vacuum does at least for

Now so far Louie seems really confident About the vacuum I know that when I Touch this button it’s going to make a Beeping sound let’s see how he does with That Hey good nice work so you heard the Beeping sound I’m going to give him Something to let him know hey that Equals something good I mean imagine if Every time the vacuum cleaner came on When you were a kid you got an extra Five bucks or something he’d start to Get really excited about the vacuum you Can see he’s noting it nice work very Good so we’re going one step at a time Here I think we’re now at the point we Can start the vacuum for just a brief Moment good so you can hear it start to Fire up there he’s investigating it We’ve suddenly gotten a little bit more Curious about it so this is a very Delicate time we don’t want to go too Fast here and then actually move him Back just a little bit just so we give Him a little bit of room to take it in [Music] And now it moved did you see how he kind Of perked up when it moved around and so Before I even really have a go on Auto-pilot over here I should probably Move it around a little bit show him That move look at him you can tell he’s Intrigued he’s now being a little bit More cautious now that he saw the thing Come alive and start moving I mean you

Can understand how that might be a Little weird I think we’re ready to Maybe have it go on just a little bit Longer Good nice work here we go ready Yes good right there he was still a Little distracted he took the treat Indicating that he’s still pretty Comfortable if he was really scared he Might not have taken the treat at all oh It turns and now it’s coming towards us So just so he doesn’t freak out I’m Going to stop it there he’s noticing it There’s a nice safe distance there hey Louie is doing great buddy There are no major signs of stress here He’s noticing it which is fine but he’s Not seemingly afraid of it which is Great we’re trying to prevent the fear From even emerging in the first place if You don’t take the time to show your dog Things like this then they’re left to Try and draw their own conclusions I Think you’re doing a great job Louie and Of course I’m going to make sure it Doesn’t run into him you know common Sense fear so I can get them in a Playful mood around something like this And that means we’re doing a really good Job because that would indicate that his Stress level is virtually non-existent It’s done you did it now you should do This several times over a period of a Few days just to make sure your dog is

Really accepting of something but so far In our first training session I think You couldn’t ask for better results than That Now if you have the opposite problem and Your dog just totally attached the Vacuum I’ll have a video in the Description that he’ll show you how to Deal with that let’s go find some more Stuff that you might be scared of and Teach you how to not be scared of it Lots of dogs develop a fear of a trash Bag when you go to refill the trashcan We’re so used to the noise that we don’t Think about it being a startling sound To our dogs but if left unaddressed Little things like this can become Lifelong fears for many dogs I’m just Going to introduce this bag right here To Louie I’m letting yes did you see him He he kind of backed off a little bit There it’s a little weird to him see That and it’s possible he might already Be a little bit nervous of trash bags I Don’t really mind if he interacts with The bag or anything like that I just Want to make sure that he’s not nervous For the bag so I’m going to let him know That this makes noise it moves around so You can see here he’s smelling it he’s Investigating it a little bit he’s a Little bit nervous of it actually so I Want to be really Here and not push them too far you’re

Doing so well Louie I’m very proud of You now I’m going to try to open the Garbage bag but I’m not just going to go Full blast and make that popping sound I’m going to do this look at that you See him did you see a move right there Is interest is piqued whoa look at that I mean think how weird a garbage bag Must be if you’re a new puppy who’s only Been on this planet a few weeks You don’t understand physics you don’t Know why it floats like that it’s up High it’s big and it goes from being a Really small thing to be in a really big Thing that was excellent right there He’s doing great I was almost able to open it properly There very good Louis yes well that last One got him a little bit but he did Really well I’ve got a fresh garbage bag Here I’m going to see if I can open this Without I’m getting scared good job he Acknowledged it but he didn’t freak out Too much and that is what we’re going For see just by taking these extra tiny Steps when you have a new dog you’re Going to avoid so many issues in the Future let’s move on to another common Household item that makes many dogs Uncomfortable at first but we have a dog Training video tissue here we have to Teach you how to not be scared of a Hairdryer oh my fault I need to learn How to operate this hairdryer a bit

Better I’ll try not to make that mistake Again I really like him being in this Relaxed frame of mind right here he’s Doing great Now if you’re going scared of loud Noises like fireworks or thunderstorms Basically apply the same steps that we Did today but you would want to make Sure that you have plenty of good treats To keep well at room temperature Scattered throughout your house and be Willing to promptly burst into a Spontaneous training session when Fireworks start occurring or when a Thunderstorm is approaching but I’m sure I’ll be making another video on that in The future all of my content here on YouTube is completely free but if you Want to take your dog training to the Next level join our crowdfunding Community on patreon and get your dog Food automatically shipped to you with My special discount I’ll have that coupon code and link in The description click thumbs up if you Think Louie did a great job today make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel and Pick up a copy of my book too We’ll see you guys in the next video Good job Louie come here get over here

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