How to Teach your Dog to do 4 things in Minutes (Roll over, Play dead, Sit, Lie down)

How to Teach your Dog to do 4 things in Minutes (Roll over, Play dead, Sit, Lie down)

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In today’s video I’m gonna show you how To teach your dog to sit how to lie down Maybe even a little bit of play dead and Rollover now we’re gonna do all this With a concept of training called lure Training if you have a new dog this is Especially valuable to you because it’s The fastest most humane and effective Way to teach your dog how to do these Basic things lure training is where we Encourage our dog to get into a certain Position by encouraging them to move Into that position with like a treat or A toy or something that they’re willing To follow voluntarily contrary to what Most people think you can actually teach Your dog how to do lots of things at the Same time In fact I encourage it it keeps their Brain active and it’s really good to Keep our dogs really happy and Enthusiastic about what they’re learning The reason lure training is fantastic is Because it teaches our dog to think Rather than making them do something and When our dogs are thinking about how to Do something that is real dog training Making them physically do something That’s not training I’ve got Indiana Jones out here with me today and we’re Gonna go over at Laura training here but I want you to kind of watch how we work Together on Laura training because Remember it’s not just about the tree

It’s about the relationship with our dog One of my biggest pet peeves of watching War training is that people just throw The treat at their dog rather than Acknowledging that bond and relationship You can do both and I want you to watch How we doing here right now I’ve got This piece of cheese that’s what I’m Using a very small piece of cheese and Look at Indy I mean she’s totally Focused on it I can lure up here she’s Coming over here Most dogs really love food by the way Don’t use dog food even dog treats are a Bit questionable pieces have lunch meat Like turkey or chicken look at this all That’s good sit very good did you see How we lured her into a sit we simply Put the treat had her nose we go back Here nice work sit beautiful you’re Doing wonderful claw but we’re gonna try And go into a lie down again nice and Slowly Now right there I’m gonna reward her why Do you think I’m gonna reward her there Because she was on the right track if Our dog is on the right track let him Know that you like that don’t insist on A hundred percent success right off the Top I mean to accomplish anything great It’s accomplished in steps lots of baby Steps so again check it out here we go Yes good what you are doing so wonder Would be I really appreciate it

Be sincere guys when you’re working with Your dogs it’s very important nice quiet Voice here we go lie down lie yes that’s Called lie down see I’m saying lie down When she goes into the down in other Words I’m not saying lie down lie down Lie down lie down I mean make sure you Wait a hundred times of them lying down Like this before you say lie down in Other words if we just simply say Commands over and over at them it Doesn’t make much sense let them know What they’re doing as they’re doing it When teaching anything new does that Make sense so watch this stand sit good Very good Watch this ah almost very did you see What I did there she didn’t do it Perfectly what did I do I said app you could say no and I Without the reward that’s it she’s not In trouble we’re not being harsh but We’re letting her know that’s not what We want Lie down very good and let’s see if we Can get a play dead here Play dead I’ll take that it’s a good Beginning play dad ha very very good That’s how you would teach your dog to Roll over as well you would just keep Going with it We’ll try but I don’t know if Indy’s Comfortable with that just yet all roll Over she did it did you see it I can’t

Believe it Indiana Jones he rolled it over I’m Gonna give her a jackpot reward that’s Where we give her a whole bunch of Treats at one time to let her know we Love that that was roll over ha you did So well with that if you liked this Video make sure you click thumbs up it’s Right there under the video Leave a comment tell your friends about This dog training Channel remember guys If we’re going to change the mindset of Dog training in our culture today we’ve Got to let people know that this Information is out there Slash Zak George that is my youtube Address also like me on Facebook it is The best dog training page on Facebook slash these act George and Twitter of course Twitter calm flash Zach George by the way you should check Out my video blog channel while we’re Out at Brie’s say hi come on Hi Breanna’s on my video blogs a lot – She helps me she’s been helping me film These special thank you to her as well Guys I really appreciate your support And we’ll see you in the next video [Music]

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