How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over and “Play Dead” FAST!

How to Teach Your Dog to  Roll Over and "Play Dead" FAST!

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Every dog should know how to “play dead” and roll over! In this video I’ll give your the most detailed lesson I ever have on this subject! Tricks are an AMAZING way to build communication and accelerate progress in overall training! These two are usually pretty easy to teach.

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Today’s video is sponsored by pepero Calm the leader in pet food delivery and Today’s video we’re gonna cover a couple Of classic tricks how to teach your dog To play dead and how to teach your dog To roll over now tricks are an amazing Way to broaden and build communication Between you and your dog hey give a big Thumbs up for Jacob over here also make Sure you’re subscribed so you have easy Access to all of our dog training videos Like me on Facebook – I’ll have a link In the description Jacobs doing really Well with tug-of-war tug-of-war can be Such a powerful currency when you’re Working with a dog plus it’s just really Fun to play sometimes you get toys like This from pet Flo calm the real benefits Of Peplow calm that I love is the fact That they do automatic pet food delivery Basically all you have to do is select a Brand of dog food you want and how often You want to deliver I use the service Myself I have food delivered every two Weeks and I never have to run to the Store I absolutely love it if you’re Interested get it look he’s still going If you’re interested in setting up Automatic pet food delivery just enter Code Zac 20 when you check out and You’ll get 20% off of your first order I Was working with Jacob a few days ago on Play dead take a look at how that Training session win

Play dead is a total crowd pleaser of a Trick but before you teach this trick or Anything else you’ll want to make sure That your dog has a good association With the word yes followed by intrigue That way it allows you to have pretty Clear communication you could also use Clicker training which is awesome I’ll Have a link in the description that will Give you some tips on how to introduce Your dog to the clicker and we also have A fantastic example in there in that Particular video on how to teach your Dog play dead using clicker training but I think this video is gonna be a little Bit more detailed if you’re wondering Why I have a leash on him that’s just in Case he decides to start running around 1 make sure I have easy control of them Let’s review you may remember the Concept of Bloor training that’s where You lure your dog into a specific Position by using a tree that was a good Example right there that’s very good When we lure train we’re using the dog’s Nose and their mouth Not their eyes we’re trying to get them To follow the tree so that we can guide Them with it since the treat is such an Important part of lower training you Want to use something really good really High quality I recommend something like Oiled chicken but remember you’ll want To use tiny pieces trust me on this one

Most people use pieces that are way too Big it’s not necessary he’s really into It I mean look at the attention and now I’m gonna try and lure him into it down He’s it’s a little unconventional but It’s working here I think you’re getting The idea football and you know he’s Looking for some love there that’s much More important than simply throwing food At your dog always be really genuine and Sincere with them now once you’ve got Your dog into it down like this and They’re responding to the lure look at That back and floor them and give them One for following the lure then you’re Ready to go on to the next step notice The dogs hips it usually dogs will shift To one side so it makes more sense now To go this way because his hips are in Position it’s important to be flexible When you’re asking them to follow a lure Into a play dead yes good I mean right There you could tell he’s thinking he’s On the right track it’s important to Take baby steps you know you don’t want To try and do it all at one time you Want to just have nice little bits of Progress the chicken and his nose need To stick together see if they get you Far apart you’ll lose the can [ __ ] and that was a good example right There yes good so close our goal is to Get him on his side whereby we can tell Him play dead

Once he achieves that position play dead I like it this is a start we’re getting There look how slow I’m moving you got To find the sweet spot if at first you Don’t find that that’s normal be patient It’s not really about the trick You’re really bonding with each other You’re learning how to communicate Together and that’s the real treasure And teaching tricks like this some dogs Are more comfortable on their sides some Dogs are more comfortable on their back It really just depends on yours but Either one constitutes a pretty awesome Play dead what you want to avoid is Forcing your dog over no matter how Close they are they’ll likely develop a Bit of a complex if you do that so be Patient and be disciplined to really get Them to do it on their own yes good I’m Gonna just really throw a bunch of Chicken in his mouth right there because He did really awesome by falling over He’s doing great I’ve got momentum play Dead yes you could see him right there He stopped following the lure for just a Moment and now he’s starting to be like Oh when I do this this gets me a tree All right cool now I believe we’re gonna See him just fall into it in a moment Look at that see that yes they did very Good And right now I’m loving this I like That he’s on his back here I’m gonna

Keep treats coming to him to let him Know that I like when he stays there Good Yes doing awesome as your dog gets Accustomed to following the lure like This your next step is to start morphing Your lure into a hand signal you’ll come Up with your own version of this but Rather than just holding the treat like This you can start to take the treat out Of your hand and maybe maybe he’ll Follow it yes Play dead I love it so that was a few Days ago and I’m really curious to see How Jacob is doing on his play dead now Hopefully he’s at the point where we can Take his play dead to the next level and Teach an impressive roll over come on Buddy let’s go I’m gonna give him kind Of a partial war here and right there Did you see that that’s the magic moment Play dead Stay yes good job that was awesome did You see that so we got like an extra Second of stay right there eventually You’ll be able to stop saying stay your Dog will kind of get that they need to Stay there in order to get rewarded it Sit down good watch this Stay yes good once you’ve gotten your Dog to play dead roll over is like just A couple of minutes extra we’re already Over halfway there as you can see simple Whoa buddy as you can see since Jakob is

So wound up right now we’re gonna go Play with him in the backyard get some Of that energy out remember if you’re Teaching your dog fetch and they don’t Have a solid retrieve always have them On a long lead like this so you can Encourage them to come back to you if You need to Come on get over it yes that was a good One Now that he’s tired I think he’s gonna Do a lot better it’s it yes very good Lie down look how much better already Yes now we want to encourage him to keep Going so he goes into a rollover so like This yes but look yes Rollover very good come here jackpot Reward we’ll give him an extra big Reward there for doing extra wonderfully And if you find that they’re just kind Of like staying in their position you’ll Free to get a little more animated this Way good good this way and here look at That I’m already phasing out the lure And facing in a hand signal I didn’t Have to have the lure right at his nose That time would that maybe evolved from Roll over like this to roll over to roll Over to roll over so good cheer nice job And that is ultimately what you’re Trying to achieve being able to stand up And have him go into a rollover and he Really got under this concept though Super super quick I’m really really

Proud of them I want to give a special Thank you to our patrons on patreon comm Slash at the SAC George you guys really Make it possible for us to do what we Love doing which is raising the Standards in dog training and I really Believe that we’re making gains in that Goal with every single video that we Make become a greater part of our Community by liking me on Facebook I’ll Have a link in the description as well As a few more videos for you to take a Look at Hey change the way you buy dog Food and help us change the way people Teach dogs Peplow calm Slash’s act or Gender codes act 20 when you check out And you’ll get 20% off of your first Order boy you’re so rambunctious you Want to play don’t you Hey roll over yes that’s what I’m Talking about buddy good job did you Guys enjoy the video you might like These others too clicker training is a Fantastic way to get better at your Timing a vital part of teaching a dog if Your dog has a lot of energy like Jacob Fetch training is a must see how to Teach your dog the perfect fetch for Everything you need to know Did you see Jacobs last video you may Not have heard of it but the leave-in Look at me combo is essential if you Want a really well-behaved dog Especially around distractions thanks

Again to our patrons on patreon and to All of my wonderful subscribe We’ll see you guys in the next one You

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