How to Teach Your Puppy to ACTUALLY Listen to You When it Counts! (Real Life “Leave It” Explained!)

How to Teach Your Puppy to ACTUALLY Listen to You When it Counts! (Real Life "Leave It" Explained!)

How to train your dog to ACTUALLY listen to you! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

Teaching your dog to leave something alone in a training exercise is necessary at first. However, this doesn’t automatically translate into a dog that listens in lots of contexts. In this episode, I’ll show you what to do to have a dog that listens reliably!

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The way you look like that Google are so Different looking today’s video is Sponsored by barkbox for better access To me and to help us keep making videos Like this become part of our awesome Patreon community I’ll have a link in The description click thumbs up for Izzy The four and a half month old Standard Poodle and subscribe to my channel right Now if you want to train your puppy fast Buy my best-selling book and watch my Videos have you ever noticed that when You’re training your dog leave it like In a normal training session they’ll do That fine but when it comes to leaving Things alone like chicken bones rocks or Leaves swung from the sky they have no Idea what leave it means anymore that’s What we’re gonna work on today there’s a Whoa there’s a time for training and It’s time for playing let’s see what Bark box sent us this month its invasion Of the space squirrels get that squirrel Go get it with bark box you get a new Box full of unique treats and toys every Month delivered right to your door so You can always keep things exciting for Your dog a ray gun does it make any Sounds ah there goes their toys are so Diverse and different that you know if They’re not immediately into one toy They might like the other one why does This UFO have feathers space fire bark Pops so like popcorn for dogs mmm these

Smell completely edible the bark pops Are a winner the toys and treats can be Tailored to your dog’s specific needs – Like extra tough toys if they’re a big Chewer Or special treats for dogs with Allergies all of the treats are made in The USA and Canada shipping is free in The continental US – you can’t eat the Whole bag eat one at a time please guess What all of you can get a free bark box Just go to bark box comm slash dog Training and you’ll get a free one when You sign up for a 6 or 12 month Subscription it’s a fact of life that Dogs are curious and most of them are Gonna want to pick up things that Interest them dogs use their mouths like We use our hands add to that that most Dogs are very curious by Nature This is one of those things that Requires broad generalized communication With your dog meaning that they Understand how to behave in a variety of Different contexts teaching dogs doesn’t Happen in a vacuum We must continually guide them as Outside variables present themselves and That means this takes extended training No shortcuts we’re gonna cover some Exercises today that will show you how To make rapid progress towards that goal Izzie is only four and a half months old But she’s arriving

At that point where she can do some Slightly more advanced training because She’s gotten that minimum amount of life Experience that’s necessary your dog’s Gonna need to know how to do a basic Leave it look at me combo because you Want to be sure that they can look at You in the face of a minimal distraction Like a tree first I’ll have a video in The description that will show you how To do that but you can see that is he is Doing really well but leave it right now Give her a thumbs up for that one but It’s winter dogs are surprised that Their training goes out the window right I mean what happens if you drop a bottle Of pills on the ground for example it’s Not okay do you think we should take her To the vet key when training dogs Especially in the beginning is that we Don’t wait for a situation to arise Naturally too then also train our dog at The same time you’ve got to set up Controlled and diverse training sessions Often today’s training lesson is going To be challenging but I think you can do It I don’t care if you do it or not we Can just kiss instead when something is New and catches your dog by surprise They’re likely to want to investigate it For example you know when you’re walking Down the street and all of a sudden There’s stuff crabs on the ground I mean Yeah it could happen and you might say

Something like leave it’s easy leave it Leave it alone but it’s such a Compelling distraction and we’re not Just doing a set up training exercise Here so for that reason you have to Really put in the time to teach your dog How to respond appropriately during These times I’ve got two more crabs here And my goal is to make sure that Izzy Doesn’t touch these at all that’s gonna Be tough and I’m just gonna create a Barrier here right here I all right so That’s proving too much so I’m gonna Remove it right nothing wrong with doing That what’s falling from the sky leave It alone Look at me good job that’s very good and It’s important to have a good currency When you’re training stuff like this Because you want everything in your Corner that you can to get your dog’s Attention on you leave it look at me Good job very good nice work leave it Okay good I’ll take it now let me see if I can be a bit more spontaneous and kind Of get it in front of her while she’s Not in this training exercise mode That’s the key with training stuff like This to surprise them I’m just gonna set That down like normal walking away is he Leave it look at me No Okay this is all about real-world Impulse control and it doesn’t happen Overnight

Leave it look at me good she’s starting To get the hang of it I’ll tell you what I still have these other two crabs over Here let’s mix up this variable a little Bit and see if I can set both plates Down and while it might be tempting to Pull your dog away from a from something Like this it’s much better to lure them Away not only because it’s kinder but Because you’re showing them how to Actually go through the motions of doing It themselves how to walk away from a Distraction without being pulled which Doesn’t teach them anything Leave it alone no let go leave it come Here come here yes that’s it all right Here we go over here yes look at the Hat Sit oh good work she’s really getting The hang of it now Over here leave it alone sit look at me Yes right no good perfect Excellent excellent example right there She thought about going to the crabs and Then she thought better of it and said You know what I’m gonna pay attention to Him because that’s really working for me Right now that’s a good example of Teaching a dog how to make the right Decisions all by themselves and that’s Something you can’t do when you train With force if your dog can’t do this Inside there’s no reason to think that They’ll successfully do it outside more On that in a sec I’m ready to take this

One to the next level is he loves toys Let’s see if we can get her to leave This alone on the first attempt is he Leave it is he leave it okay all right That didn’t go so well at all right There so we need to get that looking a Lot better before we attempt to teach Izzy a real world leave it we’re gonna Take a step back on our training and I’m Gonna make it a little bit easier for Her See this leave it good fine she wants The treats I’ll take that leave it alone Up here okay Now let me see if I can surprise her a Bit more with it and I’m just gonna give It a little lotion and make it a little More exciting Go look perfect good and again the fact That she’s all about me and wanting Those streets instead of investigating Something leave it that suddenly comes And surprises her is a good thing that’s Why you want to use treats for an Extended period of time a good year in Many cases to really get your dog Reliable and get them focusing on you in The face of heavy distractions but of Course this isn’t really heavy Distraction what is it yeah anyway the Idea is to teach them to leave things Alone when they don’t see it coming so You want to set up situations that Genuinely surprised your dog when you do

Have control of the environment Case in point leave it okay Good sit this is the first time that She’s seen that dog come to life Leave it look at me good job so right There we’ve got a very significant Distraction that she’s encountering for The first time and I’m able to get her To sit well I don’t even care about sit Right now but I’m able to get her to pay Attention to me I’ll be it with a treat Again that’s fine look at me good job I Know what you need so much training good Job good work that dog did a backflip Right in front of you and you paid Attention to me that was amazing So right there her interest is on the Dog and now it’s on me and you can see She’s she’s starting to anticipate Looking at me when she’s genuinely Distracted up here yes there you go You’re awesome that’s it and you said All right I’ll take a back flip this is Something she’s never seen before so our Training is going well maybe if I set This on the ground I might be able to Get her attention on me straight away That’s the test we’re going to try hey Izzie see this look at me up here come Here sit yes good job did you see that First attempt she’s doing great she’s Going back at it that’s expected I’m Gonna get my treats Over here Izzie come here look at that

Sit excellent job it may or may not be This easy with your dog there she goes Again come here dizzy over here good job Look at me good work but if you find That your dog is really overwhelmed try Breaking it down making it a little bit Easier and only gradually phase in Greater and greater distractions if She’s not gonna leave this alone she’s Not gonna leave a real squirrel alone Alright let’s take this outside simply Going outside is going to make the Difficulty level several times harder For most dogs this needs to be solid in Outdoor dedicated training sessions this Strong foundation is required before you Can expect your dog to understand what To do in more spontaneous circumstances After you’ve done this extensively and Practiced in front of your house on the Sidewalk at the park and in other Unfamiliar places and conditions then Your dog will be more prepared to Understand this when they’re surprised In real life however you’ll still need To burst into training and either Redirect your dog’s attention on you or Escort them away from the exciting Distraction Bottom line teaching an enthusiastic Curious dog to channel the willpower to Listen to you instead of responding to An enticing surprise takes time and work But I’m confident that if you follow

This advice consistently you’ll get There as soon as possible come here up Here right there she looked at it but Again she thought better of it came to Me and I’m happy to reward her when she Leaves things alone when I asked leave It alone yes good girl that was an Excellent one over here leave it alone Good girl Up here come on this way come on good Work She’s just distracted by normal ground Sense let’s see if we can get her leave The ground alone ground sense can be one Of the most distracting things I’m gonna Put a treat here see that sit no I’m not Just giving her the treat I’m letting Her a nibble on it but I haven’t given It to her yet sit see every time I say Look at me she goes right back to the Ground hey Izzie come here come on come On let’s go up here yes good girl being Peppy being exciting often works with Most dogs too but if your dog were Really distracted like this as Izzie Kind of is it would be more beneficial To let her For up to say 20 even 30 minutes with Some dogs for them to really acclimate And become comfortable with their Surroundings before asking them to do Stuff Get your free bark box when you sign up For a 6 or 12 month subscription I’ll

Have a link below click thumbs up for Izzy she did such a great job today make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel Pick up a copy of my book especially if You’ve got a new dog and consider Joining our amazing patreon community I’ll have all those links in the Description Izzy

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