How to Train a Dog to Walk on Leash Without Pulling

How to Train a Dog to Walk on Leash Without Pulling

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If your dog is less than perfect on a Walk today I’m going to show you two Things you need to do to teach your dog To walk flawless This video is sponsored by click thumbs Up for a leash walking video with Jacob And while you’re at it click subscribe To today we’re going to attempt to teach Jacob how to walk nicely on a leash with High-energy dogs it’s imperative that You get their energy out of them before Expecting them to retain intricate Concepts like walking nicely on a leash By changing the way you buy dog food you Continue to help us change the way People teach dogs you know I’ve been Having my food automatically shipped to Me for years now and I really can’t Express how convenient it’s made my life Just go to pet flow calm / Zac George Choose your favorite food that you’re Gonna get anyway and how often you want It to arrive at your house that’s really All there is to it I’ll have a special link and a coupon Code in the description of this video That will give you 20% off of your first Auto-ship order most people wait to work With their dogs on their leash manners When they’re on their normal walks so Naturally our patience is likely to be a Little bit diminished when we’re trying To do two things at once like get Somewhere and also train our dog commit

To working with your dog when you have Sufficient time and you’re feeling extra Patient with them it takes some Significant effort on your dog’s part to Grasp this concept of walking slowly and Staying near you while they’re on leash See dogs walk faster than we do so this Is pretty unnatural to them dogs like Jacob are the product of thousands of Years of selective breeding for traits Like stamina endurance and strength but Dogs are also optimized to take Directions specifically from people in Order to be successful of teaching your Dog to walk on a leash nicely though you Must be able to get their attention on You at will but how do you do that in an Exciting place like a neighborhood with Lots of smells and distractions the Treats I’m using today are tiny pieces Of real chicken always go for quality Over quantity when it comes to trees sit Look at me good boy very very good see I Don’t want to just start taking off into A brisk walk down the street and then Hope that he’s gonna pay attention to me If your dog won’t pay attention to you Here right in front of your house well They’re not likely to pay attention to You when they encounter any type of Minor distraction as you proceed so Let’s get this really solid first yes Good so I’m happy that Jacob can do a Basic look at me

Right in front of the house here so Let’s take this to the next level let’s Start walking with him up here good Really good nice work I want Jacob Thinking of this as a me you experienced Up here yes Nice work see I’m practicing getting his Attention on me whenever I ask for it Now this isn’t to suggest that your dog Should pay attention to you all the time When you’re on a walk but when you ask For it you ought to be able to get it The real magic in dog training is when You can accomplish meaningful Communication I – I so Brad are you Doing a good job look at this no tension He started to get a little distracted by A ground scent there so let me see if I Can get his attention on me again still Right here in a very familiar place Jacob up here look at me yes excellent I’m even gonna give him a little bit of An extra reward because he’s a little Bit you know in and out right now so I Want to try and solidify that Communication to get those eyes on me Voluntarily that is the key ultimately At the end of the day a dog like Jacob Loves getting out and exploring the World he lives in the treat simply Helped me keep his attention on me while I teach him how to look at me whenever I Ask moving forward though with most dogs The walk itself will serve as the reward

Jacob is interested in something on the Ground many people have the instinct to Just pull their dog until they stop Sniffing at the ground but let me show You what you can do here instead I’m Gonna use the treat we’re competing with A lot of distractions there you go Jacob Come here come on I’m gonna stick with Him here come on hey Jacob yes good boy Right there Jacob soon terrific it’s time to move on To our next step Now remember adjust your mindset because Your goal isn’t to get somewhere in this Case your goal should simply be to get Your dog to pay attention to you outside Of the house while on a leash that is it Instead of just asking Jacob to look at Me though as I make my way down the Street I’m going to test for compliance By asking him to do things like sit and Lie down well this is a fantastic way to Measure how willing your dog is to Listen to you at any given moment if They won’t do something they know here Well they’re certainly not gonna do Anything they don’t know they’re if your Dog isn’t listening to these basic Skills that they would normally do at Home really well this probably means You’ve thrown them in the deep end You’re asking them to do a little bit Too much and you need to work up to that Less familiar equals more interesting to

Most dogs be empathetic to that point Let’s go so we’re gonna go on a walk now It’ll let him think that we’re just Taking a stroll there’s a little tension Here I don’t really like that too much So I’m gonna try and get his attention On me rather than the environment that He’s trying to pull towards up here see A little bit more challenging now this Is normal because we I mean just a few Feet away from the house is a completely New environment to many dogs and he Wants to get out there and explore Things I understand that Jacob yes he Gave me a glance there I love it come Here Jacob yeah good boy Come on all right ready sit nice I’ll Take it Jacob up here I don’t have his Attention on me he didn’t look at me When I asked I’m not gonna continue to Proceed until I can confirm that he’ll Pay attention to me hey Jacob look at me Yes good will you sit he’s thinking About pulling Jacob come here and you Know with your own dog you’ll start to See that and you’ll be able to detect When they’re thinking about pulling That’s the time to address this you can Hear a barking dog in the background Right now you know that’s that’s a Distraction to him lie down that tells Me he’s compliant he’s willing to listen To me so far so let’s keep going Alright so right here I don’t like how

He’s really focused on that dog right Now so again I’m gonna take the time to Get his attention back on me so that I Can guide him more appropriately Jacob Come here come here Good job sit good lie down good work Nice work so that was a major victory Right there when you’re not able to get Their attention on you you get away from The distraction until they are compliant Again and then perceived slowly testing Often if you can’t get away from the Distraction just wait it out calmly Restrain them until you’re able to move On and keep practicing until your dog Improves and I don’t mind that he’s kind Of glancing at things around here and I Don’t mind that he’s sniffing the ground From time to time I want him to be a dog I know I can tell he’s getting a little Bit more curious by that dog so I’m Gonna proceed very cautiously and I’m Gonna test very often as I get close to Something that I know is likely to cause Him to be distracted Eisah loosely share I love it he’s doing Great good yes Jacob good boy look at that he’s slowing Down good work Yes there it is look at this a nice Loose leash yep up here good sit good Get up Good sit you’re starting to get the hang Of this sir it’s so goofy look our goal

Is to show millions of people how to Better teach their dogs help us make the Best videos we can by giving us a Monthly tip on patreon of 1 2 or $5 a Month or any amount you’d like I’ll have A link to our patreon page in the Description don’t forget to set up Automatic cat food delivery at Peplow Calm / – Zac George I’ll have all the Details in the description and of course Give Jacob a huge thumbs up he did a Really good job today and make sure You’re subscribed so you see all of my Future videos jacob you did so awesome See you guys in the next video Jacob is such a crazy dog if you’re just Starting out with leash training or Training in general be sure to teach the Leaveit look at the combo as soon as Possible if your dog is a bit more out Of control than Jacob was in this Particular lesson see my lesson with Lafitte in extremely spoiling lots of You watch my videos before you even get A dog if you want to start your puppy Off right with leash training watch Puppy’s first leash lesson thank you so Much to all of our patrons on patreon Who support these videos month in and Month out my next video is gonna be Really good too so make sure you guys Are subscribed see you next time You

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