How to Train a Dog Who’s Not Interested in Training

How to Train a Dog Who's Not Interested in Training

How can you train a dog when they’re not interested in training? This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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Today’s episode is sponsored by pet flow There’s no easier way to make sure that Your pet has their food when you need it Then by setting up automatic pet food Delivery from pet flow choose your brand Of dog food decide how often you wanted Shipped and peploe will make sure it’s There whenever you need it my viewers Are going to receive $10 off their first Three automatic shipments by entering Codes act 30 at checkout I’ll have a Link in the description I’ve seen it a Million times when a dog doesn’t seem to Be receptive to working for food or play Many people just assume they got an Untrainable dog on their hands or worse That the only options left are to use Forceful primitive training methods Today I’m gonna show you how to overcome That click thumbs up for Rudy the rescue Racing greyhounds subscribe to my Channel and pick up a copy of my book Dog training revolution you can get the Audio version too now let’s meet Hilary And her dog Rudy and find out what’s Going on my name is Hilary my dog’s name Is Rudy and he’s a greyhound I adopted Rudy about a year ago I really wanted to Adopt an adult dog because I knew they Had so many of them who needed home and I hear that retired racing greyhounds Make great pets training Rudy right now Is very difficult he doesn’t do much but What he does do he’s just a great guy

You think oh I tried to teach him to sit But we don’t want them to sit because Greyhounds aren’t supposed to sit it’s Kind of uncomfortable for them he wants To get in my stuff or he’ll try to be Involved in the activity but he needs to Be able to lie down and I’m having Trouble getting him to go to his bed or Lie down Zach please help me teach Rudy How to lie down All right Hilary I’m excited to work With Rudy today and hopefully we can Teach him to lie down contrary to what You might think it’s quite common for Many greyhounds to be pretty mellow dogs In fact it can be very challenging to Teach many of them how to do something Like a basic light Apple not all dogs Are receptive to all training methods so How do you get a dog to lie down if They’re completely indifferent towards a Lure normally when your teacher dog to Lie down you have them sit and then you Try and lure them into a down like this But remember greyhounds aren’t Particularly comfortable going into a Sit it’s kind of awkward to lure them And do a down look at that working on Rudy obviously Rudy is very comfortable Taking turkey so we know he likes that He’s just really uncomfortable doing Calor and to a Down all dogs will Eventually lie down on their own Without us asking them to I mean they’ve

Got to relax sometime right today we’re Gonna rely on a principle called Capturing to teach Rudi so lie down Capturing is when you catch your dog in The act of doing something you want to Teach them and let them know what They’re doing as they’re doing it with The expectation that they’ll learn to do The behavior you want if you do this Enough that’s what capturing is okay Thirdly Catharines a strange word for Lying down we’re just gonna sit here and We’re gonna wait for Rudi to lie down All by himself Alright when you rely on capturing a Behavior it will require you to Spontaneously and promptly communicate With your dog you’ll have to be ready to Jump into training at a moment’s notice Yes capturing does take longer sometimes Dozens of repetitions but this is a Wonderful way to deeply expand your Communication with your dog and teach Them to do things that they do naturally When you ask them to this can open up a Completely new dimension to your Training for example if you tell your Dog go pee while they’re doing their Business then they’ll eventually learn That and go pee means get to it while We’re waiting for Rudi to lie down you Have a trick you could show us that you Talking I do He can take a marshmallow out of my

Mouth and unfortunately we don’t have Bigger marshmallows so we’re gonna have These these smaller ones he’s very picky He’s very particular about lots of Things especially where he lies down as He should be he just has to get Comfortable enough and he usually has to Make his circle he has to be able to Walk for a little bit to get to a point To lie down I gotcha I think he’s Thinking about lying down right now okay Just because of his general body Language yes yes he’s staring at the Ground he’s putting his legs close Together like that oh very good and he’s On something soft and he always looks For something soft okay good to know and Nobody knows your dog like you – I mean You know his individual quirks and his Body language encouraging him to relax And encourage the dog to lie down as Well talking this week to them petting Him softly these are all great things oh If you talk very sweetly to him while He’s lying down he’ll fall asleep Rudi Hey Rudi want to lie down sometimes they Come in and he’s asleep like this like What don’t sleep like this oh now he’s Ready to play maybe if I get up and go Over there He won’t be so into getting pet from me That he’ll be comfortable lying down Right now it looks like he’s thinking About lying down what do you think

Definitely He he’s sniffing around like this he’s Been standing up for a long time I know He wants to lie down lie down good job Very good and when he does lie down I’m Gonna make sure that I’m right there to Provide an amazing outcome to that Behavior so eventually you can see if You do this enough times your dog learns You know every time I lie down turkey Just seems to appear out of nowhere or Dog treats if you wanted to have soft Dog treats located say in your living Room so you can easily get to them Lie down oh shoot sorry thought I had Over there lie down Very good that’s called down the next Time I catch him lying down I’m going to Try and read him and really anticipate When he’s about to lie down and I’ll say Down just before he does it and if I can Do that enough times Well then I’m pretty convinced he’ll Learn how to lie down lie down very good That’s called down excellent job and so You can see there how I was able to say The word as he was going into it that’s The most effective way to teach your dog What a word or phrase means down very Good that’s called lie down excellent Good job did you see that so you can see How we’re gradually evolving the Behavior here and showing him what he’s Doing as he’s doing it until eventually

We can just say down and have him lie Down that is excellent serve click Thumbs up for Rudy and retired rescue Racing greyhounds everywhere make sure You’re subscribed to my channel and pick Up a copy of my book a special huge Thank you to all of our patrons on Patreon who make this possible and hey Hillary you did a really awesome job Today thank you [Music]

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