How To Train ANY DOG To Listen OFF LEASH!

How To Train ANY DOG To Listen OFF LEASH!

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Today’s a huge day it’s time to start Phasing in off-leash training with Inertia can you believe it I’m zach george i train dogs this is my New dog and i’m going to show you how i Train her from Day one things definitely won’t always Go smoothly you can start from the Beginning Or you can pick up anywhere subscribe And hit the bell notification so you Never miss an episode when you put into Motion an approach based on love and Respect your results will forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Guys today’s lesson is going to be huge I’m going to show you how i Address off-leash training with inertia My own dog Doing things like regular training and Frequent playing and just generally Giving your dog a high quality of life Is likely to keep your dog more engaged With you Which is why puffer made an entire line Of products dedicated To highly engaging items for your dog These are the most high-end dog chews That you can get I think the reason dogs love these so Much is that they’re completely natural Like take these Beef tendon cheese for example i mean

You can tell exactly what these are And so can dogs why do you guys like the Weirdest stuff Check out the split elk antler chew here They’re actually split to make them Softer and easier to chew on for your Dog these himalayan dog chews Have three ingredients in them yak milk Salt and lime juice Kind of sounds good check out all of Pupfrid’s shoes in their engage line They’ve got a great deal too on Multi-packs if you want to try a variety To see what your dog likes I’m gonna have a special link in the Description below let’s go to alaska Off lease training is a huge step for Most dogs it’s true that some dogs are More reliable off leash And do tend to stay near their people But in inertia’s case well She’s a pretty average dog in this Respect and she’s definitely going to Make me work to teach her to be reliable Off-leash inertia can you leave that Alone Come Yes it’s like it just takes her eight Seconds to process it That said inertia is at the point in her Training now where i am methodically Phasing in More off-leash training in new places Notice that i said off-leash in

New places that’s because most dogs are A lot less likely to listen to you When in a new place so you have to do Extensive training to prepare for that Long tale of distractions that’s likely To occur In the real world throughout our Training so far you’ve seen how we’ve Been using a long lead to manage inertia In new places as well as Less controlled places because this Still gives her the freedom to explore Her world Using a long lead like this can be a Really helpful intermediate step while You’re working on teaching your dog to Listen Off leash during early off leash Training sessions i like to wait to take The long lead off until she’s had a good Bit of exercise The reason for this is that it’s more Challenging for a dog to listen when They have all of that pent-up energy in The nurse’s case if i had just Immediately let her off leash as soon as We got here it might be more challenging For her to resist running and Investigating every little thing that She wanted to Since being anywhere new might be Absolutely overwhelmingly Exciting for some dogs by giving her Some exercise to get that initial

Layer of energy out and giving her a Little bit of time in the environment to Satisfy some of her natural curiosity About what’s around her she’ll be more Likely to listen to me without being Distracted by wondering about Everything in this new place and make no Mistake About it dogs know when that lead is on Versus when it’s Off so she still understands that she Has a lead on her Also taking advantage of the fact that She comes to me so reliably When playing fetch to really solidify Come when called so watch look how fast She’s running to me right now Looking right at me come so i’m saying Come when she’s doing that very Deliberate Sprint towards me so she’s had a good Round of exercise we’re gonna go Off leash now you might notice we’re Here in a baseball field which is Pretty fenced it’s still a controlled Environment but here’s the thing She doesn’t realize that she doesn’t Know that she can’t run for 20 miles That’s why it’s important to make this Part of your off leash training go to New places Where your dog is still under control You might have to get creative with this You may have to drive a few miles

Outside of town but I’m sure you can find something i want To do some training on come And stay those are the two most critical Skills especially When you’re doing off leash training Notice her body language right now you Can see she’s looking around she’s Curious about her environment but she’s Generally pretty relaxed let me verify That i can get her attention On me in her show that was pretty good So I always like to do that because it’s a Good way to measure our dog’s mood And since we’re currently in alaska our Freeze-dried salmon treats are the Perfect choice for this training session And if you’re wondering why i’m even Using treats at all it’s because i’ve Changed a major variable i’ve now taken That lead off and i’m asking her to Listen to me Remember dogs know when that lead is on Versus when it’s not Stay gonna give her a stay i’m gonna Walk out here Come good girl Nice and a heel for extra credit i Love it okay okay good we have a flock Of seagulls look at a nurse’s reaction She’s already noticed them but she’s Holding her stay really well Some of the nurses favorite distractions

Happen to be things in the air like Birds And airplanes so we have a lot of that Here today inertia come Lie down stand let’s try to stand Stay while i walk away again completely Off leash that is the major change here From past lessons Lie down stand stay Come i guess i just can’t help but mix It up like that to be unpredictable Good girl good you want to take a break So let’s try come when called as we walk Around out here i mean there may be a Situation where it’s appropriate to do An off-leash hike in a rural area at Some point i want to make sure that she Comes back to me As we walk along the field so maybe i Want to turn around and call her To come back this way inertia come Whoa good girl lie down Good job and we’re just showing off with Lie down that’s all Since she’s behaving so well right now i Want to give her some time to You know explore the environment she was Really enjoying those clovers over there So i’m going to let her go back to it Again we’re just looking for general Compliance we’re trying to keep the Training session very upbeat and Pleasant for her so she doesn’t feel Like oh gosh

I can’t do anything we want her to feel Like she can still do some things By the way i base this lesson on a Section of my book guide to a Well-behaved dog check out that book to Help you with the most common behavior Problems Say we’re walking and i notice a Distraction in the distance i mean it Could be A bear which is the reason i’m wearing Bear spray here maybe i need to put her Into a sudden stay for example inertia Stay lie down good Good job yes good work okay so i think It’s a good idea to practice these Spontaneous training sessions especially With stay and come when they’re not Expecting it so much Inertia come yes Good now I snagged this rope over here out of the Bag i’m gonna use it As a surprise distraction here in a Minute i’m gonna Just let her tune out and walk around Okay let’s go go on go Inertia come good girl Lie down stay Look at me here come Good lie down Stay you can see the genuine surprise There she didn’t know it was coming Okay good work here you go

I like that she wants to play we’ll go Ahead and let her play with it She loves her tug toy good girl and so She’s really focused today doing a good Job Fortunately it’s a good day of training For her you never know with inertia kind Of cool when you have a toy this Powerful This isn’t really like her she doesn’t Usually get this obsessed with toys so I actually like it she’s behaving like An actual border collie right now If you have a dog that likes to play tug Like this use this currency you don’t Always have to use Treats so it’s important to use the Currency that your dog values most Let’s do another surprise drill with her This time i’m going to use the frisbee We’re going to do some off-leash frisbee Which wow Awesome right good job very good now Watch what i do this time I want to do an emergency come when Called let go Ready go faked her out Come no come There we go Come on lie down stay Come around ready go Inertia come Come on good girl here it is yes Ready go

Great job girl even with some people Around here she’s getting a little Distracted but she’s regaining that Focus so i appreciate that Go inertia come Yes good girl you can see the confusion But she’s still Honoring come when called the point of This Is you want your dog to know that they Still need to listen to things like Come when called even when they’re in That confused state of mind in her mind She was virtually Positive that i was going to throw the Frisbee there but she heard me say come And she came running back Heel come on and since i have her so Into this tug toy and i have her off Leash I’m going to use this as a reward here Do some more training good job You’re doing great right now Come on come lie down Stay Okay get it so we got some dogs in the Distance what a good opportunity to Practice Off-leash training in the presence of Other dogs if you’ve been following our Series you’ll understand that the Ultimate distraction for Inertia are other dogs so we’re gonna go Over here we’re gonna walk up near the

Fence where she Sees the other dogs over there in the Distance she gave them a look Okay come Girl yes do you want this or do you want You want to just smell Fine a nurse has just spotted another Dog Stay so i’m seeing a great opportunity To practice getting her more Focused while in the presence of other Dogs over here looks like i’ve got her Attention Hey you want to play frisbee come around Ready go So i was able to get her attention off The dog onto me to play frisbee that’s Always good let’s see if this continues I’m going to deliberately play at close Range To these other dogs she hasn’t forgotten About the dog you know she’s still Keeping track Stay come around Yes go it’s one of the reasons i like Activities like fetch and frisbee it Gives them that outlet of running and Chasing and jumping and biting All that kind of fun stuff they like to Do and again another great opportunity To practice while dogs are right behind me this Is the most distracted she’s been All day and she’s really doing well

Remember a nurse is a very social dog She can be interested in the other dog There’s nothing wrong with that She just can’t run and chase them Without permission if your dog will Behave Closer and closer range to the things That distract them you’ll Know that you’re making progress on your Training Take a break lie down inertia can be Great at taking breaks Seek out opportunities like this where You can easily control The variables in your training so here We have the fences in place so she can’t Immediately access them I’m able to exercise her just prior so She’s more receptive to listening in Other words these are the things you Have to do to set your dog Up for success there’s a group of young People over there In the adjacent field she also loves Children Inertia stay Yes very good like that she reduced her Posture there i’m gonna go ahead and Give her a reward And since we have this group of kids Over here i’m gonna put her back on lead Here never be afraid to do that I’m gonna go do some training at closer Range and even though we have a fence i

Still want to have her on lead here Because i don’t want her to experience Running 50 feet away from me and not Listening Inertia come yeah Good girl so she saw the dog again just Uh you know She’s more distracted by the dog than The kids i suppose let’s see Inertia here come good girl Lie down the high-pitched sound of these Children over here is definitely going To be a distraction Come yeah good girl i’m going to try Everything without the lead now Lie down stay Come Doing great yes Stick come Lie down stay even if you’ve been on top Of your training you have to keep in Mind those outlier events can still Happen i mean we’re in alaska for Example A moose or a bear or an excited dog more Likely could show up at any time Come i didn’t even have to call that Time okay the distractions are out in Full bloom now that we’ve been out here A little bit So doing these initial practice sessions In areas that still have an extra layer Of protection Like a fence is really important when

You’re teaching your dog to listen to You no matter what happens Most people are way too quick to let Their dogs off leash in Uncontrolled settings i see this Especially with new puppy parents since Most puppies naturally have the tendency To stay close and not wander off but Most puppies Also grow up really fast and they might Stay with you on one day but suddenly Get the urge to run and chase a bird the Next Your goal is to prevent your dog from Ever experiencing getting away from you Or at least as little as possible that’s Why you shouldn’t be afraid to go back To the long lead if your dog suddenly Becomes overwhelmed of course if your Dog has managed to get away from you in The past you can still get this training Done but you’re going to have to be very Consistent and very deliberate about Your training and doing the kinds of Exercises we’ve done today so if you’re Going to do this right you can see Off-leash training requires extensive Proofing And testing check out all of puppets Choose in their engage line I’m going to have a special link in the Description below and sign up for our Completely free digital dog training Course

30 day perfect pup i’ll have that link Below subscribe to this channel and get A copy of my book guide to a Well-behaved dog follow me on instagram Too i’ll have all of the links in the Description below I can’t wait for our next video see you Next time

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