How to Train ANY Dog To Stay, Stop Pulling, Come, Lie Down and More!

How to Train ANY Dog To Stay, Stop Pulling, Come, Lie Down and More!

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Please forgive me for this but I sold my Friend inconvenient man an ad space this Week as you know a presidential race is Under way an inconvenient man is decided To jump in the race go ahead and Convenient man progress is happening Everywhere this is terrible for example I know many viewers of this very youtube Channel are having their dog’s food Automatically shipped to them from pet Flow which means that they’re also Skipping traffic and waiting in lines But don’t you see waiting in lines and Traffic is what this country was built On that’s why my campaign slogan is make America wait again I’m calling for the Restoration of doing things the Old-fashioned way which is why I’m happy To announce my candidacy for President Of the United States so don’t go to pet Float calm slash Zack George and Definitely don’t enter code Zack 30 to Save $10 off your first three automatic Shipments of your pets food and of Course that link is conveniently located In the description below Welcome to another episode of shelter Dog training revolution where we pull a Dog from the shelter work with them a Little bit to try to make them more Adoptable tell me if you guys like this Idea click thumbs up if you do and of Course subscribe to my channel follow me On Instagram for daily dog training tips

Live training sessions and top secret News if you’re having issues with your Dog pick up a copy of my brand new book Guide to a well-behaved dog I’ll have a Link below let’s go inside and see what We can find Bigfoot is one of my Favorite kind of shelter dogs he’s a Senior dog Bigfoot’s nine years old he Spent the last year of his life living At the animal shelter Bigfoot was Relinquished because his last family Just didn’t want him anymore and Training and teaching a dog how to be More social and listen better can go a Long way towards making them more Adoptable and giving them the better Life that they deserve there are a lot Of pros to getting an older dog Oftentimes when you adopt an older dog You don’t have to deal with as many of The common puppy problems and they’re Older and more settled and more mature That doesn’t mean they don’t need Training necessarily when you think About the environment of many shelters It can be a potentially stressful Environment for many dogs so I like to Take that into account before I just Start jumping into training a dog and Being very mindful of the fact that just Moments ago that Bigfoot was in a Shelter environment around lots of dogs Nothing can quite compare – being out here with one person getting

That one-on-one time so we’re gonna give Us some time to adjust I’m putting a Long lead now on Big Foot just to give Them a little bit of a greater area to Roam around and check everything else Let’s go see what’s over here Big Foot It’s really important for dogs to get Comfortable with and take in their new Environment they’ve got to appreciate All those smells and sights and the wind And all of those things those all affect Your training and if they’re too focused On those things then it’s hard to Connect with them so better to let them Get it out of their system and just take It all in hey what’s this let’s say oh Look at that guys alright so that’s an Encouraging sign as far as I know Bigfoot’s never been here before and He’s playing with a tug toy what’s the Significance of getting him to play with A toy well his mindset appears to be Pretty happy and optimistic and excited Right now he’s focused on me cuz I’ve Got the toy those are two really Important things when you’re training a Dog I’m gonna make the toy boring and See if you let’s go yes drop it kind of An accidental let go but notice I’m Gonna give him the toy right back so We’ve done a little bit of playing with Bigfoot we’ve let him explore a little Bit I think it’s time to see what he can Do I’m getting him to take a treat from

Me to let him know look I’m good I give You good stuff does he know what’s it Not a bad start I love it sit how about It down oh good job buddy that’s great Now let’s see what happens if I say down See he’s confused when I point to the Ground if I lure him that’s great but Look I got a bend over here and hunched Down maybe I don’t want to do that so Let’s see if we can teach Bigfoot to lie Down while I stand up the way to do that Rather than just luring him like I did I’m gonna do like a half floor I’m not Gonna go down quite as far down very Good so that way I was only down half Way and we’ll bring him in to enough Just by luring him there Good job do you see the difference Though from here listens very readily When I do it just like that as compared To down see that completely different We’re only a couple of inches away That’s how nuanced your communication Can be I’d like to see if we can improve On that real quick he’s a sharp dog you Can see just working through that a Little bit with them going a couple of Times showing him exactly what you mean It’s a good way to improve communication And broaden their view of you and by That I mean if you can really get your Dog to focus on you in a variety of Different contexts it really helps to Broaden your communique

With them let’s work on stay now and see How he does let me give him a hand Signal with Stacy we get him to stay for Five seconds stay one two three four Five works for me let’s see what happens When I walk away though stay okay come On let’s go get over here and look come Win calm he’s really a smart boy he’s Doing so well it’s really important that Our dogs know how to stay and how to Come when we call them I think as long As his new family continues to work with Him on his basic obedience that should Be looking good but I did notice that Before he was pulling on the leash quite A bit I’m gonna switch back to a regular Leash in let’s see how he does on his Leash walking skills leash skills are Incredibly important for dogs especially A big strong dog like Bigfoot you want Him to be very obedient on leash so I’ve Got his currency I’m using good treats Today the way I like to start a leash Training session is really just by going Back and forth and rewarding liberally When he pays attention to me and so you Can see there every time he’s pulling Ahead I’m just encouraging him to come Back and part of the reason he’s doing So well is because he’s been out here We’ve been doing training he’s gotten a Little bit of exercise that sometimes is All you need to get a compliant dog Bigfoot is a perfect example of how

Shelter dogs can be just fantastic dogs I mean straight out of the shelter he’s Been there a year his other family Didn’t want him I’ve spent what an hour With him and he’s doing fantastic on his Training click thumbs up for a Bigfoot Make sure you’re subscribed to my Channel I’m gonna have Bigfoots Information in the description consider Adopting him and if not him check your Local town shelter or rescue group for The best dog ever if you enjoy videos Like this consider supporting us on Patreon as well your funds go towards Helping us make more videos like this Follow me on Instagram I do daily Training tips live training sessions and I’ll share upcoming breaking news with You get my brand-new book guide to a Well-behaved dog I’ll have that link in The description we’ll see you guys next Time

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