How To Train ANY Puppy To Walk on Leash PERFECTLY!

How To Train ANY Puppy To Walk on Leash PERFECTLY!

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Why you got to cause a scene when There’s a police car right there i mean Come on kona Be cool i’m zach george i’m a dog Trainer Meet my new project kona i’ve got just Three weeks to train her and set her up For the most well-behaved life possible That means i need to work on the most Common puppy issues like potty training How to actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know real Dog training doesn’t always go smoothly And that’s why i’m going to show you Every success And mistake and how i work through all The most challenging parts of raising a New puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide My time with kona is running out i can’t Believe how fast things go but there’s Still some very important things i want To make progress on with her so i want To do some more training In public to see how she does one of the First things i like to do with kona in The morning you know after i let her out For her first potty break after she’s Had a little bit of play time Is to do some very light training for

Her breakfast just to kind of get her Warmed up and primed for the day of Training Kona loves her breakfast in fact i don’t Know that i’ve ever seen a puppy that Likes to eat as much as her When kona first started staying with us She was an excessive jumper you saw a Little bit of it there it’s still there A little bit But you can see i love this dog Boy it’s great when your training Actually works because remember she Wasn’t even conditioned to the crate When we first got her so i love seeing That Feeding your dog in their crate is a Must if you’re trying To get them comfortable with being in Their crate have you ever seen a puppy In hail food like this Finding a food that your dog loves Eating is always a plus i like to give Her this right after her breakfast as Well These are sea meal soft shoes these Aren’t just like treats these are Super nutrient dense supplements for Your dog the first ingredient is dried Seaweed meal Which we all know is good for us if you Start off by feeding your puppy a Really premium food while they’re Growing the most it could make a huge

Difference as they get older just for Our viewers you can get thirty percent Off of select solid gold products by Going to Zac i’ll have a link below we’re gonna Go find a place to train As we’re walking to there she’s gonna Get a lot of time to adjust To yet another dramatically different Setting than she’s used to We’re here in downtown new orleans today This is a place that i love to train Dogs because of all the distractions And the fact that it’s a nice urban Setting so for kona This could be a total curveball for her It could be really challenging for her To focus Or she may continue to impress we’ll Just have to see Kona come on there we go so far so good And i’m not even training yet One thing that’s immediately different About training here i’ve got to keep This leash really short i mean we’ve got Cars all over the place so I don’t want to let her wander too much And that restriction that i have to keep Her on right here Might make her a little uncomfortable i Want to be cognizant of that because if She feels like she’s having a pull to Get everywhere it might not put her in The right mindset for this training

Session but safety is of course the Number one priority so I’ll try and balance those two things as We go ahead we have a little city bird When you’re filming out here you don’t Know when a bird is going to cross your Path or a dog is going gonna come around The corner Or any of that so i’m just stopping Right here because i feel like i just Want her to Stop and look around rather than Continuing the walk and see if i can Encourage her to move along on the walk Hey kona yes let’s go come on See that do you see how she had to think Through her actions there there was no Manipulating her with the leash at all It’s natural to want to Physically control your dog there’s Nothing even inhumane about that Necessarily they’re just not really Experiencing Originating a particular behavior and There are endless training opportunities When you’re in a new place i mean here We have some broken glass that we have To watch out for I want to be pre-emptive because i don’t Want to mess around with her Accidentally getting piece of that look At me Yes look at me let’s go come on Yes just wanted to be extra careful

There we go Good girl so there we go don’t give your Puppy too much of a benefit of the doubt I really want to improve kona’s heel She’s shown so much potential at such a Young age for this And she has been so adaptable thus far In various environments that If we could get her walking nicely on Leash out here that would be a huge plus Let me pick up where we left off Yesterday and just kind of remind her What this whole exercise is about Easy yes good i have to kind of remind Her of easy we just introduced that Concept yesterday If your puppy takes treats really rough Watch the last episode What’s this look at me yes since i’m in Public here i really want to make this Heel training exercise as Easy as i can for her even if that means Giving her tiny bits of the treat that I’m holding every half Step after all she’s a young puppy Obviously today this is still very lore Dependent this is a brand new behavior But maybe by the end of this lesson I can get a few examples of her healing Without having to have a treat so Obviously in front of her since she does Follow this lore so well i’m really Trying to refine that Spin into heel position she’s really

Doing well on that and of course it Takes a little bit of time to phase out The lure on this one but My objective with doing this right now Is just to get that muscle memory intact Dogs have to learn how to use All four of their legs in distinct ways Moving forward when your dog is healing You want them paying Strict attention to you do keep in mind Though heal is not how you would walk Her on a regular basis It’s just a more disciplined form of Walking which is important in urban Environments like this but Sometimes you just have to let your dog Be a dog and take a normal walk without Healing too In fact most of the time you should do That kona Here here yeah what what are you even Doing Yes come here back here she’s getting a Little ahead of me there But i still like that she’s slowing down Her pace and looking up at me Not asking for perfection here just Trying to slowly evolve this behavior Let’s go what’s going on yes Loving that see how she does on the left Here i’m just trying to get kona really Enthusiastic about paying attention to Me in general i’m not looking for a Super strict heel as much as i’m just

Looking for her to seem like she’s Joyfully engaging with me yes good girl There we go Good job getting her warmed up with the Mechanics and trying to remind her where We left off was helpful And then getting a little peppier seemed To really get her more interested in me So Maybe that’s my sign to be more Interesting to her do you like this are You having a good time Come let’s go Look at me here kona Yes good okay good job so there we go Not bad i like her little prance she’s Coming to life there You might have noticed in that last Example i didn’t use any treats to lure Her Because i think she’s starting to get The picture so i can get her to pay Attention to me reinforce after she does What i want her to do i mean that’s what I’m trying to see anyway this is the Very first step in phasing out treats Over time Back here getting a little in front Yes good keep going Let’s go this way Back here look at that she’s really Starting to follow that hand signal Yeah oh look at the sits i like that Good work okay take a break good girl

I want to go down the street over here I’m not going to insist that she does a Heel like we were just practicing right There but i just want her to kind of Stay in my general area let her have a Leisure walk herself She’s smelling something here look at That Calling dogs off ground sense can be Tough Kona come yes good Definitely reinforce that when you get It you can see how Training a dog requires you to be Overwhelmingly Consistent but the good news is is if You can Master being very consistent going Through these steps Your dog will learn at light speed but If you just lack like 15 or 20 percent consistency that can Set you back for months if not longer so You really do just want to commit And follow through and your dog will Learn to do anything you want them to do Every once in a while kona sees Something that really piques her Interest When she’ll let out a little bit of a Bark all of that’s fine i mean we’re not Seeing any outbursts And by letting her investigate things And make sense of them

She’s likely to adjust much more quickly So that heel training session was just a Few minutes it wasn’t very long at all Because at this age we’re really trying To balance socializing to the world and Our basic training at the same time Let’s see how her stay with distance is Doing that’s an important one I swear she understands every word i’m Saying kona come Sit stay you can lie down if you want Good girl Okay good girl yes Nice i noticed a couple of yawns there i Mean i you know They happened right after i gave her a Request so she might be a little Frustrated i’m not sure About that i’m going to test again just To see but that’s my cue to lighten up a Little bit on her maybe You know that’s what we have to look for With our puppies remember Signs that a dog is getting frustrated Or excessive yawning Excessive lip licking scratching or even Biting at your clothes a little more Sit stay yes Look at me stay So you see she’s having a tougher time Here and that’s because we hear Different things in the background There’s a big Bust going by i’m going to give her a

Second and then we’ll try to pick up With state with distance after she’s had A moment i mean really Finding the tempo of a training session It’s all part of the discovery process With a new dog like this Yes i actually like the automatic sit There and remember part of the challenge Of this particular training session Is we’ve just arrived here seconds ago And we jumped right into training i Wanted to see if I could get her to respond to me we were Over there she was well adjusted Here she’s not so the difference of just Half a block is huge Look at me yes so i’m gonna look for Really easy things to reward her on Like look at me oh okay yes Good work girl There we go about that i’m gonna give Her some solid gold kibbles there So in a way i’m kind of waiting for her To initiate this training session when She feels comfortable i’m waiting for Those signs from her that she’s like hey Let’s play that game where i do stuff And you give me treats Yes that’s not a bad thing to do with Your own dog i mean a real part of Training a dog is just waiting for them To be in the right mood and to offer the Behaviors Organically yes rather than requesting

Them Make them think it’s their idea right And you’ll find that by doing this over Time your dog is going to be Much more in tune with you yes i like That she’s relaxed that’s kind of an Organic stay So let me see if i can say stay she’s Been really good about this Okay come yes Good girl we’re gonna do a surprise Primary training session here in a Second i noticed there was a bottle cap Back there i picked it up and i’m gonna Toss this in front of her and ask her to Stay With very little notice teaching a dog To respond to you on something like stay Or come when called on very short notice Is essential We don’t want to wait until a real life Situation happens where we suddenly have To ask them to stay or come to us While they’re in a surprise state of Mind kona Stay look at me Yes okay come on this way good girl So she had no notice right there at all That that was that bottle cap was gonna Come in front of her and make that dingy Sound right That was a really good instance right There where we really had the element of Surprise

And she succeeded pretty flawlessly i Want to try that drill Again but of course the element of Surprise isn’t quite as good here but I’m going to make it a little more Exciting Who is that so here you can see she’s Barking at someone look at me yes there We go i was able to get her attention Off of the police vehicle there why you Got to cause a scene when there’s a Police car right there i mean come on Kona Nonchalant man be cool look at me Stay look at me Yeah i was huge you guys she’s doing so Well Look at me yes Look at me yes All right let’s try some food Stay look at me Yes so i mean Okay good girl leave it Yes good girl come on let’s go this way I mean that was Really impressive you can see how kona’s Impulse control Is really starting to go next level Right now new environment Being surprised listening on short Notice like that 14 weeks old What a star student she is you can see How we are connecting All of the dots in these lessons here

She’s doing well with sit Down stay look at me come leash walking Paying attention at will leaving things Alone When we ask her to i mean there’s a lot Going on here More than just leash walking you can see At this point we’re not focusing on one Thing at a time necessarily we’re really Combining a lot of those skills Into a single experience for kona oh Here we have the Obligatory garbage truck garbage trucks Can throw many dogs off So i love this training situation right Here Nice job girl look at how normal and Well adjusted she is Behaving now you know if she weren’t We would do some basic desensitizing and Counter conditioning with her i’ve had To do a lot of that with my own dog Inertia i mean every dog is different Some dogs are more naturally Prone to be reactive towards things like That others are more dialed back like Kona What’s this god Yes yes Yes Another garbage truck good job I think we could be street performers in New orleans no problem I mean it’s a good fallback option if

This whole youtube thing doesn’t work Out You’ll have to know how to take a bow Yeah huh Yes okay good i’ve had kind of a tough Time getting that lure away where she’ll Hold it because she wants to get up Almost Immediately when i pull it away but Sometimes you can see how it’s really Splitting hairs at the beginning of this Particular training session again in a Distracting environment so i need to Take that into account too it’s a little Bit harder just by virtue of being in an Outdoor new place i was having to really Just Constantly reward to keep her in that Position with the aim of trying to get My hand to pause out here to eventually Phase it into a hand signal which would Be you know take a bow Yes yes i was able to get a small Victory i was able to get her to hold That bow position For just a fraction of a second longer Which is progress And that principle applies to so many Things whether it’s heel what we’re Trying to keep them in a specific Position and you’ll know from past Videos even though it looks like i’m Rewarding or a lot in this case i was Using

Chicken remember i’m just feeding little Tiny micro bits through my Fingers as she holds the position so it Is a small amount just to be clear Okay good girl good job so we’ve got hug We’ve got bow let’s see how shake is Doing Shake can i have your paw Yes okay i’ll take it shake might need a Little work You can see on this 10 foot lead right Now she’s starting to get a little away From me so I’m going to proof come when called on Short notice Kona come yes Good come here there’s a scent right Through the bushes here it’s got her Attention but She did come to me so i want to let her Know i like that Kona come Yes good girl and i’m just kind of Luring her into that heel position Loosely Just to again have a slow steady effort To work on that muscle memory right kona Come Look at this this is her first elevator Come on girl let’s go Good job come on good work isn’t that Neat it’ll be interesting to see how she Responds to the movement of the elevator Here

As we go up good girl Listen to that buzz that vibrating floor You know it’s a loud elevator that’s a Wonderful Socialization experience for a young dog Like this and she’s Classic kona right here Yes i even like that she’s offering me Her attention in this new situation Okay come on Leave it see right there i had to use Force Because i failed to control the Environment and keep aware we can’t be Perfect so i’m not saying that You never use force when you’re training A dog it’s just the least Ideal option because if i was paying Attention i could have practiced in real Life leave it You know over time it’ll be my duty to Set her up for those training exercises Like we did before because i hate when i Have to do that right that’s not ideal She’s not going to learn That’s more of a management technique Than it is a training technique the Leash’s primary function is a safety net To prevent your dog from going too far Doing something you don’t want to but we Don’t use the leash ideally anyway To physically train our dog right but in That case I was caught off guard i had to rely on

The safety net to keep her away from Picking up a potentially harmful item And so i only bring this up to let you Know that yeah sometimes you do have to Have tension on your leash when your dog Is going for something But i also want to differentiate that That is not really The ideal training strategy in order to Teach your dog to originate thoughts From the inside outwards so real good Example right there it happens to all of Us Look at this fountain right here this is Another unique socialization experience Let’s let her look at that you can see It’s got her attention a little bit [Applause] Can’t be more distracting than a catsuit Hurricane can it [Applause] She’s interested you want to try paws up Yes nice job girl Okay good job and pause up [Applause] Look at that generalizing paws up out Here conan has done a lot of training Today i don’t think we really need to do Much but it is worth pointing out that If you can Socialize your dog around uh Construction equipment and loud sounds At a distance where they feel Comfortable then you might get a lot of

Benefit for that now if your dog was More nervous you might want to work up To an environment like a construction Site but for a dog like kona this can Only further her progress And condition her to react ideally when Encountering Places just like this we’re actually Required to walk through a construction Zone That’s how we get to where we’re going We’ve got some construction workers to Pass over here Good leave it alone good girl yes That was wonderful real life leave it in Action there that was awesome huh That’s essentially a surprise training Drill right there that we got and i was Ready to snap into training mode but she Reacted how i wanted her to so i was so Thrilled with that We can’t go into the casino until you’re A little bit older kona we’ve got Something here Leave it kona look at me Come there’s a good example of where she Got fixated I covered the scent up with my foot got Her attention on me i’m gonna have to do It again here And then ask her to voluntarily come on Let’s go yes Again resisting the urge to just yank Her along and say come on let’s go

You know i mean you’ll find if you can Just be patient And take your time doing that kind of Training Your dog will really understand it at a Much deeper level Much more quickly honestly bree made an Amazing discovery the other day she Noticed that on the kindle app In a book you can actually see some of The top highlighted points that Actual readers highlighted and then it Occurred to us well I’ve got a book right i wonder what People are highlighting and what They are finding most helpful about my First book dog training revolution i Swear This is not a commercial or a promotion For my book i just want to Genuinely cover what you guys think are The most important things for the next Year i strongly recommend Insisting that your dog hold a sit stay For five to ten seconds at every open Door leading to the outside before Allowing them to walk through it be Really consistent this Is a biggie i love that that’s Highlighted because teaching a dog to Stay in an open doorway is a potentially Life-saving skill you’ll recall that was One of the major things that i wanted to Accomplish

With kona during this series was really Showing her how to stay when there were Really exciting things going on Outside so i would throw a toy i would Distract her with treats in other words I really want a dog to understand that Staying when they want to go Is something that we as people strongly Value Here’s another one when i have a new dog My protocol is to attach a four to six Foot leash to my belt loop during the Day so that when i get up to go to the Kitchen check the mail or do yard work My dog Is with me i’m just saying i do practice What i preach That’s also a good one being able to Manage your dog’s environment that’s Everything Reason being if your dog is with you all The time Then you’re in a position to prevent bad Habits from occurring And you’re also in a position to reward Good skills that you wish to see Repeated too So attach a leash to you especially with A puppy in training by the way can we Just observe how amazing kona is doing With her first barge going down the Mississippi river right here Let’s go on to our next quote for treats During primary training sessions again

Use tiny pieces of real chicken or other Real meat the reward Should be very small the size of a grain Of rice for small dogs and no larger Than a pea for medium to large dogs So today i’ve been using a combination Of her kibble solid gold And chicken just to kind of mix things Up but knowing how to pay your dog when They’re learning something new And knowing which currency to use is Huge oh this next one is about Fetch don’t use treats for fetch it says Trying to teach a dog to fetch within Minutes of using food Is a bad idea in most cases as the dog Is in food mode And less likely to be grabby with their Mouth the reward for a proper fetch Should be the toy or the object so i Think that makes sense a lot of people Are thrown off by that because we use Food so much For training obedience and it kind of Slips our mind sometimes that for Teaching a dog to play a vigorous game Of fetch we really want them in play Mode where they’re like yeah that’s Awesome i want to play tug of war and Just be really playful Food has the effect of getting dogs to Be on their best behavior and it almost Makes them behave a little bit more Formally

Subduing the play but the whole point of Fetch is to have a way to really bring That energy to the surface so that you Can get them To burn it on demand when you need to You know on your terms and schedule in Fact in our last video when i was Teaching Kona a retrieve which is different than A fetch i was using food because i Wanted her to be a little bit more Dialed back not so playful i just wanted To pick an item up and bring it back but You notice that the second i switched From the toy as a reward to the food as The reward she got a lot less grabby With the toy This is the number six most highlighted Point in the book the fastest way to Achieve a bond with most dogs is through Activities that involve Play such as fetch tug of war or even a Game of chase in the backyard As plato once said you can discover more About a person In an hour of play than in a year of Conversation That quote has always resonated with me Because it seems So applicable to dogs it’s just the best Way to get to know a dog and for a dog To get to know you when you’re in a Truly authentic Genuine place of play with your dog it’s

Euphoric for them And you at the same time i mean think About how good you feel when your dog is Playing tug of war and being all goofy And crazy Or how you feel when they’re running After a ball and burning all that Energy and vigorously coming back to you When dogs associate things they love With you that bond grows and when that Bond grows you’ll have a dog that does Anything i’m glad you guys highlighted This one here too this is a super Valuable one prepare to spend 20 minutes To one hour a day of training and Exercise at least Five days a week for the first six Months to a year of training I guess that one was highlighted so much Because it really highlights the recipe To a trained dog right if you put in the Time And you’re doing the right things during That time you can expect your dog to Behave as Most people would wish their dog to Behave oh an example is highlighted as Our next quote for example If you ask your dog to come and she Doesn’t come then it’s up to you to snap Into training mode for a few seconds or A few minutes if necessary to motivate Her to come to you regardless of what You’re busy doing

You gave the request now see it through And make sure you get the result You want i mean that’s true follow Through is huge so in the case of Getting your dog to come to you In a worse case if you’re calling them You’re offering them treats And they’re like no i don’t want to come Well you still have to see it through And you have to go up And gently escort them back to the point From where you were calling them from I mean especially with something like Come when called it’s vital To follow through i love how you guys Are really clued into very specific Pieces of advice in the book Next also remember to put away your Dog’s favorite toys unless you’re Playing with them that way your pet will Be excited When you bring them out as a reward if Special toys like balls frisbees and tug Toys are just left out all the time They’ll likely Lose their potency with that i do want To clarify too that that doesn’t mean You leave All toys put away i mean especially with A dog like kona having various toys of Varying textures Are important for her to chew on but it Is true things like balls Frisbees and tug toys especially i like

To use those as currency So those are usually put out of her Reach some good potty training advice Here on number two At the very least walk your dog first Thing in the morning right after he Wakes up from a nap 10 to 20 minutes After eating and drinking After playtime and right before bedtime Not much to say about that Let your dog out very often if you’re Trying to potty train a new dog This next quote is kind of related to The last one here dogs will typically Have to go potty about 15 to 20 minutes After eating and also make sure you Remove your dog’s water dish two hours Before bedtime and during house training Potty training a puppy is one of those Things that requires so much Follow-through you have to really be Committed for that first year of Training Of not getting too complacent just Because you go a couple of days without An accident for many dogs it only takes One or two accidents in the house for Them to start Trending towards desiring to go in the House instead of outside so Being on top of potty trading we’re on The same page And keep in mind the book isn’t even Required all the information you need is

In these videos but some people like Having that written guide so i’ll have a Link below I think kona is ready for a nap just a Reminder check out solid gold food see If it’s right for your dog you can save 30 On select solid gold products i’ll have A link in the description subscribe to My channel follow us on instagram Facebook and tick tock to see what We’re up to and we’ll see you in the Next video

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