How to train Come and Stay to a “Stubborn Breed” Dog

How to train Come and Stay to a "Stubborn Breed" Dog

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Have you ever heard that certain breeds Are hard to train like Huskies well Today I’ve got one-year-old malachi with Me and i’m going to show you that modern Dog training methods to work on any dog Regardless of their breed click thumbs Up from Malachi make sure you’re Subscribed to my youtube channel and Pick up a copy of my book in written or Audio form I’ll have the links in the Description you can see that Malachi is So distracted by all the birds there’s People walking there’s dogs So we’re going to have our hands full Today did you know that you can get dog Food that’s catered to your dog’s Specific breed their energy level and Other factors using an optimized dog Food based on your dog’s activity level And other considerations is extremely Important Peplow has virtually all of The brand just choose your favorite Brand of dog food how often you want to Deliver to your house all the details in The description if you google how to Train a husky this is what comes up Huskies are notorious for being Difficult to train they are a pack dog With a hierarchical order of leadership And therefore our stubborn strong-willed And independent stereotypes like this Are not based on modern dog behavior Research the fact is all dogs learn in Basically the same way if the outcome to

A behavior is viewed as favorable to a Dog then that dog is more likely to Repeat that behavior in the future Remember at their core dogs were Specifically bred to take direction from Us people and that’s what we have to tap Into when teaching them people the Architects of the domestic dog did not Continue to breed the dogs that didn’t Listen to us so it’s really on us to Take the time to teach them I’d like to Get an idea of what Valentine’s current Existing communication is with people I’ve got some treats today I’m using Real bits of Turkey C’mere mal guy ready when you sit yeah That was excellent Great sit but see if you can lie down Now there it is alright he’s good with Lie down nice job buddy One way that I really like to assess how Well a dog understands a person is will He lie down if I point to the ground fly Down with lie down I still have to lure Him it looks like so that tells me he’s Really a beginner dog he hasn’t quite Broken through to the next level I was Hoping that today we could make some Progress On the two most important skills there Are for any dog come when called and Stay you might notice I’ve got a really Long lead on Malachi these are excellent I highly recommend that you do this when

You’re training in a really distracting Environment remember dogs taking the World so differently than we do all of The sights and smells can be really Stimulating to a dog especially when They’re only a year old like Malachi so I want to make sure that I have really Good control of the environment for all Of my training very important so let’s Find out if this husky can be trained to Stay we’re going to put them into a sit I’m going to start really small we’re Going to ask him to stay stay yeah that Was a one-second stay that’s what we’re Going for out here Malachi yes good job I just kind of encouraged him to look up Here to pay attention to me Good work stay that was even longer than I was like a two-second day see if we Can get a five-second one real quick We’re good me Jay one two three four Oh I pushed him to failure there so let me Not make that mistake again so he’s Doing really well for stay for a period Of time but as you might understand in Your own experience it’s a lot more Challenging to get a dog to stay when You walk away from them so we’re going To see if we can make some progress on That with him right now today I’m just Going to walk away for a quick moment And come back and reward again I’m not Adding a lot of time here because we Want to make it easy at first gradually

Making it more challenging good work Nice work buddy I’m going to give them An extra treat right there because I Know that he’s reaching deep I mean look At all these distractions It gets no more distracting this for Training Thanks Nice work Good Worf I’m going to see if I can get A little bit farther away from them sit Stay good job so I got a little bit Farther away but I didn’t pause at the End and wait for him to fail it’s really Important to catch your dogs succeeding Stay I did a little pause at the end and He was really good I think we’ve got Some good momentum here so I’m gonna Keep it going stay right here and I’m Pausing now maokai look at me yes oh That was a really big victory right There because you can see he was looking Around at the birds and I was able to Get his attention on me and we’re just Telling him okay let him know that the Stay is over let’s throw in some Distraction sound see how well he does Ooh boy he likes the squeaky toys sit Yes good job stay all right good job so He stayed while I squeaks the toy now Let’s give it some motion that’s going To make it way more challenging stay oh Boy yep so right there I think we need To ease him into that one good stay good Stay again yes so I’m just easing him

Into being able to stay with this Distraction we have a real-life squeaky Toy in the background call them duck There’s a dog in the background right Now he’s not trying to chase after the Dog because I’m using a good currency Because I’m keeping things really upbeat And interesting for him right now he’s You know he’s kind of sticking around That’s what we want training to be about For that first year Good job very good all right so I got to Set it on the ground for just a moment See how breaking things down into small Steps like this can be really effective Today I want to acknowledge the small Things I mean right that was really good You could see it in his eyes right there It was almost as though he said is this What you want though it clicked in his Mind that was really a cool moment right There all right so that’s pretty good I Was able to squeak it drop it he held His stay and over the next few weeks of Training you would want to build on that Once your dog is at that level one of The biggest myths about Huskies is that They’re terrible about coming back to You when you call them especially when In a really distracting setting like This and I’ve got news for you that’s True for just about every kind of dog Out there and it’s quite common for dogs Not to come to you when you call them

Without extensive training we’re going To see if we can shatter that myth with Malachi right now I’m just going to get Them warmed up with that stay real quick Stay I’m going to get low to be more Inviting come on yes good job I’m going To give him a big giant reward here to Let him know that I love that he came Walking towards me again in an outdoor Distracting environment that was our First success with come win call that Was amazing come on Malachi come on Sometimes when you get lower to the Ground like this dogs are more likely to Come to you it’s just more inviting Being eye-level I suppose all right so I’m going to try doing this really far Away Lots more distractions right now and We’re going to see how he does I’m just Going to keep going here all right come Here buddy come on come on Malachi come On yes Come on Malachi come on boy come on you Can do it you can do it yes good work So my last attempt there Malachi broke His stage he still came to me and I Really appreciate that but he was kind Of just walking in a real slow lazy way Ideally I prefer a dog just bolting to Me if that’s their personality I think He may have it in him stay Come on malachi come on yeah that’s – Now that’s what I like to see it a lot

More peppy a lot more vigorous there I Love that I’m going to reward with the Toy you know sometimes you should mix up Your rewards a lot of dogs will work a Lot harder for a toy than they will for Food even and right there he got away From me a little bit so I grabbed for The lead just so I could maintain Control of them no big deal that’s why We have it one of my favorite ways to Teach your dog to to come to me is my Being really playful and running away From them the power of play is pretty Amazing When it comes to teaching a dog like Malachi look how engaged so it’s how Happy he is right now so chances are if You think your dog doesn’t listen to you Because of their breed its ty just Because you don’t know exactly what You’re doing but that’s what my videos Are for if you think these videos are as Important as I do help me make more by Making a small monthly contribution to Our production cost I’ll have a link to My patreon campaign in the description Click thumbs up for Malachi make sure You’re subscribed to my channel set up Automatic pet food delivery at pet flow And pick up a copy of my book in written Or audio form I’ll have all the details In the description Malachi you did a Great job today

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