How To Train Small Puppies!

How To Train Small Puppies!

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This video is sponsored by pet flow Click thumbs up for Rex the Maltese Puppy subscribe to my channel and pick Up a copy of my best-selling book too so Many of us are spending unnecessary time Driving to the store to get heavy bags Of dog food and carrying them to and From her car every week if you’re the Type of person that likes to eliminate Chores like this where possible then let Peplow handle all of this for you in Three steps go to pet flow comm slashes Act George I’ll have a link in the Description choose your dog’s favorite Brand of food tell pet flow how often You want to deliver to your front door And enter code Zak 30 when you check out You’ll receive $10 off your first 3 Automatic shipments all those details Are in the description today I’m joined By Rex and he’s only 3 months old so He’s still working on his fundamentals Many of you out there have small dogs And I know I regularly receive enquiries As to what we need to do differently With small dogs as opposed to larger Dogs well we’re gonna find out with Rex Today hey Rex come here oh boy I think We’ll definitely need to work on come Win called when training virtually any Dog you’ll find that there are more Responsive the closer you are to them Now I like to call this the training Bubble the distance between your eyes

And their eyes so one of the first Things you’ll notice about working with A smaller dog is that well they’re small So the distance between your eyes is Quite significant see when you’re close To your dog during training it’s a lot Easier to keep their attention on you And if you try to get them to listen to You while you’re farther away that Training bubble pops so we have to Nourish it and build it slowly So since smaller dogs are closer to the Floor well ideally that means you should Be closer to the floor to at least in The beginning parts of training a dog You know how to sit look at that alright So his family’s been working with him a Little bit on sit it looks like it looks Really reliable but look how far away we Are I mean we’re practically Nose-to-nose right here so let me just Demonstrate my point let’s see what Happens when I ask Rex to sit when the Distance between our eyes is greater Rex It so right there he’s looking at me and He’s like what are you talking about Let’s try it again Rex sit right if I’m over here and I say Sit look at that he pops right into it But you could definitely see he was a Little bit confused there when I asked Him to sit from a distance the idea here Is to see if we can extend the training Bubble in order to get Rex

You focus on something basic likes it From a farther distance sit good alright So that’s a little bit farther away Right sit good excellent job sit there Are some of us who might find get more Difficult to get close to the ground and When training a dog and if that’s the Case try using a great treat at really Prioritize teaching look at me to Strengthen that training bubble and see If you really get look at me solid like This then that will have a lot of Positive effects on your training level In terms of making it bigger all puppies Have to learn how to reliably come to us When we call them most dogs don’t Generalize this skill from new place to New place or from circumstance to Circumstance and when you’re training Your dog to come to you your training Bubble is really important too often we Expect our dogs to come to us from Across the house or across a big field Without extensive training and that’s Not realistic for most dogs that’s why You really need to focus on training Your dog to come when called in a small Area like this at first there’s not a Lot of distractions to throw them off And you can really focus on teaching Them the concept not everyone is Comfortable with it but if you aren’t Get real low to the ground like that It’s much more inviting when those big

Human eyes are right there inviting a Dog if you’ve got a brand new dog focus On getting them to come to you from just A couple of feet away at first and use Tiny treats liberally and an upbeat fun Tone to direct them and motivate them to Come to you as you call them now if your Dog is a little bitey or you’re not Totally comfortable with your dog use Discretion here of course let’s see if We can get him to come from a little bit Farther away come here Rex Rex come here Facts Rex so right there he’s ignoring Me He kind of acknowledged me just thinking About it but watch I have a hunch if I Get real in the ground right now he’s Gonna come running to me let’s see Rex I Mean look at that just like that and so That really illustrates the point when You get down here like this to hugs are Like oh you look a lot more interesting And resist the urge to get mad or Frustrated when your dog invariably Doesn’t come to you sometimes hey Rex Come here come here right now Rex is Walking around over there he’s now Coming to me when I call him as quickly As I’d like so what do you do when your Dog actually doesn’t come to you first We’re gonna shrink our training bubble And try and provide some additional Motivation I’m gonna let him know I’ve Got that tree but I’m not gonna give

Treat for not listening to me right I’m Just gonna have him walk like this come On come on That way they really learn to go through The motions of actually walking towards You when you call them and remember if You got a puppy like this you need to Make sure that you have treats located All over the place out of your dog’s Reach that keep well at room temperature So that you can jump into these Spontaneous training sessions as needed Just like this sometimes dogs are so Excited or maybe you’re using treats That your dog isn’t too enthused about What do you do in that situation Well there’s no harm in picking them up And bringing them back to where you Called them from well that doesn’t Really teach them to come to you it Still shows them that look I’m still Going to enforce the rules you can’t Ignore me but training sessions like This aren’t where you teach your dog to Reliably come to you these sessions in The beginning are just focused on Teaching your dog the general concept It can take many months to get your dog To come to you and much more distracting Situations start calling them when You’re cooking dinner or watching TV on The internet or whatever and really Catch them off guard that will prepare Them for more realistic situations when

You need them to come to you even when They don’t want to come to you and as we Know the biggest mistake by new puppy Parents too much freedom too early so Always make sure that your dog is on Leash especially when you’re teaching Them to come to you whether you’re Inside or outside the reason is if they Get away with routinely disregarding Your request to come to you well it’s Gonna set your training back Significantly if this has already Happened with you that’s okay just take A step back understand it’s gonna take a Little bit more work since the habit is Well-established of not listening to you But it’s never too late to start over And commit to being consistent from now On so what about teaching your dog to Lie down for example believe it or not This is one of a handful of behaviors That it’s a little bit different when You’re teaching a smaller dog at least For most smaller dogs normally what we Do with larger dogs is we try and lure Them straight down and many larger dogs Will follow that right into a down but Smaller dogs not so much this has more To do with their Anatomy than it does With intelligence I mean it just is more Awkward to lure a smaller dog into a Doubt this requires you as a trainer to Get a little bit more creative with your Lure maybe you might want to go from

Size look at that right there see how I Went to the side I’ve worked with many Small dogs where this can be a two-week Process so he’s doing really well look At that right there and I don’t know if You noticed that that was a little bit Different other than coming out like This I actually went in towards his Chest see that see how he’s going Backwards and then through the legs It’s almost like they fall into the down Right there good job Click thumbs up for Rex he did a great Job today and he’s handsome right make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel get $10 off your first 3 automatic shipments When you set up automatic pet food Delivery through pet flow and a huge Thank you to all of our patrons on Patreon as well see you guys next time Good job thanks

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