How to Train the MOST IMPORTANT Thing to Any Dog [REALITY DOG TRAINING EP: 15]

How to Train the MOST IMPORTANT Thing to Any Dog [REALITY DOG TRAINING EP: 15]

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Despite being an overall prodigy i mean He’s caught the double disc throw in Just a couple of weeks for goodness sake There are two things that george finds Thoroughly irresistible balls of all Kinds And squirrels okay This is reality dog training Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode the journey with George continues and we still have a Couple of pretty major hurdles to Overcome i can honestly say though that This experience would have been a lot Different if i didn’t have super chewer And bark box along the way these boxes Are some of my favorite sources for Incredible toys and very high quality Treats let me show you what a super Chewer box looks like i love their fun Themes doggone fishing this month bri You’re not a fisher person you wouldn’t Get this Yes Is it a pokemon no that is a bobber A bobber so basically the bobber is up Here it connects to the worm and the Hook down here so that when a fish gets It it goes under make sense I can tell this is a squeaky toy look at The top but look i can’t even squeak it And i’m very strong let me tell you you Have to step on it Yep there we go that is the toughest

Squeaky ball known to man right there Each one of these is a completely Different texture which i like but They’re all appropriate for dogs that Are extremely tough and hard on toys Barkbox is the o.g monthly subscription Box from bark it’s probably the greatest Thing ever for dogs who are obsessed With plush toys of all kinds of Different textures and you get first Class streets and a great shoe in every Bark box too play dead Okay she earned one right these are beef Crunchies do you guys want a free bark Box or super chewer box i thought you’d Say yes which is why when you sign up For a multi-month plan at Dog training and dog Training you get a free extra month at This point you’re probably painfully Aware of my struggle to get george to Have some self-control around balls i Mean we’ve had some of the most extreme Training breakdowns of my entire dog Training career not getting that ball i Would not trust him to leave a baseball Alone when we’re outside at this point But we’ve made some progress in my Living room and this morning i made a Rather interesting discovery the only Other thing that george gets as excited About as a ball is his breakfast well And his dinner too i’ve already been Rewarding him with his food for almost

All of his training sessions and it’s Been working really well to motivate him In most situations even in public but When a ball is present he immediately Loses all interest in everything else Including his favorite food so i’ve Tried to up the ante with chunks of Fresh baked chicken but when balls are Involved he’s still not interested this Morning it suddenly clicked that when George sees his kibble in his bowl He’s orders of magnitude more amped up About it he has a super strong positive Association with his food bowl Leave it ah good You can see that obsession with the ball Fighting to come out but i have finally Found something that he actually loves More than all of these balls Leave it Good leave it Yes Leave it Leave it Sit Let it Stay okay Sit Good What what is even happening right now Stay Come Yes Stay

Look at me All right that was an amazing practice Session but for george to actually Function in the real world i have to Teach him to resist baseballs even when We’re outside and it’s not dinner time But i’m pretty much out of time at this Point and i think we might need a Miracle so i’m continuing to work with George on paying attention to me in Specific circumstances where it seems Like he would rather not listen to me Remember the ball is a metaphor for Anything that your dog just absolutely Cannot resist other dogs squirrels Running into the street self-control Exercises like we’re about to do might Be the most important thing you ever Train your dog so our saga with leaving Things like this alone continues now Recently we had a huge breakthrough in The living room where we were working on This and i was able to actually have a Lot of success with him but here we are We’re in a outdoor environment you can See he’s already fixated so i mean i’m Hoping to get him paying attention Around this baseball which he loves more Than just about anything in the universe And then i’ve got some surprises planned For him if he does well with that leave It Look at me Yes good man ah

Nope you’re not allowed to have this Leave it Look at me yes Yes No Stay look at me come George George come No Time’s like this where he seems to be Struggling it’s like what’s going on we Were doing so much better than this Inside it’s been up and down and up and Down and now he seems to be back to Square one all of a sudden but i’m just Gonna take the time to really remind him Here and try and work through this Confusion think about it george did Amazing in our living room and now he’s Basically forgotten everything what’s Different we’re outside asking george to Do as well out here as he did in my House is like asking a kid to be as Focused on their homework at the Playground as they are at your kitchen Table but i know george has it in him to Do this he has to do better than this as A pit bull type dog in today’s society If he goes after the wrong ball and Knocks a child over he may not get a Second chance and this may look innocent Enough but it’s a very serious training Issue for george we have to get this Issue under control now here

So it looks like he’s starting to Remember now let’s go ahead and up the Difficulty let’s see if we can add some More distractions to the mix i happen to Have bought an entire bucket of Baseballs here look at me Stay Yes Very good i really like to face training Issues like this head-on with dogs and So this happens to be one of those Situations where i can easily recreate The intense distraction for george That’s not always easy to do but my Logic here is if i can get him to stay Around many distractions and many Baseballs then i’m probably making some Serious progress on this issue come sit Stay Able to calm away from the balls Good Look at me yes Stay Look at me yes you’re getting it Stay Ah Leave it come No george Come up let go Here i’m really trying to help george Reason through this before resorting to Physically preventing him from accessing These baseballs but ultimately this Attempt is a fail so let’s see if we can

Do better Leave it Come Sit Stay Look at me Stay Look at me yes Good man Stay Ah Stay Look at me Yes Wait Hey George come Leave it alone come good man stay Look at me come Sit yes Look at me Stay Up Here Stay Come Sit Stay yes Hey Leave it Come Sit Stay Leave it

Stay Leave It Ah Come Sit Yes Okay good man all right so it took him a Second to get warmed up but we were able To break through there and get him to Leave the baseballs alone but i’d really Like him to be able to run past that Field of baseballs and come to me when i Ask him to without picking the balls up I don’t want to just immediately set him Up for failure by having him rush Through there let me see if i can get Him to come to me here come Sit You can see he’s looking at him but he’s Reaching very deep no George come Leave it Leave it Come Uh uh uh Sit Okay it definitely could have gone Better come Sit yes let me take a step back and call Him from a shorter distance instead of Expecting him to strut past all 30 of Those baseballs at once on the first try Look at me

Come Yes Good Here Yes Come Yes leave it let go no george has really Broken through on leaving the baseballs Alone while he’s sitting still but when He’s actually running through these Balls it’s a lot harder for him to focus While also retaining his self-control Maybe it feels like trying to rub your Stomach and pat your head at the same Time Yes there you go Come Leave it Come yeah good man In general george tends to get really Excited about new items so i’m extra Impressed that he’s leaving these Baseballs alone and coming to me around Them good man sit Nope Stay Come Yes Good boy you can see he’s thinking about It but he’s reaching deep he’s making Those decisions on his own right there That’s very good Come i’m gonna have george come to me And throw the ball so that the ball is

In motion while he is in motion i’m Progressively making these exercises Even more challenging for him Leave it ah okay see So right there there was motion we still Have work to do let go Let go look great stay George is so close stay Come leave it leave it come leave it He’s doing it this is incredible Progress when you compare george today To how he acted at the beginning of this Series it’s hard to believe that he’s Come this far in this period of time Especially considering how overwhelming His outbursts were when we started okay One enemy conquered but we still have One more big test that george has to be Able to pass let’s go find some Squirrels up to this point george has Demonstrated that he can get totally Overwhelmed with excitement almost every Time he sees a squirrel seems like this Might be a good idea to teach him some Impulse control around squirrels Nature’s dog toy look at their tails i Mean they are designed to entice dogs Here sit good That i mean that was remarkably easy and That’s really what i want to be able to Do get his attention see there’s a Squirrel right there and he gave me his Attention there that was great Sit good man

Stay Good man i have noticed when he sees Like an excited happy dog he just wants To play so much with that dog stay Good boy Here look at me yes Good boy We’ve got a squirrel right there See how he does George Here Come sit it’s almost like he knows i’m Gonna ask him to come to me when he sees The squirrel it’s he’s become Conditioned oh yeah when i see a Squirrel This guy usually asks me to come to him But really i mean you can see he’s come A long way from just a few days ago when We were at the other park i mean he Practically pulled me over trying to get To a squirrel so he’s showing a lot of Potential here he does find a certain Contentment in walking with that ball he Was a little tough to work with moments Ago but just giving him a nice little Walk and allowing him to adapt to the Environment and get some of that energy Out he becomes a new dog most dogs like Him are this close to being super Obedient if we just go out of our way to Do those things i want to see something Though let me call him george come Good man yes now

See how this works Okay you here What are you going to do Here go on there’s some treats There we go Leave oh boy That’s it you can see he’s fortunately He’s not a resource guarder with uh toys But he’s pretty intense about it so he Let go Here do you want these so i’ve regained Possession i’m gonna make him earn this I’m not just gonna give him the toy for The heck of it right now let’s see how Well his heel is doing What i’m looking at my eyes that’s why I’ve got the toy behind my back here Good because of course i’ll fixate on The toy but that’s not a real heel Though it’s a great way to introduce a Heel here yes that was a really good Looking heel so i’ll go ahead and give Him the toy for that um and i’m gonna Let him chomp on it for a little bit And we’ll see if he becomes oh anytime He does let go of that toy though I am gonna try to take it back Hey oh are you kidding me oh my god do You see what he has I thought it was a bee are you kidding Me We did not plant this there Uh-uh let go He let go i mean when you compare it to

That day at the park when we encountered That baseball he found that out of Nowhere this is why we film everything This is great look at me stay Here look at me leave it Yes Stay Leave it Look at me yes Good man stay Leave it No Come yes George is not used to going out to the Park like this on a regular regular Basis you know so the more normalized This becomes to him in other words the More that he gets out there and Experiences places like that the more Likely he is to behave more normally in Those places so you have to give them Lots of experience so they learn how to Listen to you everywhere over time George has been doing really well Overall when we have him tied out in the House sometimes we even take him off Leash and he’s been doing well when we Supervise him and everything because We’re trying to phase in more freedom But for the time being when we leave the House We’re gonna have to leave him here in This crate but i have noticed that he Tends to get a little bit anxious when i

Leave the room or i go upstairs so i’m Hoping to make some improvement there This appears to be a minor case of Separation anxiety and it would be great To see if we can reduce that Dramatically because we have somewhere To go tonight so he’s going to be all Alone Really great way To encourage your dog to go in their Crate just toss some treats in there Avoid Pushing them in there forcing them in There Good man So i want to see i just want to do a bit Of a dry run here Since george gets a little anxious when I leave sometimes i’m taking the time to Pretend to leave when i’m actually able To focus on him and i’m coming back to Give him great rewards before he has a Chance to get anxious so i’m Counter-conditioning him so instead of Feeling nervous when i leave he’ll start To think oh whenever zach leaves then he Comes back and i get something great at Least i hope that’s what he thinks you Like those barkbox treats huh Good man we’re just making it a game I’m essentially leaving him alone right I’m leaving the house as far as he’s Concerned but it’s for seconds at a time I want to get him comfortable with being

Alone for seconds after i leave before i Can have him behaving acceptably for Minutes or hours after i leave So that’s pretty good i’ve also noticed That sometimes when i go out this back Door as well he gets a little anxious so Hopefully we can continue the success We’re having here So i’m not anticipating too much of a Problem here but this will be the first Time that he’s been left alone in a Crate for a significant period of time When we’ve left the house we’re getting Ready to go out tonight we’ve got george Back here and we have our furbo set up So I’m gonna be checking in on him while We’re gone but really big test today What do you think maybe he’ll get Nervous but i don’t think that it’ll Last very long on a side note though Look how beautiful my wife looks tonight It’s just Stunning you look great thank you i’ve Given george a chew that he’s been Enjoying he’s been making it last so That should preoccupy him we did do some Training so hopefully that’ll help out But i’m a little worried about him but i Think it’s gonna be okay and worst case We’ll just have to come right back and Call our evening short Yeah so he’s doing pretty well there See

So george seems to be relaxing a lot Right now by the way Having a good time at a wedding I have no idea if this audio is usable But George is happy and that is the only Thing that matters yes good job george Look at him He’s chilling Going to sleep It’s been kind of a long time yeah since We left probably like i don’t know four Or five hours since we left i’m really Proud of him i am too he’s well adjusted So zach yes sir I’ll buy you a shot if you remember my Doctor Ready for me to let you out I’m so proud of george and i cannot wait To show you his next episode in the Meantime get a free bark box super Chewer box or both when you sign up for A multi-month plan at dog Training and dog Training if you’re working on teaching Your dog you will definitely like both Of my books too we’ll see you guys in The next episode and hopefully in Between that time we’ll see you on Instagram tiktok and facebook see you Next time You

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