How to Train WITH Play with Your NEW PUPPY! How to Train Without Treats!

How to Train WITH Play with Your NEW PUPPY! How to Train Without Treats!

Puppyhood is a fantastic time to phase in certain types of ”play” for your training! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

Using play to entice or keep your dog’s interest while training is a must with most puppies. In fact, it’s essential to make your training multidimensional! I’ll show you how to get your dog started on ”play” in this video!


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What kind of dog lies down like this you Look like a frog you look very Comfortable wish I could do that I don’t Think this is working Today’s episode is sponsored by barkbox And supported by our awesome patrons on Patreon click thumbs up for ooh the Real-life dog emoji I mean seriously Look at him right subscribe to my Channel and check out our brand new T-shirts like this one I know we’ll have One you love check out the description For the link if your dog goes crazy for Toys today I’m gonna show you how to use All of that passion for play to your Advantage and take your training to the Next level let’s check out our new bark Box what do you say Ruth this is a Bubble gum scented Flying Saucer wonder If it tastes like bubble gum you know It’s in the neighborhood that is a tough Toy it’s a meteor with fire don’t they Call those comments I love surprising dogs with random Interesting toys like comets and flying Saucers I mean that’s cool catered your Box to your dog’s individual needs like Their size if there are really strong Chewer or any dietary preferences that You might have 100% natural crunchy pork And apple you shouldn’t chew on toys Chew on this astro bacon I mean you Can’t lose with Astro bacon I think dogs Like any kind of bacon jerky bites are

Really good for training and keeping the Dog interested having a dog means having A consistent supply of great toys and Treats barkbox can make that happen for You every single month and if your dog Doesn’t like something in their bark box Bark box will replace it for free and Remember that shipping is absolutely Free in the continental US too every Single one of you is gonna get a free Bark box when you sign up for a 6 or 12 Month subscription just go to bark box Comm slash dog training I’ll have a link In the description did you know that Rewarding your dog with toys can Sometimes be even more effective than Rewarding them with treats when dogs Play they release lots of great neuro Chemicals that really seem to keep them Coming back for more I mean think about How you felt when you were a kid and you Played for a couple hours with your best Friend or how you felt after recess in The beginning I’d strongly recommend Using a toy that’s easy to play tug with You know something like this rogue toy Or this squeaky toy over here feel free To experiment though it’s important that Your dog loves it keep toys like this Extra-special only bring them out when You’re prepared to engage your dog with Them in other words don’t leave them Lying around these are not cute eyes Contrary to what roommate

Tugg is really the foundation of Virtually all types of play training With your dog and if you can get your Dog hooked on tug it can act as a magnet That really gets your dog attracted to You when you’re teaching them teaching Your dog to play tug and let go are Actually the first steps of teaching Your dog fetch which we’re gonna cover In a little bit but if you’re serious About being able to reward your dog with Toys and play you’re gonna have to Become very efficient at tug and let go First I’ve got to confirm that Roo likes To play tug-of-war And if he doesn’t I got to teach him how The key is to be really interesting I Mean so often when people introduce a Toy to their dog they just put the toy Down and hope their dog gets into it Sometimes that works and remember when You’re playing tug with your dog you are The game as you can see I mean Roo is Trying to bite me a little bit that’s Actually okay right now because I’m Trying to get him in a playful mood ah There we go there’s the spark I’m Looking for so now we got him playing Tug you see that I’m not gonna be picky On lecto right now because I’m really Just trying to ignite his interest in This wonderful game and at first that’s Gonna be intermittent it doesn’t happen All one time just be very consistent

He’s thinking about it look at those Eyes getting on your dog’s level can be Really helpful is that wiggling it Giving it a shake right there so now I’ve gotten him interested in the stug Toy which I’ve been struggling with so Far today but that right there is the Spark on the tongue toy I love it but Getting down here you show that you’re More relatable and interesting and your Dog is a lot more likely to want to play With you let’s see if we can do a quick Let go lesson when I get him playing tug I’m just gonna make the toy boring and See if he’ll let go okay so I’m gonna Stop what I mean instantly right there Good the moment he lets go I’m gonna Bring the toy back to life good boy did It keep away is a really good way to get A dog playing there we go but if your Dog is more fixated on you in the Beginning that’s totally normal just you Don’t keep trying it’s it’s actually a Good thing if they’re into you that Means they like playing with you if your Dog isn’t into the toy just to use Another toy try all sorts of toys there Ya go good boy Roo good okay I’m gonna Be boring and yes good right back into It now let me see if I can get Roo to Actually do something for a toy we got The comment we got a snake Sit yes good excellent Right there wonderful example the moment

His butt hit the ground I made the toy Interesting so we’re just rewarding with The toy let go I’m gonna make it boring Wait yes sit yes good get it that’s Perfect go get that toward her keep in Mind that really high-energy dogs Operate at a faster pace so make sure You keep the pace up of course this can Take practice and it’s normal for to be Awkward in the beginning but don’t give Up just because you’re out of sync at First stay the course until you find Your rhythm and you’ll get there most Dogs are very eager to play by the rules Once they understand them this may be a Little bit premature but we’re going to Attempt to evolve this game of Tug-of-war into a game of fetch see Teaching dogs is really about building On prior skills hopefully this will be a Good example of that let’s be clear as To what we mean when we talk about fetch Fetch is where your dog chases a toy Immediately picks up that toy returns to You in a straight line with the toy Properly let’s go and eagerly await you To throw the toy again you can see There’s a lot of moving parts to Teaching fetch and for that reason you Want to make sure that you start in a Really contained area of just a few feet Or so so that way you’re in a position To reward the behaviors you like and Discourage bad habits from becoming

Established it’s like your dog playing Keep-away or not letting go so first I’m Gonna try and get Roo back into a Playful mood cuz he’s in and out right Now What’s this yeah it’s okay you can get It yes good boy root her good boy look At that tug alright now this time when He lets go rather than just playing Tug-of-war with them again I’m just Gonna toss it just a foot right here Okay Let go get it yes and then I’m gonna Reignite the game of tug-of-war Right there see I’m not insisting that He bring it back to me cleanly or any of That I’m just trying to get the game of Tug-of-war happening right here good boy Yes wonderful okay and let go yes get it Good and now again just grabbing a hold Of the tug toy like that so we’re Literally evolving the game of Tug-of-war in to fetch and over time We’re gonna gradually make that longer And longer the distance that we throw it That is and go get it that one’s a Little farther come on come on yes good The fact that he turned around there was Awesome I love that that was almost a Fetch so but rather than waiting for him To get sidetracked or distracted I Immediately wanted to keep the toy in Beijing and start playing tug of war With them again will you let go please

Yes go get good rube come here yes look At this guys look it’s happening come on Okay that’s fine Alright so now I’m got a tennis ball Let’s see how that goes what is what is That yes come here he’s interested in Now rather than waiting for him to get Bored I’m gonna go ahead and bring it Back to life over here and make it Enticing go ahead and I take it away From him there you can just see in his Eyes he’s like he’s captivated and when Things move dogs are a lot more excited About them and more likely to chase them Look at that good a job and if you get Really good you kind of play tug with a Tennis ball to it but watch your fingers This is what a puppy fetch training Session should look like let’s see if we Can make them work for fetch now sit yes Lie down good get it Awesome come on let’s go bring it back Good job and the idea when you’re Rewarding with play is to keep your Rewards pretty short so it might just be A toss of a few feet with a ball or just A few seconds with a tug toy that way You can really work on keeping your Training session on track and keep it Efficient there are gonna be times when Your dogs aren’t an extra big reward in Those cases you could do longer throws Or even longer tug sessions to keep it Really

Interesting and exciting so make sure You really prioritize let go whether You’re playing tug or fetch the bottom Line is don’t think that you only have To reward with treats feel liberated to Reward with toys and in fact you might Get even better results with many dogs If you reward with toys I think we did a Good job in tiring you out don’t you Give him a thumbs up you did a great job Make sure you get your free bark box When you sign up for a 6 or 12 month Subscription at bark bucks comm slash Dog training I’ll have that link in the Description check us out on patreon – You guys are amazing Subscribe to my channel check out our New t-shirts pick up a copy of my book We’ll see you guys in the next video

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