How To Train Your Dog THIS AMAZING Trick!

How To Train Your Dog THIS AMAZING Trick!

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You are not going to believe what i Teach inertia in this episode Yes what did you see that i’m zach George I train dogs this is my new dog and i’m Going to show you how i train her from Day one things definitely won’t always Go smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can pick up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notification So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience I’m definitely gonna need some props for Today’s lesson and we just Happen to have received our super chewer And our bark box Super chewer boxes are monthly Subscription boxes especially made for Those of you with tough strong dogs that Love to chew this is a swimming pool so You can actually throw this in water it Floats And it works on land too a good tug toy Is hard to find You are a super chewer dog as inertia Gets older She’s getting way tougher those muscles Are starting to develop What are these called a birdie So you put treats in there it’s

Dishwasher safe and i love stuff like This That have really crazy bounces check out These lamb and these duck treats these Are awesome for training Sit pretty and they always send you two Awesome chews for your dog but wait a Darshan we have a bark box too Oh my gosh it’s so colorful podium pups It’s an olympic themed bark box i love That oh look It’s a participation medal Congratulations Barkbox always sends the most awesome Creative plush toys plus Treats and a chew of course if you want To blow your dog’s mind Check this out it turns into a soccer Ball see if i can kick it past her Okay i guess goalie isn’t a nurse’s Position think about which box your dog Would like best super chewer or barkbox You can get a free extra month of Barkbox superchewer or both when you Subscribe to a 6 or 12 month plan by Going to my special urls Dog training and dog Training i’ll have both of those links In the description below My goal today is to see if i can teach Inertia to Sit pretty you know like this which she Already knows but to also Simultaneously hold on to something with

Her arms I’ve never actually taught a dog to do This trick before and i really didn’t Know where to start because if you think About it It’s a pretty unnatural behavior for a Dog to do right It’s awesome to figure out how to train A dog to do something that requires a Lot of brain power from both of you And it really pushes the limits of Communicating with the dog this is the Type of skill that can take a little While to teach because you do have to Figure some things out so i’ve been Working on it for a few weeks now with Inertia this is a video from my very First training session Working on this keep in mind there’s Nothing natural or intuitive about this Trick So as i approach this i really tried to Explore how i might get inertia to Voluntarily do this Both inertia and me had to do a lot of Brainstorming to try and get this trick Going Since inertia had already learned to sit Pretty i thought i might see if she just Naturally attempted to grab a box That i placed near her arms at first i’m Just trying to do Anything i can to encourage her to touch Her paw

On this box in any way while she’s Sitting pretty I really like the challenge of trying to Teach a dog to take just the smallest Step Towards something like this keep in mind That your beginning efforts when you’re Training something like this Are not likely at all to look like the Final trick But these steps are actually really Important so be sure to be aware of them Even though she’s putting both of her Paws on top of the box instead of Grabbing it My goal is to evolve that into more of a Grabbing motion Literally any step in the right Direction is what i’m looking for here She’s putting her paws on top of it but That’s not like i wanted to like grab it Right and hold it and hold it so i’m Going to think about that for a second But we kind of reached a bit of a Plateau so i thought i would take a Different approach Maybe if i could get inertia to just Engage with that box in some way With her paws in a way that’s a bit more Natural to her we might have more Success I want to let her know it’s okay to Interact with the box with Her paws yes but not her mouth you see

Not in this case yes good Steak what’s this yes that was a little Better than before because you have one Paw on top and one underneath Yes look at that yeah initiative she’s Like okay it’s okay grab this thing Right Because i want her to kind of just Figure out the best way yes To do it that’s kind of comfortable for Her Yes i like that she’s thinking yeah she Was like really thinking about that one Yes did you see that mm-hmm I mean it was more of a natural grab Pretty Stick yes good good good good that one Kind of felt right Sometimes when working on a new trick It’s normal for dogs to get a little Frustrated while they’re trying to Figure out what you want A couple of ways that i can offset Inertia’s frustration here are to either Take a break or give her some other easy Things to do where she feels more Confident She loves to speak and play dead and if That gets her listening to me And it allows me to end the session on a Good note and frustration free Then i’m gonna do that we took a break For a little while and then we tried Again

And it really looks like there’s promise Here i mean look how her paws are just a Little bit better position to grab onto That box she really looks like she’s Trying to grip that that’s something I’ve gotta reward I really want her to figure out that she Should use her paws to reach out and Grab this item i mean she knows how to Lift her pot a wave Too so let’s see if that can point us in The right direction This also looks promising What’s this aha that one worked This is what i mean by experimenting a Lot to see what works for your Individual dog We’ll keep practicing it’s clunky i Don’t have thumbs So a couple days went by i thought i’d Work on this again And brie picked up the camera just in Time to capture her first major success On this trick Yes what did you see that yeah oh my Gosh I mean at this point i’m just having fun With the trick working on it here And there so another few days go by and I decide to do another training session As i’m trying to get inertia warmed up You can see that i’m really just trying To give her Lots of chances to feel it out and i’m

Really just waiting for those moments to Occur Where she holds onto the box for just a Second to let her know that’s exactly What i want I tried a few different things to see What worked best for her including Letting her try to hold the box herself From the start or holding it in place For her And letting her use me for support while She grabbed the box by the end of this Training session i Really felt like she was starting to Understand this foreign concept that i Was asking Her to do she’s starting to like that Yeah Really go for it yeah that was awesome So inertia is still showing a lot of Promise but yet again we find ourselves At A plateau usually at this point when i’m Teaching something new like this I like to just go extra slow and super Casual i don’t want to put a lot of Pressure On inertia to learn this and not every Trick is for every dog so at this point I don’t know if this is something she’s Going to enjoy doing or not so we kept Trying a little bit at a time and we Finally had a breakthrough We pulled out her phone to do an insta

Story check it out Stay Okay yes i’m feeling more confident that Things are a little bit easier to grip Now for inertia so i went back to the Original super chewer box that i was Using And had another breakthrough okay yes Good job like everything else that i Teach inertia i really made it a point To practice it in public as well As she was starting to get the hang of It to really help her generalize this And understand it let’s see how inertia Is doing on it today pretty stay Get it Stay Okay good girl nice work That was very good keep in mind though There’s lots of different ways to teach A trick like this and What works for one dog may not be as Effective with another that to me is the Most exciting thing about training Things like this because You have to find new and creative ways To communicate with your dog And training intricate concepts like This really improves your communication With your dog So when it comes time to teach them Something else that’s new even if it’s Not related to something like that They are so accustomed to communicating

With you that Everything goes much easier be sure to Get your free super chewer or Bark box or both when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month plan by going to my Special urls Dog training and dog Training i’ll have both of those links Below in the description My next episode is going to be great if You’re thinking about getting a new dog Or you’ve recently gotten one I’m going to give you my most important Tips to keep in mind Subscribe to this channel and get both Of my books for all of my most detailed Dog training advice In one place follow us on instagram and Tick tock to see what else inertia has Been learning Check out all of those links below and We’ll see you next time

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