How To Train Your Dog To “Come When Called” in 1 Minute!

How To Train Your Dog To “Come When Called” in 1 Minute!

How to train your dog to come when you call them!
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If you prefer to get your dog training Lessons in one minute or less follow me On instagram at Zach’s your JH link Below Oh but also watch my videos on YouTube Too here’s one I just posted today this Is Finn and a lot of you guys have been Asking how do you teach your dog to come To you when you call them let’s cover it The first step is to make sure that your Dog is on lead so they’re not in a Position to ignore you or run around or Get away with not coming to you be sure You’re using a good currency today I’m Using these pup fur treats these are a Freeze-dried liver I love using these so To spin then call your dog in a happy Voice so they’re really motivated to Come to you yes good job You might notice I used a high-pitched Tone to dogs really respond to a High-pitched voice here’s a protip the More embarrassed you are the better job You’re doing I mean look I’m acting Silly of course but look how excited he Is to interact with me so go nuts Practice extensively during the first Year of training in a multitude of Environments that’s the real secret Follow me on Instagram and that is how You teach come when called I wonder if That works on people too follow me on Instagram okay see you later

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