How To Train Your Dog To Leave EVERYTHING Alone — EVERYWHERE!

How To Train Your Dog To Leave EVERYTHING Alone -- EVERYWHERE!

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Have that link in the description below I think thumbs up for Argyle the 4 month Old west highland terrier make sure You’re subscribed to my channel hey Upload a photo to Instagram tag at sac Gorge with hashtag dog training and I’m Gonna share some of my favorite the last Time I saw argyle his basic leave it you Know in a setup training session was Looking really good but he still had a Little bit of work to do but argyles mom Said that when he’s on a walk he Sometimes gets into things that he Shouldn’t and tries to pick up debris Off the ground You know stuff that puppies do that Means it’s time to take argyles basic Leave it to the next level in fairness The stuff we’re going to do today is a Little bit advanced for such a young Puppy but I think we can still make Progress before we just go out in public For today’s lesson I need to verify a Few things I need to verify that he’s Doing well with leave it in this easy Indoor environment let me just see if by Default he goes for it he does that Would be expected I didn’t ask him to Leave it this time I’m going to ask him To leave it if he goes for it I’ll Simply pull it away leave it Nice job good work and for good measure Let me just make sure I can have him Leave it and also look at me when I ask

Look at me Nah he’s good work so I’m gonna make it A little bit more difficult by dropping The tree that really makes this exercise Tougher so you can see there with that Temptation of it moving he was a lot More likely to get it so let me see if We can just quickly work up to getting Him to leave it alone while I drop it I’m gonna be really close to communicate With him leave it alone Yes good job good move it around Multiple times you can see he’s tempted Let me see if I get his eyes on me okay Look at me Yes I’ll take it I love that glance that Was great Remember it’s easier for dogs to listen To us when we’re close to them let’s see How he does when I stand completely up Now because on a walk you’re not on the Ground like this you’re standing up Right you can see right there how he Went for the tree and simply standing up Is a major variable change to him he’s Not used to taking direction while I Stand up so that threw him off a little Bit just take just a moment sometimes And go the extra mile and just work with Them a little bit longer than you might Otherwise before you get frustrated They’ll probably come around leave it Alone Look at me all right Argyle seems really

Warmed up now let’s see if we can make Some progress where it really counts in The real world training out here is Drastically different than training in An indoor environment I mean the smells Are a thousand times more enticing he Can hear sounds from far away and oh Let’s not forget he’s never been here Before Protocol in these situations is Definitely don’t just go right into Training give your dog some time to Adjust I mean he really just wants to Explore this area dogs by nature are Typically very very curious and when They’re in a new place they’re anxious To explore that place he’s so young so He hasn’t had the life experience before Of checking out a place like this things Like bugs or butterflies or birds or Wind even can be really interesting to Dogs I want to know where I stand right Now in terms of him Readily willing to pay attention to me I’m gonna let him know I have a treat And look at that he took it a lot of you Will know that it’s really common for a Dog not to take a treat when they’re Really really distracted so this is a Good sign that he’s in a teachable Mindset and if your dog won’t take a Treat in a public place like this then You probably need to do some more Training or give them some additional

Time to adjust but let’s ask him to do Something sit See you see he before he was sitting Perfectly no problem but this is a Different variable we’re in a new place Yes good job I’m gonna give him a little Bit of an extra reward because I know That was harder for him so we did get Him into a sit great sign I think we’re Ready to move on with our lesson now We’re gonna do some leaveit training out Here remember huge variable change to Get them warmed up and then we’ll make It a little bit more challenging Assuming it goes well to the layman it Might appear that we’re being very Redundant with our training and that’s By design because we’re changing major Variables on Argyle right now that’s why We’re going very slow with every Variable change and checking to make Sure everything is still working with Those variable changes leave it you see That you see how he immediately goes Forward he wasn’t doing that so much Inside leave it alone but now he thought About it yes and he’s like oh yeah wait I think I know this one that was really Good okay so we did leave it really well There let me make sure I can drop a Treat are you leave it do it a couple of Times and look at me perfect If your dog isn’t doing this well do not Be discouraged this is something that

You need to do over look at me Many training sessions he started to Sniff something right there so I thought I’d try to get his attention on me Because it looked like he was tempted to Break see how close I can get it leave It alone look at me yes good ward now Let me stand up leave it leave it alone Just drop in tiny treats let’s drop a Bigger one make it more tempting leave It and leave it look at me nice work You might notice too I’m doing two and Three in a row right now because he’s Demonstrating that he’s very reliable Again in this specific training instance But it’s normal for dogs to have A bad day where they’re not feeling Quite as cooperative and in those cases You need to adjust your rewards so Sometimes you might want to go ahead and Reward your dog more generously if They’re really struggling do your best To keep them motivated within the Context of that specific training Session dogs and puppies in particular Are curious and brand-new to the world So we really need to be tolerant when Teaching outside at first compliance is Likely to be intermittent especially With young dogs so we’re just looking For those little hints of acknowledgment And early training especially with a More advanced skill like walking nicely On a leash in public and leaving

Tempting objects alone while he’s really Good when you’re on him and really Focused on him it’s when you’re taking a Walk and he’s surprised by something That we have issues with getting his Attention I really want to drive this Point home just because your dog will Leave a treat alone while you’re Standing in a stationary position does Not mean that they’re going to then Generalize that skill to leaving things Alone while you’re safe walking on a Leash the real secret to teaching this Is showing them how to leave those Objects alone outside of those organic Instances that naturally arise when You’re on your day to day walk so they Have some experience in knowing what you Expect of them so we know that he walks On a leash pretty acceptable at least For his age and we know he’ll leave it So now we’re going to try to combine Leave it and leash walking hey Argyle Leave it and you can see immediately I Let him get that one because you can see Leaving it while walking that’s Completely different so he ate the treat On that one that’s my cue to not just Keep repeating that over and over until I get lucky this time I’m going to Assume that he’s likely to do it leave It I’m gonna cover it up if he goes for It this time good boy Come on gonna go ahead and reward for

The restraint I’m gonna slow down a Little bit here buddy Leave it good I was gonna cover it up This way and he this is where a lot of Dogs struggle he’s like why would I walk Past that treat that’s really hard for Him come on yes good job I got come here leave it let’s go Leave it And I’m you notice how I’m not pulling On him at all I really want him to think That’s important Instinctively you’ll probably want to Pull your dog away but that is Ineffective for long-term teaching so You can really see his wheels turning Here so he’s like wow Leave it applies what I’m walking to and That was the first time that I’m aware Of any way that he left something alone While in motion what we’re gonna do now Is what I like to call a surprise Primary training session that’s where You as the person know that a training Session is about to be underway but your Dog doesn’t see when we do normal Training sessions they are very clued Into the ritual that we go through we Caught up the treats we sit down with Them we warm them up with sit and look At me and all of that I’m gonna do none Of that for this as if to simulate a Real-world situation but if while on a Walk what if you encounter some

Delicious garbage or a real bone so to Prepare for this training session I’m Gonna set down this and this can of open Chili I have no expectations that our Guy was just gonna leave those things Alone when we walk past them the point Of this exercise is to show him Methodically and really in slow motion How we expect him to behave when Encountering foreign objects and because I know this is gonna be extra tough I’m Gonna up the value of my currency I’ll Be using real meats just so he knows I’ve got a good treat let me go ahead And give him some turkey they’re good so That should give me some good ammunition When encountering these distractions oh No leave it alone argh I’ll leave it see He’s not leaving that alone that’s a Brand new tempting object leave it we Know he knows leave it look at me you See how that’s not realistic that’s why You have to take a step back here I need To get him sitting and leaving it alone From farther away so I’m gonna use my Very good currency which is Turkey now We’re gonna go back here I’m gonna say Sit good nice job and again you Shouldn’t be going on walks without your Currency if your dog is new to training Or you’re in that first year of training I leave it back here That’s it leave it alone and my goal Here is to be able to walk past this

Bone with with a loose leash without him Pulling towards that object that’s what I’m working towards here the first few Times you try this it may take 5 10 15 20 minutes or longer so that’s normal When you are training your dog and You’re doing a training walk and you do Encounter something like this don’t just Try and rush past it really try to seize Those opportunities to use it as a Training instance let’s go Argyle and Look at him looking at the bone looking At me trying to decide what do I want to Do I really want to go after that bone Come on yes good job very good and we’re Gonna give him a mini jackpot reward There lots of tiny tiny pieces of Turkey In a sequential fashion to let him know You made the right choice there I really Want to seal those behaviors in when When he does make the right decision by Giving him a really good outcome to that Decision I’m rewarding virtually every Time right now because I’ve dramatically Increased the difficulty of this Exercise now it’s time for the chili can See what happens when we walk past the Chili you can see he’s immediately into It I don’t want him licking that that is Warm chili all the warm chili sounds Kind of good right now now I’m one step Ahead of him leave it sit yes so really Good look how close I am to the chili Can and look at the fact that he sat

Right there that means he’s in a Teachable mindset I’m just gonna sit Down I’m gonna park here leave it come Here good sit good and this is what I Mean embrace distractions if you wait Till you’re on a normal walk and you’re Relying on leave it leave it leave it And pull it your dog away and hope and That’s gonna work forget it and so while This may seem really tedious it is but You only do this in the beginning part Of your training you know so you don’t Have to do it for the next 10 15 years Of your dog’s life look at me fantastic I haven’t been able to do leave it with The chili can while moving that’s the Hard part for Argyle understandably so By the way leave it Come here come on yes right there There’s our magic moment we got it good A jackpot um While we have momentum I’m gonna try it Another success in come on this way yes Walking away from that Chile over here Good work Leave it alone yes and you’re seeing the Very very beginning stages of argyll Generalizing leave it alone in the real World or what I like to call a real life Leave it this is an example of a Surprise primary training session and You should be doing these in a variety Of different ways in context as we Frequently cover on this YouTube channel

Each instance of success that you get is Increasing the likelihood that your dog Is gonna do this better and better when Naturally tempted by things that he Encounters went on a walk you may Encounter a little worm up here don’t Leave that worm alone or caterpillar or Whatever that is I mean that is Interesting even if you’re a person Looks less a dog can you do it Stay look at me good you can see he Wants to look at it and that’s ok you Can look at it but I don’t want I’m Picking it up that’s what I call a real Life leave it if any dog deserves a Thumbs up I’d say it’s Argyle wouldn’t You make sure you’re subscribed to my Channel and get your free bark box when You sign up for a 6 or 12 month plan go To bark box comm slash dog training that Link will be below upload a picture of Your dog to Instagram tag at sack George And use hashtag dog trading I’m gonna Share some of my favorites and join the Dog training revolution on patreon – all The links will be in the description Below Argyle you’re awesome buddy

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