How To Train Your Dog To Listen No Matter What!

How To Train Your Dog To Listen No Matter What!

I’ll show you how to train your dog to listen to you in real world situations like staying at an open door, and to leave things alone on the ground! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Check out Halo’s Garden of Vegan food and treats!

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Of my book dog training revolution and If you’re not following us on instagram And facebook go do it i’ll have a link In the description if you’re like many People you’ll practice things like sit And stay with your dog and they do Fantastic during their regular set up Training sessions i’m not sure what you Call this though goose but as soon as Something exciting happens like your dog Is in a new environment especially Outside or maybe you have a guest come Over all of your training just goes out Of the window today goose and i are Going to show you how to fix that I think by now you’ll know there are two Main types of training sessions you have Your primary training sessions and your Secondary training sessions primary Training sessions are where you’re Teaching your dog something new or Reinforcing things that they already Know in a very structured deliberate way So when you think of primary training Sessions think of most of my training Videos for example in contrast secondary Training sessions are unplanned and they Happen in those times when you’re forced To go into train what are you humping me For example if someone knocks on your Door and your dog starts barking and You’re kind of forced to shift into Training mode to teach them to sit stay And be a good dog but in order to bridge

The gap between primary and secondary Training sessions you’re going to have To master the art of the surprise Primary training session this is where You know that a training session is About to happen but your dog has no clue That way you can simulate a surprising Situation but since you are fully Prepared for it you can act accordingly And work on teaching your dog how to React when something they don’t expect Happens in other words these surprise Primary training sessions really empower You to be one step ahead of your dog so That you can train them in a situation That’s more like a real world situation I’m gonna take goose outside and show You some examples of some surprise Primary training let’s start right here At the front door by far one of the most Important things you can teach your dog Is how to stay at an open door that Leads to the outside this could Potentially save their life goose knows A basic stay when you warm her up and You’re working with her and completely Focused on her but the problem with that Type of training is that it lacks real World context those types of training Sessions are great for introducing a Concept but they’re not really great About teaching your dog how to behave in A wide variety of situations when your Dog’s in that really excited state of

Mind so let’s see what happens when i Open the door here stay just goes right Out of the front door didn’t pay any Attention at all to stay in this Particular context that’s very normal at This point in training for a lot of dogs You can clearly see that she’s smelling All around there’s a lot of enticements Out there as with teaching anything with Our dog we always want to start small by Making it extra easy when teaching them New skills or any time we change a Variable in this case we’re not only Asking goose to stay but we’re asking Her to stay with an open door that leads To the outdoors which is very exciting So here sit Stay Very good so she’s warmed up with a Basic stay that’s good Oh did you see how she immediately went To walk out i don’t want that so i Immediately closed the door there’s no Need to use force here i think i need to Take a step back and make this even Easier look at me Good Stay Good notice i didn’t even open the door There because i want to catch her Succeeding stay Just a little bit of a crack that time Good job Stay

Look at me oh look at that now that’s Our first real moment of success i’m Gonna go ahead and jackpot her right There to let her know that i like that For these types of training sessions you Really need to give your dog slow motion Rehearsals so that they’re more prepared In other words don’t rely on those Organic instances that arise like the Mailman comes to the door and you need To open it for example you can see how Just taking a few extra minutes here to Work with your dog very slowly explain To them what you want them to do outside Of a situation when it’s time for you to Go or when you’re in a hurry can really Be beneficial and pay off once your dog Understands these skills and context you Must go through an extensive proofing Phase where you set up training drills That mimic or exceed real world Instances that your dog is likely to Encounter so far i’ve been going in slow Motion and making it really easy for Goose but i think now we can make it a Little more enticing for her sit Stay I’m going to open the door a little more Abruptly now Oh see and do you see that just by Opening the door more abruptly she’s Like whoa that’s different i don’t have To stay in that situation i haven’t been Taught how to do that yet you can

Correlate the speed at which you open The door with the reliability of her Stay which is interesting oh look she Kind of corrected there so that was Better good way to think i didn’t have To pull her back i didn’t have to Correct her she’s learning how to reason On her own i’m going to make it a little Bit easier by doing this kind of a Medium open Closing it good job Stay Yes that was a really good one so i Opened the door really urgently there Very fast and she still held her stay go Out of your way to simulate situations That are way more exciting than Something they might experience in real Life goose really loves this toy she’s Now in an excited state of mind but i’ve Gotta teach her how to stay even when She’s excited this is one of those key Things that everyone should work on with Their dogs and it’s not as hard as you Might imagine stay Okay good job nice work so she’ll stay When i you know play with a toy right Here in the foyer but what happens if i Throw that toy outside Good so notice we’re getting her to stay With an open door while i bounce the toy Around good job i’m being very liberal With my treats right now because this is A lot of new training for her

Now the magic moment here comes when i Throw the toy past the threshold Good job nice work now that goose has Done really well during this training Exercise it’s time to start speeding Things up what i’m trying to work Towards here is being able to rapidly Approach the door quickly open it throw A toy out of the front door and still Have her hold that stay just give her a Reminder Good job yes Come here goose over here Good and sit Stay Oh good job goose she flinched a little Bit there i’m still gonna reward the Effort even though she broke her sit Stay sit Stay let’s see if we can improve that a Little bit more and sit Good work stay Quickly opening the door i’m going to Give a reminder stay Squeak throw it out the door look at me Please excellent job sit Stay Look at me please That’s what i’m talking about good girl Okay let’s go let’s proceed outside and See what else we can surprise her with When you’re outside with your dog you Want to get them in the habit of Listening to basic things like sit and

Look at me really spontaneously and not Really giving them a lot of notice sit See right there she’s like what do you Mean sit why would we sit i’m on a walk It’s out of context for her so she’s not As prepared for it sit Good much better good job this way And sit Good So i’m just going to walk back and forth Doing kind of a leash training session With goose come on in other words you’ll Need to get your dog in the habit of Taking direction when they’re not Expecting it in a multitude of different Places and situations so set up Situations where you’re prepared to Enforce the rules but when they don’t See it coming and i’m gonna randomly Reward her because she’s doing really Well remember it’s a good idea to adjust Your rate of reinforcement as your dog Starts to break new ground or if they Struggle what i mean by that is you Would reward more frequently if your dog Is struggling you would reward less Frequently if they seem to really Understand what’s going on and they’re Very compliant you can see how if you’re On a normal walk and you’re really Trying to get somewhere you’re probably Going to be pretty impatient that’s why You want to set up these situations Outside of those instances see she’s

Distracted by a walker i’m going to ask Her to sit Good job one of the most common things You might encounter on a walk or outside With your dog is stuff on the ground That your dog might want to investigate But stuff that you’d prefer they leave Alone sure many dogs know leave it in a Training context but not in the real World for example let’s see how goose Does when she encounters some chicken on The ground that’s not exactly what we Wanted to happen clearly goose is very Interested in the chicken so i think we Need to take a step back here and show Goose how we want her to behave i’m Going to take a little piece of the Chicken and we’re going to practice a Leave it training session with this and Then see if we can work up to getting Her to leave this alone when we walk Past it but you can see the difference Here when you give your dog notice and You’re really preparing them and you’re Really like low to the ground working With them they’re like oh i’ll listen to You it’s when they’re surprised that we Have our issues i’m gonna put this back In the pile over here okay leave it Alone Leave it And she’s thinking I hear ya but i don’t know if i want to Leave it

No ma’am And see you see how we’re teaching her To think we’re not forcing her we’re not Pulling her away from it but we’re Getting her to think from the inside out And because of her foundational training She’s prepared for this type of lesson The magic moment here is when i get her To walk away from it voluntarily Leave it alone Goose come here Come on let’s go Yes Good job but we still haven’t been able To walk past it and have her completely Disregard it which is what i would like To see here Look at this Yes good girl you’re doing great goose Has really picked up on this lesson She’s going out of her way to really Leave that chicken alone i think we can Make it a little bit harder since she’s Doing so well i’m gonna pick up this Piece of chicken right here now i want To make it even more enticing than it Might be in real life as we walk i’m Going to go ahead and throw this big old Piece of chicken in front of her and ask Her to leave it alone and she’s never Experienced this exact training exercise So we’ll see how she does yes good girl Good girl nice job goose come on let’s Go let’s go let’s go leave it alone

That is perfect if you were to just Practice this with one or two different Objects you still would not have long Term success bring things with you on a Walk that tempt your dog from time to Time like a napkin or a pen or some Chicken the thing i really want you to Get from this lesson is that you need to Set up lots of training exercises that Mimic real world enticements this is What it takes to truly break through to The next level on your training come on Goose let’s go Throw in some pens down leave it alone Leave it good girl so we have chicken Strawberries random objects falling from The sky click thumbs up for goose Subscribe to my channel get your halo Vegan treats from peplo and use my Special code zak30 make sure you’re Following us on instagram and facebook We produce lots of extra content good Work i’m so proud of you that was Excellent You

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