How To Train Your Dog To Listen Without Treats

How To Train Your Dog To Listen Without Treats

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This video is sponsored by puffer here’s A fun game you can play to get your dog To come to you when you call them see This treat Go get it the second he turns around to Look at me I’m gonna offer him another Treat in order to incentivize him to Come to me good job and see this just Gets your dog in the habit of walking Away from you and then looking up to say Hey is there more so I’m gonna be right There to say I appreciate that here’s an Awesome pup retreat Now he’s just automatically coming to me Every time he gets that tree that’s the Kind of behavior you want to instill in Your dog in beginning training treats Are an important part of training a dog So whenever you’re teaching a dog Especially something new you want to get Them willingly focusing on you that’s How we keep their attention when they’re Young and new to training and it’s also The secret to marathon training sessions You’ve seen me use these new pup Retreats and videos now for awhile and I Use them because they’re awesome I think Rocher would agree from a Training perspective I like that these Are really dry so they’re not very messy But they’re still very palatable to dogs There’s 450 treats per bag I mean that’s Enough training for a whole dog these Are actually freeze-dried beef liver

Turns out dogs really like beef liver Check the link in the description to get Your freeze-dried beef liver treats from Up fir’d click thumbs up for a new video Make sure you’re subscribed to my Channel follow us on instagram at sac Gorge to get more dog training tips Between videos I’ll have a link below And get a copy of my best-selling book Dog training revolution that link will Be below – it’s very normal to want your Dog to listen to you without treats but Getting there that’s a completely Different story in today’s video I’m Going to show you how to get there let’s Meet Nathan and his dog blue hi my name Is Nathan and this is my dog blue blue Here is a Belgian Malinois I got blue I’ve heard a lot of good things about Now and walls online as far as like Training goes there I energy and also I Wanted a dog with a little less hair Than the one I have now which is a German Shepherd he’s very good at Training as long as I have a tree I Don’t train all day long if I got treats But if I don’t have anything in my hand Sit and he’s not as interested in Training Zac she’d only what to do to get blue to Listen to me without treats Nathan I totally get what you’re going Through here I mean it can be Frustrating when we’re trying to get our

Dog to listen to us and feel like we Need treats all the time but dogs learn By associating various actions with the Outcomes of those actions for that Reason it’s essential to create lesson Outcomes from your dog’s perspective Over a longer period of time than you Might Actually think therefore during your First year of training your focus needs To be on creating outcomes that you and Your dog like in a multitude of Different scenarios and in different Places Nathan would you mind if I work With blue for a little bit and kind of Show you what you need to do to get blue To be less street dependent so I’m gonna Start off by working with blue right Here just by treating him on something Easy like sit and I’m curious to know if Blue will sit while moving so let’s see Blue come here good I’m gonna reward for That since this is my first time ever Working with blue I’m gonna be very Generous on my rewards in the beginning And use lots of treats so far that’s 100 Percent of the time that blue has Honored my request to Sid okay I’ll take It down right there he showed some Initiative and gave me a down I’m gonna Reward that but when you’re in a groove With your dog like this you might try to Reward a little bit less frequently so For example sit okay good come on sit

Okay good and let’s go back here and sit Perfect in that instance I rewarded After three consecutive sits this is the Process that you go through to wean your Dog off of treats so out here in this Relatively low distraction setting I’m Able to reward blue every three times or So if you went to a crowded area where Your dog was really distracted like say A concert for example you wouldn’t try To get away with rewarding your dog one Out of three times until they’ve proven They’re more reliable so it’s a gradual Process the idea is to really keep your Dog guessing when you’re trying to wean Them off of treats but remember this Isn’t something that needs to go on over The next year or so of training most People expect their dogs to start Listening without treats after they’ve Demonstrated that they’ll understand Something in a limited number of Contexts for example in your house or in A quiet neighborhood setting you want to Keep our dogs guessing in their mind They need to think they have a chance at Getting rewarded over an extended period Of time before you expect them to truly Internalize and generalize skills like Sit in public right there he’s Distracted by a butterfly come here good I’m gonna go ahead and give him a tree Because that was very enticing and I Want to make sure he knows that look

During this period of your training if You’ll listen to me I’m going to provide Desirable things around instances where He listens to me good job blue you also Want to mix up the frequency with which You reward From training session to training Session based on how challenging that Specific training session is to your dog If something happened like right now I’ve got bikes coming over here that’s a Distraction to blue then I might up my Rate of reinforcement and reward more Until he’s proven that he’ll listen so I’m gonna try and get a look at me as These bikes pass by look at me sit good Right there that was great I got a look At me and I got a sit and a voluntary Down let’s see if I can bring him into An up good and on all fours stand and Sit and now I’m gonna reward but do you See how I’m being really selective about When our reward as that distraction was Really near I was super generous with my Rewards but as the distraction got Farther away and I really had blues Attention on me then I felt more Comfortable and rewarding less so you Have to be really flexible when it comes To rewarding your dog with the end goal Being to wean them off of treats at Least for basic obedience and stuff like Sit lie down and look at me it’s really Important to adequately prepare your dog

In the context in which you want them to Listen ahead of time in a very Deliberate premeditated way for example You’ll need to go to crowded places and Areas that are super distracting for Your dog with the sole intention of Working with your dog not necessarily Going there to enjoy yourself though you Could still do that – I mean training Our dog is fun isn’t it but Nathan you Know with a good percentage of dogs and I have a feeling blue is one of those Dogs you can get by with hardly ever Having to reward them with food the Moment I break out the tug toy you could Just see him light up and he’s like oh I Like this game there’s no reserve nature About you here oh look at that that’s a Malinois five ever seen one look at this Immediately into the game of tug tug of War is really one of the most Underestimated forms of currency for a Dog like blue this may be a more Powerful way to motivate him to listen To you than food could ever be not all Dogs are motivated by play like this but If your dog plays and lights up for a Game of tug like this that means play or Tug of war in this case is a serious Currency for them it’s a great way to Motivate them so let me show you how we Would do it this is one of those things That people just don’t get immediately But it can change everything sit yes get

It go on get it good I’m gonna play for About five seconds here just to let him Know you listen to me I’ll play with you For a second it takes a little polishing In the beginning here Yes go on get it you see how I start Shaking it right there to make an Interesting – shaking tug toy like that Can be really exciting for blue good job And if you’ve ever seen them train Malinois and many other dogs for police Work or for dog sport this is what they Use to motivate them tug of war even for My own dogs when I used to do frisbee Dog competitions tug-of-war was a Massive motivator for them sit and right There he’s jumping for it we’ll just Withhold the rewards when he jumps Ward That’s all I’m just pulling it away and Being like no you’re not gonna get tug If you jump for it and there’s a Rollerblader that just went by he didn’t Even notice cuz I have this tug toy he’s Like I want that and when your dog is Saying I want that you use it to your Advantage Do you really don’t need to use treats If you can get your dog working for tug For dog that’s willing to play tug like This it can be magical and accelerate Your training at Lightspeed Nathan why Don’t you see if you can get blue play And tug with you curious to see how this Looks there you go pick up that energy

Get into it a little bit because look How energetic he is match that energy in Your own special way I know not everyone Acts like a clown like me there you go That’s what I’m talking about good Beautiful now let go ask him to sit Reward more and more enthusiastic okay Like yes you got a really ignite that Excitement in them there it is you said You were only playing tug of war about Once a week or so with them this needs To be central to your trainings if you Can get a dog playing with you you’ll Get a dog that listens to you pup Retreats are the perfect balance between Convenience and effectiveness when it Comes to training your dog I’ll have a Link in the description click thumbs up For blue and Nathan subscribe to my Channel and get a copy of my book I hope You guys like this video and this is a Reminder to let you know we’re really Active on Instagram and that you can get Dog training tips virtually daily as Well as be a part of my live broadcasts For those not familiar Instagram is a Mobile only app so go download the app I’ll have my Instagram link below for You to check out follow me there

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