How to Train Your Dog to Stay OFF of the Furniture! *NEW*

How to Train Your Dog to Stay OFF of the Furniture! *NEW*

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You get the treats for not jumping on The furniture not for jumping on the Furniture okay You chose the dog for this video this Video is sponsored by molecule and Supported by our patrons on patreon Click thumbs up for Auto the giant Weimaraners motto you’re like 150 pounds What are you doing you’re not a lap dog Make sure you subscribe to my channel And if you haven’t picked up a copy of My book yet what are you waiting for It’s gonna help you train your dog I’ll Have a link below today I’m gonna show You the steps you need to take in order To show your dog how to stay off the Furniture whether or not your dog is Allowed on the furniture that’s totally Up to you I mean there is no right or Wrong answer but maybe you would just Prefer to have your own personal space Or you’ve got allergies and you’d like To keep dog hair off of your furniture Indoor air can be five times worse than Outdoor air and we spend 90% of our time Inside this is the molecule air purifier It was really easy to set it up too you Just pull it out of the box plug it in It does a couple of things on its own It’s super user-friendly too because of The touch screen up here and I love that It’s quiet so no I’m not gonna give you A treat for jumping on the furniture Auto molecule is actually the world’s

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Have a lesson to teach here if your dog Has an established habit of jumping on The furniture like Auto does you’re Gonna To be extra vigilant about enforcing the New rules you’re probably gonna find Yourself in one of two positions either You’re trying to break the habit of your Dog jumping on the furniture that’s the Position that Otto’s in or you’re trying To prevent the habit from becoming Established in the first place Prevention is ideal because it takes a Lot more work to change a bad habit That’s already established so then it Does to prevent it to begin with by Having your dog on leash when you’re First training them and carefully Controlling their environment you’re in A much better position to accomplish This but if you’re like most people You’ve probably given your dog a little Bit too much freedom too early on and They’ve gradually taken over every comfy Surface in your house and that might be Fine for a lot of you I always say if It’s okay with you it’s okay with me Let’s start with how to be pre-emptive In order to prevent your dog from Jumping on the furniture to begin with a Prerequisite for this is stay with Distance while you walk away so let’s See how Otto’s doing with this this Isn’t gonna work on you’re supposed to

Be down here I’m supposed to be up there This looks nothing like stay with Distance come on over here you can do it Come on Let’s go yeah there we off the couch I Love it that was excellent all right now Let’s go with a sit perfect stay that’s Looking good too but I want to be able To walk away anytime you add distance to Something it makes it much more Challenging stay pretty good I was able To move away about a foot there between Our eyes that’s how I measure distance When I’m practicing stay with this and It’s the distance between your eyes Oh Stay yes good so that’s it stay but Really a more reliable stay tends to be A down stay for most dogs so let’s see If we can get him to lie down and stay Lie down I’ll lure him and do it down He’s more of a default sitter than a Default downer Now most dogs are used to holding their Stay in this type of really rehearsed Training situation but when you change An element like sit down on the couch For example they may think it’s over Stay so my goal here is to be able to Sit down just like that stay good nice Stay and notice your how my attention is Completely focused on him okay good job Because once your attention is divided Your dog Gonna pay too much attention to you at

Least most dogs won’t and did you notice That the second I started talking to the Camera my attention is divided and he’s Like oh I don’t have to listen any more You are all weird dog you’re doing a Great job Look at that automatic down I’m just Gonna go ahead and reward that too he Lied down without me asking him and Ultimately this is the behavior we want To get it’s automatic automatic his name Is auto and even if your dog isn’t Brilliantly holding there stay if They’re showing restraint of any kind Where they otherwise would get on the Couch then trying to go out of your way To acknowledge that as well it’s Important to have treats at room Temperature so that you can easily get To that being a good dog that’s Excellent I like that you’re holding it Down stay you’re not on the furniture Right now when you catch your dog being Good just like this don’t waste those Opportunities to reinforce them with Genuine sincere praise and of course a Nice little food reward can go a long Way to creating a positive association With this kind of behavior we know that He has it in him to really hold a down Stay while I sit on the couch if we Really enforce the rules in the Beginning you’re gonna need to do this For several minutes at a time your dog

Really needs to understand that you’re Going to insist that they hold that stay Rather than jumping on the furniture so Consistency is extra key when teaching This we’re not waiting for Otto to jump On the couch to then say hey bad dog get Down you always have to be aware where Your dog is so you’ve got to keep an eye On them out of the corner of your eye Even if you’re on the couch maybe you’re On your iPad or watching TV or whatever It is but you must be ready to snap into Training mode out of moment’s notice it Might feel like you’re not getting Anywhere the first several days that you Attempt to teach this because this isn’t Exactly intuitive for dogs I mean let’s Face it dogs like to be near us and they Certainly love soft comfortable surfaces Too but of course there are going to be Times where your dog does jump on the Couch if the habit is well established What if your attention gets divided and Your dog does get up on the couch If your dog indicates that they’re about To get up and attempt to jump on the Furniture you should intervene and Promptly put them back into a stay this Is what we call redirecting and this is How we show them what we’d prefer they Do rather than punishing them after the Fact which is much less effective Otto I Think we’re gonna exceed the weight Limit of this couch well this is how we

Redirect let me show Here’s a treat come here over here good Notice I didn’t pull him off the couch I Didn’t lift him off the couch sit good Work nice job I got him to do it Voluntarily because if you force your Dog to do something they’re not learning You have to actually show them how to go Through the motions and make that extra Effort that’s how you get real results And you might be wondering did we just Reward him for getting on the couch We’re gonna redirect him all right so I’ve got that treat right here we’re Gonna show okay look I got the treat Over here but I’m not just gonna give Him the treat the last thing I want to Do is reinforce hey you jump on the Couch you get a treat so I’m gonna ask Him to sit now I’m gonna put him into a Lie down I’m gonna have them stay and I’m gonna reward that behavior the Better you get at redirecting the better Trainer you’re going to be and you may Have to redirect dozens and dozens if Not hundreds of times especially if You’re trying to break a bad habit again That’s normal and that’s why consistency Is so important when teaching dogs let’s Make sure that Otto really understands This concept and make it extra tempting Wharram we’re gonna put something he Loves up here on the couch you are not Getting this chicken the reason we’re

Doing this is to really tap into Otto’s Ability to control his impulses so we’re Gonna make it a little extra hard for Him this is a great way to prove this Behavior if they’ll stay off the couch Even when there’s something amazing on It then they’ll probably stay off it When it’s just being a normal couch Leave it over here I’m gonna redirect Him from the chicken look at that you See that I didn’t have to touch him There was a whole chicken right there And I used the treats off when I’m do it Again this is tough it smells so good All right stay good and my goal is to be Able to sit next to that cooked chicken On the couch and see how well he does And make sure he doesn’t jump up there Trying to get stay Pop sit stay Yes okay good work nice work everything Is okay except going after that chicken Or getting on the couch right now so Even if he doesn’t do great with stay The fact that he’s not jumping on the Furniture is what I’m really focused on This is how we pick our battles we’re Teaching dogs stay oh look at that now I Love that he just went into a down stay Right there I’m gonna give him a jackpot reward Because he’s very persistent about Trying to get to the chicken but this is Great you’re doing a good job buddy so

I’ve got two down stay well there’s a Chicken sitting next to me that’s Awesome as a reminder if you catch your Dog getting on the furniture while You’re in the other room this means You’re not controlling the environment Well enough it’s a really easy mistake To make As with most types of training a Regularly exercised dog makes for a much More compliant dog so make sure you’re Polishing up those fetch skills too Click thumbs up for Otto I mean look at The self-control he exhibited today get $75 off your first order when you get a Molecule air purifier at molecule comm Molecule with a K and enter promo code Zak George when you check out that link And details will be in the description Subscribe to my channel check out our New t-shirts I’ll have that link below And make sure you’ve got a copy of my Book dog training revolution it’ll help You teach your dog I know you’ll enjoy It we’ll see you guys in the next video

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