How To Train Your Dog To STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING That MOVES! Continued…

How To Train Your Dog To STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING That MOVES! Continued...

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In this episode I’m going to keep Working on training inertia how to stop Barking at virtually everything that Moves I’m Zach George I trained dogs This is my new dog and I’m gonna show You how I trained her from day one Things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can take up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notifications So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Guys wait until you see this you’ve Never seen anything quite like this in The world of dog food before nom nom is A revolutionary meal service for your Pet every meal is freshly prepared just Before it ships to you you just tell the Nom nom your pets aged breed and size This is like having a pet nutritionist In your pocket let me show you how it Arrives they pack it with dry ice and You can see how super insulated that is You get different formulas like chicken Or beef or turkey this is actually human Great food I mean you could eat this This tastes a lot better than the vast Majority of dog food that I’ve eaten Before Nom nom only uses restaurant quality USDA great ingredients you can clearly

See the chicken the sweet potatoes the Squash and the spinach all right let’s See what inertia thinks of it she Doesn’t normally gobble down food she’s Kind of a dainty eater but you can see By the way she’s eating this food she’s All loving it and they do give you Several different formulas for example The beef recipe has beef potatoes eggs Carrots and peas this is your dinner you Cannot have two meals back-to-back nice Try you can also set up regular Shipments of this so that your dog never Runs out of food try not mom today by Going to try Nam Kham slash Zac and You’ll get 50% off of a two week trial I’ll have a link in the description Below so this has become one of our Favorite practice fields there are a Steady stream of distractions to train Around not the least of which is this Bridge right here now you might think ok It’s a bridge what’s so distracting About that the way it’s situated Sometimes things combusting seemingly Out of nowhere like a bike or a scooter Even a jogger or maybe a dog and those Things can be really exciting when your Dog is suddenly presented with something Like that one thing I’ve noticed is that Inertia generally has been well-behaved When dogs walk nearby but if they Show an interest in interacting with her As the dog on the end does here she has

A really hard time containing her Excitement when inertia is this excited I need to fall back on managing her not Training her since it’s not realistic to Actually train a dog in these moments This means I need to do a better job of Preparing inertia to handle situations Like this while she generally does very Well down here just a few feet away if We’re right here she can’t handle it so Something I’m prioritizing is doing some Surgical training right here in this Exact situation the point is when you Notice a specific trigger or something That really throws your dog off avoid The trap of avoiding that type of Training scenario and go out of your way To set up more manageable training Scenarios so in this case I’m out here My mindset is we’re just gonna exist Right here and let her see things come Across the bridge and do some Desensitizing so it’s not so abnormal For her okay here comes a nice easy Distraction where I think I can keep her Attention on me I’ll practice getting or Attention on me as this family walks by Good job nice work things with wheels Have a higher probability of setting Inertia off but again notice the Distance I’m maintaining from the Distractions during the beginning part Of this lesson here comes another dog Let’s give it a shot no so close okay

Inertia is a little friskier today than Normal but I’m at least encouraged by The fact that she’s recovering from These outbursts pretty quickly good girl Stay there okay much better that time Let’s try again with another dog there’s An instance right there Dog walking by and her maintaining her Composure I appreciate that in her shell we’ve Been out here for several minutes now And you’ll notice that the more time we Spend out here the more likely inertia Is to behave normally just even walking Across this bridge kind of throws her Off and sends her into a bit of a Frantic state so it’s clear to me that I Need to do more training specifically on This bridge rather than just rushing Over it on my normal morning walk it Really seems that the sound of wheels Coming across that wooden bridge really Heightens her awareness and causes her To become excited in fact just being on The bridge increases her arousal while There’s no one coming across I’m gonna Take some time to do some leash training On the bridge over there come on Yes stomping on the ground you know this May not look like much but this is quite An improvement for inertia while we walk On this particular texture yeah if you Can even hear there are some loose Boards yes

Mistake good yeah so I just took off After that bicycle there because I Wanted to get her seeing the bicycle Going over the bridge while paying Attention to me at the same time I Really saw it in her eyes that she’s Like okay I’ll do what you want like she Was in a less distractible mindset there Yes very good you’re doing a wonderful Job yes stand switch come on let’s go And I’m extra stompin there just to Really get her extra proofed well let’s Go this way come on easy Good stay ok look at me yes stay very Good look at me this way keep moving Keep moving Let’s go stay yes ok good girl so that Was an amazing example in general it’s Harder for dogs to focus on you while Moving versus while still at least at First so here I’ll just have her stay Because I know dogs are particularly Distracting don’t move Everything that comes by is a unique Experience for inertia I mean the random Nature of these real-world distractions Is hard to artificially create so There’s nothing like getting out here And practicing and controlling the Variables that you can like easily being Able to extend or shorten the distance Between your dog and the various Distractions yeah good job and say you Know you might recall there was a time

When if a jogger was passing by and that Closer She would be thrown off okay we’re Caught off guard here we’re actually on The bridge and a bike is coming at us And there’s no time to create distance Let’s see how she does there you go That’s the thing I can’t pull off and Get her away from that bike so we have To work on that once again a bike is Approaching fast and since I know an Outburst is more likely I’m going to Create a closer training bubble because Dogs are more likely to listen when You’re close and I’m going to hold her By the harness just so that I can Promptly manage an outburst if it does Occur stay yes very good up here and State amazing so that was pretty that Was one of our best examples to date Where I was able to get her attention on Me while on the bridge while a bike rode Past us we’re gonna try to build on that Here and so it also helps being able to Have her heal on the right side it also Helps having her heal on the left side Here too just so I can be a barrier Between her and a bike stay good girl Good girl Easy wait very good look at me here yes Stay So you can see when the bikes come by There she’s getting better I mean it’s Still difficult for her to focus you can

Hear the sound of those bikes coming Over she’s recovering more and more Quickly now that we’re spending time out Here just specifically focused and Another dog coming come on let’s go this Way Yes that’s it oh my gosh there’s a dog Behind us and you were paying attention Look at you I hate good job girl yeah you’re Starting to see a pattern the more time We spend out here the more reliable she Becomes around distractions like dogs Bikes strollers and other things you’re Gonna have some good days and some days That are not so good and some days in Between so today was kind of an In-between day but I’m still very proud Of her because she really did show a lot Of progress in many areas especially With bikes going over the bridge and Dogs walking by if you guys enjoy seeing The full process of working through Issues like this click thumbs up in our Next episode we’re going to do a deep Dive into how I’ve been teaching inertia One of the most important skills of all Try nomnom today by going to try Nam Kham slash Zak get 50% off of a two-week Trial subscribe to this channel and Follow us on Instagram and tik-tok for Daily updates on what inertia is Learning right now get a copy of my book Guide to a well-behaved dog for all of

My most detailed training advice on Common behavior problems like parking it Everything that moves and more see you Guys next time You

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