How to Train Your Dog to STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING That Moves!!

How to Train Your Dog to STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING That Moves!!

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Inertia has recently discovered all of The pedestrian traffic and the busy road In front of our paddles and her barking Is beginning to get a little out of Control We’ll see if I can get a handle on it in Today’s episode I’m Zak Jorge I trained Dogs this is my new dog and I’m gonna Show you how I train her from day one Things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can take up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notification So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Oh my gosh inertia I’m going to let you Open both of these boxes at one time Today bark fox and super ture are two Very different monthly boxes tell me Which one your dog would like better in The comments below or would they like Them both I’ve been looking forward to This box more than any box I can think Of It’s the scooby-doo box it’s legit That’s scooby-doo the real scooby-doo in Ursa that’s scooby-doo he’s more famous Than you are it like belongs on his Shelf almost I almost don’t want to let An Ursa destroy it and the Mystery Machine barkbox legit keeps raising the

Bar on their toys of course we’ve got Scooby Snacks they even have like a Scooby chew get it Scooby chew Let’s see what the theme is on our super Chewy hyper space Oh cause of hyper dogs I get it every super tour you will have Chews and you’ll get a couple of bags of Treats here let’s get to the star of the Box Can we just highlight how ridiculously Tough this toy is this is gonna give you A really crazy bounce you can even put Treats inside of it and here we have Planet X but if you have like a really High energy dog with a major bite where They just love chewing stuff and you’re Probably more of a super chewy box kind Of person nice throw When you find a new toy that your dog Loves you can get so much extra training Mileage in you can get a free extra Month of bark box super cure box or both When you subscribe to a 6 or 12 month Plan by going to my special URLs bark Box comm slash dog training and super Chewy comm slash dog training I’ll have Both of those links in the description Below as you know one of the issues We’ve been dealing with with inertia is Her getting very excited by things that Outside of our window here remember Things that move are exciting to dogs And this street in front of our house in Atlanta is way more exciting than the

Streets inertia is used to at our other House in New Orleans now that inertia Has demonstrated she doesn’t chew up the Furniture I have no problem with her Being on the furniture she’s been doing Very well with that and I have no Problem with her doing exactly what She’s doing right here just looking Outside and checking things out today I Was thinking we would make things a bit More challenging now that she’s pretty Successful with this barrier and this Wall between her and the outside world This is gonna be my first major screen Saver dog training session out here in This yard with this level of Distractions You might remember screen saver dog Training is a term we coined where you Basically just find an environment That’s different from your indoor Environment where you just let the world Happen to you and you practice whatever It is that you’re training your dog at That particular moment in that Environment come here and so that’s Actually a really good example she did Extremely well as that dog went by However she did bark a little bit and That’s normal I mean you’re not just Gonna go from bark bark bark to okay I’ll be quiet you’re gonna have like More subdued barking in between and That’s what you’re seeing right now that

In-between phase and she even looked Back at me she’s like okay what normally Happens after I bark well my dad calls Me and I get a treat so she kind of Autonomously looked at me and came over Here even though she was a bit anxious And conflicted because her instincts for Saying I want to interact with that dog Over there now I will say we have Recently added a front fence as a safety Barrier so I feel comfortable doing this Off leash since I got Scooby Snacks Today we can’t go wrong right so every Time we open the door you remember it’s Stay you can even see her stay is pretty Much automatic but just by virtue of Opening that door remember you’re Introducing a ton of distractions Because of the smells and sights that Come rushing in just practice that 1 or 2 times just for good measure you can Hear how loud it is out there a good job Girl Nice job ok stay So we’ll walk out here you can see she’s Immediately alert here and checking Everything out around her I even have a Dog over here I think she may have Detected but I’ll let her know it’s okay A nurse I come good girl Oh and runner sorry okay so I’m aware That my dog is acting totally Embarrassing right now And I’m also aware that yeah I’m a

Professional dog trainer sorry so many People might even question how can your Dog be like this act but honestly Working through behaviors that emerge Like this is part of the reality of Having an adolescent dog so I love Showing you the reality while working Through issues like this with my own dog Come okay good girl you’ll good job I Love the fact that she’s coming to me But she can’t be doing that that is Ridiculous We got our work cut out for us on this One don’t we so I’m gonna put her on a 30-foot lead right here cuz I want to be Able to simulate off-leash conditions Where she’s free to come and go but I Also want to make sure that if she goes Into one of those fits where she starts Barking at a jogger coming by so Embarrassing that I can at least limit Her from traumatizing anyone that comes By our front yard and it’s only a matter Of time before one of these joggers is One of you guys so I really need to get Her in shape here stay ah come on over Here lie down and so I’m really Encouraged by the fact that she recovers Relatively quickly after an outburst but Really I want to minimize or eventually Eliminate those kinds of outbursts I’m Just gonna let her exist and chill for a Second let her kind of get acclimated Even though it’s our front yard for

Obvious reasons we haven’t been spending A lot of time out here before we have The fence installed just because of the Danger factor out here so we got a Jogger across the street there good girl She’s discovered her mystery machine as Well so I’m gonna have that out here Just so I have both types of major Currencies her two types of currencies Are food and play we have a dog and People walking over here this is a good Way to give her exposure at a distance You can see she’s looking at the dog yes Good girl alright come on let’s go you Good Look at me okay come and so while we’re Out here you know I’m gonna do light Training with her come stay maybe a Couple of tricks or whatever just to get Are used to listening to me out here But the major goal of this training Session is to get her to not act like a Lunatic when someone comes by them Sidewalk stink lie down stand sit sit Pretty okay good job hey not bad good Stay okay come That was nice she looked at the person Across the street there and then decided To come to me let me see if I can get Her playing out here good job Ready go like you’re a dog barking Somewhere I wonder if that’s gonna throw Her off stay Okay come let’s go nice job over here

Come around stake fly down good wait When she does become distracted calling Her to me is something I really want to Burn through her brain I want her to Really understand I want you coming to Me when you’re distracted looks like we Have a dog way in the distance that Might be making their way which is a Fairly ideal training scenario just in Case she gets overly excited I’m gonna Make sure I have a hold of her long lead Beer I hope to not have to restrain her At all though but I’m gonna get nice and Low be close to her a good girl Stay got a jogger coming up as well on This side so double distractions good Girl It’s a pretty dog stay she’s about to be Surprised Yes good lie down you almost saw her Think about barking there I was able to Intervene there and get the attention on Me before the outburst occurred that Really is your best time dogs we’ll give You a little bit of foreshadowing just About all of the time for example you’ll See their eyes light up or their ears Perk up and they look very alert Sometimes they only give you a Microseconds notice focus on really Getting to know your dog in that way and That’ll put you in a much better Position to work on issues like this and If you’re not at that point yet remember

I have an entire book on this actually – I’ll have links below when we first came Out of here she was pretty reactive and Barking at the joggers and everything But just by virtue of being out here for I don’t know 15 20 minutes so far she’s Like okay I’ve adjusted I still want a Barking chase but I have some guidance Here from my dad I’m pretty open to Listening and that’s why so much Repetition is required when you’re doing A screen saver training like this the More we do this the shorter that Adjustment time becomes until she’s just Generalized the good behavior that we Want her to possess at all times so we Have another dog coming across the Street here see if she notices stay Inertia come no come hey why don’t so Good example there that’s now two Successes we’ve had with dog across the Street that have walked by without her Going nuts Yeah so the jogger is walking and then He started jogging and that’s when she’s Like oh my gosh what are you running From the lead came in very handy there So I was able to intercept the behavior And at least stop it okay in her shop Lie down Good girl there’s a jogger you good girl Yes stay victory moment right there a Jogger right in front of the fence and She acted like a well-behaved young lady

Inertia come here good lie down Good girl stay good girl that’s it yes You know it’s common when we’re training Dogs to think what do I do after the Outburst occurs the only thing you can Do is manage your dog get them under Control have them on leash get them away From the thing that’s causing them to React but if you’re really on top of Things and you can intervene before the Outburst occurs that’s where you’re Going to see your gains and successes Come I’m under no illusions that this Particular training session is going to Solve everything I’ve got to do this a Lot all right another jogger coming up Over here and she’s right up on him and Her shot come yes good come here Lie down perfect stay Yes I love how she looked at me good You’ve heard me talk about to leave it Look at me combo that was an example she Looked at the distraction and then Looked at me so I was able to give her Guidance there so that was terrific we Have another exciting dog coming up She’s already spotted the dog she’s Possible before I do stay so I’m looking For five seconds of staying then I’ll Give her a tiny piece of a Scooby Snack Good girl Inertia come good girl I know you hear That conflicted vocalization good girl I Know it’s hard you’re doing great

Stay good girl Wow okay go get it so There I decided to reward with a toy lie Down Good let’s see if I can get her to do a Stand stand stay good girl okay get it Playing with your dog like this and Giving them that outlet to chase things And play is another way to cut back on The type of behavior we saw earlier as Well so she has an outlet to run and Chase things that’s also going to go a Long way so we have another dog coming Up you can see she’s looking a little Alert there stay she’s just discovered The other dog good girl nice job I love That automatic look at me right there She’s giving me and it’s worth Mentioning I’m rewarding extra here Because there’s a lot of different Variables in this particular training Session than she’s used to Very good perfect so I’m just gonna go Ahead and give her one reward there Because she’s showing a lot of stability Right now come on let’s go hey heel good Look at me Let’s go some basic heel work out here In this environment you are healing so Well how do you do that come on lie down Okay come back here yeah let’s go lie Down okay come on over here stay here Yes and switch good okay come on let’s Go and switch Give me a switch one more okay

Good stay Yes good girl you know it’s one thing When she can see a dog coming at a Distance but very often you know a dog Or a person or some type of distraction Will just appear lie down so I’ll put Her in a downstage so something gonna do Here as these charges come by is I’m Gonna create distance or to walk away Stay I mean maybe you’re doing yard work Or something like that you want to know That your dog isn’t going to react crazy Or you’re on the phone and you want to Know that you don’t have to be right on Top of them Thanks I love that and this Is why I’m not afraid to show you when My own dog does not behave ideally this Is part of the process because if you Understand that it’s normal well I think You’re much more likely to be more Patient with your dog and not give up so Easily and be encouraged to work with Them inertia come got a jogger coming up Sorry Stake two of them good girl Nice job good work who knew there were So many joggers in Atlanta it’s kind of Inspiring me you want to start jogging Yes all right Looks like we’re gonna become Jonathan’s Get a free extra month of barkbox super Cure or both when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month plan we’ll have links in the Description below follow us on Instagram

And tik-tok to see what inertia and I Are working on everyday subscribe to This channel and get a copy of my books – all of the details will be in the Description in the next episode I’m Going to take inertia on her first hike In the woods and we’ll encounter some Adventure and danger You

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