How To Train Your Dog To STOP SNAPPING at People (Stop Aggressive/Reactive Behavior)

How To Train Your Dog To STOP SNAPPING at People (Stop Aggressive/Reactive Behavior)

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In today’s episode we’re gonna learn how To excuse me excuse me hi I’m Inconvenient man and I want to do Everything in my power to make your life Less convenient why because progress is For losers ah I think I’ll read Something English That’s my native language this won’t do This looks like German perfect I have no Idea how to speak German we too near ich If he ear in hoon I love making things Harder than they have to be inconvenient Man you know things would probably be a Lot better for you if you would just Open your mind and start by having your Pets food automatically shipped to you From pet flow for example and miss the Pleasure of driving across town choosing From a limited selection and hauling it Home myself for the rest of us there’s a Better option you can save $10 on your First three automatic shipments from pet Flow saving time and money absolutely Not Use discount codes at 30 the link will Be in the description click thumbs up For a new video make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel it’s completely Free and you’ll learn how to train your Dog and if you want even more tips Follow me on instagram at sack George Link below Recently Delta the German Shepherd Dog Mix came by my understanding is that she

Occasionally becomes uncomfortable with People and she’s been known to snap at People I’ve asked Danielle to get Delta Comfortable with a basket muzzle prior To our meeting these kinds of muzzles Are the best for managing a dog who Might snap or bite a person or animal as They allow the dog to pant take treats And drink water while keeping everybody Safe it’s uncommon for dogs to snap at People without warning and seemingly Unprovoked you can see here I’m Cautiously petting Delta as I’m aware of Her issue has she ever bitten a person Or snapped at a person as I’m looking at This again perhaps she took exception With being pet on top of her head by Someone she doesn’t know very well Whenever a dog acts out like this Towards other people or other animals That should be dealt with on a Case-by-case basis let’s find out more About Delta from her mom Danielle my Name is Danielle and this is my dog Delta so Delta was found on the street She was Five or six weeks old she has really Been worms when we found her so we Nursed her back to hell We’ve been inseparable ever since Currently Delta’s three years old Delta Can be selective about new people that She meets and she can be a little Reactive you might notice that Delta is

Wearing her basket muzzle I like to make Sure Delta has good associations with Wearing her muzzle because that means That she’s safe and we’re teaching other People safe Zach please help me get Delta more comfortable around strangers Tell me how does she react at home than Normally what’s her behavior like when You have someone come over she’s Generally excited she likes to bring People things when they come through the Door like a blanket or a toy she’s never Had any sort of outburst like that in Our home okay so my best guess there a Change of environment that can be Stressful to some dogs they can be like Why are we here what is this place who Is this guy touching my head right now It’s important that whenever we’re Trying to resolve issues like this that We really understand the context because When dogs react unfavorably or react in Any way to anything it’s due to their Genetics lifetime experience in the Context in which the incidents occur Does she like to be pets she’s not a dog That comes up looking for pets from me Even she may get irritable when she gets Pet because until I was petting her she Was fine well we can never claim to know What’s going on inside a dog’s mind most Likely it’s probably some type of fear Response she’s unsure and asking all These questions just because every case

Is so unique and so different my plan Today is to kind of address this in Three different ways we’re gonna talk About desensitizing her so that we can Minimize the chance of this happening in The future as well as how to counter Condition her in order to change her Reaction management is also a huge Variable and it looks like you’ve got That under control but we’ll talk more About that later it’s my goal throughout This training session not to have Another outburst like that my goal is to Keep her under that level of stress to Where she’s unlikely to react that way Again I see how she’s leaning on you Very trusting of you she’s just checking Everything out and that bond that you Guys have seems really strong that’s Gonna be really important when you go to Address something like this with her I Love how you’re giving her the Reassurance as well that’s another big Important part of this to give her that Reassurance it’s gonna go a long ways One of the best things that we can do to Get a dog to react more favorably is to Desensitize them we just want to give Her that general experience of being Around people we’ve had her How long now about 10 minutes or so Might be a good idea to give her a few More minutes just to interact over here And smell around the more she

Experiences being around situations that Typically make her uncomfortable the More likely she is to feel normal in Those situations however if she doesn’t Have frequent exposure to those Situations then it’s going to prove Challenging as we’ve been sitting here Talking she seems to be adjusting she Feels very comfortable with you so I Think we should move on to the next step Which is counter conditioning providing Good outcomes around things that Typically cause her to feel a bit uneasy So I’m gonna give her some treats if we Hope to alter her reaction around new People we have to give her a reason to Change that reaction play and food are Great places to start I’m gonna start Off by dropping it because she did snap At me in a moment it goes I like to Think that good dog trainers don’t get Bit so I’m gonna ease her into it my Goal here is to completely reverse the Perception that she had of me out there Was she felt uneasy that’s why she Snapped at me so now if I show her Hey Look I give you Turkey That’s likely to make her feel a little Bit better look who’s on their good Behavior now right I’m gonna treat her Open palm here so now I’m able to put my Hand right at her face there that’s a Step in the right direction and I’m now A little more comfortable to get a

Little bit lower on the ground with or Here and I’m pretty close to her right Now is my best guess with her is that When you get in her personal space she Gets a little alarmed and you might Notice I’m not petting her a lot because There’s a good chance that that’s a Trigger to her I’m giving a really tiny Peices here and this is all really good So far I’m looking at her body language I mean her frog legs over here seem to Indicate that she’s in a relaxed state Of mind I’m not seeing the pie little Erection that’s where their hair stands Up I’m not seeing her look particularly Alert it’s really important to try and Understand a dog’s body language get any Clues that you can basically you do Counter conditioning exercises like this Ideally you get strangers to give her Treats or drop treats in front of her And the idea is that over time if she Has enough experiences with strangers Dropping treats from the sky around her That she’s more likely to start to Associate good things with them yes Good girl so now I’m letting her just Kind of lick me with no treats I’m just Getting her used to seeing a hand come Towards her face yeah I’m just getting Her to interact with my hand in her Space good job very good and she’s like Where’s the tree but you know the main Thing is she’s not showing a lot of

Stress signs here let me see if I can Get her to take some general direction From me I mean if she’ll do some basic Tricks for me that’s a Surefire sign that she’s getting Comfortable with me she’s pretty yeah oh Look at that what do you call it beg beg Oh look at you that’s so great bang good Oh that’s really cool when a dog takes Direction from someone they’ve never met Or unfamiliar with like me that’s a Really good sign that they’re not in a Stressful state of mind we’re making Great strides on counter conditioning Delta to react better towards me but Remember that managing any dog with an Issue like this is paramount to their Long-term success when you have a dog Like this that has had issues with Reacting to people in the past it’s Important to really manage them honestly Life long or you can make a lot of Improvement and perhaps you can get over It completely but every dog is different You’re doing great on management you’ve Got her on leash she’s on a harness you Have the basket muzzle on just to keep Everybody safe and you talked about how When you go on walks if you see that She’s likely to react you create the Distance and everything these are Fantastic ways to manage for those of You at home who are dealing with this Whether your dog reacts unfavorably with

Dogs or people or any other animal it’s Important to have realistic expectations This isn’t something that you Necessarily resolve quickly sometimes it Can be years sometimes it can be a Lifelong it really just depends on the Individual dog the most efficient way to Get through issues like this is to give Your dog positive experiences and that’s What we’re trying to do if you’ve ever Seen another dog trainer whether it’s on YouTube TV who really tries to challenge A dog or really intimidate them or force Them to try and get them to not behave This way that’s unlikely to resolve this Issue long term that instead is Something we called learned helplessness If the behavior does reott slightly to Rhea merge worse than ever today was a Success because we gave her a really Good association with everything she’s Doing well she’s smelling my hand she’s Doing tricks for me Danielle great job Today click thumbs up if you enjoyed Today’s video subscribe to my channel as Well and to get more dog training tips Between videos follow me on instagram at Zach george i’ve just announced my Newest book too so if you’d like to Order it I’ll have that link and Everything else I just mentioned in the Description below I hope you guys like This video and this is a reminder to let You know we’re really active on

Instagram and that you can get dog Training tips virtually daily as well as Be a part of my live broadcasts for Those not familiar Instagram is a mobile Only app so go download the app I’ll Have my Instagram link but So for you to check out follow me there

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