How to train your dog to stop stealing! Teach Your Dog to LEAVE ANYTHING ALONE Counter Surfing

How to train your dog to stop stealing!  Teach Your Dog to LEAVE ANYTHING ALONE Counter Surfing

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How to train a basic ”Leave it”:

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You’ve been asking for this video for a while and I have a feeling it will help a lot of you. How many of your dog’s leave food alone in a training exercise, but don’t know how to do it in real life scenarios? This video will show you exactly what to do for YOUR counter surfer. Not only that, I’ll who you how to teach this without touching your dog and without a leash to restrain them. Plus the examples and advice in this video can help if your dog tends to steal other items around the house like shoes, furniture or clothes!

Today we’re going to be working with Chloe she’s a puppy on how to not steal Food off of the counter or off of the Table or how to steal anything else She’s not supposed to have now she’s Still really young and she’s still Learning but i’m gonna try and give you Guys some tips on how to deal with this If you’re new to teaching dogs make sure You subscribe to my channel i have Anything from beginner videos to Intermediate to advanced videos to Tricks so subscribe right now what we’re Gonna be going over today is what i like To call a real life leave it it’s one Thing for our dogs to leave something Alone during a training exercise but It’s quite another to have them leave it Alone when it really counts how good is Your dog about leaving things alone and Not stealing food off the counter off The kitchen table tell me in the Comments below a prerequisite to this is That you have taught your dog a basic Leave it where you can drop a treat in Front of them and they’ll leave it alone At pretty close range if you haven’t Taught that i have an excellent video in The description of this video that will Show you how to do that don’t forget to Like me on facebook too for more tips on How to keep training really fun and Effective we have a thriving community Of positive dog trainers and everyday

Dog lovers over there as well click Thumbs up if you’re as passionate as i Am about raising the standards and how We teach and train our dogs now let’s go Inside and meet elizabeth and chloe and See if we can solve this problem I’m here with elizabeth right now she is A proud mom of chloe and actually Several other dogs you guys are very Dedicated animal rescuers what issues Are you having with chloe as far as Taking food when she’s not supposed to It doesn’t matter what’s on the counter Whatever kind of food is up there she’ll Take it tell me how chloe’s doing like On a basic leave it as a training Exercise which is a bit easier than an Actual leave it alone if it’s on the Counter right so i’ve noticed that chloe Still does really well with the um Training by herself she’s getting better With real household objects if that Makes sense so she’ll bring in a sock And i’ll tell her to leave it alone why Don’t we go ahead and get her warmed up With a basic leave it and see how she’s Doing with that what i’m looking for Here is to see that chloe is good about Leaving it alone when we drop it in Front of her before we up the ante Before we make it harder Leave it Good and notice how she looked at you For guidance there i love it when they

Do that You’ve done a great job on this we want The emphasis of our training to be on The word yes so that they really enjoy Learning you know the best trainers in The world uh are prepared to snap into Training mode on a moment’s notice for Example when we see our dog getting on The counter Now it’s time to make it a little bit More challenging remember that the Biggest mistake that people make With young dogs especially is a lack of Supervision in that first year of life We really want to teach them to respond To us from a distance to make sure that They know how to leave something alone While we walk away because that’s a lot Harder for them to do when they’re left To make the decision on their own very Often they will opt to go and eat the Turkey i mean who could blame them right I think we should go over Teaching her how to do leave it from a Distance on the floor and then we’ll Phase it up to the counter and Eventually teach her that anything on The counter is off limits without us Having to even tell her leave it alone Dogs are very smart she knows that i’m Right here to cover it up and if i walk Away she knows hey there’s a loophole Maybe i can get it we don’t want to pull Our dogs away for this that doesn’t

Teach them we really want them to think It through this is very tempting and She’s doing a wonderful job Leave it alone very good Leave it Leave it alone good and i mean this is More distance she’s still thinking about It but i’m going to let her know i like It she’s really breaking through right Now she’s doing a great job so i’m going To make sure that i follow it up with a Reward my goal here is to simply be able To stand up i mean that’s a variation of Distance Good Chloe Good and here major victory able to Stand up here she’s not touching it i’m Loving this this is great to let and i’m Not gonna put a shirt i’m gonna let her Know i love that behavior by giving her Food thank you and it’s not just about The food always genuinely you know Communicate that enthusiasm i don’t need To tell you that you’re very good at That leave it alone Very good and see now she’s really Starting to get the point here that’s Fantastic Good and see now we have a bit of chloe Right there she’s thinking about it we Have a bit of distance here this is Better i mean this is where we want to Be before we go to the next level with

It it’s really being dialed in with Those eyes Yes Our next step is to kind of do a similar Concept over here but we want to do it While on the counter we want to set up Scenarios where our dog is tempted so we Can communicate to them hey look Anything over here on the counter off Limits i’m going to let chloe know very Vividly that there’s turkey right here And we know that she’s accustomed to Doing it yes I’m not gonna wait for her to get up There and then correct her i’m gonna let Her know that i like that she looked at It and looked at me here right so it’s Up here look at me yes nice work very Good girl leave it alone Good i’m gonna reward that i’m not gonna Push her and push her and insist that She resists temptation when learning a New concept now you would reward less And less until eventually you don’t Reward at all because your dog is Accustomed to just not getting on the Counter i’m gonna intermittently reward Her i’m not gonna reward her every time And even though we’re not rewarding her For it we’re still communicating to her I like that you’re doing that that’s Very good sweetheart what do you feel About giving it a shot are you cool with That absolutely let’s do it here’s

Pete’s turkey i say put the whole thing On there all right put it on the plate Show her that it’s there So she knows it’s there i’m gonna get Some extra Turkey over here there reward her Immediately for letting her know you Like it and notice we’re not saying Leave it alone we’re simply trying to Create a habit of i know you know it’s There but you’re not allowed to get it And i like that you’re not trying to get It emphasize that to your dog she’s Really getting it i think we can go even Farther with this are you up for it yes I’ve got another plate full of turkey Here we have this plate over here and i Want to set up a training exercise If your dog does this this is how you Handle it right here simply cover it up Again don’t pull them down teach them to Think You know She got a little bit my bad there but That’s okay if your dog does get away With it that’s on you for not Controlling the environment sufficiently No ma’am leave it alone Here we are again I want to say yes but i’m waiting for it To get down and then i’m going to reward Yes good very good and this is what i Mean it’s 10 times more effective to Show your dog what you do want rather

Than correcting them for what you don’t Want that was an excellent example very Good chloe that was wonderful and we’re Not trying to set her up we’re not Trying to tease her but we’re trying to Really show her how to resist temptation Very good so look she’s doing terrific Look how well she’s doing i’m gonna let Her know i like that behavior a lot good No ma’am hey look look at me i’m going To create a little distance because Remember Distance dogs are quite savvy Leave it alone don’t touch it Good and look right there excellent job Elizabeth you can see she saw it coming Look at the communication there that’s How you do it you might be wondering are We making a mistake by giving her food Off the counter as if to say well Sometimes you can have food on the Counter our dogs are very smart and They’re gonna understand that they only Get food when you give it to them as Long as you’re very consistent we have To supervise them to make sure we’re in A position to teach them before we leave Them unattended with food on the counter Great girl chloe That was really really nice that was a Terrific job i think you guys are doing A wonderful wonderful job now you’ve got A few weeks of work ahead of you to be Consistent with her but if you’re

Overwhelmingly consistent for a few Weeks this issue is resolved hey if you Guys found this video helpful make sure You click thumbs up subscribe to my Channel as well so that you can see all Of my future dog training videos like me On facebook Thesac george where you can get all Sorts of dog training tips and we have a Wonderful community of people over there Chloe’s amazing dog you guys just did Terrific thank you very much

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