How To Train Your Dog to Walk on Leash WITHOUT Embarrassing You!

How To Train Your Dog to Walk on Leash WITHOUT Embarrassing You!

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You can see how she’s like borderline Can i really get her attention right now When she’s frazzled like that I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life possible that means i Need to work on the most common puppy Issues like potty training how to Actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her everything a Good dog needs to know Real dog training doesn’t always go Smoothly and that’s why i’m going to Show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide Today i’m hoping to tackle some of the Toughest Puppy issues with kona the irish doodle For example kona definitely needs help On not Digging and picking up potentially Harmful things in our yard Because with kona that’s kind of out of Control right now if i’m being honest Come yeah Good job i also really want to improve

Her leash walking skills especially in New places and we’re going to work on Some other stuff too I’m losing control of this series by the Second Things were going well in training i Promise pop box is a very different kind Of subscription monthly box They send you specific items and Training advice based on your dog’s Specific age so it’s all about training And raising your dog and getting through That first year of life with a new pup Kona i need this to train you gosh let Go Thank you look at this these holy Rollers are awesome right here this is a Fun toy because it’s kind of a hybrid Between a tug toy there’s a lot of give To it but it also serves as a great Fetch toy I love this toy because it’s a good Squeaky toy But it’s super tough you know oh and Some venison Jerky look at that that is quality stuff Right there for training and of course The obligatory staple squeaky tennis Ball Kona you can’t just steal things out of The box Don’t worry you’ll get this later coda Clearly likes the roasted beef steak i Think that might be her favorite item

Ever If you need trading help like i Obviously do right now get fifty percent Off of your first pup box when you sign Up for a three six or twelve month Subscription Go to zach and use discount Code Zack link below i do want to address a Question that a few of you have asked i Think it’s a really good question Some of you have wondered well zack why Aren’t you using the clicker With kona during this series like you Did with inertia for those of you that Are new a clicker looks something like This It makes a clicking sound like that and We condition our dogs to understand that That sound means Good dog i like what you just did here’s Something amazing In the hopes that that inspires them to Want to repeat the behavior we just Marked by clicking i don’t think a Clicker by any means is required for Training a dog but it can be a great Tool especially for beginners To really get their timing down and There’s no harm in using a clicker At all i’ve opted to not use it in this Series so far Because i know it’s an objection that a Lot of people have when training their

Dog they feel like they’re always going To need it so i wanted to show you that It’s definitely not required For training a dog i got this clicker From doggone good clicker company you Can look them up so let me show you how You can quickly and i mean Quickly condition your dog to understand What the click Means in this case it will mean good dog I like that You win an awesome treat i’m not gonna Tell her to do a thing watch this I’m gonna click i’m gonna give her a Piece of meat I’m gonna click i’m gonna give her a Piece of meat Now one thing i’m gonna be looking for Over these next several clicks Is an automatic sit in other words she’s Already equated hey when i sit Or lie down i get a treat so i’ll be Looking for it to automatically do One of those things click Treat see that’s all i’m doing not Asking her to do anything at this point There it is yep told you it was coming So that’s a sign that they’re making the Connection that okay every time that Click goes off I’ma get a treat Good so in our case we’ve been saying Yes and you might be wondering what’s Wrong with that

Nothing sometimes though the artificial Sound of the clicker can be really Catchy for a dog and it also Gives you as the human a button in your Hand to press the moment your dog does What you like let me give you an example Of how you might use this In a day-to-day scenario so we would go Sit For the treat the second her butt hit The ground we clicked For lie down we would click the moment She gets in that lie down position and Follow it up with a tree now of course You can give some genuine heartfelt Encouragement and praise here along the Way Let’s see how that rollover is looking Roll over yeah we’re gonna teach her Something brand new using the clicker in Just a second so i can show you how that Would look as well But for now what have we done we’ve Conditioned her to the clicker we’ve Clicked and given her a treat every time That we make the sound so she Understands We’ve shown her that hey when you sit or Comply with a request The clicker’s going to go off and you’re Going to get a treat i’ll take that Love the compliance now it’s important To remember what the clicker is not it’s Not a button

To call your dog even though that may Work we don’t want to rely on that Because It’s going to quickly dilute the meaning Of the clicker it’s not a tool to signal Your dog to do something in advance Remember it happens when a behavior Occurs not before behavior occurs Now one trick that i’ve been wanting to Teach her Is crawl so we’re gonna see how that Goes this is another trick where we’ll Use luring Yes oh she’s already doing it you guys Look at that look at that look at those Legs in the back they’re in the crawl Position almost So we’re just gonna lure her yes Notice how i’m clicking like at any hint Of the final motion i’m not asking her For a refined perfect crawl for five Seconds before i click And reward if she shows me she’s going a Mill a step In the right direction i’m going to go Ahead and click her and follow that up With a reward every time Good and i’m you may not see it but i am Releasing the treat after i click See that look at this how do you learn So Fast lie down good go ahead and reward On the lie down there Yes good and right there since she’s

Uh i’m and right there what did i do When she got up i pulled the treat away That made the treat get real far away Once she got out of the crawl position Did you see that she went back down i Like that she’s trying to Keep the session going so basically i Mean you can’t use the clicker too much If you’re thinking hey i like what You’re doing there Click and give a reward if you’re good Yes good girl can i get another inch or Two let’s see God of course you may have to consort in All kinds of ways to teach your dog Yes Good girl nice correction there with Those hind legs not dragging Good work Hug yes i’m gonna go ahead and continue To click And treat for duration too even though She’s already done the hug There we go good girl okay hug is Looking pretty good too Here so let me plant the seed for a Future trick like figure eights through The legs that’s a really fun flashy one And again Just to remind you we don’t train tricks To be entertaining though it’s okay if You do but we really train tricks like This to keep our dogs Engaged it’s kind of like teaching

Advanced math to them it really Stimulates their brain helps them Understand broader communication with Human beings and it’s just a really Great way to increase your dog’s quality Of life by understanding how to work With us Better good she’s following that lure Very well notice how the lure isn’t Right at her nose keep going Good so right there i really asked her To make several moves Uh before i decided to click because She’s getting the hang of it she’s Following the lure well and over time Your dog is like what do i have to do to Make that clicker go off right it’s a Really great way to Make training a little more interesting For some dogs maybe it makes it more Interesting for you as well i think That’s a great introductory session on Crawl and weave through your legs it’s Just a way to plant the seed we’re not Trying to Master a new trick all in one step Obviously But just a great way to keep our Thinking teach you how to really follow That lure And as i said a great way to build Mutual communication Which is what dog training is all about To this point kona’s leash walking

Skills have been Impressive so far she’s done beautifully At several different parks She’s doing well on neighborhood walks And just yesterday we were in the city Of new orleans and she did pretty well Today we’re at historic bayou st john And we’re going to do some leash Training with kona today and while there Are many historic facts about this By you the fact that real life pirates Used to go up and down It is pretty crazy and plus some people Think it’s haunted I don’t know what i hope to accomplish Today is to Verify that kona’s leash walking Abilities are improving and getting even More reliable In this type of setting and it may be Time to start planting the seed for a Proper heal later on This is really good here i mean the Barking is fine here i’m not too Concerned about it actually because We have a loose leash while she’s Barking she’s more nervous than she is Like lunging at them So i want to make sure that i give her Plenty of room to go back here watch This Kona come good Good job yes so i’m still easily able to Get her under control

Even in that circumstance it’s normal For young puppies to react and bark at Other dogs like that because they’re Interested in dogs you know they don’t Know the context What are those dogs coming over here for Who knows what they’re thinking some People might react by correcting their Dog or Putting tension on the leash which Really tends to aggravate the situation With a lot of dogs And the fact that i was able to get her Attention on me was evidence that she Wasn’t too overly stimulated That’s a dog that’s interesting isn’t it See those puppies I know kona Look at me yes hey that was really good That was a really good balance of Letting her satisfy her curiosity I’m going to continue to let her do it By looking at him Vocalizing a little i mean you know i Got to watch that maybe that turns into Excessive barking later but That’s not the priority right now the Priority is it was acceptable And she was evaluating the dogs and i Was still able to get her attention on Me at some point there by asking for it We’ve been out here just a few minutes And she’s adjusting Beautifully let’s continue on our way

Here see how she does Let her continue adjusting but she’s Doing pretty good Kona is typically the kind of dog that Adjusts within like 10 or 15 minutes Which is really nice but if it took your Dog longer That’s totally fine too every dog is Different let me Verify that i can get her attention on Me right now Because if i can get her attention on me That means she’s probably ready to train Right now she’s interested in this Vegetation kona Look at me little tough right now Yes she ought she was a little late on The look at me i’m still going to go Ahead and give her a treat right now Just to see You want more of that or not if she goes Back to doing what she’s doing she’s Probably not yet adjusted and i should Probably give her some more time Let me just test just to see kona Okay looks like i’m able to get her Attention there intermittently so she’s Starting to come through Let we’ll see one more time kona Sit okay we’ve got her into a sit that’s Pretty good We can get her attention right now it’s More intermittent though so she’s not Quite fully adjusted

I mean it’s a fine line here in trying To seize those opportunities When your dog is voluntarily giving you Their attention to get the most out of That particular training instance and on The other hand they still need to check Out these purple plants to see what They’re all about i mean i don’t blame Her they’re really neat There’s a barking dog in the house there She’s aware of it That’s fine she kept moving i like that Kona Come that’s it so i’m looking to find Just kind of a Small stretch of street or sidewalk to Work on here Hey this looks as good as any look at me Yes Here kona let me see if i can get her to Look at me while moving Kona look at me Yes delayed but perfectly fine she needs Time to process Okay come on yeah kona Look at me Whoa i got a little glance yes come on Let’s go back here Yeah come on look at you Yes good And Come on here yes Really good i mean you can’t ask for any Better than that from a 14 week old

Puppy you just can’t That’s amazing hey look at me good oh Yes that’s what i was hoping for that Little movement let me try and get Another one Here kona look yes There we go yes Here look at me here Yes good okay that was a pretty exciting Moment for me Because she was looking up at me for More sustained periods of time And it almost looked like she was really Comfortable doing this mini puppy heel I think we should at least start Planting the seed for a future heal Today yes good just trying to see how Flexible she is On going into a position there you might Know with my dog inertia i trained her How to Spin into the heel on either side of me Which is a really useful thing if you go The extra mile To train something like that but the First thing i really want to do is i Just want to see if she can do a half Circle So yes that was pretty good i mean That’s so that’s what it looks like in The beginning a little rough But if i can like have her stay Yes stay yeah i’m going to go ahead and Reward for duration here for a second

On stay yes This is yes just letting her get a Little lick of the treat in Yes not treating her as much as it looks Like here But that’s getting her to hold the Position you see that yes and then over Time Yes good yes I’ll do it a little bit slower Yes and that’s kind of how you get Traction that’s a really good Visual example so oftentimes when you See those rapid fires those are for Early early attempts and early successes Now that she’s in the stand Let me see if i can lure her yeah that’s How it looks That’s how it looks right there yes Stick Yes good okay take a break i mean that Was a really good moment right there it Was a pretty Clean spin we’re gonna take a break here Walk down a little bit You can see how she wants to stop and Smell the flowers i hear you’re supposed To do that every once in a while Okay enough smelling come How are you how good are you here we go Let me see Yes there we go look at me Yes i’m trying to get in a half a step Or a step

Here yes good right there See i’m trying to keep her in this Position Come on yes good Here come on yes Just trying to since she’s so willing to Follow that lure back in into position I’m just going to encourage her to do That here Kona look at me Yes Look at me yes You know what let’s just take a step Back here and let’s just see if we can Get her comfortable with taking a treat In this position right here that’s where Her nose needs to be So let me just play here for a minute See if i can get her to understand that You can start to see just the glimmers Of a heel there see that right there Just Really the point here isn’t to teach a Heel i just want to let her know it’s Possible To exist in this part of the world right Here Right by my leg yes look at that come Here Here kona look at me Yes oh boy i almost had her there i did Push her a bit So i’m content that she did at least That well on her very first heel session

Not bad at all girl let’s continue to Walk with her here So you can see how we’re doing this kind Of hybrid training session here when she Gives me her attention and she seems Really into it We’re going to take that opportunity to Do some training and when she wants to Just sniff around and explore we’re Going to let her do that too And the reason we’re doing that is Because she’s at that very important Socialization period in her life so Socialization is everything not just Playing with dogs and people right it’s Getting to know the entire world there’s A dog who’s just trying to say hi to her As we walk down the street Okay come on yes good Come on come on Yes you’re just gonna let the Environment be the reward there she’s a Little frazzled Again keep trying to do my best to keep The leash loose here Just so she can feel like she has Freedom of movement Can really process what’s going on i Mean that’s a little weird to her she’s Like wow there’s a dog Over there coming from somewhere i can Smell the dog i can hear the dog but i Can’t see the dog You can see how she’s like borderline

Can i really get her attention right now When she’s frazzled like that Kona come Yes good this is a case where when i Called her she didn’t really respond to Me but when she looked up at me I was able to encourage her with my body Language to come towards me so you’ve Got to kind of think about All those nuanced ways that we Communicate with our dogs And try to tap on those to the best of Your ability so here i’m really trying To push to get a little bit more Out of that heel training session this Is what we have to watch for as trainers Sometimes that’s a good idea sometimes Not so much so here in the case we have A barking dog it’s Really throwing her off it’s far more Beneficial to let her process the Barking dog in this new place than it is To insist On trying to get those last few steps of Progress out of her Heel training session does that make Sense always be flexible and prepared to Change your game plan on a moment’s Notice For kona she’s actually starting to pull A little bit here That’s a little bit new for her normally She’s been good about walking a bit Slower but

Perhaps she’s getting more confident now And more eager to explore her Surroundings So i’m gonna i’m gonna try to do my best To Keep that at bay that pulling by doing a Little Impromptu lesson here real quick kona Here Come come let’s go what’s this Yes good you can see that yes works Really well with her Here kona Kona come Yes good girl very good all right So several times throughout this walk Kona has tried to get into the Vegetation and smell things and i’ve Been trying to let her do that but then Her Recall is so reliable that i’m able to Call her off of those things At a really consistent rate i want to Maintain that for a while i’m not just Going to assume oh she just listens to Come when called now I want to continue to give her a reason To listen to that one For an extended period of time at least A full year of life so it’s really Seared into her brain that she always Listens to that one so i’d love to take A moment right now to talk to some of You who have

Dogs who are just constantly grabbing at Everything on a walk whether it’s Garbage or vegetation or plants or Whatever I want to definitely acknowledge what You’re going through because i know Personally how overwhelming that can be With a new puppy Do you understand that that is normal Puppy behavior there’s nothing wrong With you or your dog if they’re doing That You’re not doing irreversible damage by Letting your dog get away with Picking things up on a walk of course You do want to address it but There’s a time and a place and there’s a Lot of communication you have to build With your dog in those first few weeks So That really is the bigger picture here One of the ways that i really like to Address the issue of dogs grabbing Everything when you go on a walk is to Be pre-emptive for example In this case she’s had a lot of training Today a lot of activity she’s not in a Super wired frame of mind This is a really good time to reinforce Good behavior so this is A typical item right that a dog might Want to grab at on the sidewalk if they Encountered it let’s do a training drill That closely mimics real life here

In fact exceeds it a little bit it’s Going to fall from the sky As we walk and we’re going to see if she Leaves it alone or not Kona come she has no idea it’s coming Leave it kona come ah Looks like we failed on that one So right there i mean when she was in That surprise state of mind She hasn’t generalized this concept of Leaving a foreign object alone Good example i have work to do there i’m Going to be a little more deliberate Rather than just doing the same thing This time to really help her understand So kona leave it Conor come on let’s go leave it Okay nope not there yet so i’m clear Whoa I’m clearly taking steps that are too Big here so let’s practice Leave it look at me yes Leave it look at me perfect Really good job girl okay now we got That Kona leave it Coda come yes a little bit easier Let’s go let’s go leave it Come yes that’s what we’re looking for Just doing small exercises like that can Be super beneficial super easy and super Helpful for your dog Your mindset is like the most important Thing when you’re training a dog

By finding a pleasant place to work and Train with your dog you’re more likely To have A more productive training session with Your dog and i understand that you can’t Always do that but just a tip So you know when you let your dog out And they’re biting stuff or they’re Digging at the ground and you just Want them to not behave that way i mean You can see our lawn’s taking some abuse And If we’ve been practicing a recall we do This Kona come yes Sit good girl in other words we do an Incompatible behavior if she’s running To me She can’t be digging a hole plus that’s One of the most valuable skills that any Dog could have And if she would go right back to it i Would do the same thing in fact she Probably will here in a second but the Idea is to create the habit of okay Every time i go over there i end up Getting distracted from it that’s Probably for good reason but this is why We supervise outdoor play sessions and If your dog isn’t coming to you when you Call them then that’s just your cue to Take a step back and practice Come when called exercise in a lot of Different places and distracting

Situations the more you just take Advantage of your downtime with your dog Like this the more likely it is to Listen to you and more Complicated and distracting situations Kona And remember she’s a teething dog but You can’t do that Kona come yes Good love it that is what i’m talking About good girl So in that case again her recall has Been so strong because i’ve made it a Point every Time she comes to me i’m going to make Her life good the obvious question here Is Am i reinforcing her chewing on the Stick by giving her the treat in other Words Does she equate picking up the stick With getting a treat and that’s what we Want to avoid so i think i need to be a Little more thorough and purposeful with My communication here That’s it leave it Look at me hey Okay she’s very high value object in her Life at this moment sit Stay leave it See this leave it alone look at me Yes the first exercise was a really good Example of Redirecting her and getting her

Attention on me instead of the things She’s interested in In this exercise where i’m dropping the Sticks in front of her i’m really trying To communicate with her in a more Obvious way as it relates to this Particular item Then over time you hope to pair those Two skills together Until your dog really starts to put one In one together potty training Looking good this is another benefit to Getting your dogs outside and playing Together we’re doing pretty good on Accidents i think it’s been three maybe Even four Entire days without an accident so just Because she came here in those two Instances doesn’t mean kona will never Try to dig at the ground again or that She’ll just suddenly start leaving Sticks alone either It takes a lot of consistency i mean you Gotta do this at least dozens of times Probably hundreds of times so whether Your dog is digging picking up things They Shouldn’t getting into your garden or Even barking at the fence Your ultimate goal is simply to get Their attention on you start small As needed and increase difficulty over Time As they improve get 50 off of your first

Pop box when you sign up for a 360 or 12 Month subscription at Zack use my special code zack too i’ll Have a link below Follow us on instagram facebook and tick Tock and get both of my books all of Those links will be In the description and we’ll see you in The next video You

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