How To Train Your Dog to Walk Perfectly! This is all you have to do!

How To Train Your Dog to Walk Perfectly! This is all you have to do!

How to train a dog to walk without pulling while on leash can take time and work. It just takes some dedication and consistency! Thanks for sponsoring this video Solid Gold Pet! We LOVE your products! Get 30% off of select products at

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Good leash walking skills can be one of The toughest things to train a dog today We’ll see where Inertia is on this critical skill i’m Zach george I train dogs this is my new dog and i’m Going to show you how i trained her From day one things definitely won’t Always go smoothly You can start from the beginning or you Can pick up anywhere subscribe and hit The bell notification so you never miss An episode When you put into motion an approach Based on love and respect your results Will forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience We’re in alaska we’re traveling right Now and i was looking through my Comments recently And one of the most common things that You guys ask about Is dog food which foods are good look There’s a lot of really good Dog foods on the market but i always Recommend that people feed their dog a Super premium food And if your dog’s food is good enough You can even use it as a currency To train them make sure that you feel Okay and comfortable with the Ingredients in your dog’s food Solid gold is a perfect example of a

Top-notch dog food For example in this food there’s a Variety of different protein sources Like Lamb and ocean whitefish which is great For healthy omega fatty acids Plus there are 20 superfoods in this one Bag of dog food things like Kelp blueberries and broccoli i just Wish that i had the discipline to eat This healthy Inertia maybe you and i should be on the Same diet solid gold makes a variety of High quality foods like this and some Awesome supplements too Like human grade bone broth and c-meal Save 30 On select solid gold products by going To my special link i’ll Have a link in the description below There are few things that are more Important and more challenging to train Than teaching a dog to walk nicely With a loose leash many of you have been Keeping up with our journey on this so Far And inertia has shown fantastic Improvement but we are so Overdue for an update on how she’s doing With her neighborhood walking skills So that’s what we’re going to do today Since we are in a brand new neighborhood That inertia has never been to before I’ve exercised her with a little bit of

Fetch before this lesson to help get Some of that excess energy out If you’re having issues with training Your leash walking ask yourself if You’re exercising your dog before their Leash training sessions That in and of itself can help relieve Your dog’s frustration From not being able to walk everywhere If inertia had her way she would like to Go up to that front door or sniff that Yard over there or Maybe go find a squirrel or a dog to Play with right So staying right by my side and walking Extra slowly or Pretty low down on the list of things That inertia wants to do right now even Though i’ve exercised her Since this is a brand new neighborhood That she’s never been to before for the Beginning part of our walk right now i’m Gonna give her a little bit of space to Explore and Tolerate some pulling while she takes in Her new surroundings I really want to be empathetic to the Fact that she’s a curious dog as most Dogs are and this is a challenging thing For her to do The whole reason that leash walking is Such a particularly challenging thing For many of us to teach our dogs is that Dogs do walk much faster than we do

Naturally so we have to really teach Them to slow down their pace and walk With us as we go down the street while Tethered to a six foot leash Traditionally you guys have heard me Talk about the two main types of walks You have Training walks and then you have regular Walks a training walk is Where you are just focusing on teaching The fundamentals maybe you’re just in Front of your house for example Working on basic training in other words You don’t really have a destination in Mind You’re just focused on training your dog To walk nicely check in with you And change directions when you change Directions and so on During training walks it is important Just to verify that your dog can perform Well in short bursts In relatively familiar places before you Start asking them to listen in more Challenging places now a normal walk is Probably what you think of when you Think about taking a walk you’re Actually trying to get somewhere for Example These days inertia and i are focused More on a hybrid walk in other words You know i’ll let her explore i’ll Tolerate some minor pulling here and There

But i’ll also sprinkle in some training Sessions there and insist on Better and better leash manners i mean Like everything In dog training polite leash walking is Phased in Over time you don’t just go from an Unruly dog to a perfect dog There’s a lot of intermittent steps in Between now if you’re looking for a Really detailed Written guide to all of my leash walking Advice check out my book guide to a Well-behaved dog i’m gonna have that in The description So these days i’m really focused on Getting inertia’s Attention on me whenever i ask for it Inertia Look at me good lie down Perfect very good so that’s evidence Right there that i can get inertia’s Attention on me which i do test for Periodically asking or to do basic Things like sit or lie down Or ignore that airplane that’s really Loud but since this is a hybrid walk Part training and part leisure i don’t Want to Overdo this you know asking for her Attention all the time i still want her To be able to tune out and sniff the Wind or the ground or the grass or Whatever and just be a dog it’s

Important to walk this line and it can Definitely be easier said than done Now i’m still using treats in our Training but that’s not the only Currency i’m using to reward her In other words you can see right now She’s into treats she’s into her Environment And so i can use both of those things to Really reinforce desired behavior when She’s behaving well We just keep on walking if she starts to Get a little unruly or starts to pull i Can simply stop Work on doing something like lie down You know and Finding something easy to reward her for Very good So it’s really important to ask yourself What is the most powerful Currency that you can use in that Particular moment so throughout her walk Her interest shifts from treats to Simply being able to explore on the walk So use both of those to your advantage During leash training you might also Want to consider using a toy as well if Your dog likes to play tug of war or Something like that Simply making your dog act a certain way Through physical punishment or force Is unlikely to deliver long-term results Without significant side effects So i’m fine using treats at this point

In our training for leash walking and You should be too i mean really if You’re focused on training an intricate Concept like leash walking to your dog You can’t rush through it it can really Take a lot of time for a dog to adapt to Walking at our Slower human pace in the real world and I love how she’s walking right here She’s checking in with me if she checks In with me again Just like that i’m gonna go ahead and Offer her a treat Those are what you really look for where Your dog is like hey i think this means I get good stuff sometimes I’m happy to also let her go and take a Sniff of the grass over here for a Second And check it out all right good and look Did you see that automatic check-in Yes i love that and again i want her to Enjoy the walk not just be Constantly focused on me and looking at Me you know Walks are fun for all of us Do you hear that do you hear that Distraction right there that’s really Got her attention it’s a new animal She’s never heard it before because I mean we’re in alaska lie down good Yes i really wanted to test even little Distractions like that Some new animal i don’t know is it a

Bird was it a squirrel it wasn’t Really yeah it was a squirrel wow i Didn’t know squirrels could sound like That I noticed that she was mildly distracted But i was like hey If i can get her to lie down while Distracted even though it’s a minor Distraction That’s good practice now there are some Distractions That are way too intense for many dogs Depending on where you are in your Training process Inertia has a weak spot for dogs she Loves to play with dogs and really wants To interact with every dog she sees And that’s something you’ve been Watching us work on over time and she’s Getting better and better at that Ideally i don’t want her to start Barking because she heard something new Over there I’d rather kind of keep this distance Right here and then have her lie down Good job the important thing i want you To remember is when dealing with Distractions On a walk distance is your friend you Want to create distance Until your dog becomes more and more Reliable over time with the more life Experience that they Acquire all right so she’s obviously

Distracted and barking at something Very good example that’s what i do when She becomes distracted I resist pulling her away unless it’s Urgent and i need to get her away from Whatever it is that’s causing her to Behave that way but i got her to Voluntarily go without pulling on the Leash at all and then i created distance Until i could verify that she was Reliable by asking her to lie down In that case i walked away a few feet And i thought i would try but i could See in her eyes she was still pretty Distracted So i thought it might be a better idea To go a few more feet before asking her To do something basic like a lie down in This case You may also notice that i choose to Walk inertia on a harness that’s because I don’t want any tension around her neck Now a lot of people are under the Impression that a harness like this may Actually encourage Your dog to pull but i gotta tell you i Don’t see it that way see a harness like This Is just a management device it’s not Like i’m using it to train her or Physically manipulate her in any way at All The goal is to actually teach her to Think through her actions so that she

Actually understands how to behave Rather than relying on being told how to Behave for me It’s vital when teaching a dog that i Find a way to motivate them to do Whatever it is that i’m asking And that i don’t force them to do it but Dogs are smart so they’ll learn this as Long as you take the time to patiently Teach them when you’re on a walk With a dog you’re going to find things Like bicycles driving by That your dog finds very tempting and Distracting There’s no way around that it’s Important to really be understanding of That And work with them through those Distractions as you’ve seen us do Leash walking takes lots of time Patience and consistency But you can do it i know you can go to Zach and save 30 on select solid gold Products Subscribe to this channel and get a copy Of both of my books follow us on Instagram to see what i’m training Inertia Every day in the next episode we’re Going to continue our Alaska dog training adventure see you Next time You

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