How to Train Your Dog While You’re Away with the Furbo Dog Camera!

How to Train Your Dog While You're Away with the Furbo Dog Camera!

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If you want peace of mind and the ability to meaningfully interact with your dog when you’re away, you’ll like the Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo can be valuable for diagnosing separation anxiety, addressing unwanted barking, chewing, and more. You can also stop in and say “hi” to your dog and give them a treat to let them know you’re thinking about them. So cool!

How to teach your dog to stop barking:

How to teach your dog not to bark humanely and effectively:

How to teach your dog to bark and stop barking:

That’s so funny look at that he’s fooled By the Boston Terrier Momo that used to Be a real dog that I was training he Didn’t listen to me too well so I turned Him to stone today’s episode is Sponsored by turbo enter promo code Verbose app for $15 off your new fur bow Click thumbs up for Momo the 5 month old American eskimo dog and my dogs alpha Centauri and indiana subscribe to my Channel for all of your dog training Needs too We’ve got the fur bow and i’ve been Challenged to put it to the test today I’m gonna be working with three Different dogs and i’ll be giving you Some tips on how to teach your dog to Listen to you stop barking and just Generally behave when you’re away from Home Turbo is an AI powered dog camera that Lets you check in and see your dog Anytime you want to everything you need Comes right in the box they even give You a sample treats too it’s like really On there now it’s super easy to set up You just download the app which is free Plug in the fur bo it connects to your Wi-Fi and then your phone finds it Automatically and you’re connected to Your dog 24/7 we are gonna have a ton of Fun with this you just tap this right There right and so then it sends a Signal to the fur bow and then it’s

Supposed to There’s legitimately a dog treat inside Of my shirt right now this really allows You to engage and interact with your dog In a way that I’ve never done before It’s got a super wide angle so you can See a giant room the first thing we have To do is teach the dogs that the sound That the car Bo makes means that they’re About to get a treat now you don’t want To just jump into shooting treats at Your dog through the fur bo because you Want to get them used to the sound and Used to this whole concept so I’m gonna Make sure that this is empty during this Process and I’m just tossing them kind Of mimicking what the Ferb Oh will do Right there good job okay so far so good To be clear here I’m not asking Indy to Do anything I’m just letting her know That that sound means that she is Getting a treat once you get your dog to Make this association then you can work Up to being able to reward them with This when you’re away I’m excited about The potential of this because it could Be great for things like diagnosing Separation anxiety addressing excessive Barking or destructive chewing while You’re away or just generally refining Communication between you and your dog Anything that helps with that is a Winner to me I think all of the dogs Have made the association that the sound

The fur bow makes means they’re getting A treat so let’s move on to the real Thing Look at that and you can see the second He hears that noise he’s like what is That I think I know what’s coming it’s Clear that he’s made the connection yeah Look at that Beware this is extremely addictive you Can put a variety of different treats in There you could even put your dog’s Kibble in there so I would say if you’re Planning on using it a lot maybe you put Half a meals worth of kibble in there Even mix some treats in keeping your Rewards random like that can really Propel your success you can put it up High like this and it has that nice Downward angle so that you can still see The room and see your dog I’m gonna work With India a little bit through the fur Bow see if we can get her to sit lie Down Indy come lie down good I love the Lie down stay okay good job before you Can expect your dog to listen to you Through the fur boa though you need to Take some time to teach them how to Listen to your voice when it’s coming Through the speaker now this is my first Time working with Indy on this will give Me yes to get your dog to really respond To the faribault reward them often while You are at home and working with a fur Bow as you would with normal training

See you’ll need to do this at length so That it really becomes part of their Life and they really associate the fur Bow with you and training lie down yes Really good so I’m getting a really use To lying down and getting the rewards From the fur bow over here my goal here Is to see if I can work up to getting Indy to lie down while I make my way Outside this is the only camera that’s Actually designed for dogs so they Consulted with and consider the views of Thousands of trainers vets and everyday People and their dogs it has smart dog Alerts which will let you know when your Dog is chewing pacing back and forth or Playing with another dog the more Experience Peugeot has watching your dog The smarter it gets got Indy on the app Here and I’m gonna see if I can get her To lie down she’s walking around right Here Indy come here girl So look right there I just asked her to Come good okay that’s excellent Indy Right there she looks so I’m gonna go Ahead and toss a treat out to or for Looking up towards the camera Indy lie Down And look you can see her attentions on Me still I like that I’m gonna go ahead And reward for the additional attention Looks like she’s thinking about lying Down yes good job that’s pretty awesome I am pretty impressed with Indy today

She’s doing a good job well you can use The fur Beaufort training it’s also kind Of great to be able to peek in on your Dog and say hey I want to give you a Treat Just cuz I’m thinking about you if your Dog starts barking while you’re away You’ll get a bark alert notification Let’s test it speak good and you can Hear I mean straightaway there we got The bark alors speak yes look at that Your dog is barking each time that’s so Funny Indy speak oh there it is right There see it so right there we can see What’s going on and connects to the fur Bow and there we are well it’s great to Know when your dog is barking the path To resolving unwanted barking isn’t by Correcting them when they start barking It’s about rewarding them when they are Behaving quietly and this is where the Photo really shines to stop your dog From barking this is what you do give Them vigorous age-appropriate exercise Just before leaving them so that they’re More likely to be calm naturally while You’re away and check in with them Throughout the day and when you notice That they’re behaving calmly go ahead And reward them through the phurba over Time they’ll begin to make the Association that hey when I’m just Relaxing here being good that thing Gives me a treat this is a principle

Called capturing that’s where you catch Your dog doing something that you like When they’re just doing it naturally and Acknowledge it by providing a favorable Outcomes of the actions like shooting Treats out of a fur bow if you can get Really good at capturing your dog just Be in chill you can even help prevent Things like chewing some cases of Anxiety and other unwanted behaviors it Even has night vision so you can easily See in the dark but now remember if your Dog’s barking is well established you First need to get control of their Barking in person I’m gonna have some of My best how to teach your dog to stop Barking videos in the description of This video once again the promo code Verbose AK will give you $15 off the Very awesome fur bow check the Description for the link and promo code Click thumbs up for Momo Alpha Centauri And Indiana Jones verbo is a wonderful Way to complement your training and stay In touch with your dog so that you can Know what they’re up to at any time We’ll see you guys in the next video Good job He’s demanding the fur bow give her Treats look at her [Music]

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