How to Train your NEW PUPPY to Walk on Leash!

How to Train your NEW PUPPY to Walk on Leash!

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Today bb-8 the adorable Alaskan Klee Kai From a galaxy far far away and I are Going to show you the basics and puppy Leash training and in doing that I’ll Show you an indispensable secret to Teaching your dog successful Click thumbs up for the cutest puppy I Could possibly find if you’re new to my Channel you’re definitely going to want To subscribe and become part of YouTube’s number-one dog training Community the next thing you’ll want to Do is make sure that you have lots of Time with your new puppy as well as Really good puppy food now running to The store every few weeks to get your Puppy’s food that’s the old way of doing Things getting your food from pet flow Calm well that’s the better way of doing Things you can have your puppy’s food Regardless of brand automatically Shipped to your front door as often as You’d like Can’t fight my microphone just go to Pet Flo comm slash Zak George and pick out Your favorite high quality dog food and Determine how often you want to deliver Now you can choose between every two and Every sixteen weeks it really is that Easy I’ll have a coupon code in the Description that will give you 20% off Of your first order now let’s go train Bb-8 now I’m gonna level with you if You’re new to teaching dogs and you’re

Just trying to wing it you’re probably Taking steps that are way too big Today I’m going to show you the art of Changing one variable at a time and how This will change everything about your Training this concept of changing one Variable at a time is really profound in Fact you’ll be able to apply it in all Aspects of your puppy’s training for the Rest of his life a leash in harness is The most ideal way to control your dog’s Surroundings and that’s an essential Part of teaching a new dog I recommend actually attaching the leash To you that way you can more easily Supervise your dog and you can have many More impromptu training sessions with Them for example you’re much more likely To pick up on your dog’s cues that he Has to go outside or if he starts Chewing on a shoe you’re right there to Redirect his attention back onto you if You didn’t know much about teaching dog You might break this down into three Steps put the harness on your dog put The leash on your dog and start walking To do this right you actually need to Break it down into about ten or eleven Different steps the steps are really Easy and that is the whole point see Puppies haven’t really experienced a lot In life yet and it can be really thrown Off if you just put a harness like this On them without easing them into it

Let’s work with bb-8 on getting him Comfortable with this new harness you’ll Definitely want to have a really strong Currency today I’m using tiny pieces of Real chicken he’s still in that Communication building phase under four Months of age so you have to really rely On treats to keep his attention on You so that it buys you time to teach Real language and real phrases to your Dog does that make sense Now I’m going to introduce the harness Here I just want to let him know there’s Something new in his environment I’m Going to let him explore it smell it I’m Gonna try and create some positive Associations you see how he went to me For the treat right there I love that That indicates to me he’s not Particularly stressed by this new item In his environment and I move it around It makes sounds look at that yes so I’m Happy here he seems to be ok with it on The ground I’m gonna go to the next step Now and pick it up and let him sniff it Very good I’m gonna treat him there now I’m gonna touch him with it over here And let him know that you saw him back Off a little bit there that was Interesting he was like what’s that About so I want to make sure that I let Him know it’s ok yes good now I’m going To try and make some progress towards Getting the harness on him here there

I’ve gotten it right there on his front Legs I’m gonna just touch it and come Down good dog really good one variable At a time good dog Look at him go good good good just like That and look he’s doing so well I think I’m gonna go ahead and clip it nice work By going slowly the first few times you Do anything like introduce a harness or Give your dog a bath or anything else Your dog might not love right away You’ll be more likely to have a dog That’s accepting of these actions in the Future I’m just trying to distract him From biting at the harness and let him Know it’s cool forget about that now It’s time for the most challenging part Of this exercise and that is actually Attaching the leash if I just put a Leash on a young puppy like this they’re Very likely going to start panicking and Bucking and not really enjoy the Experience I really want to avoid that The first I’m gonna show him the leash Here let him investigate it he’s a Little apprehensive there yes good my Next step will be to touch it to the Place where it hooks right here on the Harness just to let him know look this Is gonna happen sometimes just Desensitizing them to it yes now let’s Take the significant step of actually Attaching the leash but I want to do my Best here to make sure that there’s no

Tension on the leash either by him Pulling or me inadvertently pulling that Is the part where dogs tend to be like No I don’t want to do it anymore I’m just leaving the leash on the ground Just so he can Understand that’s their and look at him He’s looking at it like why is that Dragging behind me I walked and it moved If your dog does get a little spooked It’s not the end of the world just take A step back on your training be a little Extra patient as they work through this Concept of being restrained let them run Around and experience having the feeling Of a leash dragging from him for this Part of the training initially your Puppy might be tempted to play with a Leash or by data or playfully drag it Around for now you should tolerate this Rather than being too strict because It’s much more important to make sure Your puppy is having a great time while You introduce the leash now I’m just Gonna pick up the leash like this and I’m gonna drop it just to let him know That can happen might seem silly to Break things down into such small steps But by doing so we’re increasing the Odds that each step will be successful So now I’m gonna try and pick up the Leash and encourage bb-8 to walk around With me while the leash is attached come Here but look at that and I’m

Encouraging him to walk towards me Rather than walk away from me that does A couple of things as we discussed Before it keeps tension from occurring On the leash but it also keeps his Attention on me as well which is going To be really handy in future training Sessions good job buddy a little tension Little tension but he did well yes good Job if you’d like to help us continue to Produce videos like this consider making A contribution to our patreon campaign I’ll have a link in the description you Could also change the way you buy dog Food by setting up automatic pet food Delivery to your bb-8 a big thumbs up if You think he did a good job and make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel and In the comments section below tell me if You want to see bb-8 in another video And we might just do that Hope you guys enjoyed the video check Out these other episodes to a reliable Stay is essential if you have a dog so Make sure you’re familiar with teaching A surprise stay now if your dog hasn’t Learned leave your food alone when You’re not paying attention check out How to teach your dog to stop stealing Food or if your dog simply begs you Should definitely check out stop begging And settle down that video is awesome And it’s actually one of my highest Rated videos ever thank you to all of my

Subscribers and especially my patreon Supporters see you guys next time You

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