How to Train your Puppy if They Won’t Listen Around the Other Dog. New Puppy Survival Guide!

How to Train your Puppy if They Won’t Listen Around the Other Dog.  New Puppy Survival Guide!

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Jesus what’s happening kona what are you Doing That didn’t go as planned i’m zach George i’m a dog trainer Meet my new project kona i’ve got just Three weeks to train her and set her up For the most well-behaved life possible That means i need to work on the most Common puppy issues like potty training How to actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her Everything a good dog needs to know real Dog training doesn’t always go smoothly And that’s why i’m going to show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide Today we’ve got some really important Training to do with kona and time is Running out let’s see how creative Inertia’s boxes are From bark this month this is the super Chewer box here So for dogs that are really rough on Toys that can Really destroy anything super chewers Probably for you an X02 look how creative is that a plush Toy the soup Oh okay you can tell the second you pick

It up that it’s like Really heavy underneath this so it’s Kind of designed for this to get ripped Off i’m guessing It’s a snug alore if your dog does like To tear it off they’ll find a very Durable toy Underneath we have a couple of bags of Really high-end treats here as well And of course extra chews since it’s a Super chewer box spark box toys are Always really plushy and Really fun which is really enticing for Inertia but look at this it’s a cup of Noodles that’s the most adorable tag I’ve ever seen I know they put these on here just for Her this one’s main squeeze cheese Okay so it’s a dinner date theme i melt For you And barkbox also gives you a couple of Bags of really awesome treats All of you can get a free barkbox super Chewer box or both by going to my Special link and signing up for a 6 or 12 month plan i’ll have those links in The description Okay let me talk to my multi-dog Households for a minute Just having an additional dog in the Environment when you’re training a new Dog can not only be distracting to the New dog but to your older dog And even to you and so ideally when

You’re training a dog especially a new One you really need to be A hundred percent focused on them but There is a moment where you have to Teach the older dog In this case you know who how to behave While i’m training this girl you might Have noticed to this point most of our Training sessions happen One-on-one that’s because i don’t want Kona distracted and inertia doesn’t have That much experience of just checking Out while i Work with another dog so i have to Really teach her that this is actually Going to be my first training session With inertia where i’m really focused On teaching her how to hold her stay While i work with a young puppy over Here So i guess i’ll start over here by Saying settle Good kona i’m gonna intercept kona over Here with a treat Sit Good girl you’re doing can you settle Relax okay i’m just looking for a little More of a relaxed body position Trying to get her into that settled State of mind Kona that’s going to be tough obviously When kona gets close that’s going to Make her Break settle

Relax can you relax There she goes i think that looks a Little more relaxed what do you think Good girl kona here All right so let’s see what happens as We Do a little bit of reviewing here with Kona let’s see how her bow Is looking for example yes Yes trying to get a little more duration Yes Okay good girl stay I’m gonna reiterate stay over there Two winners so you’re doing a good job Inertia i mean it’s hard to divide your Attention here and that’s why i’m Starting off with stuff that kona is Pretty familiar with yes Okay stay lie down I had a hunch there that good girl I had a hunch that when i said okay to Her that she was gonna Snap out so here she’s a little confused She’s like what are we doing why do i Have to stay in this particular Situation Inertia come Settle Good like the relaxed tips there kind of Come I’m not going to reward her with food Right now i’m going to make her do a Little better than that because i’ve got Faith in her

So bow is looking great how about spin Let’s see Good girl inertia you’re doing a great Job back there Yes good i see it I know that inertia responds so much When i get excited so i’m curious to see What happens if i give an enthusiastic Like yes good All right conan spin good girl Yes good lie down see what i mean i knew She’s gonna do that i know my dog this Is what i mean when i say be one Step ahead of your dog no one knows your Dog like you so you can probably Anticipate their behavior i want to Focus a little bit on that i want to be Able to say Yes good girl stay Good what’s this Kona yes good girl Okay good so i also want to go ahead and Catch inertia succeeding there And let her know that i appreciate that She held that settle and didn’t Interfere with my training session Just jumping up on the table thing That’s gotta go And i’m hoping to get like a super basic Puppy heel out of her in the few days That i have left with her I admit this is probably a little too Advanced for a young dog Like kona but kona isn’t just any puppy

Kona i was just telling everyone how Great you were Oh gosh gosh Oh man kona come i’m still going to go Ahead and reward her for coming to me There because look i’ve Let down my guard because i’m talking to You guys and not supervising this puppy That i’m supposed to be training i’m Gonna use conus kibble because i want to Really be able to give her lots of Treats during this This is actually her lunch this way i Can basically give her unlimited treats Without feeling too guilty since an Activity like this Really requires a high rate of Reinforcement so i’ll start off by rapid Firing treats into her mouth for Just duration for a period of time here If she so much as Holds the heel position for like .1 Seconds i’m going to acknowledge that by Telling her yes and giving her a small Treat As i continue to work on kona’s heel i Know i’m going to be exceptionally Focused so i’m not going to be in a Position to intercept inertia quite as Quickly but this should put her to the Test we’ll see how she does Inertia lie down look at me stay Relax settle good Good real world settle right there do

You see the difference in body language So while we initially taught her to go Into this position by luring her i’m Really trying to get her To understand that i want her to hold This position Even when there isn’t a treat right at Her nose look at me Yes here Yes okay i’m obviously moving a little Fast here in order to see if i can get a Good example for you guys just so you Can kind of get the gist of what we’re Trying to do here Yes it looks like i’m losing kona a Little bit right now She’s kind of drifting off and even Biting me a little bit and she’s even Biting up my clothes which probably Means she’s a little frustrated so I’ve got a couple of options to consider I mean i could stop the session right Now or i could try using a currency that Might be a little bit more exciting to Kona all right i’m gonna go grab some Rotisserie chicken let’s see if that’s More enticing to her What’s this Yes yes Yes okay stay lie down I knew you were gonna do that good girl So she’s taking treats extremely rough There i mean you can see You gotta be really careful when you’re

Doing this we can’t really go much Further in this training session until i Show you how to deal with a dog who’s Biting Way too hard to get treats i got nick Pretty good twice there And that’s probably because i haven’t Really taken the time to show her how to Take a high value currency like real Chicken In a very gentle way it’s clearly very Exciting tour now there’s a couple of Ways to do this the way that i do it Probably isn’t the recommended way for Everyone But i like to hold a chunk of meat like This and Not really release it until they’re Licking yes i don’t know if you can see How she’s licking and not biting That’s how i’m holding it i mean i know It’s not the prettiest thing to look at Guys but i’m giving her very limited Access But if i start feeling teeth on me then I just kind of close you see i just Close my i just close it off you know I’m like hey that made the chicken go Away or i might even pull my hand away I’m gonna give you an alternative way to Do this Now with other dogs you might be a Little reluctant to Even try this because they might bite

Way too hard or you’re just not Comfortable With it either way another way and Probably more preferred way to do this Is to show them you gotta treat i mean She knows to leave it here the reason I’m going in Really slowly here and then pulling it Away if she comes at me all excitedly She’s like awesome i i get it i’m really Trying to communicate To her here that you have to have really Specific actions really specific manners To get this piece of chicken you don’t Need a big piece like that anyway Easy easy Gentle good girl there’s lots of licking Going on there i like that Look at how she’s not biting at me i’m Gonna cut ah easy I’m also doing this open palm so Treating your dog open palm as a way to Really get around getting bit most dogs Are not going to bite your hand they’re Just going to Lick it right out of your hand now of Course that was a little hard to do During our heel training session it’s a Little better Yes Yes yes By the way good job inertia proud of her So far she’s getting better Yes easy yes

Easy easy See the licking there it’s already Getting better see that so she’s making Progress here so i’ll continue to work On that it would be perfectly normal and Natural For her to regress to the biting at Which time i would want to re-explain to Her you know remember this is how we do It So be tolerant of relapses with your dog They’re still young and still learning Lie down play dead stay Kona look at me kona Yes look at me Okay kona okay inertia good job That’s good they’re starting to get the Hang of it aren’t they Looks like we have another issue to deal With she’s Been doing this a lot lately she’s now Gotten tall enough to jump on the table This wasn’t the case when she first Moved in with us However now it seems to be an issue and Another thing that needs our attention Before it gets out of hand If it’s not already all right time to Work on your counter surfing So what have we been doing to this point Right we’ve been saying Hey kona come Just doing something oh let me focus on Her

Kona come yes Good girl now a lot of people might say Hey zach you just rewarded her for Jumping up there but i didn’t I did not i rewarded her for coming to Me and abandoning the action So here obviously i’m focused on talking To you guys so i’m a little late Um i should prevent her from doing this In the first place especially when she’s Being so obvious about it Kona come so her behavior Is predictable i guess she’s probably Going to run back there and jump Up let me intercept her kona come Yes this is what i mean by getting to Know your dog and read your dog Yes let me reward her for staying here And not jumping up This is not the kind of thing you like Resolve quickly you want to be really Consistent one step ahead of your dog I could make her life easier by not Putting the temptations right there Since she’s a pretty bright dog i feel Like it’s somewhat reasonable to Be able to start phasing in this concept Of just because it’s in your reach Doesn’t mean you get access to it That is our third accident in five days Do you remember when we took her out of The crate We went into shooting mode instead of Taking her outside

So stupid Potty training tip anytime you let your Dog out of the crate especially if They’ve been sleeping even if it’s just For 10 minutes Outside is the next step you still can’t Expect a 14 week old dog to be perfect On potty training but no excuse i could Have done better there that’s a good Example of trainer error Now kona has done great with her toys up Here and the occasional dog treats i Want to put something a little bit more Tempting i mean After all i want kona at some point to Know that she needs to have the Discipline to leave it alone Now if i know kona and i’ve gotten to Know her pretty well so far I’m thinking that if i were to just very Obviously Set that plate down she might do Exactly that nice try you are not Getting that chicken But let me see if i can call her off of The chicken right now Kona come [Applause] Kona come yes good so here she goes yes I don’t even know if you caught that did You see that i don’t know if she was Thinking hey i better reconsider that And go back to that dude with the Chicken because

That’s what’s working for me jumping up Here isn’t doing much Kona come intercepting the behavior Before it happens I mean maybe i’ll put it a little bit Closer now just to make it a little more Challenging for her I mean i really want to spell it out i Ought to be able to put that whole plate Of chicken right in front of her and not Have her touch it at all Kona come good girl Yes thank you for leaving it alone in Fact that gives me an idea Leave it alone look at me Yes Ah look at me yes Good girl kona come Yes Oops come yes no Go back nope Gonna stay sit Stay inertia back up keep going Lie down stay Kona come yes Okay okay good job guys nice work good Example there So the point of this isn’t to do some Flashy trick the point of this is to Really Burn it into our puppy’s brains that Okay When mom or dad says leave that alone They really mean it

And if i pay attention life is gonna go Absolutely perfect But if i go for it well they’re gonna Take it away perhaps life isn’t As good as it could be if i just Listened in the first place right So by putting it on the floor it’s less Likely that she’s going to encounter That in real life but you really Want to do your best in these training Sessions when your puppy is ready for Them To have those training exercises exceed The difficulty Of what they would encounter in real Life so that way you’ll know where their Threshold is these types of normal puppy Behaviors where they’re trying to go and Get things that we’d rather they Not do really need to be met with lots Of consistency Lots of management try to avoid putting Your dog in the position Of wanting to jump up and steal things But at the same time be proactive About really teaching them that hey There are going to be times in your life Where you’re going to encounter things That you want to get And you need to know that by default you Leave things alone in the world Unless we give you permission to take Them i’m watching you I’m watching you yes acknowledge when

Your dog goes Looks at the table doesn’t jump up when You can as well So by giving that feedback to them over An extended period of time So that they begin to really understand It you’re going to set yourself up for Success Much quicker it’s worth mentioning we Don’t always use treats with dogs As they mature and as they learn these Basic concepts but when they’re this Young we really want to go out of our Way to be generous with our currency so That we can get through to them as early As possible especially on Essential things like leaving our food Alone when we put it on the counter And so to phase out treats over time I’ll reward her a little less frequently It doesn’t hurt to go ahead and reward Her with a toy either so As we get closer here you can see she’s Thinking about hey that’s really good Yes good and so we’ll go ahead and toss The super chewer toy And let her play good get some tug going Good There’s another thing that i’ve been Wanting to cover with her since she’s Still going strong right now I was hoping to start introducing the Concept of a retrieve To her that’s where they go and pick up

An object because you say hey go get me That newspaper or go get me that shoe Or go get me that toy which is where i Like to start with this something that They’re already comfortable picking up This is the kind of thing i have no idea How far we’re gonna get or if she’s even Gonna do it i don’t even know she feels Like fetching really good right now so Let’s see how kona does with fetch what Can i have this please She’s doing great with tug that’s for Sure go get it Come on let’s go let go yeah Good girl good ready go get it Conan come on let’s go yes good I just want to do a mini game of fetch Here for a sec kona Come yes good play Tug just keep it really fun she’s into This Toy very good so she’s got all of the Elements of her retrieve except We now need to change one variable What’s that variable Instead of throwing it we’re gonna ask Her to pick it up while it’s still Let’s just see what happens let’s get a Baseline i mean maybe she’ll pick up on It just with A real obvious request stays looking Good Leave it uh look at me is looking great Go get it okay get it

Not quite she’s not really putting it Together is she Oh my good girl yes good job i’m trying To uh reward with the toy here since She’s Really in play mode rather than food so That’s why i went and picked it up and Rewarded her i rewarded her because she Went over to it And then she came back to me she just Forgot to pick it up kind of the most Important part but that’s okay She’s brainstorming and trying and so i Want to keep her into the training Session she’s really on the right track If you think about it Okay Come on almost what’s this What is this come on kona come Good girl there we go so good get it i’m Gonna let her chase it there Even that mini game of fetch is a reward For her You can see we’re we’re getting little Tiny bits of effort in here but still Nothing that really resembles a full-on Retrieve Okay get it Kona come come on Come on good girl yeah Good job i mean you can see That was a little bit better right she Picked it up brought it back a few Inches

The light bulb hasn’t gone off but she’s Trying i can’t really expect kona To just walk up to the toy away from me And figure out that she’s supposed to Pick it up and bring it back so I really want to walk her through every Step in a way that she can understand So we have the toy over here come on Good Yeah good come on bring it to me Just like we’re teaching fetch remember What’s this come on Get it get it [Music] Get it come on let’s go yeah good nice Job Nice job girl yeah whoo Okay stay okay Get it get it Yes good yeah good girl You can use food to teach or retrieve But i personally would not use Food to ever teach a fetch because the Whole spirit of fetch Is pure play not just performing a task Whereas a retrieve is more of a task So you can see how we’ll transfer this To more useful items at some point in The future perhaps And whether or not you actually need Your dog to retrieve things it’s a Really Good skill building exercise to teach Them how to think and better interact

And communicate with us Their people all of you can get a free Barkbox superchewer box or both by going To my special link and signing up for a Six or twelve month plan i’ll have those Links in the description Subscribe to this channel follow me on Instagram facebook and tick tock and get Both of my books too i’ll have all the Links below See you guys next time You

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