How to Train Your Puppy to STOP BITING, Watch How Long it Actually Takes!

How to Train Your Puppy to STOP BITING, Watch How Long it Actually Takes!

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You won’t regret clicking on this video It’s your ultimate guide to making it Through the puppy biting phase in one Piece guaranteed I’m Zach George I Trained dogs this is my new dog and I’m Gonna show you how I trained her from Day one things definitely won’t always Go smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can take up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notification So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Okay if you’re watching this video I’m Guessing you’ve probably got a new puppy One of the best things that I could Possibly recommend to a new puppy parent Is a subscription to pub box papac’s is A monthly box that includes items Specifically designed to help you train Your puppy based on their current age That’s what makes pup box different so You always get lots of relevant items For whatever phase your puppy is going Through and you get this surprisingly Detailed training guide in every box as Well for example on this one you’ll get Tons of advice on teething Lots of toys of varying textures this One’s a puzzle game right here put that In there and teach your dog to take it Out if you wanted you’ve got to have

Your dynamic squeaky ball you get so Much in your monthly box training Inertia would not have been the same Without getting our pup box every month And now that inertia is one year old she Gets an adult box she’s definitely gonna Love this and the good news is our Viewers are gonna get 50% off of their First box when you go to pup box comm Slash Zack and and her discount code Zack I’ll have a link in the description I’ve had inertia for one year now and as You saw starting in episode one we Literally started filming the moment we Picked her up and we have meticulously Documented how we resolved her puppy Biting and everything else and how long It took and I’m gonna show you Everything we did to stop her puppy Biting today I’m also gonna have a link To a playlist in the description Featuring all of a nurses training it’s Literally the most detailed puppy Training series in history and we’re Continuing to show you how in Ursa is Doing on Instagram too so follow us over There as well I also have two books I Recommend you get them both but if you Do have to choose one this is a really Good overview dog training rebel Lucien of raising and training a dog the Basics whereas my second book guide to a Well-behaved dog really focuses on dog Training specific issues anxiety issues

Basic training and more and both of These books have a 4.6 star rating on Amazon i’ll have links below now that an Ursa is a year old for unwanted puppy Biting is well under control and it has Been for some time my goal has always Been the teacher that biting is okay as Long as it’s with permission and with Stuff that I approve of when we first Got inertia she was pretty subdued in Fact she spent most of her time sleeping This is really common especially when They’re young and so much is going on so I was wondering I mean did I actually Get lucky and just happened to get a Puppy that didn’t bite and no inertia Was actually one of the most significant Puppy biters that I’ve ever encountered She’d bite my flesh and it would hurt She’d bite of my clothes any chance she Got especially shoelaces man did she Love shoelaces and of course biting her Leash was irresistible it’s like if it Existed she was gonna bite it inertia Had three really distinct biting habits That needed attention and all of them Took different amounts of time to Resolve the first one was probably the Most obnoxious and that’s of course Biting flesh see there’s a bite of the Arm ouch that’s too hard she left a Little mark there Remember puppies bite because they’re Teething and they want to engage you in

The most natural way that they know how To do that is with their mouths Puppies start going to grab things that Interest them just like infants will Grab things that interest them in fact I Believe we should nurture this curiosity And encourage them to grab things well We need to show them what’s okay to grab And what is it so when your puppy does Fight you redirecting their attention Onto a toy or into a training session is The way to go and I know what you’re Thinking that’s easier said than done Isn’t it so let me show you how we Actually got it done from start to Finish we’re in that prime teething Season and biting season right now she Just bites and bites everything that she Comes into contact with you can just Look at my arms right here There’s bite marks all over them as I Tell you guys very often it’s not Reasonable to expect the dog to just Stop biting it gets worse before it gets Better This age I’ve been really careful to Give her plenty of things that are Acceptable to buy it on because they Need to bite at this age so obviously Lots of play lots of chew toys Lots of biting it’s the points in short I’m not discouraging the biting I’m Encouraging the biting but with Acceptable items because I have lots of

Plans for her to use that mouth to grab All sorts of things and use it for Training and reward so I want her really Comfortable biting and I want her to Know how to bite and when to bite and When it’s socially acceptable and when It’s not okay here’s how inertia was Looking almost two weeks later So the biting is definitely being Reduced because I’m consistently Redirecting her when she bites too hard Or getting her too engaged in a play Session or she’s really rambunctious Just giving her a brief timeout to calm Down I say this because even at three Weeks in I still have a dog that is Puppy biting it does go on for an Extended period of time what you’re Looking for is slow steady reduction Over that period of time but we probably Still have another few weeks of puppy Biting in store after three weeks we Were definitely seeing progress but she Was still biting and you know what That’s pretty normal guys puppies have To both make it through their teething Phase and gain the experience and Communication with you that they need in Order to have some self-control and if You think about it that is a lot to ask Of an animal that’s only been on this Planet for ten weeks or so in the Meantime in addition to getting really Good at redirecting your puppy when they

Want to bite we cannot forget about Management in the case of puppy biting This means having your dog on leash so That you can restrict them from having Access to family members small children Or anything else inappropriate that they Want to bite it’s also important to Proactively desensitize them to being Touched like this so I’ve really been Prioritizing getting her comfortable of Being touched like her feet her nails Her years touching her teeth brushing Her teeth and everything so with a puppy Like this I mean everyday just spend a Lot of time giving them a massage and of Course it makes it a lot easier when you Let them nibble on a tasty treat like This – it keeps them occupied and it Also conditions them to enjoy the actual Touching good job honey now you might be Wondering about doing something like Squealing or saying ouch Every time your puppy bites you it Doesn’t hurt to do that but I’ve always Thought that it’s a somewhat superficial Way to address this because it really Address Is the symptom you know your dog biting You and not really the cause which is Your dog’s desire to interact with you That’s why I think it’s really important To focus on teaching your dog what they Should do like biting appropriate toys Or focus their excess energy on training

By the time inertia was eleven and a Half weeks old we were starting to see Some really obvious signs that she was Learning how to not bite our flesh if You’re really trying to measure progress I think one of the things that you Should be looking for are greater Instances of your puppy licking you Where they used to bite you yes so that Is like she has just started probably in The last 24 hours starting to lick where She would otherwise bite the reason I’m Excited about the licking is because That’s what biting evolves into if You’re doing your job right that’s a Good way to measure progress he looked Fighting ouch that one’s a little hard Yes good I’ll take the new cute I will In hindsight that was actually pretty Much the last day a nurse show was Significantly biting our flesh so that Painful biting of the flesh started to Fade out pretty quickly but there were Still other types of biting we had to Contend with next to chomping down on my Skin and nurses second favorite thing to Bite were my clothes and my shoelaces This is a clip of nine week old inertia And as you can see she definitely loved Biting my ankles my shoelaces can’t stay Tied for more than a minute or so I Think my shoelaces were actually untied For a nurses entire ninth week of life And you guys know how much I love my

Shoes right so this was a really hard Time for me so obviously I had to get That under control here’s how we dealt With clothes and shoelace biting I’ve Been doing a lot of redirecting when She’s chewing my shoelace like that you Know I have lots of these toys on Standby to try and get her attention on It rather than disciplining her and Getting her in that frustrated mindset Of oh gosh what did I do wrong this time I still want to keep her in a really Trainable up Eve mindset remember when Your puppy is biting you basically have Three options redirect them into some Type of play session with a toy redirect Them into a training session using Treats or give them a brief timeout if They’re just too overstimulated or You’re unable or unwilling to tend to Them at that particular time by timeout I simply mean giving them a break in Their puppy For many of you that might be a crate or Their exercise pen or spare room in the House and make sure they have plenty of Safe things to chew on while they’re in There you know things like this that Have varying textures are really good I Told you pop box had you covered what You do and your puppy bites you depends In part on what mood your dog is in Sometimes they’re in the mood to play or Other times they’re in the mood for a

Training session so make sure to be Flexible depending on how your dog is Feeling in that particular moment in This clip I’m about to show you you’re Gonna see me attempting to get Nine-week-old inertia into playing with The toy spoiler alert it’s not gonna Work so we’re gonna try initiating a Training session using food instead Let’s get get look at that she’s Thinking about it she’s like no take the Shoelace She’s been loving this toy all day but For whatever reason she prefers the Shoelace right now so I tell you what Let’s try something a little bit Different let me see if I can get her Attention off of the shoelace the job I’m gonna just click her and reward her For paying attention to the lure let’s See if we can get her over here okay I Love it Remember the clicker just means good dog I like what you did here is something Great how about a sit yes and she’s Gonna go and do it down cuz I already Know that so I’m gonna say down good job To be clear I am NOT rewarding her for Chewing the shoelace I’m rewarding or For following my lure going into a sit a Down and of course they’re gonna be Times where your dog doesn’t want to Play or do a training session in those Times it might be best to give your dog

A little bit of alone time and just Refrain from interacting with them I Mean sometimes you just have to let your Puppy be a puppy for a while alright so That’s the bottom line but this didn’t Magically just stop her shoelace and Pants biting overnight I’ve had an Ursa now for three weeks and Honestly one of the big roadblocks that We’ve had to encounter is constant Biting at my shoelaces so on this day I Decided that I really needed to be able To just walk around without having a Puppy attached to my ankle at all times Here’s how I did it my goal here is to Be able to walk back and forth on this Carpet right here without her biting my Shoelaces are you ready okay come on yes So literally on one step I’ve been Giving her a treat just to let her know I appreciate that Not biting my shoelaces those of you who Have really rambunctious puppy biters Who just go at your shoes constantly Will know what I’m talking about here See how she’s thinking about going for My shoelaces right there it’s just on The tail end I hope of getting resolved Yes right there she thought better of it She went into a sit and decided not to Go for my laces here’s how inertia Looked after another few days of doing That you can see even some of that Shoelace fighting is still around though

We have definitely made progress on it That’s enough easy thank you Yes good job very good so the behavior Is being reduced that was an unfortunate Relapse there but that’s what you deal With when you have a puppy she’s quite Predictable as puppy’s off and on for Example I know that if I get up right Now there’s a good chance she’s gonna go Over my pant leg or something the first Thing to remember is to get very good at Redirecting and acknowledging when your Dog is not biting especially when you Can tell they’re exhibiting even minor Restraint yep you see how quick I’m Acknowledging huh Leave it right there yes did you see That really good moment she started to Go for my shoes she’s like wait a minute I think I’m not supposed to do this I Really want that chicken what do I have To do to get it that’s what puppy biting Is all about if you’re a beginner and You’ve never trained a puppy before Getting really good at managing puppy Biting requires excellent timing which Requires experience but if you’re really Committed and you’re into training your Dog you’ll be there but understand there Is a learning curve and that’s okay it’s Gonna make you a better trainer in the Long term if you prioritize getting Really good with your timing now and After another few days of practice you

Could really start to see inertia resist The urge to bite my shoes in my pants Sometimes it’s really difficult to Realize that your puppy is actually Improving when you’re deep in the puppy Biting phase but noticing those small Moments of restraint and really Celebrating them with your dog will go a Long way we’re still working on the Shoelace thing and I’m not gonna hide my Shoes in fact let’s see we leave it Alone so she’s like I’ll leave your Shoelaces alone but I’ll bite your thumb Instead Ouch Leave it yes good I think she’s starting To anticipate treats here what’s this Leave it alone yes him you sit nice and Give me it down oh look at that it can Be obnoxious right now I’m focused on Making a dog training video but she Keeps interfering with my points so I’m Having to stop what I’m doing and Focused directly on her so that I can Teach her yes very good Notice the position of my shoe right now I’m not keeping it away from her I want To be able to put that shoelace right Under her nose And have her leave it alone once your Puppy is able to leave your shoes alone While they’re still like this it’s time To up the ante and have them practice Leaving you alone while you’re moving I

Mean there are so many dimensions to This I mean leaving your shoes alone is One thing but you really have to break This challenge down and give your dog Experience with leaving things alone in As many situations as you can think of In order to really help them generalize The idea I mean what a project right Notice how she’s not going for my laces As she has in past leash walking Sessions so that’s improvement okay come Here Oh she thought about it can you give me A sit I’ll take it you see how she’s Just now really fighting that urge to go Into the biting the pant legs and biting The shoelaces because that’s what’s Natural for her to want to do so this is Starting to get a little bit of traction And this is really the last time that I Remember any significant biting of my Shoelaces or my pants once your dog Really starts to understand what you Want you have to remain consistent but If you do you should start to see the Biting fade out much more quickly in Fact by the time inertia was 14 weeks Hold virtually all of her puppy biting Habits were under control except for one It was really hard for her to resist Biting her leash and I’m talking about That really excessive kind of leash Biting that interrupts any meaningful Training opportunity that you could

Possibly hope to have it’s hard to blame Her it’s basically a long string tie That’s constantly attached to her it Takes a lot of self-control to resist Something that’s just dangling in front Of your face all the time Here’s how we focused on getting her Leash biting or just under control A nurses puppy biting is definitely Subsiding and getting more under control With the exception of probably biting at The lead so this is still something that Really tempts them sometimes I’ll use This long 15 foot lead before a potty Break or before training session you can See how dangly it is now of course with The gentle leave it I can get her to Stop there as long as I get her focused On me and I’m careful to go ahead and Follow that up with a reward I like to Do many dedicated training sessions to Things like this to help inertia Understand how I want her to behave Leave it Yes good so when your dog is doing Something predictable preemptive Undesirable behaviors before they occur Once something has happened twice in a Row its pattern so bottom line the Biting of my flesh faded out first that Took about three weeks of training it Took about four weeks to get her shoe And pants biting under control and it Took about six weeks to get her super

Excessive leash biting under control so Remember the puppy biting phase is just Part of having a puppy it will get Better get fifty percent off of your First pup box when you sign up for a Three six or 12 month subscription when You enter discount codes a cat pup box Comm slash Zack I’m gonna have a link Below subscribe to my channel and check Out both of my books I’ll have those Links below follow us on Instagram and Tik-tok to see how a nurses training is Coming along every day and we’ll see you Guys in the next video good luck

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