Hyper dog? Scared dog? Potty training issues? How to SOLVE Common Problems!

Hyper dog? Scared dog? Potty training issues? How to SOLVE Common Problems!

Solving commmon dog behavior issues like hyperactivity, potty training and barking is easier when you know what to do! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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How to teach your dog to stop barking when someone comes to the door:

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This is why my shoelaces are always Untied so cute It really is today’s episode is Sponsored by pet flow who doesn’t want An easier life with less errands to run Get your dog’s food automatically Shipped to you from pet flow and make Your life way easier you just choose Your dog’s food tell Peplow how often You want it to be delivered and it’s There and you never have to worry about Running out of dog food again plus You’re gonna be supporting a company who Puts their money where their mouth is When it comes to modern dog training Methods remember pet flow doesn’t sell Choke prong or electric collars and they Really care about the modernization of Dog training entrecôte zack 30 when you Check out and you’ll get $10 off your First three orders click thumbs up for Bitsy Bella make sure you’re subscribed To my channel follow us on Instagram and Facebook – those links are gonna be Below and if you’re looking for a really Thorough guide on raising and teaching Your new dog pick up a copy of my Best-selling book – that link will also Be below I’m gonna take some of your Questions from my facebook page today This first question comes from Jessica Jessica says my mom’s rescue dog reacts To people coming over or even knocking On the front door now my mom has worked

With other trainers before but nothing Seems to work she’s not great with Follow-through but she’s had you know of Course look it’s really natural for dogs To bark when something alerts them Outside this is one of the reasons so Many of us even get a dog in the first Place dogs are uniquely aware of their Surroundings and ways that we can’t be So there’s a lot of benefit to our dogs Alerting us when something is happening Outside for example I think many of us Can agree that in moderation this is Actually a pretty desirable trait in our Dogs but of course excessive barking can Get really out of hand and Jessica I’m Glad that your mom has sought the help Of professional trainers but I should Say often when we hire a trainer we we Tend to expect them to either resolve These issues quickly or tell us how to Quickly resolve these issues but hiring Dog trainers isn’t exactly like hiring a Contractor to repair your house you Really do have to commit to working with Your dog over an extended period of time No quick fixes see the really true Teaching must come from you the person Who is most committed to your dog to me It sounds like the main thing that your Mom is missing and many of you out there Watching this is that you’re probably Not setting up those surprise primary Training sessions that I’m often showing

You how to do in my videos those are so Beneficial because you as The trainer know that a distraction is About to happen and you’re in that Really patient mindset I’m gonna have a Link in the description of this video to Show you exactly how to set up this type Of training session or this exact issue So check the description for that okay Question number 2 comes from Stephanie Stephanie says I take my eight-week old Dog outside for 15 to 20 minutes he pees And poops but then as soon as we bring Him back inside he pees on the floor – I Can’t tell you how common this question Is especially with really young dogs It’s really easy to underestimate how Vigilant and proactive you need to be For the first year of potty training Particularly with young puppies you Really need to take them outside at Least once an hour and even more often Than that if you’re having issues like You described when your dog is inside They need to be under complete control By you having them on leash is Recommended that way it’s not easy for Them to sneak away and have an accident See if you attach the leash to your belt Loop or something like that while you’re Inside you are far more likely to detect When your dog is anxious to go outside Or is about to go potty It’s 100% your responsibility to let

Your dog outside so it’s important not To rely on your puppy especially young Puppy to let you know when they have to Go outside as your dog gets in the habit Of going outside you should start to see Fewer and fewer accidents it’s normal For this to be a gradual thing – as the Habit of going outside becomes more and More established your dogs should start To get traction on this issue so look For slow gradual progress rather than Just expecting it to be resolved all at One time Bitsey has detected turkey in my pocket Our next question comes from Nancy and She wants to know how do you teach your Dog to remain calm or calm down when They’re overexcited our eight month old English sheepdog thinks everyone wants To meet her and will go crazy to get to Someone dogs can be really social and Most of them seem to really love people I actually love dogs like this all the Behaviors are describing aren’t exactly Good manners and we certainly would like Our dog to perform better than that a Happy excited dog is about the most Endearing thing on the planet however I Definitely understand the need to get Your dog under control and listen to you Better in general you’ll really want to Prioritize doing lots of different Impulse control exercises now that’s no Small feat with a real

Energetic dog teaching your dog how to Override their desire to interact with And play with different people and dogs Takes a lot of work bottom line though Let me give you an overview as to how to Resolve this the first thing I recommend Is making sure that you’re exercising Them early in the day so that your dog Can first experience what it’s like to Feel fatigued thereby making them less Likely to go nuts do lots of impulse Control exercises like teaching your dog To sit and stay while you gradually Introduce greater and greater Distractions as we frequently do on my You Tube channel and when your dog is Fatigued like this give them plenty of Opportunities to meet people so that you Can start to rack up those experiences If your dog interacting with people While they’re behaving acceptable and so The more that you do this the more Likely it is that your dog will come to Accept people as normal and it won’t be Such a special occasion for them to Interact with someone new this is a Really good question this comes from Karissa and krisis says how does one Reintroduce their dog to new dogs as Well as build up their confidence my Service dog was mauled and survived by My neighbor’s dog needless to say he is Terrified of unfamiliar dogs now Resolving issues like this varies

Tremendously from dog to dog and dogs React to traumatic events in different Ways some might forget about it and move On quickly others may be more cautious In the future and still others might be Scared for a much longer period of time My approach on issues like this as Always to let the dog progress on their Own terms and not to rush things Sometimes this might mean catching your Dog being in a relaxed frame of mind and Rewarding them to provide that positive Outcome when they’re around other dogs Even if those other dogs are many meters Away for example you might also want to Seek out dogs that are extremely likely To react well to your dog and you can do This by asking people how is your dog Likely to react to my dog or you might Have friends or family that have dogs That are very docile see the more Experience your dog gets that are Positive around other dogs the more Likely they are to then become more Accepting of dogs in general but look There’s no way to rush this it’s Important for you to progress at a rate That your dog is comfortable with that’s Number one click thumbs up for bitsy Bella get your dog’s food automatically Shipped to you from pet flow and Remember when you enter code Zach 30 you’re gonna get $10 off your First three orders I’m gonna have that

Link in the description follow us on Instagram and Facebook and we’ll take Your questions from there and maybe do a Video just like this one see you guys in The next video up girl [Music]

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