I DIDN’T KNOW what I was getting into… [Reality Dog Training Ep 10]

I DIDN’T KNOW what I was getting into…  [Reality Dog Training Ep 10]

We’ll start training George the pit bull to listen around dogs and see what we can do about taking his Frisbee game to the next level.
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We’ve been struggling it goes from just Terrible to better To terrible to worse than ever to what Good yeah that was so close i just keep Hoping that it’s gonna like click and He’s gonna just Catch one and then catch the other one Now it’s time to attempt to train george At the dog park i’m zach george And this is george no relations George has spent the last four months Living in an animal shelter with minimal Contact with other dogs or people And it’s my job to transform him from a Wild and crazy dog To an incredible pet seems Straightforward right Holy cow not getting that ball George is a dog like i’ve never known Before i don’t know if i can let this Dog go Let go this might be the single Greatest transformation i have ever seen In a dog that i’ve worked with The hardest thing about boston dog you Fall in love with them This is reality dog training Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode I’ve got some big plans for george today No matter What you’re working on with your dog Knowing what motivates them most Is critical for success once you figure

Out what your dog Really loves you can leverage that love By using it as a reward during your Training sessions All kinds of things can be motivating to Dogs but it’s safe to say that for most Dogs Food and play are really high on the List For dogs who love food using their meal As a reward during a training session is A fantastic Idea as long as the food you’re giving Them is super high quality And tasty of course george loves solid Gold food and i’m not surprised Solid gold has one of the best Ingredient lists i’ve ever seen They’ve done so much research into What’s both healthiest and tastiest for Dogs If you’re looking for a dry dog food That has everything your dog needs give Solid gold a shot our viewers are going To get 30 off select solid gold products By going to my special link in the Description Solidgoldpet.com zack let’s see how he’s Doing with frisbee Yeah whoa there we go nice catch bud i’d Say he’s doing all right You know we’ve been working on the Double i don’t think i’m gonna get it With him but i’ll show you where we are

Hey let go ready come around ready Go good effort though you can see he’s Teetering on the edge of it but the Light bulb hasn’t gone off with him This is a great way to challenge him Mentally and physically as well Beyond just basic bench all right guys Stick with me here I know you guys are probably like what Is even this thing you’re trying to do Right now And the answer is it’s a double frisbee Catch which is a totally epic trick and None of you are going to convince me Otherwise But there is a greater point to training Your dog a more challenging or advanced Thing like this if george and i can work Through this confusion and get to a Place where he Actually understands the rather Complicated thing i’m asking him to do And realizes he actually understands me That is how you develop really deep Communication with a dog I mean sit stay lie down and come only Build so much communication between you And your dog right So i’m sticking with it here and i’m Giving him lots of chances to try to Figure this out and catch both frisbees I’ve been doing my best to break this Concept down for him in a variety of Different ways over the past few days

And today i feel like he’s really Starting to understand the end goal I mean look at that you can really see Him giving that second frisbee some Serious looks So now he just needs some time to figure Out how to actually physically do what I’m asking it’s important to pay close Attention to your dog’s mindset too If george seemed like he wasn’t having Fun i would definitely stop asking him To try this but i’d say it’s pretty Clear he’s enjoying this practice I do have an ulterior motive for this Exercise session Too i wanted to get out as much of his Energy as reasonably possible because Now it’s time to attempt to train george At the dog park we’ve just arrived here At our location and Instantly he’s discovered a ball this Brings me right back to the baseball day And i want to make sure That i can get his attention off of that George here George yes good boy here Good okay well not my fault you missed It but you got your reward Good boy huge improvement i wasn’t Expecting that ball to be there I don’t know if it’s as tempting as a Baseball is to him but i do know That my alarm bells went off because That was a bit traumatic when he

Encountered the baseball i’d never Encountered quite anything like that Before and so it’s really nice To see a similar situation and him be a Little bit more controllable but you can See here we’ve got dogs around the dog Park Now since this is a training lesson i Have no intention of really going In the dog park my intention here is to Do training Around dogs to see how he reacts i want To prove him and make sure that i can Reliably get his attention around me When he sees strange dogs that he’s not Familiar with i mean you might be Wondering well zack he’s been Training and listening around inertia in India at your house that’s only two dogs Though and that’s in a different Environment so Just because a dog listens well around One dog doesn’t mean they’ll listen well Around new dogs I talk about this in both of my books i Love training on the perimeter of dog Parks because obviously you have control Of the environment you can get farther Away if you need to if your dog becomes Over threshold that’s one of the great Benefits of training around a dog park Your dog is the one who dictates how Close you’re going to be working to the Other dogs if your dog is too

Overwhelmed to give you their attention When you’re close to the dog park fence Then move Farther away until they are able to Focus on you and practice there for a While before you start to work your way Closer Yes hey Here what’s this good giving him a Reward there for Behaving acceptably around the dogs Probably let go That like that prompt let go right has More to do with his Interest in these dogs though okay come George is definitely interested in other Dogs but he isn’t likely to get Overwhelmed so in his case I feel comfortable getting really close To the other dogs but i’ll be watching Him closely and ready to move farther Away if we need to What’s this yes good Pleco a little less interested in the Ball right now i think it has to do with Being in a new place this is a different Park than before Not all parks are the same they don’t All smell the same look the same feel The same to a dog So i’m just gonna walk up and down here I love doing this when i’m training a New dog Yes mix up my currencies here let’s give

Them some Treats it’s good to mix up your Currencies with some dogs because it Keeps training lively and Unpredictable you see a dog playing Fetch up there So far so good let’s go see if we can Give him a more significant test we’ll Go around a busier part of the park here See how he does around those dogs my Only goal here is to make sure that i Can get some general compliance out of Him When he sees dogs at relatively close Range good boy Yes good work you got it Nice job keep moving sir okay so they’re A little distracted by a sense You can see that george is really on the Edge of being able to listen to me but With a little patience i’m able to get Him to move along without having to pull Him away At all now i don’t want him grieving Dogs through the fences or anything like That See those dogs here you can see that Nose working overtime right now He’s really trying to gather info about Them Stay fine to let him look but i still Want to be able to get his attention on Me Yes the look towards me i want to

Reinforce that i really like that he’s Looking at me when there are dogs Right there sit stay Here yes Stay yes So you can see this pattern of Desensitizing conditioning him When he’s doing well and really just Getting them used to the world and some Of the more Tempting things in it we’re doing a nice Long stay here Dogs just feet away letting them look at The dogs now want to get attention on me Periodically Look at me yes Stay dog’s getting really rough and Playing over here Notice how he’s holding that sit and Stay Yes we’re going to continue on our way Down here i think Remember that your dog is the one who Gets to pick what motivates them most Okay good boy Good boy this white dog Is checking about don’t want to have any Greeting through the fence here so i’m Not going to allow that i know they Probably want to do that here george Is a little too borderline to pay Attention to me so i do have to pull him Back But with just a few more inches of

Distance i’m able to get his attention Back on me again Here yes stay let him look at the dog Good boy very good Here see that i’m able to get his Attention off the dog and on to me No i didn’t say okay all right guess i Spoke too soon In case that’s not obvious from your Angle it seems pretty clear to me that George has picked up the scent trail of The white dog that just walked away Scents can be the most tempting of Distractions for Many dogs not perfect but Pretty close Waiting for him to look at me Automatically just to reinforce that i Like when he looks at me Also letting him satisfy his curiosity Here at the same time by Checking out these dogs he’s behaving Very acceptably Yes good boy Okay this just goes to show when you Take the time To really communicate with dogs and Really show them how to behave they Are more than willing to listen as long As we’re very clear with our instruction And we go out of our way to make it Worth their while hey you want to go Play now I think we should go play and see how

You’re doing yes He’s offering a heel right now yes So i want to acknowledge that i Appreciate the initiative George you’re doing great leave it Come ah okay Didn’t quite leave it but he gave it a Sniff moved on i’ll take it We got a gentleman playing golf over Here too which i mean it’s a ball This will be interesting sports balls Have been challenging Watching this guy hit golf balls good Boy Yes Good here good He’s very interested in this guy playing With the golf balls but he’s staying Under threshold he’s being Compliant but now he sees a plastic bag I gotta be able to call him off that Piece of trash over there whatever that Is George come No there’s a consequence here I’m going to encourage him physically by Reeling him in So i will do that from time to time Because we have to be able to enforce Come when called again that is a far cry From a harsh Leash correction some people will say Zack i thought you were Purely positive now understand dog

Trainers that use positive reinforcement As a main training strategy Never refer to themselves as purely Positive that’s a term that’s used by Others to try and marginalize using Modern humane Scientific based methods i think it’s Perfectly acceptable to encourage a dog To come to you physically In this case in the same way that i Would go up to a three or four year old Child Get them by the hand and say come on Let’s go if they weren’t listening to me When i called them back Here he goes again let’s see he’s still Distracted hopefully he’ll come to me Voluntarily Come he i swear he understands what i’m Saying good boy He likes that ball look at him he’s so Ready Look how focused Okay come yes good man Boy you gotta love that i love a dog Bolted at me like that i’m gonna try to Keep the ball out of sight here Sit stay because i want them coming to Me not the ball But the ball really helps bridge that Motivation Okay come Good job nice long stay really good Recall

I’m gonna leave the ball over there stay Is he gonna go to the ball or is he Going to go to me i’m really not sure Honestly Come he went to the ball big surprise But he needs to come to me so let’s work On that for a bit So we’re going to do a couple of reps With the ball here and you can Really see george’s wheels turning so I’m just gonna let you watch this play Out for a second Come no George come yes Good sit Stay Stay Look at me come Yes no Yes good boy yes good boy We had a couple of breakdowns there he Was doing pretty well Still a little confused still having a Tough time resisting The ultimate reward there at least for Today is ball But the last two times there i let him Think about it he never reached the end Of his leash and he did ultimately Listen But i love that he’s making the decision On his own to eventually come back So i’m going to continue to make him use This impulse control because it’s

Extremely important for all dogs Especially pitbull type dogs to be Highly obedient Look at me come he’s starting to get it Almost but he’s wimping out on that last Little bit come on you got to keep Coming you got to come all the way come On Come on i want to go come on george Here come come on i want to get that Collar Grab it want him to be that close yes So i’m using a mixture of solid gold Kibble and pieces of fresh cooked meat As i trained today Give them some real chicken there stay Ball’s way down there he hasn’t Forgotten about it come On yes good boy Good boy so there was a good example i Mean there was Several attempts in a row where he was Like starting to come to me then he’s Like can i go after the ball but there i Was able to get him to come in a more Straight line getting down and being Extra encouraging was extra helpful in That particular instance All right buddy i’d call that an Extremely successful training session We headed home to relax but george had Other plans Look at me Do you want to go play some more frisbee

Do you want to go play some more frisbee If you have a high energy dog who seems Restless giving them A quick outlet for their excess energy Can be a great way to Satisfy them so in my continued efforts To Train various frisbee skills to george I’m ready to train him Yet another one and it’s a pretty Significant one let’s do a little bit of Reviewing so far we’ve worked with him On his multiples that’s where he catches One frisbee after another we of course Have Taught him to do a basic frisbee catch Where we just have him go out and catch One he knows a lot of elements of Frisbee like come around And catch it right very good but now That he has a lot more obedience under His collar i’m hoping to teach him How to do a more sophisticated frisbee Trick An over an over is where a dog jumps Over your body to catch a frisbee of Course there’s a prerequisite that they Know how to catch a frisbee Okay sorry ready catch it good good man And so he’s got that down let go his let Go as we know needs work but It’s getting better off and on it’s Important that your dog knows how to Stay if you really want to teach this

Right So i don’t care what his stay looks like Whether it’s a stand or a sit Stay i’m gonna go slow because this is Different for him i’m changing positions Stay look how well that stay is Okay get it then we’re gonna do a take Just like that Let go good boy stay Very good i like how he followed the Frisbees back over too so once again It looks like this take it good come on Good so i want to get him really Comfortable with jumping over my legs And That he looks like he is comfortable With And then okay george stay Sorry stay then this time i’m just gonna Barely let go of the frisbee See that happened real quick i let go of It before he took it so we’re trying to Get a little bit of something that Resembles the throw Okay good very good so much better you Can see he caught the frisbee there While jumping over my legs i love it so Let’s see if we can make this look a Little bit more impressive hey george Over here buddy Sit stay a lot of people like to say That Trick training or training like this Isn’t serious training but i’ve got to

Tell you When you look at the intensity in his Eyes look how he’s willing to hold that Stay Just in exchange to have the chance at Catching a disc I mean in the face of something really Exciting at least something he views as Exciting That to me is one great way to build a Serious rock solid stay out of a dog So trick training and sports training Like this can be an incredible way To train obedience to a dog it’s a huge Myth that this doesn’t strengthen Obedience training But if you have the type of dog who’s Just so toy crazy This could be a really good activity for Them because it gives them an outlet We even have a dog coming by getting Your dog to play with you when things They find tempting or in the distance is An amazing way to help your dog learn to Ignore Distractions okay whoa i mean Pretty solid hey george come on Yeah buddy okay nice Good job boy that was a good looking Catch Good boy good boy that was good good Let go but do you see how we’re starting To really combine a lot of the things That he’s learning here

That focus that stay that cumlin called Even to come after the frisbee he’ll let Go Sometimes no let’s see i’m not gonna i’m Not gonna throw it there he jumped the Gun So we’re gonna try and build on let’s See he’s just so excited Stay Wait okay Nice good man we’re gonna try this from A little farther away now because a Really impressive over happens when they Get a great running start Good boy sit stay What george i was just sitting here Telling everyone How frisbee can be a great way to Encourage a dog to stay When you differ your position from a Stage who i’m now sitting on the ground And expect you to stay That can be something that can throw Some dogs off most dogs off in fact I’m a little scared bree says she’s Scared i don’t blame her that’s okay I can’t guarantee your safety on this Next one okay Whoa there we go nice one i felt the Whoosh oh my gosh Yeah so his overs are looking really Good i want to keep mixing this up and Continue to teach him various elements Of frisbee i do this just because i

Really enjoy it it’s one of my favorite Things To teach dogs it may not be for everyone It’s certainly not for every dog For a dog like george and a person like Me it is four And now if i could just get him to drop A frisbee to go after the next one and Catch that double my life would be Complete Catch it let go good boy yes And really you’ve got to be willing to Experiment when you’re trying to Communicate a pretty advanced concept Like this Good i love that holy cow what just Happened That was pretty good hey let’s go let go It’s okay no Okay let go good all right let’s try the Double See where we are here been working on This every day But we’re definitely plateaued And i’m definitely rushing it i mean This is something that can take months To train but I’m just hoping to get lucky with him Ready go Let go oh come on Come around go Let go let go did you see that you He’s going from looking at it to how do I catch that no you can’t

I know it’s a lot to process in a short Period of time ready come on go go go go Ready go let go good Boy that’s my boy you’re getting it Catch it Catch it let go catch it let go Catch it let go catch it i’m reminding George how to catch multiple frisbees Here to help him get the muscle memory For catching and letting go in rapid Succession Breaking things down into easier parts Is a great way to help dogs understand More advanced concepts as quickly as Possible Let go yes Good come around And go let go yeah Good effort buddy go Let go yes i want to see that i want to See that good boy Good catch it stay catch it stay Catch it stay good Come around go good yeah that was so Close okay maybe i’m a little too Excited here but did you see that That was amazing he is so close to Making this catch So gosh where do we even start with Today George has had a very Impressive day what a good man he is hey Easy with those teeth i’m watching them George just continues to tease us

With the double he’s coming so close to Making that double frisbee catch a Couple of times i thought he actually Did it but then i looked at the camera And i’m like not yet But progress for sure i just keep hoping That it’s gonna like click and he’s Gonna just Catch one and then catch the other one And he might and he might not i don’t Know I don’t care i just want to make sure That he’s having a good time Whoa easy teeth no teeth too biting When we were practicing the double it’s Like somewhere in there he started to Like Let go at will of the frisbee in a way That he hasn’t yet done Before i mean we’ve been struggling with Let go it goes from just terrible to Better to terrible to worse than ever To what we’ve had people reach out about Adopting them so we’re trying to find Out who might be The best home for him so far uh easy Hey we’re not playing we just played Frisbee didn’t get enough fighting in And we’re continuing to share him on Social media Just in the hopes that we can really Place him in the best home possible but I really hope to see him end up In a home that really values training

That really values his intelligence His athleticism and just His overall greatness so we’ll continue To see how things go Um yeah get 30 off select solid gold Products by going to my special link Solidgoldpet.com subscribe to my channel And follow us on instagram facebook and Tick tock get both of my books too We’ll see you guys in episode 11. You

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