I don’t know if my dog is ready for this. How will she react?

I don’t know if my dog is ready for this. How will she react?

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This way she’s in the zone isn’t she I’m Zack George I trained dogs this is My new dog and I’m gonna show you how I Trained her from day one things Definitely won’t always go smoothly you Can start from the beginning or you can Take up anywhere subscribe and hit the Bell notification so you never miss an Episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever remain in motion This is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Today I’m going to continue working on Teaching inertia to behave appropriately Around other dogs and we’re gonna go Back into the wild but in a completely Different environment than she’s used to And see if she generally listens to me Or acts ridiculous I really know what It’s like to train a dog and I know how Overwhelming it can be to keep up with Everything today inertia and I are gonna Be working in public together which as You know can be particularly challenging If you’re not familiar with pup box pup Box is a subscription box that sends you Items based on your dog’s age along with A training guide that gives you tips on Things you should be working on specific To your dog’s age look at that it’s a Rabbit I like using a toys currency for A dog that’s willing to accept that Because it gets them to be a little bit

More intense about things look at that Spin yeah good job and so the reward There of course would be the toy and of Course she still enjoys chewing things So we have a really good quality chew Here we’ve got chicken jerky here’s some Fun treats as well human grade ha all Right let’s see about that tastes like Chicken jerky you’re gonna like this and If you don’t like it I’ll eat it here You go yep she likes it I like this toy Too because it looks like it’ll bounce Erratically which tends to be really Appealing to a lot of dogs these are Food Stoppers so that you can make the Food taste even better for your dog this Is a good way to get them on a Particular schedule and all of you can Get 50% off of your first pup box when You sign up for a 3 6 or 12 month Subscription just go to pup box comm Slash Zack and enter discount code Zack I’ll have the info below not only is a Beak line here but a beak line is here With tons of dogs to play with a beak Line is a stunt dog performer and a Great friend of mine and she was passing Through New Orleans with her own dogs So I thought it would be a Great opportunity to give inertia some Fun experiences with some dogs so we Decided to let inertia play with groups Of one or two at a time playing in small Groups can be really advantageous if

Your dog tends to get nervous or Overwhelmed by dogs as inertia sometimes Does I’ve got to say though overall an Ursa was having a blast with these dogs I mean just look at her body language She’s really enjoying herself playing Running around and having all kinds of Fun In fact the inertia just wanted to play With all of them and this is really good News because over the last couple of Months inertia has really started to Come out of her shell when it comes to Playing with other dogs inertia Continues to be really good at adapting To each dogs play style as well so with A dog that wants to play rougher she is Happy to meet their energy and if They’re pretty reserved she’s pretty Good at dialing her energy back as well I think it’s so important to give dogs Plenty of opportunities to play and Interact with lots of different dogs Especially while they’re under a year Old as long as they enjoy it but again Not every dog is optimized to play with Every dog so use discretion with your Own dog so we’re at this local like Hardware home supply store today and I’m Ready to do some training with inertia In here because they’re pretty tolerant Of dogs usually so I have a harness on Inertia that’s labeled in training now This isn’t to be confused with a service

Dog vest this is just to let people know Look she’s in training right now and I Wanted her focused on me it helps to do Repetitive look-at-me training drills in New places to really instill your dogs Focus everywhere yes good yes good yes You’re amazing I feel good now I’m gonna Walk around with her I’m gonna see how She does outside before we go inside Come here oh nice ready okay let’s go Hey good job you’re doing wonderful good Girl easy yes you know the fact that she Slowed down there looked back yes Did it again there love it inertia come Yeah good good Oh perfect can you heal Oh I like it I love the effort there That’s great Inertia look at me yes she’s holding her Stay in the middle of a parking lot I’m Pretty content with that alright come on Let’s go good I love that wait can you Back up Good I wonder you know approaching an Intersection like this with caution good Girl okay let’s go can you back up Please thank you her back up is so cute Good one of my goals today is to do a Series of longer stays say 60 seconds You know I think it’s really important For a dog to know how to stay put in a Wide variety of environments in Different contexts for this first one I’m gonna reward periodically just to Encourage her to hold this longer term

Stay so every 15 seconds or so skank The fastest way you can throw a dog off Is to change their environment so we’re Trying to normalize environments like This that’s why I’m reminding her more Often to hold that stay because I’m Cognizant of the fact that she’s aware Of the world and she’s a very curious Animal okay good boy come on over here Good job so that was a good 60 seconds Stay right there real world stay Good girl yes look at that straightaway She’s like looking up to be like oh this Is a place where we can train sometimes There’s a forklift in the background Come on she did really well with it but I think before I go down this more Crowded part of the store I’m gonna warm Up over here and a place where there’s Fewer people again in the interest of Gradually introducing her to this Environment and over time we’ll work on Shortening that period of time okay Let’s go this way Wait she’s really highly responsive and Listen vironment right now I love that Little backup that’s a fun thing we’ve Been enjoying practicing that yes so She’s immediately just going into a heal Right here she seems to enjoy it almost And that’s fine by me I’m not requiring A heal right now though if she wants to Offer that’s fine but as long as she’s Behaving politely I’m happy I love that

You can practice stay at a threshold at A place like this because when you’re in A store you want to be able to look Around the corner sometimes to see What’s around there you never know so Just to help keep the training under Control okay let’s go And stay there could be a forklift Coming at you okay good girl Lie down love it I mean she’s really Dialed in and focused on me right now You’re doing terrific you’re amazing Okay let’s go I’m gonna put her more at Ease give her a mental break right now For a second just let her take in the Environment I think that you’ve got to Be fair to your dog and not insist on Super mega focus training so one of the Things that I’ve been working on too With her is teaching her how to back up In various ways just because I think It’s good for stimulating her brain Learning how to use her body more Effectively heal nice work Can you back up stay very good so I’ve Been working with her on like that Little move right okay this way good Back up stay yes and so I’ve really been Getting that motion down and now I’m at The point where I’m encouraging her to Keep going so keep going yes Can you keep going yes so you could look At this she really does learn quick that Was awesome

Yes good so swing Hey Inertia keep going Hey can you keep Going stay She got pretty distracted there with People at close range but she recovered Yes good go keep going inertia keep Going yes No one yes so that’s looking pretty good Okay come on that was a nice bit of Focus training with her now I’m gonna be Fair to her and be like all right you Know check things out I know you haven’t Been to a place like this that much we See occasional tension but in general or Leash walking is pretty good here stay Back up yes okay this way so that time She was close to people and she did a Little bit better okay let’s go yes wait Okay good okay let’s go Easy this way come on stay lie down Okay come on stay lie down Good stay okay come on take about nice Job whether it’s listening to you in Public or any other problem you’re Having with your dog I will almost certainly cover it in my Book guide to a well-behaved dog check Out the description for a link getting Your dog to practice fun tricks in a Variety of different places is a great Way to start teaching them how to listen To you anywhere and everywhere stay yes Very good so there you know unexpected Distraction and she held her stay good

Girl This pup box toys instantly gotten her Attention want to see if I can get her Playing in this environment and she’s Just on cue there I love it good girl Good let go lie down stay Okay come watch this let go good heel Good leave it alone let go wait Yoko Yes this is one way you can use a toy to Train heel you know reward them Periodically when they’re in the heel Position she’s so excited right now good Like a stick lie down Good girl hi how are you stay stay Ok come here let’s go yeah that was a Tough one Because that person talked to her in a Really enticing voice I know I saved This a lot but getting your dog to play With you and different environments like This can really just accelerate your Training again if you have a dog that Likes to play in places like this every Dog is different with inertia she’s been Off and on in places like this so I’m Always encouraged when I get a success Like this really experiment with a Variety of toys this pop box toy really Worked for us today she’s tying me up Stop stay good good girl I’m gonna give Her a nice low dismount and help her out There just cuz we are on a hard surface But I wanted to see if she would do it Yes good girl look at that periodically

She’ll give me some anxiety whining when She’s in places as if to say come on Let’s go let’s keep playing let’s do Something and I’ve been counteracting That with a settle so her settle in Public is just coming along Fantastically lie down stay so I’m gonna Work on another extended stay here Hopefully I can reward a little bit less This time though as she starts to Generalize ok come here good job yes Perfect I’ll give her a nice reward for that That was great on that example I only Rewarded her one time around the 42nd Mark and then when the minute was over So two times total depending on where You are with stay with your own dog Don’t be afraid to reward liberally if They’re really bad at stay and don’t be Afraid to start weaning them off rewards If they’re showing that they’re pretty Good at the standard Excellent wait right there okay come on Let’s go before she breaks it I want to Get her attention back here wait this Way yes I want to put her on the right Because I had someone over here stay so She’s getting better at switching sides That was pretty good example a Traditional heel is on the left but I’m Teaching inertia both because a right Heel it’s very convenient for things Like you just saw there so good job

Look at me heel let’s go wait this way This way yes very good So I’m still having you ever have you Exaggerated hand signals but it’s Definitely a start she’s doing great Lie down yes look at that focus good job Okay let’s go come on Okay come on let’s go this way she got a Little thrown off by that noise I’m just Gonna stop for a second let her take it In let her see it’s all normal yes love That she gave me her attention good okay And now we’re gonna move on good wait we Are approaching a very congested part of The store right now what I’d like to Work on her stays so that’s what we’re Gonna go do okay good job here we’re Practicing in nurses most advanced one Minute stay of the day we’re right here By the checkout so there’s tons of Activity all around and I’m not going to Reward her at all until the very end of Her minute okay good job great job so That was actually a little over a minute So I only rewarded her at the very end That time that was pretty awesome Oh Interesting Look at this plastic over here I’m Actually slowing her down because I Don’t want her to be too surprised by it I’m gonna encourage her to investigate It I love that she’s not scared of it I Mean a lot of dogs might be scared of This so this is an example of letting

Your dog explore things they don’t just Wonder about them forever let them Satisfy their curiosity now so they Behave better later that’s the logic Here of letting or do things that might Appear at first glance to be a breach of Protocol and training let’s see if She’ll walk through it I’m gonna good Here good job she did great okay come on Let’s go In the next episode I’m gonna continue Working with inertia and teach her some Brand new stuff to make training your New puppy as easy as possible by signing Up for pup box get 50% off of your first Box when you sign up for a three six or 12 month subscription at papac’s calm / – Zack use discount code Zack subscribe To this channel follow us on Instagram And tik-tok to see all of the progress Inertia has made since this video was Filmed get a copy of my book guide to a Well-behaved dog all of the links will Be in the description of this video see You guys next time You

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